Mix It Up!

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It was around 7:20am on a warm muggy Thursday in the middle of August, and Carey was heading to the college gym for her morning swim. She was an incoming 18-year-old freshman at a small private liberal arts college in Washington state. Carey grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and she was happy to escape the frantic pace of the city life. She got to campus a couple of weeks before the start of the semester because she rented a small studio near campus, and she wanted time to properly furnish and decorate it, and to explore the area before the classes begin.

Carey was naturally athletic, but she disliked team sports. From the middle school onward, she got seriously involved in gymnastics and kickboxing, and also did a bit of yoga and swimming just for fun. Now at 18 years of age, her slim 5’5” tall body was well toned and quite muscular, with a flat tummy, well-defined biceps and strong slender legs. She knew that she could beat the hell out of most guys in her high school, including the dumb shit-headed jerks that seem so prevalent on the school’s football team. Carey was also sporting a pair of large round breasts, firm, smooth and springy, with sizable brown teats. She daily shaved off all of her body hair, including in her genital area. The only exception was a thick wavy mane of bright auburn hair on Carey’s head, slightly more than shoulder length, which she wore in a pony-tail when exercising. Carey also possessed large warm brown eyes, and a taut firm compact shapely butt, whose elegant curves perfectly complimented the rest of her fit sexy body. The girl was a total knockout and she knew it! While in high school, Carey turned heads of most guys and of quite a few girls, and she secretly enjoyed flaunting her hotness at the jackasses on the football team and at their equally arrogant girlfriends. Although she could easily have any guy in the school, she mostly concentrated on her studies and on staying fit. She had a few short-term boyfriends in high school, sweet but somewhat nerdy academic types, and she wanted to postpone serious dating until later.

As Carey walked towards the athletic center building, she reflected on one particularly unusual feature of the college gym.

The gym, including the locker rooms, bathrooms and the showers, was completely co-ed, with all genders mixed together.

The previous year, the college had a heated discussion regarding accommodations for transgender and other gender nonconforming students. In the end, the administration decided that it was simpler to just dispense with all single-gender facilities and to go completely co-ed. The fall semester was going to be the start of this new policy. Being somewhat of an exhibitionist and a voyeur, Carey thought that having mixed gender gym lockers and showers was a capital idea. She did not try nudism before, but was looking forward to the idea of showing off her naked sexy body and to seeing hot sexy bodies of some hot boys as well. The rules strictly forbade any sexual activity in the lockers and showers, on the penalty of losing the gym membership, and all gym members had to sign a disclosure agreement acknowledging these rules.

Carey had visited the gym twice earlier that week, and so far the mixed locker rooms and showers have been entirely a non-event. In the middle of August the campus was still mostly deserted. Carey only saw a few other people in the locker rooms, most of them non-students, probably some faculty or service workers. Men and women changed, took showers and went about their business rather matter-of-factly. Carey was both relieved and a little disappointed how routine the situation looked.

This morning, as Carey came in at 7:30am, the gym still looked deserted, and the locker room was completely empty. Carey walked to the closest row of lockers to the pool entrance and started slowly undressing, preparing to take take a shower and then put on her swimsuit, before going to the pool.

As she was getting her stuff out of the gym bag, a couple of guys came from the pool back into the locker room, talking quietly. The two boys were young, Carey’s age or maybe a year older, and they were both wearing speedos and carrying swim caps and goggles. Clearly, the boys had just finished swimming. Carey looked at the newcomers appreciatively. The first kid was really muscular, about 5’6” tall. He had shaggy dirty blond hair and deep green eyes, and both of these features were major turn-ons for Carey. The boy nodded to Carey and flashed a bright smile, showing two rows of sparkling white teeth. His body was quite smooth, with only a light treasure trail going down from his belly button. Carey felt her head swoosh. The boy was really cute and had quite a hot bod too!

