Mom’s Midnight Snuggle

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Mom’s Midnight Snuggle

(Author’s note: this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual situations in this story are at least 18 years of age. This work is copyrighted and may not be distributed in any way by any person(s) without the express written consent of the author.)

It was a little after 9 PM on a Friday night, and as soon as Jeremiah drove his car down the street towards his house and saw all of the cars parked in front of it, he knew he was in for an interesting end to his evening. His mom, Adele, was hosting another one of her wine tasting parties, so that meant the house would be full of happy, giggling women. Adele always waited until his father was out of town on a business trip to host these parties as he had absolutely zero patience for them, so for her own good she always waited until he was out of town before holding one. She also made sure that none of the women attending her parties got too drunk to drive home, and on the rare occasion when that happened she was quick to either call the woman a cab or have Jeremiah take her home. He would never tell his mom about it, but he’d been propositioned by a couple of her drunk friends more than once while driving them home to their husbands, and it was only out of respect for his mom that he didn’t take them up on it. That, and that he really didn’t want to have to deal with an irate husband who had just found out that Jeremiah had fucked his wife.

As much as he loved his parents, sometimes he wondered how in the world these two had ever gotten together in the first place. His mom was a cheerful, happy-go-lucky woman who was full of adventure and intrigue about the world, while his father was the exact opposite. His dad was a reserved, strait-laced, private man who rarely ventured out of his own shell, and Jeremiah thought that if it wasn’t for his business trips his father would live out his entire life secure in his house when he wasn’t at work. He couldn’t remember the last time he and his mom had gone out for dinner or to a show, and he genuinely felt bad for her. He secretly wished he could do something to help her, something to comfort her, but he had no idea what he could ever do.

All he knew was that his dad was missing out. To put it in plain language, his mom was a fox and was hot as hell. She stood 5’4″in her bare feet, with very dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders, beautiful brown eyes, a rounded and very beautiful face graced by a spectacular pair of dimples, and a voluptuous figure with plenty of soft, inviting curves. She had just the right amount of “baby fat” on her, a remnant of when she was pregnant with him 18 years ago. She was full and rounded, voluptuous and curvy without being fat, and Jeremiah was sure she got looks from every man in sight whenever she left the house.

In addition to being soft and voluptuous, his mom also had the biggest pair of tits he’d ever seen. They were simply huge, heavy and full, sloping out from her chest to stand out proudly in front of her with just enough sag to indicate their great weight. On occasion in the summertime Adele would walk around the house in a halter top and either a very tight pair of jeans or an equally tight pair of shorts, her huge, heavy breasts swaying when she walked and giving Jeremiah an erection every time he saw her. One of the few things he had in common with his dad was that he was a ‘boob man,’ and his mother certainly filled the bill. On their last trip to the beach a month ago he had walked around with an erection for most of the time due to the sight of his mom in a red bikini that barely covered the important parts. She was the object of attention of every man on the beach including Jeremiah, and when she walked around you could almost hear the cocks getting hard — including his.

And when he accidentally walked in on her when she was completely nude in the bathroom last month, that only made things worse. He had just come home after being out for a few hours and needed to pee, so as soon as he got in the house he headed for the bathroom. The door was partially open so he put his hand on the knob and pushed it open more, and froze in his tracks when he saw that his mom was inside. She had just finished taking a shower and had her hair wrapped up in a towel, one foot up on the toilet lid as she applied some kind of lotion to her legs. She had her ear buds in and was listening to music, so she didn’t hear him. He quickly stepped back, pulling the door back where it was as he did, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of his mom.

She was absolutely gorgeous, the hottest, sexiest woman he’d ever seen, and he was totally mesmerized by the sight of her huge, naked breast hanging down from her chest and swaying back and forth as she applied the lotion to her legs. When she had finished she stood up and started applying the lotion to her stomach, yalova escort facing the door as she did. She never looked up so she didn’t see Jeremiah standing there, eyes wide and mouth hanging open, as he got his first look at her naked breasts.

