Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 04

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After another session of lovemaking, they both decided to go down and get some sun. Mom suggested they apply the light sunscreen she had before they got into their suits and took their time applying it on each other and they both enjoyed the unrestricted access to everything.

As they passed through the kitchen, Beth’s phone was on the counter and she checked it for messages. John had text her during his break asking how things were going and if anything had happened.

Beth giggled and said “Sure enough, John is already asking. I’m going to text him back like we talked about earlier. Mom came over to her and put her arm around her, pressing her breast into her arm as she sat on the stool and typed her reply “working on it, hehe”

“That should do it. I’m sure that will keep his mind going. How about add asking when we can expect him home this evening, after all we all have a date… I hope he didn’t forget.”

Beth immediately added it and then hit the send button. “It will be a while before he can answer. He can’t use his cell phone during work, as I’m sure you know. I’ll bring the phone with when we go outside.”

“Are you hungry Beth? I could make us some finger sandwiches or something if you are” asked Mom.

“Not really, but I might snack on one if you make some for yourself.”

“I’m not hungry either right now, I was just asking since it’s after noon and thought you might be” as she walked to the fridge to get the pitcher of tea. She poured two for them to drink and they both went outside and positioned the lounges to get some sun.

Just as they did, Beth’s phone announced she had a text and she pulled it up right away and read it out loud. “great!… a bit after 5. gd luk – I rmbr” Beth grinned at Mom. “I think someone’s getting his hopes up. Little does he know” she added with a giggle.

Mom reached for the portable radio/CD player she stored on the lower shelf of the patio table. As she did she said “I guess I have a few things to think about, grinned and turned it on, selecting a soft rock station. “Let’s get some sun now. It will be a good time to think” and they both laid back.

All kinds of things went through Beth’s mind as she closed her eyes. Everything that happened this morning, the anticipation, the sight of Mom naked, what they’ve done together, softness of her skin and lips, not to forget the taste of her. She had gotten all she had wished for and more. She thought of John and how excited he will be to hear about it if Mom gives her the Ok, but she also felt sorry for him if Mom decided not to cross the line with him too.

The thought of all of this re-lit her flame and she could feel the warmth and dampness of her own pussy grow lightly as she reviewed the situation in her mind but with the heat of the sun on her body and the soft rock playing in the background. She quickly drifted off to sleep from the anticipation of the night before and excitement of the morning.

Thirty minutes later Mom shook her awake saying she should turn over so she wouldn’t get burnt. Beth flipped over to her stomach groggily and tried to say sorry for falling asleep, but Mom just told her it was Ok, and to continue her nap. Beth fell back asleep immediately thinking how nice it was to have someone watching over her.

The next thing she knew, she heard the patio door close and woke. She looked up to Mom who was bringing out a plate of cheeses, crackers and fruit and wearing a pair of her famous sunglasses (at least between her and John). “Oh Mom I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you! It’s just the sun and the relaxation.”

“That’s Ok Beth, you’ve had a busy morning” with a chuckle “have a late night too?”

“No, not too late, I visited my aunt and uncle last night and we ended up playing cards. I guess I left about midnight. I just had a hard time sleeping with all the anticipation of giving you the massage” she said with a shy grin.

“That explains it” Mom said with a laugh while dragging over a small drink table and putting the plate down. “Dig in, you need something to eat” and then moved to adjust her chase lounge into a sitting position.

Beth grabbed a piece of cheese and tossed it in her mouth as she did the same to adjust her seat back, as soon as she was finished she chose a slice of pear and devoured it as she looked at Mom as she sat back and relaxed. She noticed her nipples were showing in her swim top and grinned. She was just about to say how good the snacks were when Mom spoke.

“Was John and I in your thoughts last night too? Oh, by the way, we’re facing west you might want to use these…” and handed her the spare set she kept stored on the shelf under the table.

Beth giggled with a “You mean the two of you together? Yes, that too. It’s a hot thought to me also, as I’m sure you could tell from out talk earlier” and slipped on the glasses, thinking these were the ones she had used the day before.

“Ha, we really do look almost like twins with our xnxx suits and those sunglasses on!” Mom said cheerily but added after a slight pause “Well, I’ve made up my mind…”

Beth had just been reaching for another cube of cheese when she said it but paused as if frozen. “Really?” and she had the urge to cross all her fingers and toes, hoping for the right answer.