His friend was a tall Asian kid, probably at least six feet in height, with a classic swimmer build. He was slim and not as beefy as the blond kid, but toned and nicely muscled, with a narrow waist, and broad powerful shoulders and chest. His thighs and calfs looked Esenyurt Escort pretty powerful as well, although not thick, and were well proportioned with his tall slender body. The boy looked completely smooth, and Carey could not see any trace of hair anywhere except for a mop of black hair on his head. He had large hands with long slender fingers and large but elegant feet. Carey’s head swooshed again. She had a bit of a secret foot fetish, and also thought that long limber fingers were another big time turn-on. The tall kid also nodded to Carey, and the two boys walked to their lockers, which were in the same row as Carey’s, just a few feet away from her. They were still talking quietly as they started opening their lockers. The blond kid had a very tan face and forearms, but the rest of his body looked milky white. The Asian’s boy skin was of deep dark golden color. Carey looked at the guys closer. She realized that the boys were not just cute but downright gorgeous! She definitely wanted to get to know them better.

“Hey, guys, how is the water in the pool today? I hope not too cold?” she asked them.

The blond kid turned towards Carey and flashed her another warm toothy smile.

“The water is pretty warm, actually, maybe even a little too warm for our taste!” said the blonde smiling.

“That’s OK, I like it hot! Thanks, guys! I am Carey, by the way,” Carey smiled back and extended her hand to the boy.

“Nice to meet you, Carey!” answered the kid, shaking her hand. “I am Zach, and the tall silent lug over here is Cody.”

Cody also shook Carey’s hand and smiled, but still has not said anything. Zach had a strong warm hand, and Cody a smooth and cool one. Carey liked both.

“Nice to meet you, Zach and Cody!” Carey responded. “Wait, ‘Zach and Cody’, like in the Disney series?” she continued. Both boys laughed.

“Exactly!” Zach agreed. “We are not brothers but we might as well be. We have been best friends since kindergarten.”

“You guys must be serious swimmers if you like the pool cold,” Carey guessed.

“Yeah, the Asian rocket here went to the state swimming championships several times when we were in high school. I am just trying to keep up with him. But we are both planning to try out for the swim team here when the semester starts,” Zach explained.

“Don’t sell yourself short, short stuff! You are also pretty good!” Cody said, lightly punching his blond friend in the shoulder. It was the first time that Cody spoke, and Carey was rather taken by his deep smooth voice.

Carey chatted some more with the boys. They explained that, like her, they were incoming freshmen, about to start their first semester. Like Carey, they were both 18. They grew up in a small farming town about 100 miles away and knew each other since they were little kids. They arrived a couple of weeks before the start of classes because, similar to Carey, they rented an apartment together a few blocks away from campus, and wanted a bit of extra time to settle in. Zach was by far the more extroverted of the two, and he did most of the talking. Carey was really liking these boys more and more! They were sweet, polite, well-spoken, funny and unassuming. That was quite a contrast with the jocks in Carey’s high school, most of whom she found to be be shallow, arrogant jerks. Plus, of course, Zach and Cody were very fit and drop dead gorgeous too! Carey was happy that in her first few days she already met a pair of such great guys. It was clear that they liked Carey too, and she thought that she saw the bulge in Zach’s speedo get noticeably larger as he was talking to her. They agreed to meet with Carey the following morning at the gym for a swim together.

Suddenly Cody’s stomach made a loud rumbling noise.

“Man, I am getting really hungry! I think we need to get moving, Zachster,” said Cody with a laugh.

“OK, OK, my man, I won’t let you starve,” replied Zach.

“Sorry, Carey, we need to hit the showers and then go and get some breakfast before Cody here bites off a piece of my flesh,” said Zach, smiling. “It was great meeting you, and I hope you have a good swim today!”

Carey thought that she saw Cody blush a little at Zach’s remark but was not sure why.

“Thanks, guys! I also need to get moving with my swim. I’ll join you in the showers in a bit to rinse-off, before heading to the pool.”

The boys quickly stripped their speedos, grabbed their towels and headed to the showers. As Carey watched their naked bodies move away, her heart raced quicker. Both boys were packing! Zach was sporting an uncut semi-hard dick, already at about 5” long, pretty tick, with a pair of large low-hanging balls underneath. His crotch was mostly hairless, except for a small patch of dark blond hair above the base of his cock. His tall Asian buddy was really hung! Cody’s young rod was also semi-erect, and already looked to be at least 8” long. Cody’s pubic area was completely hairless, like the rest of his body, and Avcılar Escort it was clear that he was shaving his pubes. Zach had a firm compact bubbly butt that Carey thought looked very appetizing. Cody’s ass was more slim, but tight and muscular, with cute deep dimples. Carey felt her mouth water and her pussy start to get wet.

“Wow, I would definitely like to get me some of that!” she thought.