They were the most spectacular pair of breasts he’d ever seen. He was loath to use the word ‘perfect’ to describe any part of the human body since there was no established standard, but if he had to pick a word to describe his mom’s huge, heavy breasts then ‘perfect’ would be it.

He was astounded at what he saw before him. His mom’s breasts were huge, round and full, slightly longer than they were round, swaying heavily as she moved. If ever there was a woman who perfectly fit the old adage of “tits as big as your head,” it was his mom. They may not have been quite that big, but they were very, very close. They were capped with dark, saucer-sized areola with pert, eraser-sized nipples in the middle of each. When he was finally able to tear his eyes away from his mom’s swaying breasts he looked down and saw that her pubic hair was trimmed into a thin ‘landing strip,’ the outer lips shaven smooth. After a few moments he looked back up to her breasts again, and when she began applying the lotion to the huge globes he nearly lost his shit right there.

He stepped back and put his back to the wall, gasping slightly as he tried to catch his breath. That was when he noticed that his cock was hard — very hard, harder than he could remember, throbbing and pulsing in his jeans. He was so hard it almost hurt, and he knew that if he didn’t do something about it right now he was going to just die. So instead of acting on his impulse to rush into the bathroom and bend her over the sink, grab her by the hips and fuck her silly, he went to his room and took care of it himself. And when he came it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever felt, leaving him gasping for breath and shaking with a trail of cum all the way up his stomach to his chest.

Needless to say his mind had been occupied with erotic thoughts of his mom for the past month, and the first time he saw her walking around the house in a pair of shorts and a halter top, her big breasts swaying as she moved, he immediately got an erection that was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. She was slowly driving him crazy, and had no idea she was doing it.

Or did she?

‘Nah, no way!’ Jeremiah thought to himself.

As soon as Jeremiah got out of his car he heard the music and the giggling coming from inside the house, and it made him smile. The wine tasting party was in full swing, and from the sound of it the ladies inside were having a pretty good time. He walked into the house and went into the kitchen to get a soda out of the refrigerator, then went upstairs to his room rather than go into the den where the party was taking place. He waved at his mom as he passed by the doorway to the den to let her know that he was home and was available for taxi duty should the need arise. She smiled and waved back, then turned her attention back to her guests.

About an hour and a half later the party began to wind down, and Adele’s friends began leaving — but only after Adele made sure they were okay to drive. By this time Jeremiah had come down out of his room and was sitting on the couch in the living room watching a movie on TV, having changed into what he called his ‘lounging clothes.’ He was wearing a pair of red and black checked flannel lounge pants and a black sweatshirt with the sleeves chopped off, and his feet were propped up on the coffee table. He was wearing black socks on his feet, and the sandals he wore downstairs were lying on the floor in front of the couch where he’d slipped them off. He had a cold can of soda in a coozie sitting on the end table to his left and was just sitting there relaxing, one arm resting on the arm of the couch and his hands clasped on his stomach, when his mom came in after the last guest had finally left.

“Well, you certainly look comfortable!” she said, standing in the entrance to the living room with her hands on her hips, a smile on her face.

“How did the party go, Mom?” he asked, turning to look at her. She was wearing a very tight pair of red slacks and a white sleeveless shirt that was snug but not as tight on her as the slacks were, with a pair of black flats on her feet. She was obviously wearing a bra since her huge tits were standing out in front of her like two mountain peaks, not moving at all when she walked.

“It went just fine!” she said, her smile broadening just a bit. “I enjoy those parties so much! It’s always fun to get everyone together, drink some good wine, tell some good stories, and just enjoy ourselves,” she said, crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

“I’m just glad you keep a close eye on things and don’t let anyone get drunk,” Jeremiah said, and his mom nodded in agreement.

“I care about my friends too much to ever let that happen,” yalova escort bayan she said. “Besides, I always have my adorable and stunningly handsome son to take them home if need be!”

“I don’t know about the ‘stunningly handsome’ part, but I am pretty adorable!” he replied, smiling back at her. She laughed at this, her eyes sparkling.

