Mom Went to Work Ch. 06

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After breakfast, Mom said a boy named Joe called and wanted me to call him back. The only Joe I associated with was Joe Garoutte and I thought he was gone for the summer. His folks did Mental Health work for the Federal Prison System. I shrugged and said I’d see what he wanted.

As I left Mom and Dads bedroom they were hugging and I thought Mom was going to have Dad suck her tits and I smiled thinking about it.

I called Joe and he wanted me to come over because he needed to talk to somebody. I thought this was strange because Joe and I weren’t good friends. Yeah, we palled around at school and seen each other off and on during the summers but that’s it.

I went to check with Mom about supper and Dad was sitting on the bed sucking her tits. Mom said Dad brought home cashew chicken so I could eat later if I wanted to go over to Joe’s. Before leaving the bedroom I said, “Do a good job Dad, Mom’s enjoying it.”

Dad didn’t respond but Mom motioned me to go with her hand and said, “Go on you, you’ve had your turn.”

I smiled and left. Before leaving the house I grabbed an apple and headed out. On the way to Joe’s house I wondered why he would want to talk to me. When I got there, I could tell Joe was nervous. He said, “Come on in,” and we went to his room. Everything was quiet and Joe was fidgeting, which made me nervous. I asked, “What’s the matter?”

Joe responded with, “You’re the only friend I figured I could talk to. Some bad shit has happened with my parents. They’re getting a divorce.” He was almost crying.

I said, “Calm down Man, and tell me about it if you want to.”

“You know my folks work for the prison system,” he started.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“Well, Mom was caught fucking some black prisoner and she’s been arrested. Dad won’t bail her out and he sent me home last night. He told me to just stay home while he saw about a divorce and maybe doing something about Mom.”

Now Joe was crying.

He said, “I don’t know what to do. I can’t stay here and I don’t have the money to go to Grandma’s. This shit is fucking bad. I can’t understand why Mom would do what she did or why Dad won’t help her. I need another hundred dollars to go to Grandma’s. Can you help me out?”

I said I didn’t have it but maybe we could get some money from Reece, Pete, Tim and Ron. Surely we could all pitch in and get the money he needed.

Joe said, “Would you do that for me, I mean, would you really help me like that?”

I said, “Sure Man, and we don’t have to tell anybody what’s going on. Between all of us we should be able to get the money you need.”

Joe grabbed me and hugged me saying, “Thanks Man, Thanks.”

I told Joe I’d make the rounds and be back as soon as I could. I hit everybody up for however much they could spare to help Joe get to his Grandparents. In the end I got two hundred twenty bucks and nobody asked any questions. I thought, “Shit, my friends are better than I thought.”

When I got back to Joe’s I gave him the money and he couldn’t believe the guys gave him so much.

I said, “Look, don’t do something stupid like running off somewhere. Go to your Grandmas. Leave your Dad a note in case he comes home while you’re gone and as soon as you get to your Grandmas call your Dad and tell him where you are.”

I stayed as Joe packed a suitcase and he told me the story. His Mom and Dad were doing their social work with the prisoners and he was in the wreck room with his Dad when the Guards came running through to the counseling center.

His Dad went after them and out of curiosity he followed. He saw his Mom naked on the floor under a naked black man. The guards swarmed on the black prisoner beating him and handcuffed him.

Two other guards grabbed his naked Mom and handcuffed her on the floor. They stood both of them up and made nasty comments about them.

There was his Mom standing naked in handcuffs in a room full of guards, his Dad and him. Joe said he was dumbfounded. His Dad kept saying, “How could you?”

It was several minutes before his Mom looked up and gasped. She said, “Goddamn it, why did you let Joe in here! Get him out of here!”

One of the guards said, “Naw, he’s old enough and should see what his slut mother did.”

He said his Dad still hadn’t moved and his Mom was cussing about getting him out of there. Finally the guards started taking the two out of the office, still naked.

Once in the counseling center the guards made sure that each of them faced all of the cameras. “We got the two of you playing around in here recorded and now were getting the end result recorded.” One of the guards said, “You’re going to do time for this, Bitch.”

Joe said he didn’t like that. His Mom wanted them to cover her with something but the guards said that would have to wait until she was in the processing room. Joe’s Dad finally grabbed him as the guards took his naked Mom through the cell block.

Joe and his Dad were waiting in the Wreck center when the Captain walked in. He told Joe’s Dad porno that they had the two on tape kissing, hugging, and playing with each others genitals before they went into the office where there weren’t cameras.

