Mom Grandpa , My Friends Ch. 2

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(This is the second part of my previous story)

As must happen in these stories, Abdul and I were in the shower, naked, with our backs to the door. Without either of us realizing, mum was standing behind us. Quite how long she had been there I don’t know. Abdul just stood there frozen, mum looked at him and smiled and then looked down at his cock. I had never really noticed but Abdul’s cock was much bigger and thicker than mine, it stood out against his belly and was almost touching his belly button. My mother walked straight into the water into the middle of us both and without saying a word went down on her knees. Now the only sounds were the water hitting all three of us as we stood there. My mum moved towards Abdul and in her right hand she tool his cock and began to stroke it.

I could see clear precum, oozing out of the tip of Abdul’s cock. Mum licked it off with her tongue. She then looked up at me and grabbed my cock with her other hand. Abdul’s cock now was twitching and throbbing in mums and I could see she was enjoying playing and teasing it. She knew that he was going to burst any minute and it seemed mum wanted to catch. She just wrapped her lips round Abdul’s cock and began slowly to take it in a bit at a time. Within seconds, all of Abdul’s cock had disappeared into mum’s mouth. I was astonished and wondered where it had gone. Upon seeing his cock disappear into mum’s mouth, Abdul shot his load into the back of her throat. Mum pulled away and his third burst shot onto her nose and lips, she licked off she could and the water washed the rest away. Abdul stood there, his cock still hard and in mum’s hand. She now turned her attention to me.

Mum pulled me to her by the cock and started sucking my cock. She could even take my balls into her mouth. Within seconds I came. We all got out of the shower and Abdul and I went and sat on the bed naked, when mum came and joined us. She began by talking to us and telling us how she wanted to do things. First she swore us to secrecy, and then promised us all her delights and how she would teach us both everything. She started by telling us that she had learnt to swallow cock, by practicing on Papa’s. She also told us that Papa had a special way of fucking her, which she would teach us one day. She then told me to sit on the edge of the bed and watch. She lay down on the bed, with her legs apart.

The light in the room was fairly dim, but it was still clear to see that my mother was wet. I asked her about that and she said she was wet most of the time. Often it was either my spunk or Papa’s that was in her cunt, but even without that she was wet most of the time. At times like these, she was doubly so. Mum’s nipples were rock hard and it was clear that she was enjoying what was happening. She pulled Abdul to her tit and put her left nipple in his mouth. As he was sucking away, she looked at me and smiled. I must confess I felt a little jealous. This was after all my mother’s tit and he was sucking it. Then I remembered Samina and the promise that that held and I thought fair enough. Abdul too looked at me as he sucked my mum’s tits and played with them.

She grabbed his hand and put it between her legs. With her own hand, she moved his hand up and down, but Abdul had had plenty of practice by now on Samina’s cunt and knew what to do. This delighted mum and she just let him get on with it. She was really getting turned on by now and I could see Abdul’s hand become all soaked. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she encouraged Abdul to slide in one then two then three fingers. It was at this stage that I realized that my mum has a fairly big cunt. Especially when she is turned on. She was so wet and turned on by now. For the first time I genuinely saw my mother cum. The way she came, it seemed as if her orgasm would last forever. I remember being almost frightened when she just kept wriggling for ages. I later discovered that my mother could come even more violently than that.

By the time my mother had finally stopped moving around, both Abdul and I were wanked at just being naked with her. After a couple of minutes, she was ready for more. This time Abdul got on top sex izle of my mum, and she guided his cock into her soaked choot. Abdul started to move his ass up and down but she grabbed him by the ass and pushed him right down on her. The result was that all of his cock went into her cunt, right up to his balls. She held him there and started to wiggle and raise her ass. Abdul was looking down on her and her legs were wide open.

At this stage my mother got really dirty and started talking to us both. She asked me Tumara dost kya kar raha heh (What is your friend doing) to which I replied Meri ma chode raha heh (He is fucking my mother). That made me so hard. She had my cock in her hand and she was talking to me like a whore. That is and was my mum. A total whore in the bedroom. Anyone’s bedroom. But here she was fucking Abdul, playing with me and taking in a way that was making me so so hard. She asked Abdul, what he was doing and he replied Meh Imran ki mah chode raha huh ( I am fucking Imran’s mother) Meh Chaudhry Saab Ki Bahi Ki choot maar raha hoon ( I am beating on the Chaudhry’s Daughter-in-law’s cunt). She was saying all this and making us both repeat it. My mother’s cunt by now was so wet that the sheet underneath was getting soaked. It was made worse when Abdul’s cum started to dribble out of my mother. He had come, yet his cock remained rock hard inside him. This too was something about Abdul, which delighted not only my mother, but every cunt he has entered since.