“And modest, too!” she said. “Well, I’m going to go upstairs and change into something a bit more comfortable like you already have, and then I’d like to come down here and watch TV with you if you don’t mind,” she said.

“Of course I don’t mind!” Jeremiah replied.

“Good! You just relax and I’ll be back in a few minutes!” she said, turning and walking away. Jeremiah went back to watching the TV, and when Adele returned about ten minutes later Jeremiah nearly fell off the couch when she walked into the room, a glass of white wine in one hand and a big smile on her face.

His mom was wearing a red satin robe that tied at the waist and ended about four inches below the bottom of her butt, and from the way her huge breasts were wobbling inside the robe he was positive that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He didn’t know if she was wearing panties under the robe or not, but he just had a feeling that she was. She was wearing a matching pair of fluffy red slippers on her feet, walking nearly silently as she came over to the couch, and when she leaned over to put her soda down on the coffee table he was treated to a clear view of her huge breasts hanging free and unfettered beneath her robe. Then she sat down in the middle of the couch about a foot or so away from him and leaned back, putting her feet up on the coffee table and clasping her hands on her stomach, her huge mounds splaying out slightly on her chest as she did. She gave a sigh and then looked over at her son, a smile on her face.

“There, that’s much better!” she said, her eyes sparkling. “So what are we watching, honey?” she asked, turning her head to look at him and nearly catching him looking at her tits.

“Uh, just an old Steve McQueen movie from the sixties,” Jeremiah replied, struggling to look at her eyes and not her breasts or her legs extended out in front of her.

“Oh, good, I love Steve McQueen! Which one is it?” she asked.

“The Sand Pebbles,” he replied just as the commercials ended and the movie came back on.

“My favorite!” she said, turning her head to look at the big screen TV across the room.

“Yeah, mine, too,” Jeremiah replied. “It just started, actually; you’ve only missed about fifteen minutes of the movie.”

“It’s pretty long, isn’t it?” she asked looking over at him.

“Yeah, it’s about three hours from start to finish, but well worth it,” he replied.

“Good thing we’re both comfortable, huh?” she said, grinning over at him, her eyes sparkling.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he replied, smiling back. She turned her head then to look at the TV, and it took some will power on his part, but he was able to turn his head away from the wonderful view of her voluptuous body and focus on the movie again.

For the next hour and a half he and his mom sat on the couch watching the movie, enjoying both the movie and each other’s company. He’d always had a good relationship with his mom and had always enjoyed her company. They talked about anything and everything during the commercials, with his mom getting up three times to refill her glass of wine. Jeremiah couldn’t help but look at her rounded, shapely ass wiggling beneath the robe as she walked away, and he had just as good a view of her big tits swaying inside the robe when she came back. Somehow he had a feeling that she knew he was watching and the effect that she was having on him, but was doing it anyway. When she came back with her fourth glass of wine her huge tits weren’t the only things that were wobbling, and she was smiling and giggling as she unsteadily navigated her way past the end of the coffee table. By the time she was finished with the latest glass of wine she was obviously drunk, which took Jeremiah by surprise a bit. He’d never seen his mom tipsy before much less drunk, and he couldn’t help but smile at her. As it turned out she was a happy drunk, giggling and laughing as they talked.

The activities of the day and the effects of the wine finally caught up to her around midnight, and as the movie was nearing its end Jeremiah could tell that Adele was winding down as well. She became a little less animated and a little less talkative, and he had a feeling that pretty soon he’d be carrying her sleeping form upstairs to her room. Just as he had this thought his mom let out with a yawn, stretching her arms out and revealing a considerable amount of boobage to him in the process.

“Oh, man, I’m so tired all of a sudden!” she said, dropping her hands down to her lap, either not noticing or not caring that her robe was open at the top and was revealing most of her naked breasts to her son. She escort yalova turned her head to him as she spoke, a smile on her face.

“You know what I need?” she asked.

“No, Mom, what’s that?” he replied.