“Yes, and the answer is yes too. I’ve decided to cross that line, at least once, even though I know it would change everything and probably me more – but there would need to be rules like I explained before, especially if it were to happen again.”

“Oh god, Mom, you mean you’re going to try? John would cum in his pants if I told him that!” said Beth with enthusiasm.

“Maybe. If I can think of how. I’ve made a point of not spoiling John. I’ve always taught him to depend on himself to get what he wants, but I can see this is causing an impasse for both him and I. I love him so much and I’d love to give him something special for being such a good son, even if it was me – and I sure could use something for myself too. Either way, I’m not getting younger. Now might be the chance if it’s truly something special to him.”

“Oh Mom! That’s fantastic! Knowing both your minds, I’m sure it’s going to be hot and very special. Do you have any ideas on how you’re going to do it?”

“Ha, that’s part of the problem. You say he couldn’t approach me, and I sure as hell would have a hard time approaching him but… I think maybe you could help with that if you wanted to.”

“Anything you need Mom, just tell me!” Beth said excitedly.

“Anything?” asked Mom with a grin and raised eyebrow.

“Yes, anything” said Beth, with a grin and giggle, thinking to herself that this was going to be good.

“Have you ever had a threesome, Beth? I was thinking… if there were the three of us, you could help push things along…It’s not like we’d have any secrets if it happened that way.”

“Mom! You mean a threesome with you, John and I? Oh my god, yes! That would be so hot! – And I know I could steer it somehow, especially if we break it to him how we’ve been together. No, I’ve never been in one. I also know John hasn’t either. I think it’s a great idea! Do you have anything in particular in mind?”

“Not really, not yet at least, but with the 3 of us going out tonight, it might be a good opportunity” she said softly adding “Ha, and I could have a drink or two to help me relax and ease into it.”

“That’s a great idea, Mom! The timing would be perfect. Everyone’s on edge thinking about something possibly happening too” said Beth

“Just wear something summery but sexy to dinner tonight. I thought about us going dancing somewhere, I’m in the mood for that, but they’re really serious about the storm front coming in and they’re telling everyone to stay home. Ha, of course we could make our own party.”

“Cool! I need to think of something to wear that’s summery, sexy… and accessible!” she said with a laugh. “And since we’re going to eat Mexican tonight, I’m sure they have margaritas. That might help loosen us all up. Do you have an idea on how it would go?”

“Well, maybe in the restaurant or here I’ll take a break to freshen up a bit. I’m going to ask you to tell him alone about today and let him know of the possibility of the three of us but tell him my conditions I mentioned earlier. Tell him I might chicken out or something, that would keep him guessing until something suggestive happens… but get him to agree… that’s if he really wants to do it. Actually, that’s most important.”

“I can do that. Ha, I’d love to shock him in the restaurant and see his reaction! Beth said with a giggle.

“When you start talking to him about it and it’s a no, just make eye contact with me and then look down into your lap and act like your brushing crumbs off it. But if you start talking about it and things seem to be going well, just give me a single wink when I come back – but… if it’s a definite go, give me a double wink. That way there won’t be any embarrassment for anyone and we’ll continue to have a good time. If it’s a go, we’ll just come back here and continue the party and ease into it with some playful suggestive innuendos, which I will ask you to think of to start. How does that sound?”

“I’d bet my life you’ll get the winks, but if something stopped him would you be disappointed?”

“This is going to sound funny, but on one hand, I think I would be relieved. Let’s face it, it’s he’s my son and what’s being proposed here is pure incest – but on the other hand I’m also relieved I’d decided to finally try to make my fantasy come true and wouldn’t have to live with the regrets that I didn’t at least make an attempt. It was that being in between that is driving me crazy. Does that make sense, Hon?” Mom asked with a chuckle.

“Perfect sense, and I must confess, I’m impressed over the way you thought this out. If we get into it, which I’m sure we will (giggle) bakire porno are there any limits to what we do… like not cum in you or anything else?”

