Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 01

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Big Tits

I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


I am fitted with the tightest of CB-6000 cock harnesses in your closet of harnesses, hurts to sit. Robert has fastened it with a tiny lock. He chose the small one on purpose. I know better than to complain, say a word. I dressed as soon as he finished his order to harness me, black slacks, soft white polo type shirt, and casual shoes without socks. I look every bit a man that would be at a casual business meeting, a country club lunch, etc., look completely normal except for the bulge in the front of my pants. I’m not wearing any underpants, cock harness sticks out in front. Not inordinate but it is pronounced. A woman would notice, maybe think I’m well hung…but the bulge sticks out in front, not off to the side. Nothing that would draw crazy attention but it is noticeable. I have not been able to pee. I was afraid to ask and now feel like I have to pee as we leave the house.

We ride along in your car, me driving. I hurried to let you into the backseat but you brushed me away stating that you will be riding in the front seat with me. Your hand is on my leg, fingers drift, pet my inner thigh just below the bulge in my pants. You know that you are torchering my trapped and caged penis. I say nothing, concentrate on driving. Your hand brushes the harness, pats it.

“You know, Ethan, I had a thought today, so delightfully mean. I want to share it with you.”

I wince, feel your hand start to knead my thigh softly, think you are about to hurt me. I brace for a slap, something.

“I’ve never seen Robert with a man’s penis in his mouth. When he cleaned you today I wasn’t amused or turned on so much as I was aroused by the humiliation and cruelty of it. He hated that. I could tell. And that did turn me on. And you, baby were a wonderful wake-up fuck. Don’t think that was lost on me.”

You pet my thigh, stroke it.

“I thought as I was showering that I should get Robert a collar charm, maybe a dog bone like dogs wear, have it engraved. Have it read ‘little cocksucker’, something like that. He’d hate that and it would be a constant reminder of what he’ll do, how far he’ll go to please his Goddess.”

You take your hand off of me, my penis straining at it’s cage. I feel the slight urge to pee, say not a word. You turn to the window.

“Do you think that would be appropriate? We both already know you’re a little cocksucker, disgusting and dirty little whore for men until I took control of you. Maybe get a bigger one for you? A pink one shaped like a dick?”

You laugh to yourself.

“Yes, Ma’am, if it amuses you.”

I feel terror, hate the idea. You say nothing more, we drive. You enjoy the beautiful day. You are lost in your thoughts. I am lost in your beauty.

You are dressed in a soft summer dress, short and just above the knee, very form fitting showing off your lovely breasts, cute white lace panties and bra underneath it. You wear open toed 3″ heels, no stockings. You are a wonderfully dressed impeccably beautiful woman. I so want you to touch my penis again, crave it, long for you.

When we arrive at the Galleria I hurry to open your door. You push your purse at me and I take it. Without telling me to, I fall in two steps behind you. We walk from the car to the mall, go to one of your favorite shoe stores.

The clerk doesn’t comment but he notices that I stand with my eyes to the floor holding your purse as you sit. You tell him you are looking for spike heel ankle boots, want to see whatever he has, something sexy yet authoritarian. He looks quizzical at your comment. You smile. As he hurries away and returns with several boxes you sit patiently, ignoring me the entire time. Others have noticed the man with the purse, the bulge in his pants, standing next to the beautiful woman seated with her legs crossed…ignoring the obvious servant next to her.

The clerk hurries back, bows and bends to his knees in front of you, takes out the first part of boots, cute, white soft leather, tiny straps and silver buckles at the side, 4″ spike heels. All of the boots he has brought back would be considered ‘fuck me’ shoes, all would illicit instant attention when worn out publicly. You look down as he removes your shoes and puts each boot on one at a time. They are all ‘perfect’ Mistress boots as well, a display of Dominatrix power and allure.

“You do that very well. Maybe I could have my boys take a lesson.”

You laugh girlishly. He ignores it.

“We have these in black and pink, would have to order the pink.”

You sit as one at a time the pairs of boots are placed on your feet. The third pair catches your eye, you instantly stand and walk to the mirror, walk looking back over your shoulder at the boots on your feet, your image in the mirror.

“What to you think, Ethan?”

“They are beautiful Ma’am, you are beautiful.”

You Tipobet ignore my comment.

“Would they be sexually exciting to my lover?”

The clerk looks away, uncomfortable.

“Yes, Ma’am. Very much so.”