“I need a good snuggle with a handsome young man, that’s what I need!” she said, sliding over next to him on the couch. “And since you’re the only handsome young man here, I guess that means I need to snuggle with you!” she said, grabbing Jeremiah’s right arm by the wrist and lifting it up, then sliding under it and draping it around her neck as she snuggled close to him. She grasped his hand with both of hers as she settled into place, holding it to her chest which meant right between her big breasts.

Jeremiah could feel the full, heavy mound of her left breast pressing against his side, and that coupled with feeling her breasts on either side of his right hand as she held it to her chest brought about an immediate reaction. He felt his cock stirring in his lounge pants as it began to grow, slowly getting thicker and longer as his body pumped more and more blood into it in the involuntary reaction that he knew he could do nothing to stop. He only hoped his mom wouldn’t notice, but of course she would if she stayed where she was right now.

“There, that’s much better!” she said, laying her head on his chest as she snuggled even closer to him, pressing her big breast harder against his side. He looked down to see that the top of her robe was nearly completely open by now, and he could see the nipple on her right breasts clearly. It was hard and erect, and Jeremiah didn’t know if it was always like that or if she was getting excited as well. All he knew was that the sight was causing his cock to get harder faster, and he glanced down to his own lap and very clearly saw his cock moving inside his pants as it grew.

‘Holy shit, there’s no way she’s not gonna see that!’ he thought to himself. Before he could do anything about it his mom spoke up.

“You know, I really appreciate you taking my friends home when they’ve had a bit too much wine at one of my parties,” she said.

“It’s no problem, Mom,” he replied, looking down and meaning to look at the top of her head but ending up looking at her tits instead. “I don’t mind, I really don’t.”

“Some of them think you’re quite handsome, you know,” she continued, “and a couple of them have the ‘hots’ for you, too!”

“They do?” he said, trying to play innocent.

“They do, indeed,” his mom replied with her head still lying on his chest and his hand still held in both of hers between her tits. “Mrs. O’Hara, for one,” she said, naming one of the ladies who had propositioned Jeremiah on the ride to her house.

‘Uh oh!’ Jeremiah thought.

“She told me that she propositioned you when you took her home last month, and that you graciously turned her down,” she said. “Is that true, honey?” his mom said, lifting her head and looking up at him. He was caught and he knew it, so he figured he might as well be truthful with her.

“Well, yeah, Mom, it is,” he replied, looking down at her.

“Why did you turn her down?” she asked, genuinely curious. “Don’t you think she’s attractive, or is it that she was too old for you?”

“Neither, really,” Jeremiah replied, “Her age has nothing to do with it because she’s really not that old, and I think she’s very attractive — actually, I think she’s downright sexy.”

“Then why did you turn her down?” his mom asked, still looking up at him.

“Three reasons: first, because she’s married; second, because I don’t take advantage of drunk women, and third, because she’s your friend,” he said. “The last thing I want to do is come between a man and his wife, and if I’m going to do the wild thing with any woman I want it to be because I know it’s what she really wants and not just the booze talking. And most importantly, I really don’t want to do anything that will come between you and your friendship with her or any of your other friends.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet and so gallant of you!” she said, grinning up at him, her eyes sparkling. “But don’t worry about her being married; she and her husband have an ‘open’ marriage, so that’s a non-issue.”

“That’s nice to know in case it happens again,” Jeremiah said out loud, instantly regretting having said it. His mom didn’t seem to notice, though, as she continued without missing a beat.

“And if she gets drunk and propositions you, it’s not because she’s drunk. It’s because she’s always wanted you, and the wine just loosened her up enough to where she would say it,” she said, laying her head back down on his chest.

“As for her being my friend, I certainly wouldn’t have minded if you had taken her up on her offer,” she said, snuggling closer to him, pressing her huge tit against his side more firmly. What she said next took him completely by surprise.

“If she asks again I think you should go ahead and fuck her.”

Jeremiah didn’t know if it was the wine talking or what; all he knew was that he was flabbergasted to hear his mom say that, especially since he’d never heard her use the word ‘fuck’ before, and it stunned him into a few moments of silence.

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