Mom smiled “No, not at all, and I’m open for even showing him what we do if you’d like to. As far as cuming in me, that’s not a problem. After John was born, we planned to have one more, but I ended up having two miscarriages and the second made me quite ill, so I had my tubes tied. So, there’s no worries there.”

The thought of putting on a show for John intrigued her. “Have you ever had a threesome before, Mom?”

“My friend and I tried once with her boyfriend in college, but he was kind of klutzy and could only get half hard before he came, and couldn’t get hard afterwards” she said with a laugh. “It was a bit of a turn on with her and I being watched though. Needless to say, it never happened again.”

“Ha, I don’t think we’d have a problem like that with John. He gets hard easy. He did say if he ever tried to put the moves on you he’d probably be so nervous that he couldn’t get hard, but I’m sure that was only a fear. Ha. I’ve never have had any trouble in that department… mostly the opposite, but that’s not really a problem is it, ha, just another opportunity.”

Beth could see Mom’s eyebrows jump along the top edge of her sunglasses as she gave her a grin. “I’m counting on that. I’m getting quite turned on thinking a major fantasy of mine might come true.”

They sat back and sunned quietly for a while then Mom asked Beth a question. “I know you really don’t like your stepmother and I’ve noticed you don’t like hanging at home. Would you tell me why?”

“I’d like to… it would get it off my chest so to speak. Her and I never had any chemistry. She always makes me feel like an interloper. The friction’s been bad and it always put’s Dad on the spot, so I just stay way or in my room when I’m home. I know Dad loves me and he takes good care of me and gives me lots of support, but I also know he loves her. I have to admit, she treats him really well too, so it’s kind of a standoff. I can live with it though. A couple of times Dad and I have gone out to dinner together and just talk. It’s nice and I don’t hold anything against him. I’ve always planned on getting my own place when I get out of school anyway and he said he’d help with that too.”

“That’s sad. I really liked your Mom and miss her too. I met your stepmother once but we never hit it off either, now it’s just a wave if I see her in the grocery store.”

“Yes. I miss her too. By the way, what time is it? I’ll need to get home and change for tonight.”

“About 10 of 4:00”, looking at her watch “Hmmmmm, we have a few minutes before you’ll have to leave. Would you like to share a quick shower?” Mom said with a chuckle.

“Mmmm, you’re full of good ideas Mom” giving her a devilish grin and a wink.


After drying her hair, putting on some makeup and slipping into a thong, Mom chose a blue cotton sundress with a white pattern that looked almost Polynesian. It had a halter top and built in bra. The halter clipped behind her neck and nicely framed her cleavage. She quickly found her blue heels, slipped into them and then modeled the dress in her full length mirror.

The back was low which would show off her tan. The hem was a bit higher than usual, almost mid-thigh but not too high to make it look too provocative. She had to admit, the fit of the dress showed off her curves nicely and she shorter hem let her show off her legs as she looked in the mirror, smoothing down the material with her hands.

Mom took a deep breath and looked at her face in the mirror, gave herself a crooked grin, shrugged her shoulders said “Well, here goes nothing” and headed down the stairs.

As she turned off the stairs she saw through the family room (combination family and kitchen area called ‘Great Rooms’ here) Beth was standing at the breakfast nook with her back to her as she leaned forward on her elbows, apparently reading something. She was wearing a rose colored strapless top that was loose enough to be tasteful as its hem sat on the hips of her denim miniskirt.

Beth’s legs were long and had gotten nicely tanned during the sunning they had done earlier and were enhanced by the 3.5 inch sandal style heels she wore. They seemed a bit worn, but still looked good. She wore her hair long, but gathered together behind her neck with a simple barrette.

“Hey there, I see you made it back. That was quick!” said Mom as she crossed to room and entered the kitchen area.

“Hey… Katie” she said as she stood and turned, still trying to remember to mix up her names.

“I love that top!” Mom said as she saw the front of it. “Built in bra?”

“Yep, like I said, I wanted something accessible… Wow, you look great in that dress!” said Beth as she took in the sight of her.

“Built in too” said Mom and she ran her finger into the material’s edge along her cleavage. bedava porno Ooooh, you look so nice and sexy!” and gave her a soft peck on the lips so they wouldn’t mess up their lipstick. She then moved around to the other side of the nook and searched for a piece of paper.

