Mmmm Backwards

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“I love your cock!” she said breathlessly

“That’s it” he said “Tell me how much your wet pussy likes my cock slamming into it” he bit out each word between thrusts.

His thighs slapped against hers, sounding like a rhythmic clapping. She lay, half sitting, half reclined on his couch. Her legs held aloft, above his shoulders, his big callused hands easily encircling her ankles.

“Yes!” she urged, her own hands digging into the back of his thighs, her hips rocking forward to meet him.

He was a big man and his cock was long and thick, filling her wet hole completely.

“Fuck me” she moaned as he bent her legs forward, spreading them even wider as her knees met her chest.

“Your pussy is so wet and slippery, it feels so good in there!” he rasped, moving faster. His cock was covered with her juice as he pumped in and out.

She was almost incapable of speech, moaning while reaching back to brace her self on the sofa, fingers almost ripping into the material covering the cushions. She could feel her body getting ready, tensing. Her clit exposed in her current position and swelling as his body moved and rubbed against it.

Whipping her head from side to side, her long hair was wet with sweat, clinging to her flushed cheeks. Each stoke brought her closer, she felt her legs start to shake under his firm grasp as he ground himself against her, her clit was on fire! She bit her bottom lip to muffle her groans of pleasure as she felt her insides exploding with orgasm. Tingles ran from the high arches of her feet to her nipples, making them hard and tight. Between her legs an intense heat radiated blocking out the rest of the world, making her pussy throb and cling to his dick.

She thrashed wildly against him, alternately trying to pull him in deeper and slow his pace as her orgasm rolled on and on over her body. She needed him to stop, bahis siteleri to break contact, her body’s reaction to him that powerful.

Reading her need correctly, he deliberately changed his movements and gently pulled out of her warmth. Moving to the side, he sat down heavily, his cock still stiff and quivering. Without thought she rolled and curled up next to him, her hand reaching to caress his hardness and then move lower to squeeze and tug at his balls.

Again he groaned as her hand grew surer, keeping his dick rigid and in need of attention until she could catch her breath and bring him the satisfaction he had just so generously bestowed on her. He shifted and moved under her as she took him more firmly in hand. Delicately she began to rub his cock, her hand wrapped loosely around his throbbing dick, adjusting her hold as she moved up and down his still slippery shaft.

Without breaking contact she slid to the floor to kneel in front of him. He pulled at her hair as she bent to lick at the tip of his cock, moving his hips to push inside her waiting mouth. Pressing herself between his legs, her soft large breasts moved against his thighs as one hand kept time with her mouth, the other continued to kneed and pull his balls.

“Oh Yeah!” he moaned making other soft noises at the back of his throat.

Guided by his reactions she slowly licked up and down his cock. Moving lower she gently drew small portions of his sack into her mouth, pulling and sucking. He jerked forward at this new tactic then pulled his hand from her hair and lay it on the back of her head, keeping her in position as his breath came faster.

“You’re going to make me cum!” he moaned.

She paused for a moment and muttered “Good” with a low chuckle before bending back to draw his balls into her mouth entirely.

Mouthing them she could feel as they slid under their canlı bahis siteleri protective shield, she rolled them from side to side with her tongue gauging the right amount of pressure by the hand that now firmly cupped the back of her head.

Tightening her grip on his cock she worked it faster and faster over his shaft, listening as he gasped and enjoying the feel of his hips jerking under her face.

“You want me to cum?” he questioned only to receive a nod of her head for a reply.

“Where do you want me to cum? In your mouth? On your face? On your tits?” he spit out between breaths.

She felt her cunt contract in reaction to his blunt questions and continued to move her mouth over him, lips pursed in a tight shield, tongue curling around him, her body getting heated again as her hardened nipples rubbed excitingly against the hair on his legs.

He had stopped his inquiry, the choice no longer in question as he lifted her head by her hair and pushed her mouth on his pulsing cock, ramming it in deep as he came, filling her mouth instantly with stream after stream of hot cum.

Holding him in her mouth she swallowed, once then again, ensuring there would be no leaking from the sides of her lips She lingered, savoring his taste and the feel of him before lifting her head. Climbing up over his body she settled beside him, carelessly draping one leg over his. So slick with sweat it appeared that they had both either just stepped from the shower or had run a marathon. Each soaked and breathing so heavily they were incapable of speech for long moments. . “You are incredible, how do you know just what I like?” He sighed, wrapping one arm around her.

“You give me good clues.” She whispered softly.

Their relationship had just begun months ago, but this was their first time alone. They had intended to spend time chatting, perhaps share canlı bahis a few drinks and see if the flirtation they had been carrying on for months amounted to anything. Yet, the moment they stepped into his apartment they were unable to speak. He put his hands on her and she reacted as if she had been struck by lightning. Waiting through the “getting to know you” process was impossible, she needed him now! Whether he was merely reacting to her heat of if he felt the same she didn’t know but they had quickly moved from flirtation to the hard passionate sex that they both seemed to crave.

Their whole relationship was backwards and so unlike how she usually went about forming new attachments. Was it now “get acquainted time” she wondered as she snuggled beside him, the air still permeated with the smell of sex. Generally relationships worked in a different order, you meet someone you like and get to know them through various talks and time spent together. For her sex had always come long after this phase. Yet, for them it had been sex first and foremost from the start, it was all she could think about from their initial meeting.

Was now the time for talk? He began to fondle her breast and she realized she was, after all getting to know him. Just in a more physical way. He was revealing himself more in this one night than in the months she had been sparring with him verbally. She had a good idea of what this man wanted and it was very much in accord with what she needed. Whatever else he may divulge about himself would be was icing on the cake, she was that sated.

He bent, taking one rose tipped nipple into his mouth, mmmm their night was not over! Sighing happily, she thought, backwards or not, she liked how things were developing between them so far. Eventually they would tire out. Maybe then they would get around to doing things in the appropriate order, but until then… she rolled her body so she was on her hands and knees, ass raised, offering her wet, glistening cunt. He pulled up behind her, his cock hard once again and eager to please. Really… backwards had its advantages!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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