Mom Becomes My Lover Ch. 02

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Tommy and his mother get back into the truck, and head into the city. The entire ride all Rose keeps thinking about is what her son had just done for her, and just how badly she wants to have Tommy’s very large, and very meaty cock inside her. Rose hasn’t had any form of physical sex since her husband was tragically killed three years ago.

Getting into the city they head to the mall. Rose wants to buy some new outfits for herself as well as for Tommy. They arrive at the mall, and head into one of Rose’s favorite stores. She finds this little skimpy halter-top and a pair of white bootie shorts. She has seen Tommy’s girlfriends wearing such things in the past, and she has seen the way that such articles of clothing seemed to arouse Tommy. Rose hands them to Tommy to hold as they move into the undergarment section. Tommy just looks at his mother, and shakes his head.

“Ah Mom, I don’t think you need me over in this section with you.”

“Yes Tommy actually I do. I want to get your manly opinion on something.” Rose replies.

“But Mom, what if the…?”

“What if the what Tommy? just come out and say it.”

“What if I happen to run into one of the guys in here, and they see me over here helping you to pick out underwear?”

“It doesn’t rightly matter, you are here with me. This is our day out, and if they don’t like it well too damn bad. Now how do you like this one?” Tommy figured she was going to show him some old granny panties, which in fact Tommy figured it wouldn’t be too bad, but instead Rose presents a skimpy little red satin thong to Tommy.

“Mom, you really must put that away. You are 45 years old for goodness sake. Yes I will admit that for a woman of your age, which no I am by no means saying you are old, you do have a remarkable body, but you are my mother, and my mother doesn’t wear such a thing.”

“Well Tommy, yes you are right I am your mother, and I have worn the same sort of panties for all these years now, and maybe it’s finally time for a change.”

“A change is one thing, but why so drastic mom? (Although Tommy couldn’t help but to picture his mother wearing such a thing, for he had seen her beautiful body naked in the shower, and seen her wonderful ass outside his truck just three hours ago, and the wonderful sight of her very clean shaven, and very sweet tasting pussy).”

“Tommy, your dad left us tragically 3 years ago, and I have been so lonely ever since. Maybe it’s time for me to get out into the world and start dating again. If I do that then I want to have something new. (What Tommy isn’t aware of is that this new man that Rose really wants to have in her life isn’t a stranger from the outside, but in fact the son that she has raised by herself for the last three years to be a man, and to have him in her life both as her son and her full-time lover is her conquest). Rose picks out a few more thongs showing them all to Tommy. Tommy in fact adores everyone that Rose picks out. Tommy turns his head away from his mom only for a moment to feast his eyes on the sexiest little baby blue satin teddy, (not the kind of teddy that lays down the legs but the kind of teddy that Tommy call’s a “Playboy Bunny” teddy).

“Hey mom, you really need to see this.” Rose looks over at what Tommy is showing her.

“Do you really like that sort of thing Tommy?” Tommy blushes just a bit.

“Ah yes I do, if I were to have a girlfriend or a wife for that matter I would love to see her in something like this. I think this is so hot.” Tommy replies. Rose walks around behind Tommy as if she were looking at something else, and all of a sudden Tommy lets out with a muffled sort of screech as Rose starts to massage his ass.

“Mom, stop you can’t be doing this in here.” Rose even though she hears what her son has just said to her continues to massage his ass, every now and then letting one hand slip down between Tommy’s legs. Tommy lets out a soft moan as his head fills with all kinds of naughty incestuous thoughts of his mother. altyazılı porno The more Rose’s hand slips down between his legs the harder he can feel his manhood becoming. Tommy wanted nothing more than to find a bathroom at that very minute and relieve the tension that is building deep inside his balls.

“Oh mom please…please don’t” Tommy lets out in a soft whine as his hips begin to gyrate to her hand.

“Please don’t what? Tell me Tommy, what don’t you want me to do?” Rose slides her hand between Tommy’s legs again running her hand this time over his now hardened and very erect cock.

“Please don’t stop!!” Tommy blurts out as he takes a hold of his mothers hand holding it onto his cock. Rose could feel his cock pulsating in her hand.

“Oh my baby boy likes this doesn’t he?”

“Oh god yes, and I loved it when you had my cock in your hand yesterday washing me in the shower. I have been able to think about nothing for the last 2 days now except you and how you make me feel. And a little while ago when you had me pull the truck over so you could relieve yourself, and I got to taste you, oh my god mom that just finished it for me. You have made me so hard, and so horny now that my balls are actually beginning to hurt.” Rose wraps one arm around Tommy pulling her chest into his back. Her hardened, and very perky nipples are now beginning to dig in. Tommy turns around to face his mother.