“I have the ad here for the restaurant, we’ll be going early but it might be wise to get a reservation just in case. It’s been very popular. She looked at the clock and saw it was 5 minutes after 5 and called. She got the reservation for 6:15.

As she hung up the phone she looked at Beth and asked “So, are you ready for an interesting evening?” she said with a big smile.

“Oh yes, like a fantasy come true!” said Beth with a giggle. “Little does John know what we have planned for him, ha, and that’s kind of exciting too.”

Mom laughed, “You’re not the only one! By the way, I have an idea that might relieve some of the tension at home for you..” then they heard the car pull into the driveway and his car door close. “I’ll tell you later…” as he entered through the side door.

“Hi ladies… Wow, do you two look great!”

Mom responded with a “Hi Hon” and Beth with a “Hi John” as I went over and gave Mom a kiss on the cheek. As I did, her arm came around me and gave me a slight hug which caused one breast to press into me. As it happened it made my dick twinge. I then moved to Beth and did the same.

“So, it looks like you two are ready for our big date! What time are we leaving?”

Mom replied “We’re going to eat a bit early because of the storm they’re predicting. We have reservations for 6:15. Just enough time for you to take a good shower and put on some nice clothes, say something like your Dockers and collared shirt?” not wanting him in shorts and T.

“And your loafers… with no socks, I think they look sexy when you wear them that way with pants” added Beth.

“Ok, yeah, early is better, it’s already clouding up and the wind is picking up too. It looks like we’re going to have a stormy night like they predicted. Be right back” and I took off for the stairs.

They watched him go then Beth looked at Mom. “You were saying?”

“Oh yes… I was thinking about your situation. We have the spare bedroom that never gets used. You’re welcome to move in and use it. You could put your things in there and live out of our house while you’re home. Your Dad would be just down the street and you could see him anytime you wanted to, and there would be no tension at home. You’re sleeping arrangements would be up to you. I think if you and John were at the same school, you’d be sharing an apartment anyway. What do you think?”

“Oh, Mom, I’d love it! But… I’m not sure how John would think of it. If he had second thoughts about it, I don’t think I would come, but if he’s good with it, I’d move in tomorrow!”

“I’ll bring it up at dinner then. Let’s see what he says” said Mom as they heard the shower start. Mom then smiled and looked introspective.

Beth noticed it and said “I know we’re hanging our hopes on a lot of things tonight Mom… but I think it’s all going to come together and will work out great! So don’t worry.”

“Oh, I’m not worried like I said before, I’ll be truly relieved in any situation. I’m just feeling really up right now. It seemed my life was just watching everything pass by. All this interaction has perked me up and if you move in, it will feel like a family again… and I’d bet John will like the idea. I’m just happy and want to have some fun” she said with a chuckle.

“I’ll take that bet, but not for a penny, dollar or thousand dollars… giving something oral would be much more interesting, and both of us would have fun, win or lose” Beth said with a mischievous grin.

“Ooooh! It’s a bet then!”


I hit the shower, and took the time to shave again and even put on some cologne before going to my room and putting on a Jamaican style button up shirt and a pair of tan chinos. I slipped on my loafers and headed down.

“Ok, I guess I’m ready…” I said as entered the room and slid onto the stool next to Beth.

“Much better!” said Mom. “Now that’s the way you should dress when you’re going out for a casual dinner with a couple ladies.”

“Mmmmm, smell good too!” said Beth. “I kind of like you this way!” as she snuggled up against me and kissed my cheek.

“Well, I guess we’re ready to go, but first I need to do something with this hair. The way the wind is blowing it will be a mess just getting in and out of the car. It will only take a sec” said Mom as she took off to fix it.

As soon as she left I looked at Beth and said “Well, how did it go? Did you get what you wanted?” I asked not being able to hide my grin.

Beth looked at me and grinned back. “Oh, better than my wildest dreams. That’s all I’ll say right now, I’ll tell you more later but first I have a question. Are you really serious about you wanting to get together with your mom? Tell me honestly…”

I must admit I was a bit shocked. “Hell yes. if I knew she really wanted to. But you know that! Are you saying…”

Beth cut me off. “I’m saying there’s a good possibility… and she’s in a really good mood tonight… shhhhh, here she comes…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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