You laugh. That would be the least of your concerns, he salivates over you no matter what you wear or don’t wear. You are fucking with the clerk, humiliating me so very subtly.

“I’ll take these and the white ones you first put on me.”

You sit and the clerk puts your shoes back on your feet.

Yes, Ma’am, thank you and see you at the register.”

He hurries away with the boxes.

You say nothing to me, snap your fingers and start to walk to the register. I quickly fall in behind you and follow, see a woman and her daughter both looking at me. The saw the snapping of your fingers, heard it clearly, see me hurry along with your purse. I feel their prying eyes. Feel like I have pee more, I mentally control the urge, tell myself I will not pee, will not ask, will hold it all day if necessary.

After you pay for your items I take the bags. I am marched through the mall store to store, at each stop given another bag or two to carry, at each stop shown to be the perfect submissive for anyone that cares to notice, smiled at, face bright red at times when responding to a snap of your fingers, a bag pushed into my stomach, hurried grasp of it. At one of the stores in the lingerie section where you purchase a white bustier the sales lady commented on me. Never allowed to sit, stand patiently and submissively by as you hand me bags, wait for you as you are in the dressing room. As she rung up your purchase her eyes kept shifting to me, the register, back to me.

“My, he seems very well trained.”

She looks at me over the top of her reading glasses.

“You have no idea.”

You both laugh, one woman to another laugh

“I can imagine, I can certainly imagine. Thank you for you purchase. Please do come again.”

She smiles at you as we leave. Her eyes glued on me, knowing smirk.

Hours go by…dresses, blouses, more shoes, wonderful things to make a wonderful lady wonderfully sexy, attractive, dressed and beautiful.

“I’m hungry, Ethan. Let’s do lunch.”

You don’t wait for me to answer, just start walking to a café you like. You make a call, can’t hear who to, can’t hear anything…only the noise in my ear of humiliation, knowing all eyes are on your little servant boy. I feel embarrassed by being so publically displayed as your purse and bag carrying slave. At the same time I feel my penis stir every time I see you try on, model the sexy things that come so naturally for you to buy, wear. Feel my penis stir at your absolute power and femininity. I hear you say into the phone, ‘Okay, see you in a minute or two.’

I feel like I will have to pee soon, have to. So afraid to ask.

We enter the café, me laden with bags, you in the lead. We are seated at a bright table just off center main floor, can be seen by the entire staff and all diners. Most all eyes turn toward the beautiful lady and the man carrying a huge load of bags and a purse following behind her. The host seats you, I stay standing. You point to the chair and snap your fingers. Several look, attention taken by the ‘snap’ of your fingers. I sit, still holding the bags. You laugh loud enough for the people at the next table to look over at us.

“Ethan, put the bags down. You’re making a scene. You really are a cute boy, and a very attentive one as well.”

“Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you.”

The lady at the next table smiles, hear her say to her girlfriend, ‘I need one of those.’. They both laugh. You ignore them.

The waiter comes to the table. Before he even gets a word out you look up at him.

“I’ll have the salmon salad, another for my friend that will be arriving shortly. I’ll have your house white wine, just one glass, ice tea for my friend.”

The waiter looks at me.

Again, before he speaks, “He’ll have nothing.”

You look at me and I put my eyes to my lap, starting to fidget slightly, have to pee badly now. The water glasses on the table…all of it too much, have to pee.

“I like this place, Ethan. Good people watching and the food is very good.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Did you enjoy your morning?”

“Oh, yesss, Ma’am, yes. Thank you, wonderful, love what you had me do for you. I am so thankful, Ma’am.”

“Oh, my. Your excitement excites me. You were a very good little playmate, expected no less. You aren’t as big as my lovers but you make up for that in motivation. Not a bad little fuck, you little fuck.”

You laugh, reach across the table and pet my face.

“You are a good little fuck, I’ll say that for you. Don’t think I didn’t like that, baby boy.”

You see my face flush. I feel my penis jump as your hand drifts down my face.

Your girlfriend arrives at the table. You stand and hug, greet each other. I hurry to stand so fast I almost fall over, huge bulge in the front of my Tipobet Giriş pants from the harness and my penis pushing out against it. You ignore it. You both sit. I look at you nervously.

“Sit boy.”

I sit.

“So glad you could join us.”

She looks at me.

“So this is him. Interesting. Not unattractive, far from it. He’s cute.”