She now took her hand of Abdul’s hips and let him ride her freely. Abdul began to rise and descend on and into my mother. Her cunt was so wet by now that it made slurping noises each time Abdul’s cock went in to her. My mother was moaning in delight as she pulled my cock into her mouth and began to suck me. Abdul just started banging harder and harder. I was having my cock sucked and playing with my mother’s tits. She had a hold of my balls and was making sure that I did not cum. Then Abdul again reached his climax and came in her. Without a word, my mother rolled over on her back, stuck a pillow under her so that her ass was in the air. It was thoroughly soaked and still fluids were oozing out of it. My mother said it was now my turn and that I should get on her from behind.

This I did and reaching behind her my mother grabbed my cock and started to rub it into her crack. Soon it too was soaked and I felt my spunk rising in my balls. She was holding them and squeezing them. She said to me Aoo beta, aapni ma ki Ghand maroo (Come on son, fuck your mother’s asshole), and with that she pushed the tip of my cock into her asshole. I began to wiggle and to my surprise, my whole cock sank into mum’s ass. She began to wiggle it again and I could feel her body jerking, wriggling and shaking under me. She was also talking to Abdul, who by now was spent lying next to her. She was asking him, yeh chaudhry ka beta kya karr rahah heh What is this son of the chaudhry doing, and Abdul replied, yeh matherchode apni ma ki ghaand chode raha heh (This mother-fucker is fucking his mother’s ass). Talking like this made us all so horny, it was like an aphrodisiac. Within a short while I too had cum and my mum’s cunt and ass were now covered in and filled with her own juices and two loads of Abduls cum and one of mine.

This was not the end of the night’s festivities, and we all knew it may be a very long time before the three of us could do this together again. Papa hated having male servants in the house, even young ones and therefore Abdul would not be allowed to stay the night inside the house. We both had my mother twice more that night and each time she talked to us in that way that so aroused her. The following morning, she was her usual self.

That night, she sneaked me into Papa’s room when he was in the shower having returned from a hot dusty journey. He had eaten and was tired. When he came out of the shower, I was under some clothes in the far corner of the room. Mother was lying on Papa’s bed and papa made straight for the bed. I could hear every word they were saying. She knew I was in the room. He asked her what she had done the previous night without him in the alt yazılı porno house and she joked with him that she had had to make do with Abdul and me. I am sure grandfather thought that she was amusing him and he was enjoying hearing the details.

To him, she had a wicked imagination and he was, turned on by all that she was telling him. She told him that she had fucked me and Abdul, together and that for boys we were very good and would get better as they grew older. Listening to my mother was just making me hornier. Then papa got dirty with her. She stood up in front of him and took her Kurta off. She stood there with her back to me. She opened her legs and drew my grandfather’s head into her cunt. She said, aoo chaudhry saab, meri fudi chattoe (Come on chaudhry saab, lick my cunt) Apni Bahu the choot chattoe (Lick your daughter in law’s pussy), Then she asked him boldly, whether he liked the idea of licking his grandson’s (ie mine) spunk out of her cunt. Upon hearing that I think my Granddad must have cum, because all of a sudden he pulled away from her and just lay on the bed. Within few minutes he was asleep and mum walked over to where I was.

Right there in my Grandfather’s room, with him asleep few yards away, she lay down on the floor, opened her legs and motioned me to get on top of her. I undid my pyjama cord and lay down on top of her. Again I felt her cunt was soaked. I was so excited that I came within 15 seconds of getting into her. She again motioned me to hide, which I did and she went back to the bed. She started to play with Papa’s cock and he awoke. This time she climbed on top of him and got into what is now known as a 69 position. I saw my mother, with her ass in the air, and my Grandfather’s mouth slurping away at my mum’s cunt. I think he must have known, because he just couldn’t stop licking, and within a short while mum had cum in and on his mouth. I remember they were still talking and mum must have told him that it was my spunk that was currently lubricating her cunt. My grandfather loved this and delighted my mum by giving her a really good fucking, while I watched. Once finished, he rolled off her and she came to me again and told me to go into my own room and she would be along shortly. She put grandfather to bed and told him now it was my turn. That night was the first time that I had mum after Papa

By now I was realizing just how lucky I was to have such a dirty mother, and what a lucky motherfucker I was to have a friend like Abdul to share all the delights. I saw him the next day and told him about what had happened the night before. Abdul got a hard on just thinking about all that I told him. He told me that he had also made progress with Samina. It seemed that Samina was as dirty as my mother, if not dirtier. She had even told Abdul that she would willingly fuck any of his friends, if a time a place could be organized and that she would do it for money. She had informed Abdul that she loved cocks and wanted as many as she could get. She had told Abdul that his was a very nice cock, but she wanted to try a man’s cock. Abdul had jokingly said then why don’t you try two together, and so she had promised him that if he could find a friend and a place, she would fuck them both. It turned out that he had fingered Samina’s cunt, licked it, had his cock sucked dry by is sister, but he had failed to get his knob inside her. He had not told her that he was no longer a virgin and knew what to do.