Quick as a lightning, Carey undressed naked, stuffed her things into the locker, grabbed a towel, and headed to the showers.

The showers had two long rows of open stalls. Zach and Cody took two stalls on the opposite sides, facing each other. Carey took one next to Cody’s and turned on the shower.

She looked at Zach lathering up his smooth hunky bod and felt herself getting aroused again. The boy really looked sumptuously hot! Every time Zach would reach down to soap up his thick boy sausage, Carey’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Carey had to concentrate to restrain herself from jumping in his stall and swallowing his delicious looking young cock. Zach grabbed a soft sponge, that he brought with him, from a caddy next to him and started to soap up his back, staining to reach out between his shoulder blades.

“Ah, hell, why fight it?!” Carrey thought to herself. She knew that she was risking losing her gym membership if caught but thought the risk was worth it.

“Hey, Zach, buddy, do you need some help with that?” she shouted.

The boy turned to face Carey and flashed her another broad toothy grin, which she took as a yes. Carey walked into Zach’s stall, picked up the soapy sponge, and started slowly washing the naked blond boy’s back. The kid’s wet silky skin felt so good that Carey quickly put the sponge away and switched to just using her hands. The guys Carey dated in high school were much more bookish, quite unlike the young athletic stud whose back she was slowly washing now. It was only then that Carey realized what great shape the boy was in. Zach had beautifully developed, although not excessively massive, shoulder, neck and back muscles. Suddenly Carey recalled the high school anatomy lessons, and she could clearly distinguish all the key back muscle groups in this 18-year-old kid, including trapezoid, deltoid, rhomboid, obliques, and some others whose names she did not remember. Underneath the boy’s lovely wet skin, she could feel Zach’s muscles move and breathe, so pliant, taut, flexible and warm. “Wow,” thought Carey to herself, “this feels absolutely incredible! So fucking sexy!”

Despite herself, Carey moaned quietly in pleasure, and she heard Zach respond in kind. She leaned forward and lightly kissed the boy’s skin under the shoulder blades. She felt Zach’s body shudder. Carey moved her eyes and hands lower, to Zach’s bright-white butt. The boy’s ass was even finer than his back! Zach had two compact firm buttocks, round and bubbly, like a pair of small ripe watermelons. Carey started massaging and caressing the blond hunk’s hind quarters. She saw that in the meantime he concentrated on “washing” his dick, which was getting bigger and bigger. From time to time Carey kept looking at Cody in the opposite stall, sending him inviting glances. Cody kept smiling back at her, but was still standing in his stall, slowly beating his boy meat, with hot water falling onto his tall frame.

As Carey was kneading the flesh of Zach’s lovely rear end, she leaned forward and kissed both cheeks tenderly and then bit into them lightly. She heard Zach emit a low sexy moan. Carey reached between his legs, grabbed the boy’s hard cock and gave it a good pull. Zach moaned louder. Carey stood up and snuggled behind Zach, hugging his strong muscular body from behind. Her slick wet tits were now pressed hard against the boy’s back. She reached around Zach, under his arms, and grabbed his hard dick with her both hands. Carey started slowly jacking the kid while kissing his neck and nibbling on his ears. Zach leaned forward and placed both of his hands against the shower wall, supporting himself. He was breathing hard and moaning softly, as Carey worked his young manhood. Despite the hot water falling down on them, she could feel Zach’s thick cock leak copious pre-cum. Zach was uncut and Carey was discovering that even at full erection, his man tool still had plenty of foreskin left. She played with his abundant prepuce and teased the boy’s hot engorged glans mercilessly with her fingertips. She also started using one of her hands to work on the boy’s large loose-hanging testicles, squeezing and rolling them in their soft velvety sack.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Zach was now moaning rhythmically.

Carey kept glancing at Cody in the opposite stall, but he was still beating his monster dick with an enigmatic smile on his face.

Carey loved the feel of Zach’s young teenage sausage in her soft persistent palpating palms and fingers. His cock was so pliant, warm and alive, throbbing and breathing under her touch, like a bird straining to take flight. She run her tactile nimble fingers over its entire surface, feeling every tiny bump, groove, vein and fold. The feeling of complete control and power of this beautiful blond boy was overwhelming and supremely erotic. Carey thought that she might orgasm without even touching her pussy or her clit.