I feel her finger go to my chin, pulls my head up, pulls my face up, examines me, and holds my head up facing her.

“Ethan. I like that bump in your pants. Veronica tells me you are quite the dedicated lover, can treat a lady right and not cum until told to do so. That’s admirable.”

I feel my face turn bright red, hear you laugh, she giggles, nobody else heard a word she said but it feels like she is speaking to the entire restaurant. I say nothing, just look at her. I don’t dare talk, haven’t been told to do so by you.

“Marisa tells me you’re a good boy. Tells me you know better than to be a bad boy.”

Her finger releases my chin, my eyes go back to my lap. I feel my face flush bright red.

Both of you laugh, start to chat.

Your food arrives, and both of you eat, talk, laugh as if I’m not even there. I have to pee so bad, feel like I’m going to explode. I don’t dare move to the men’s room. I move my eyes up slightly to you…

“Ma’am, please…please, a word, please.”

I feel a wrathful glare.


“Ma’am, I have to pee so bad, so very sorry, don’t want to have an accident, I’m going to pee my pants Ma’am, pleasssse…”. I feel a tear in my eye, start to quiver, whispering such that only you and your friend can hear against the room noise.

Your girlfriend laughs, looks to you.

“Oh, my. He is a devoted little fuck. Let him go, don’t torcher him, don’t want him peeing here do you?”

She laughs, looks at me.

“He’s red as a beet.”

“Go, Ethan. You hurry back, three strokes of my crop for every minute you’re gone!”

You look at your watch. I hurry to the men’s room as fast as I can go, feel as if all eyes are on me.

When I return I sit hands in lap, eyes to my lap.

“Thank you, Ma’am, thank you. I’m so sorry…”

“Did you sit???!!?”, your voice quiet enough for only our table to hear.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Did you wipe properly? That harness on your little dick catches urine, you stain those pants and I’ll make you regret that!”, hushed stern whisper.

Your girlfriend is openly smiling, enjoying the show before her.

“Yes, Ma’am, yes.”

You go back to her.

“I can’t be to careful with these boys, give them an inch they take a mile.”

“So tell me, Marisa, if I wanted to play with him could I?”, turns to stare at me as she speaks to you.

“Certainly, darling. That can easily be arranged.”

You signal the waiter. He hurries to your table.

“Box this up and put her leftovers in the same container.”

Stern, you motion him away with your plates.

“Ethan’s dinner for later, if he still has an appetite after his whipping. Interrupt my lunch like that! You were gone ten minutes, thirty strokes with the crop, you think about that Ethan.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I’m so sorry.”

I feel tears well up, feel like everybody in the café is staring at me, knows I’ll be whipped.

“Be quiet!”

The two of you chat as I sit, ever so slight a tear in my eye. Nobody heard the way you talked to me but it feels like they all did. The girls at the table next to us both stare at me, see them laugh out of the corner of my eye.

We leave the café, bags loading me down. The two of you hug outside in the mall court.

“Thanks for the invite, Marisa, the lunch, and thanks for the introduction to this one. Your newest slave, indeed. Marisa, you are amazing.”

“I’ll get with you when I think he’s ready for public consumption, darling. I won’t forget. This one still needs my special touch for a while longer. But rest assured, he’ll be plenty ready to serve and please when I decide to send him your way for an evening or two.”

You both laugh, feel my face turn bright red. We stroll toward the mall exit, I hurry to keep up with you. You are walking fast. Marching to the car, mad, mad, mad. It’s obvious.

“What the fuck were you thinking!!”, hard slap against my face. Then again, ‘SLAP!, SLAP!’

“Can’t hold your little thing for a luncheon? You need serious training. ‘May I pee, please, please’…”, mocking tone on your part.

“You embarrassed me!”

“I’m so sorry, sooooo sorry…”, start to cry softly.

We are standing next to your car, my face to the ground.


The voice catches us both off guard. We both look up, me quick to steal a glance and then put my face back to my feet.

He’s big, at least 6’4″, muscular and handsome. He’s standing at the trunk of your car staring at you. He smiles at you, captures your attention.

“Well hello. May I help you with something?”

You are ever so slightly flirtatious yet cautious and aware Tipobet Güncel Giriş of your surroundings. He’s a stranger, a big stranger. A very big and extremely model-like good looking sexy stranger.