He said, “Karen is facing some serious felony charges and with the tape evidence, in this state, she will do time. You and your son need to leave now Mr. Garoutte. I’m sorry they didn’t keep the boy out. Mrs. Garoutte will be processed here first and then taken to the Federal Courthouse. You won’t be able to see her until then.”

The Captain escorted them to the car and they left. Joe said his Dad finally spoke and said he wasn’t going to bail her out but would see to it she got a lawyer as soon as possible. Not saying his Moms name, just referring to her, as her.

That’s when Joe’s Dad put him on a bus and sent him home.

I said, “That sure was bad, but, she’s your Mom, man! Don’t condemn her because she made a mistake. And don’t blame your Dad for not helping her. They both need you right now. And, for Gods sake, don’t tell your Grandma what happened. Let them do it. I’ll keep my mouth shut so don’t say anything to anyone else. You and your folks don’t need any shit from this town.”

I went with Joe to the bus station and waited with him for his bus. I talked about Stephanie and other stuff to keep his mind off of what was happening. Before Joe got on the bus he hugged me and thanked me again. I told him to take care of himself and things would work out.

I went home and was eating in the kitchen when Mom walked in.

She could tell I was preoccupied with something and came over and gave me hug, as she asked, “Do you need to talk?”

“Not right now Mom, maybe later. Thanks.” I said.

“When you’re ready, just let me know.” Mom said and she hugged me again.

A while later Mom walked by my door and I called out her. She came in with a smile and said, “Wanna talk now?”

I said, “Yeah, this is pretty bad and I sure don’t want it to get around town.”

Mom said, “Something has happened to Joe, hasn’t it?”

I said, “Yeah. And it’s pretty bad.” I then told her everything he told me and how the guys all chipped in to help him, no questions asked.

Mom said, “Sometimes people do really stupid things. That doesn’t mean they don’t love their families. It just means they have been stupid. I wonder if what we’re doing is hurting you. And if I see that, at any time, it all stops so we can work it out. Nothing is more important than family and some people lose site of that from time to time. Hopefully, Karen and John can work it out. That is if neither of them goes off the deep end.”

I had a hard time sleeping that night thinking how people are never what they seem to be. I always thought Joe’ folks were tight with each other.

Around noon, I got a call from Ron, he lives behind Joe. Joe’s Dad came home and blew his brains out. Ron and his family heard the shot and called the cops. They were there then. It’s a good thing Joe wasn’t there; his Dad might have killed him too.

Karen wasn’t at the funeral and Joe packed everything to go live with his Grandma. I never did see Karen in town again and the house was for sale for a long time. The couple that bought it had four older kids; one was a foxy redheaded girl a year older than me.

It was coming down to D-Day, Elizabeth was coming home. We all stopped being openly sensual and Mom started using the breast pump.

We all drove to the school and loaded all of Elizabeth’s stuff in the car. Then we waited around for the graduation ceremony. As usual Elizabeth took top honors. The youngest in the class and she did better than anyone else.

I actually felt good for her and proud that she was my sister. When I told her she hugged the breath out of me. A first for both of us, I told my sister I was proud of her and she hugged me.

On the way home Elizabeth didn’t stop talking, she told us about everything at the school and the kids she knew.

That night a bunch of girls Elizabeth knew came over to welcome her home so I stayed in my room.

When everybody left I came out and joined Mom and Elizabeth in the living room. I wanted Mom to feed me from her tits but I knew she wouldn’t. Mom wouldn’t do anything until she found out if Elizabeth would be part of our family sex.

We were just kinda talking when Elizabeth blurted out, “I’ve been watching you guys having sex this summer.”

My mouth dropped open and Mom said, “You’ve been gone young lady. So, what are you talking about?”

Elizabeth was smiling like the ‘Cheshire Cat,’ as she said, “One of the girls at school drove me home one day and I saw William eating your pussy Mom. I quickly backed out of the house before you saw me and Tammy drove me around a while. When she found out it was my Brother eating my Mom’s pussy she freaked out. I had to do her papers to keep her quiet. I had her drive me back every chance I got to see what all I could see. I’ve seen all three of you doing all kinds of kinky things. anime porno What turned me on the most was watching Dad and William fucking you at the same time Mom.” Elizabeth never stopped smiling and she added, “I want to be included.”

Mom said, “We’ll all have to talk about it first and make sure we understand the implications. We have to know your feelings.”