The next few months passed and we were still trying to organize a way in which both of us could get Samina alone. We were still meeting everyday and exchanging stories. I had fucked my mother, watched her fuck my grandfather, fucked her with my best friend, and was fucking her everyday. She was still as arousing and as horny as hell but I needed more now. She felt it and sensed it. I was getting older and she said my cock was suddenly beginning to get bigger. This delighted my mother. One night she reminded me of her promise of that night with Abdul and me. That she would help and teach us to learn. So I told her about Abdul, Samina and myself. My mother, being the wonderful creature altyazılı sex izle that she is said to leave it to her and that she would take care of everything.

The following weekend, she announced that she would have to go to her parents and that Papa would be accompanying her. Her excuse was that she had had a proposal for a relative of hers and that she would have to go discuss it with her family. As I had examinations coming up, she said that they would only be gone for a day and I should use the time to prepare for the exams. By way of precaution, she told Rehmat that Samina should stay the night in the house in case I needed anything to eat and that Abdul should also stay to help me with my studies. It was agreed that Samina’s child was likely to make too much noise and disturb us so he should stay with her parents.

The weekend came and mother and Papa left on Saturday morning. The night before I had thanked her and she just said what are mothers for, to which I had replied “Fucking”, and this had delighted her to orgasm. All day Samina was in and out of the house and by this time had worked out what Abdul and I were up to. By the time it was 10pm, all was quiet and Samina had retired to bed, Abdul and I were supposedly studying. In fact we had decided that the best way to begin was to call Samina in to the room and Abdul would tell her that Chota Chaudhry (ie me), had some questions I needed to ask her. So at 10:30 Abdul went and got Samina from her room and told her to come in to mine. Samina came in, she was wearing a salwar kameez. I asked her, if it was true that she was a dirty little kanjari, Abdul had told her to agree with everything I said, so she replied yes. Then I asked her how much she wanted to fuck me and my friend. Her language was delightfully dirty and arousing when she replied, you chaudhry saab are a wealthy man and so taking your cock for money would be a pleasure, then she looked at Abdul and said Yeh Behnchode, yeh apni behn ki choot bacheta heh, is ka koi mull nahee, iss liyay iska lunn meh waisay hi lay lu gee. (This sister-fucker, he would sell his sister’s cunt, he is worthless, but for you I will take his cock for nothing). That was the time my whole view of Samina changed. I felt as if she was the most beautiful girl there was at that moment. I next asked her, Tum maray liyay kya kar saktee hoh (What can you do for me), to which she replied kuchbee aur sukuch (Anything and everything) Aazma kar to dekho Chaudhry saab (just try me Chaudhry saab). I then asked her, hum dono say ikhatha marva gie (will you fuck us both together) and she said Zaroor (Of course). Abdul’s sister became the second cunt that we fuck together. I must confess Samina’s cunt was delightfully tight and she loved squeezing my cock into herself. She made no big deal about fucking her brother in front of me. She did enjoy abusing him and talking dirty with us both. She loved to take my cock in her mouth as her brother filled her cunt from behind. What is called doggie style fucking, I saw for the first time that night, as my best friend shafted his sister, with my cock in her mouth. That was the first time Abdul and I fucked his sister. It would not be the last. Most of that night, Samina delighted us with her language and her capacity for cock and spunk. The fact that she was Abdul’s sister, made the whole thing even horny.

The following day my mother sent a message that they would be delayed, by another day, and we should continue with our studies. When she finally returned, I told my mother everything that had happened. My mother took great pleasure in listening to my story. That day mum told me that she had actually traveled to her parent’s home because Mamu would be there. She also told me that she had fucked Mamu and Papa that day. In the space of two days, she had had me, Abdul, Papa and Mamu. In total she said she had been spunked into 13 times. We discussed different cocks and pussies and what we were going to do next. Over the next few years, My mum, my friends and Grandpa tried so many different things, but I will leave that for another day. That was my most memorable summer. A year later, my mother, myself, and Abdul had moved to London, as Grandfather felt it necessary for me to be educated properly. He still ad Rehmat and his family and Samina was forced to live in the big house, to look after Grandpa of course.

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