“Listen, I don’t want to impose, I just couldn’t help but notice you. I saw you in the restaurant, didn’t want to bother you. But I can’t I can’t let this opportunity go by, let you get away without introducing myself, know this is forward but I may never see you again. It took all my courage to follow after you, approach you.”

You giggle, feel a flush. You know he likes you. A lot.

“Please, my two minute elevator door pitch…”, he’s charming, “…I want to take you out for coffee, drinks, dinner, was so attracted to you. I saw the way you treated him too, knew he wasn’t something I should be concerned about. I’m not being insulting, not at all, apologize if I am. I’m just so attracted to you. You’re beautiful. And I’m guessing he’s not someone that has anything to say about you or who you have dinner with.”

“Do go on.”

You smile at him, offer your hand. He takes it, kisses it gently.

“At least let me give you my card. You call me if you like. I just couldn’t let you get away without trying to meet you, get to know you.”

He hands you his card. You take it.

“So, you make a habit of hitting on women at the mall? Follow them to their cars, chase them into the parking lot?”

“No, never. Believe me, this is as strange for me as it must be for you. I was having lunch with an employee, saw you the minute you walked in the café door. And to be honest watched how you treated him. I like it. Presumptuous of me but I think he’s submissive to you. I like that. And I like you. A lot. Please let me take you out for dinner, coffee, whatever.”

“Oh, and you want a woman to order you around too?”

“God no. I just like what you appear to be. I’m not submissive at all. I find you so attractive, pretty, please have dinner with me. You won’t regret it.”

He smiles at you.

“We’ll see.”

You smile back at him.

“Marisa.”, you say as you turn to me.

You give him your name as you snap your fingers and point to the door. I quickly open it, let you into the back seat. I put all of your bags into the trunk as he stands and looks at you. I hurry to the driver’s door and get in, start the car. You smile up at him, wink as we drive out of the parking space.

“Stop the car!”

I stop and you lower the window. He stares at you, smiles. You hold your hand out the window. He hurries to you, looks deeply into your eyes as his lips kiss your hand.

You pull your hand back gently, smile at him.

“We’ll see.”

You raise the window, turn to me.

“Drive. Or do you have to pee again!”

“No, Ma’am, no.”

You ignore me.

When we return home you leave the car, hurry to the door not waiting for me. I hurry to gather your things from the trunk, hurry into the house. Robert is naked, kneeling by the door, takes the bags from me, almost pulls them out of my hands.

“Get to the basement, fast. She told me she doesn’t want you to keep her waiting.”

I hurry, scurry as fast a I can to your basement, see you standing dressed as you were in the mall, riding crop in hand. I don’t need to be told. I strip off my clothing as fast as I can, know I’m not to be dressed in your house ever.

“Ethan, your dirty little bathroom habits are less than amusing at a luncheon with friends. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

I feel my voice break..”Yes, Mistress.”…feel the tears in my voice.

Your crop comes down hard across my penis harness, catches my thigh, a red welt rises.

“I’m not going to restrain you. You move away from me, try to block me and I will restrain you and triple your punishment. Over the horse, now!”

I move quickly to bend over the whipping horse, hands out in front of me. I feel the crop come down across my butt as fast and as quickly as I am bent over the horse.

I scream with each blow, rapid, hard and fast. I do my best, struggle not to move, cry out, start to cry hard…stammer, beg your forgiveness, shake.

After thirty extremely hard blows I am hysterical.

“Baby! I could do this for another hour. Cry baby! Fucking cry baby!!”

You drop the crop, feel you pet my naked rear end. Wince as your hand runs across the huge red stinging welts.

“I had fun shopping with you today, Ethan. I had fun taking you into my bed too. I don’t have to share any of that with you, you know that, don’t you? Could restrain and keep you down here forever, couldn’t I?”

I feel the tip of your finger run up between the crack of my cheeks, up over my tight little hole.

“Ooooo, yessss, Ma’am, yes, thank you, so grateful, please…”, somewhat hysterical and still crying.

I feel you reach down and take my cock harness in your hand.

“Robert!!”, you scream so loud it scares me.

Robert appears almost instantly, running to you.

“Get that fucking thing off of him, now.”

You take your hand off of me, walk to a chair and sit. Robert takes off the cock cage, hurries to put it back on a shelf in the closet, faces you, hands at his side, eyes to the floor. You snap your fingers and point to the door, he almost trips over himself trying to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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