“I found footprints outside the windows. It was you, watching us!” I blurted out.

“I was watching you that day in Moms flowerbed. You looked around a couple of times but didn’t see me.” Elizabeth kind of taunted.

Elizabeth was holding Moms hands as she said, “I’m so tired of using my hands and a vibrator. And the two boys I dated at school were fumbling idiots.” Then looking at me she said, “I’ve seen you and William, and I want you to help him fuck me.”

Mom said, “William doesn’t need any help he does just fine, in” Elizabeth interrupted and said, “No Mom, I need you there for me, to help me not be so uptight and nervous.”

“OK, honey. We’ll have to get some rubbers before you two do it. And you’ll have to get on birth control now that you’re joining in on the fun.” Mom said.

Elizabeth gave me a sensual kiss, which blew me away, and said, “I don’t want Dad to know until I’m ready for him, so can we keep this a secret?”

Mom looked at me and said, “Yes we can, can’t we, William?”

I stammered, “Ssssure, I guess so.”

Elizabeth said, “Good. We can start tomorrow.” And she grabbed me between the legs. “And, Dear Brother, I know about your hidden camera in my room.” Elizabeth said.

I went, “Unh.”

Mom said, “William! Show me Elizabeth.” And Mom followed Elizabeth to her room.

I sat there wanting to hide. Slowly I started for my room, but, met Mom and Elizabeth leaving Liz’s room laughing. I froze feeling embarrassed and caught. Mom then started to show Elizabeth what I had done in the hall closet, but Elizabeth already knew about that one. So Mom asked if she knew about the linen closet and Elizabeth said she didn’t, so Mom showed her. About that time Dad came back upstairs. I felt like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Dad asked what was so funny and Mom said, “Girl talk.” Dad poked me in the gut and said, “Be careful, there’s two of ’em again.” After Dad went to the bathroom he went back downstairs. I headed for my room but Mom took my hand and led me to the living room with them.

Mom looked at Elizabeth and said, “You know, I think your Brother should eat your pussy to apologize for watching you.”

Elizabeth said, “Really.”

Mom said, “Sure! He should get on his knees and give you an apology. C’mon, William. Get over here on your knees and apologize to your Sister.”

I hesitated and Mom said, “C’mon.”

As I went over to them Mom said, “Bare your pussy honey.” Elizabeth wiggled out of her clothes and scooted to the edge of the couch saying, “You better give me a good apology, Dear Brother.” As she rubbed her pussy.

I dutifully started licking my Sisters pussy and running my hands over her body. I heard Dad say, “What’s going on here?” I looked up and Mom pushed my head back to Elizabeth’s pussy as she got up.

Mom went over to Dad and said, “Your children are apologizing to each other. Let’s go to our room and leave them alone.” Mom then said, “Oral only, you two, oral only.”

As I licked Liz’s pussy I was into the sweeter taste. Much sweeter tasting than Moms. And sweeter smelling.

As I licked and sucked and kissed Liz was responding with movements of her hips. She was also moaning and I was getting a raging hardon. Liz got off quick, grabbing my head and grinding her pussy on my face as she whispered, “Yes, yes, yes, Oh Yes, yes.”

When Liz relaxed I started licking again and she went into action again. I looked up Liz’s body and she was playing with her tits. When she pulled her nipples her legs clamped against my head.

“Ah, she responds like Mom when her nipples are pulled.” I thought. I let Elizabeth go through four more orgasms before I let up on her pussy, and I really didn’t want to quit because she tasted so good.

As I kissed Liz’s mound and lower stomach, she said, “Oh My God, Cindy never ate me like that.” Then she came into me and kissed my face covered with her juice.

As I stood up the tent in my pants was sticking in her face. Liz looked up at me and as she rubbed my dick said, “You know, I think I need to apologize to.” She quickly pulled my pants down and started playing with my dick and balls. I was about to cum when she squeezed my balls. I jerked back and went, “OW!”

Liz quickly said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I said, “That’s OK. You can play with them and handle them but you can’t thump on ’em or squeeze very hard.”

“I’ve never sucked on one before. I mean, I jerked off a boy at school this summer but didn’t put it in my mouth. I’ve wanted to ever since I watched Mom sucking on you. I don’t really know what to do.” Liz said, arap porno and looked up at me.

“Just do what you feel like doing. Use your lips, tongue, and hands to explore. Right now I just want to cum, so just get me off. If you suck on it and don’t want me to cum in your mouth, I’ll tell you when I’m cuming so you can decide.” I said.