Wrapping his arm around her he pulls her into him. Kissing her ever so passionately, as her lips part to accept his wanting, and ever so eager tongue. Their kiss deepening, and their tongues do the forbidden dance. Tommy slips one hand up inside his mothers skirt, and into her panties that are now soaked with her juices. Rose moans softly as she parts her legs for Tommy to allow him access to her awaiting pussy. Slowly Tommy inserts one finger into her love tunnel. Rose’s moan gets now a little louder as Tommy begins to gently penetrate his mother’s pussy that hasn’t been touched in any way with the exception of her own masturbation in 3 years.

“Holy shit Mom you feel so good. You are so warm, and so wet. I want to taste you again.” Rose moans softly as she begins to once again rub on Tommy’s hardened cock. “Let’s find somewhere that we can go, so that we won’t be seen. I will taste you again before we leave this store.” Taking his finger out of Rose’s pussy Tommy sucks that finger into his mouth cleaning off all his mother’s juices.

Rose can feel her pussy growing now even wetter as she watched Tommy do this. Taking her hand into his he leads her into the dressing room closing the door behind them. In a rather rapid motion Tommy undresses his mother to expose her beautiful body to his eyes once again. Once she is completely naked Tommy takes his mother’s nipples into his mouth one at a time and suckles on them as he did when he was a baby being breast-fed. Rose’s moans now growing to slightly more intense screams. Kissing his way slowly down her body Tommy takes his mothers legs and places them over his broad shoulders. Rose puts her fingers into the back of her own son’s hair as she looks deep into his gorgeous hazel eyes. The fire and the passion Rose could see in his eyes were totally unbelievable. Tommy opens his jeans releasing his massive erection, and slowly he begins to stroke his manhood for all its worth.

Tommy lowers his head to her awaiting pussy. Lightly Tommy runs his tongue over her glistening pussy lips just enjoying and savoring the flavor of her juices. Little by little Tommy spreads her pussy lips running his tongue up and down the length of her pussy. And suddenly all in one quick motion Tommy begins to dart his tongue in and out of his mother’s pussy with such a rapid force, and Rose begins to grind her pussy against his mouth as she begins to scream.

“FUCK YES TOMMY…OH MY GOD YOUR FATHER USED TO DO THIS FOR ME, BUT IT DIDN’T FEEL ANYTHING LIKE THIS. PLEASE TOMMY DON’T STOP NOW MAKE YOUR MOM CUM!!!” The more she screamed zenci porno the faster, and the deeper Tommy darts his tongue in and out of her pussy. Now wanting to heighten her orgasm that Tommy knows full well is building Tommy slides two fingers last knuckle deep inside his mothers rose bud, slowly he begins to fuck her ass.

“OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!! FUCK MY ASS TOMMY, OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS FUCK MY ASS!!!!!!!” The more Tommy began to fuck his mother’s ass the harder and the faster her pussy would grind against his mouth. With one last thrust of his tongue and fingers Rose’s body begins to shake, as Tommy pushes them both over that ultimate edge as she unloads all her hot cum into his mouth, and he unloads his stressed filled cum all over the carpet of the dressing room. Tommy moans in pleasure as he drinks down all of what she has given him. Once they recompose themselves Tommy takes Rose into his arms and kisses her once more sharing with her the taste of her own juices that he had left in his mouth.

They get themselves back together and head back out to continue shopping. As the door to the dressing room opens the dressing room attendant is standing there. Apparently she had heard most of the entire thing that had just taken place in that room. All she could manage to do was shake her head, and continue on with her work of sorting hangers by numbers.

Rose and Tommy now go off into the men’s department to find something new for Tommy. Rose picks out this white Speedo tank top, and these ever so wonderfully just right fitting white jeans. (When I say right fitting I mean they fit so right that his bulge is very well noticeable even when not erect, and his ass is well shaped as these jeans hug to it). Tommy goes back into the fitting room, and tries on this ensemble, and walks back out to where his mother is. Rose just looks at him and smiles.

“Oh my baby boy that is just perfect on you.” Tommy goes back into the dressing room puts back on his other clothes, and him and his mother make their final purchases and head out. By this time its now late, and if they were going to make the journey back home it would be 2 am before they got there. Rose and Tommy decide to stay over in the city for the night. Rose and Tommy get a room for the night in the closest hotel near the mall.

Upon walking into the lobby Tommy meets up with an old friend that he hadn’t seen since they graduated high school. The two of them make plans to go out for the evening and catch up on some old times. Rose goes up to the room with her packages as Tommy and his friend head out. About 3 hours later Tommy returns. Upon walking into the room Tommy finds it is dark inside. Tommy calls out to his mother.