She started to gyrate her pelvis, rubbing Zach’s smooth butt with her pussy lips. The boy’s breathing got faster, and Carey sensed that he was getting close to the brink. She hugged him closer, bit on Zach’s soft earlobe and tugged hard on his abused nuts.

“Arghhhh-hh,” Zach grunted noisily and his cock started twitching in Carey’s hands, spewing several streams of hot cum. The girl tried to catch and scoop some of it with her palms. As Zach was slowly calming down from his explosion, Carey kissed his heck, ears and shoulder blades tenderly and caressed his chest and the sides of his torso. She brought her right hand to her mouth and tasted the remnants of Zach’s cum. “Mmmm, sweet and tasty!” she thought to herself.

Carey stood up and turned the boy around to face her. Zach was grinning at her like a Cheshire Cat with his sparkling green eyes. The 18-year-old’s cock was still fully erect, at about 7” long, proudly standing parallel to the floor. Carey hugged the boy tightly, burying her face in his neck and enjoying the sensation of their warm wet bodies pressed against each other, her firm tits pushed against Zach’s muscular chest. His hard dick was poking between her legs, touching her agitated pussy. Carey then took Zach’s face in her hands and planted a quick wet kiss on his soft red lips. Zach returned her kiss hungrily and started caressing her breasts, and fondling her pussy with his hands. Carey pushed his hands back.

“Later, my farm-boy stud, let me take care of you first,” she directed. Zach complied silently, still smiling, and put his hands on the back of his head. Carey leaned forward and started licking and kissing Zach’s body, beginning with his neck and shoulders and gradually moving down.

“Oh, boy,” she thought to herself, “the boy looks even better from the front than from the back!”

She kissed Zach’s powerful muscular shoulders and chest, swishing her eager tongue along the smooth satin skin. She suckled on his small reddish nipples, teasing them with her lips and tongue and them biting them gently.

“Ah! Ah!” Zach moaned appreciatively.

Carey vigorously worked her tongue on the teen’s cleanly shaved armpits, relishing the boy’s fresh slightly musky taste and smell and eliciting several soft giggles from Zach. He was still standing with his hands behind his head, giving the gorgeous girl full access to his body. Carey proceeded to bathe with saliva Zach’s well-defined six-pack, feeling the taut pliant muscles move underneath the young skin.

“Wow,” she thought to herself, “the kid really is a hunk!”

Carey bypassed Zach’s crotch area and leaned forward, taking his right foot in her hands and lifting it up. Zach almost fell down, but steadied himself, leaning back against the shower wall. Carey caressed and massaged Zach’s calf, ankle and the sole of his foot with her strong nimble fingers. She then lifted Zach’s leg further and started suckling on his toes, carefully working each one, and the spaces between them, with her tongue and her lips, biting them lightly from time to time. She also licked the sole of Zach’s foot, laving the pink fresh skin of the pads and the heel and flicking the tip of her tongue over the milky white arch.

Zach giggled and squealed in delighted surprise. Carey then stood back, leaned against the opposite wall of the stall, brought Zach’s right foot to her crotch and shoved his big toe straight into the open pink lips of her vagina. Zach’s bright green eyes bugged out for a moment.

“Ah, kinky! You go, girl!” he exclaimed.

Zach started working Carey’s pussy with his toes, mainly using his big toe, but also helping with the smaller ones. Carey was delighted to see how nimble and agile the boy’s foot proved to be. Zach teased both the outer and the inner lips of Carey’s hairless pussy and burrowed his toes deeply in her vaginal opening, providing a steady toe-fucking motion. Her alternated these penetrating moves with using his thumb toe to rub her clitoris and to squeeze her hard push button between his big and index toes.

It was Carey’s turn to moan now, and she felt herself getting close to the edge. Zach moved his foot higher and started caressing and massaging Carey’s wet stomach and tits with the sole of his foot. She grabbed the boy’s foot and squeezed it between her breasts, caressing it with her tits and nipples. Both Carey and Zach were groaning now. Carey quickly but vigorously sucked on the boy’s toes and then stuck his foot back into her inviting pussy. After several deep toe-thrusts, he started working Carey’s clit mercilessly with footy digits and trying to use his baby toe to stimulate her vagina at the same time. Zach’s sexy skillful ministrations quickly pushed Carey over the edge and with a muffled scream she felt her body convulse in a devilish orgasm.

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