“I’ve watched you when you came in Moms mouth, so I want you to cum in mine.” Liz answered. “Just tell me if I do anything wrong.”

“The only thing wrong is causing pain. You’ll do fine, I’m sure of that.” I said as Liz touched the head of my dick to her lips. She tentatively stuck her tongue out and licked the drop from the end of my dick, as she looked in my eyes.

I said, “Oh, Yeah. You’ll do just fine.”

I watched as my Sister used her mouth on my dick for the first time. She was holding it between her finger and thumb, her hand flat against my stomach. She was doing a real good job. Her other hand was gently fondling my balls and as she rolled them around she looked up to see my reaction.

I whispered, “That feels fantastic,” and she smiled.

She slowly pushed her lips around the head of my dick and down over the flange and back again. I went, “OOOOOO.” Slowly Liz took more and more of my dick in her mouth with each forward movement. I couldn’t believe it when I felt her nose touch my stomach. She had all of me in her mouth. Liz slowly moved her head back and forth, touching my stomach with her nose and her lips to the head each time.

The pressure was building fast, my Sister was such a good blowjob artist, and I couldn’t believe she never did it before. I could feel my cum rising and I told her I was cuming.

Liz kept about half of my dick in her mouth and clamped her hand on it. I started cuming and Liz sucked it down as fast as she could. I thought she was going to suck my balls out the end of my dick.

I started going soft and Liz said, “That tasted good. Can you do it again?” She was slowly stroking my dick and looked up at me saying, “Well, can you? I was watching Mom jerking you off in the swing one night. I guess she ate your cum when she dropped her head and your dick went in her mouth. Is that what Mom did?”

I whispered, “Yeah, Mom loves to eat cum. And after what you just did, you must like it to.”

Liz said, “Yeah, it does taste different and I want you to do it a couple more times. Can you?”

Still whispering I said, “If you keep sucking, I’ll give you all I can.”

Liz bobbed her head on my dick a couple of times and then pulled back saying, “Can you do me while I do you?”

“Sure,” I said, “Let me lay down on the couch and you can get on top of me.” Liz kept a hold of my dick as we got into position.

As I started licking Liz’s pussy she said, “I thought so, me and Cindy used to do this all the time.” And she started sucking me.

Liz was a natural, Mom’s daughter for sure. I managed to bring Liz off each time she brought me off. After three more orgasms I was spent and told her I couldn’t take anymore.

Liz pouted and said, “But you were doing, ‘Sooo good’ and I like your cock in my mouth.”

“Look, I can’t cum anymore; you’ve got it all for now. But, I’ll eat your pussy some more if you want me to.” I responded.

Liz said, “Can we stay like this? You’re still hard, what do you mean you don’t have anymore!”

“Look,” I said, “a guy can still get hard and not have any cum left.”

Liz giggled, and said, “Good, we can still eat each other for a while then, right.”

I answered by putting my mouth on her pussy and sucking her clit.

Liz went, “Mmmmmm that feels good,” and went back to sucking my dick.

I saw a shadow go across us and looked up to see Mom and Dad standing there smiling. Mom blew me a kiss and they left.

I did cum again, or at least it felt like it. My jaw was getting tired and I told Liz I had to stop. She said, “OK, but I’m sleeping with you tonight.” Liz gave me a passionate kiss and said, “I’m going to the bathroom. See you in bed.”

Mom must have been watching, because she was quickly sitting next to me.

I sat there stunned and said, “I damn sure never woulda thought she would do that,” to Mom.

Mom smiled and said, “Our sexual desires run in all of us after all.” Mom handed me some foil packets and said Dad had them stashed away. Mom kissed me and said, “If the two of you want to fuck, be easy on her and wear one of these each time.”

Mom walked me to my bedroom, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Elizabeth and how things had changed. How she changed. At the door Mom cradled my balls in her hand and said, “Have fun and be gentle,” then she kissed me and left.

I entered my room and Liz patted the bed saying, “C’mon Brother, let’s rest a while.”

When I lay down, Liz snuggled up against me and put her arm across my chest and her leg across mine, and sighed. My arm was under her neck and I moved so I could hug her to me.

I fell asleep and woke up at first light to Elizabeth sucking my dick. She was lying with her body positioned so that I could easily eat pussy. I sucked on Liz’s pussy until I felt my balls tighten and I pulled back and away. Liz had a look of disappointment on her face as I moved to kiss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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