“Mom??” Rose didn’t answer. Tommy calls out yet again, and still no answer. All Tommy could hear was soft moans and his name being called out quietly coming from the bedroom. “Oh no my mother is doing it again. Why does it have to be me that she masturbates to?” Tommy thinks to himself. He really didn’t care because little does his mother know that he himself masturbates with her as his object of thought.

Tommy quietly opens the door to the bedroom only to find his mother in the dark; the only light in the room is the light of the candles that his mother has lit. And there she is in all her glory, wearing Tommy’s brand new tank top, and her brand new red satin thong. Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes, he rubs his eyes to try to clear them yet it didn’t help he was seeing perfectly clear. There before him stood his mother in that thong. It looks just like he pictures it to look on her. His cock grows instantly erect as he watches her masturbating bent over with her right knee on the bed. Tommy became even more aroused as he watched her grinding her pussy against the bedspread. Rose had no idea that he was standing there watching her.

“TOMMY OH GOD TOMMY I WANT YOU. YOU HAVE GROWN TO BE SUCH A WONDERFUL MAN, AND YOU ARE IN SO MANY WAYS aldatma porno JUST LIKE YOUR DAD. I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HUGE LOVE STICK DEEP INSIDE ME. I NEED IT…IT’S BEEN SO LONG!!!” Rose just keeps screaming this over and over again. Tommy just couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe this could possibly be true that his own mother could have the same incestuous feelings and thoughts about him as he does her. Tommy stumbles as he goes to sit in the chair. Rose hears him, and sits down rather quickly.

“Oh god Tommy I am so sorry I didn’t mean for you to see or hear any of this. How long have you been in here?”

“Long enough mom, long enough. But you really didn’t have to stop on my account. You look so good doing that. I love watching you. I know you have been masturbating to me for quite a while now, and this isn’t the first time I have heard you doing so. Every time I hear you doing it, it drives me crazy. I have had so many thoughts about you, and for such a long time now, but I didn’t think it was right, yet now I know that I am not the only one that thinks like this.”

“No Tommy you’re not. I have been as I have told you so lonely since your dad died. I have raised you alone since, and I have been watching you grow, and develop into a wonderful, and extremely sexy man. The last man who ever touched me in a physical sexual manner was your father, yet I have had sexual feelings for you now for the last 2 years. I had to wait until you were at least 18 to ever say anything to you.” Rose walks around behind Tommy leaning in close to him she begins licking, nibbling, and sucking at the back of his neck.

“Mom you don’t have to wait anymore. I want you just as much. When two people love each other no matter what the circumstances are, then I don’t see any reason why they cant express it to each other in any way they see fit.”

“Please Tommy, I have waited so long for this. Please make love to me. Take me Tommy and make me your lover. Tommy stands taking his mother into his arms. Slowly he undresses her enjoying the feel of every inch of her wonderful body. Rose undresses Tommy in just the same slow manner. Rose can’t believe that the one thing that she has been dreaming about, and masturbating to for all this time is about to happen. She knows from this point on their relationship is going to be different. Tommy takes Rose back into his arms. Picking her up he gently lays her down on the bed. Tommy moves himself in between his mother’s legs. Rose takes Tommy’s cock into her hand, and gently guides him to his new found home.

“Are you ready for me mom?” Tommy asks.

“Yes Tommy I am ready. Take me my baby boy.” Tommy slowly enters the head of his massive cock into his mother’s pussy. She screams, and her back arches as the girth of his mass enters into her. To her it feels almost as if it’s going to rip her in half, yet she couldn’t get enough of this wonderful man whom was now making love to her for the very first time. Slowly Tommy’s pace picks up as his mother screams for more.

“OH FUCK YESSSSSS FUCK ME TOMMY, FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE. OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!! I’M GONNA CUM!!!” Tommy fucks his mother’s tight, aching, dripping pussy harder and harder. Feeling his cock hardening and his balls beginning to tighten as his mother’s pussy muscles clamp down around him, with one last deep, and very hard thrust Tommy’s head throws back, and Rose’s back arches once more off the bed as they pull each other over that ultimate edge as Tommy releases all his hot cum deep inside the ever so warm pussy of his mother, and at the very same time his mother releases all her loves juices all over his cock. Tommy body falls limp onto his mother, as he was overwhelmed with everything that has just taken place tonight. Tommy rolls off her, lying on his side. Rose moves over close to him resting her head on his chest. They didn’t say a word; all they could do was lie there just staring into one another’s eyes.

As Rose drifts off to sleep Tommy lays there thinking about the evening’s entire wonderful event. This is the first evening they will share a bed together not only as mother and son, but also as lovers, and this the first encounter of many to come in the rest of their lives together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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