Mom’s the Mascot Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Chapter 4: Her Son

Michelle’s son Tommy and his wife Susan were lazily having a discussion in bed one night and the topic of where they would spend Christmas came up.

“We should spend Christmas with your mom this year, since she will be alone for the whole month. Your dad is still in Australia again and she told me he isn’t going to be able to come home until the end of January.” Susan told Tommy.

“I guess, but sometimes I get a little frustrated with my mom.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I never shared this with you, but my mom cheats on my dad. The truth is, she’s kind of a slut.”

Susan had to conceal her amusement, knowing how close Tommy was to the truth.

“Why do you say that? She’s sweet. I love your mom.”

“One day when I was in junior college, I came home in the afternoon to get some books, and when I went upstairs I saw something through my parent’s bedroom windows and went in to check it out. My mom was in the back yard naked, doing handstands and prancing around like a cheerleader and four of my friends were watching. I saw her have sex with all four of them.”

“You never told her?”

“No, how do you tell your mom you saw her showing her tits and ass off to your friends? Or worse yet, how do you say, “oh mom, how did you enjoy fucking Ronnie and my friends today? ” He laughed at the idea.

“What did she do?” said Susan feigning ignorance.

“Well first, she had on a short little cheerleader skirt and had some pom-poms. She started doing cartwheels and it was obvious she had nothing on under the skirt. She stood right in front of them and dropped her tube top down and let them see her tits. She has nice tits for a woman her age. At some point she took off the skirt and tube top and was completely naked. She was doing leg kicks and kept bending over showing them her ass. She even did the splits for them. Naked! At one point she was face up holding herself up with her hands and had her legs spread wide open right in front of each of them thrust her hips upward like she wanted to be fucked. Which, of course, she did.”

Susan laughed at the picture. “You even saw her having sex with them?”

“Yes, after she let one of them put a thing in her ass that had a big tail. She looked so stupid prancing around naked in the yard with a big tail hanging from her butt. I watched her kneel in front of each one of them and give them all blow-jobs and when she finished that she straddled every one of them and they fucked her, in her ass for all I know. I couldn’t see that well because I was afraid she might look up and see me in the window. She fucked each one of them more than once while I was watching. I still can’t believe my mom is such a slut.”

“Did it turn you on?”

“A little.” He paused, thinking. “A lot actually.”

“You know, I realized that day that when my soccer team used to come over all the time after the game that she was always upstairs and that there always seemed to be a few guys missing. I think my mom was fucking the guys on my soccer team. Probably all of them. I can’t believe I never figured it out.”

“Wow. Are you mad at her?”

“Well no, I don’t know what to think. There’s more actually. I never told you because I didn’t want to make you mad at your brother, but I saw him fucking her one day too.”

“Would you be mad if I told you I knew about him and your mom?”

“No. I knew it was going on. He was over at the house almost every day. I guessed he and my mom had some weird thing going on. I saw her masturbating for him while he watched and when she had finished he turned her over and he spanked her.”

“Can you forgive her? I mean, after all she must get lonely with your dad gone all the time.”

“I don’t know. It’s confusing. It kind of turned me on to know my mom was so kinky. Seeing her get spanked out there on the patio really turned me on. I will never forget that image of her on her hands and knees and your brother slapping her ass as hard as he could. She seemed to love it. I could hear them talking and she was begging him to spank her harder. She even begged him to fuck her in the butt and looked like she really enjoyed it. I know it turned me on seeing her do that, but it made me feel guilty for thinking about my mom that way.”

“Well, you’ve never had a problem with going over there before, can we do it this year and will you be okay with it?”

“Yes, I love her, even if she is a slut.”

They talked till they fell asleep.

Three weeks later they arrived at Michelle’s house on Christmas eve. It was just the three of them but they had a nice dinner that Michelle had prepared and retired to the living room with wine. Michelle seemed to be especially tipsy and Tommy was feeling pretty relaxed.

“Let’s open presents.” Susan suggested.

They all exchanged some nicely wrapped gifts and opened them and then Susan and Michelle disappeared leaving Tommy sitting alone in the room. Tommy got up to use the bathroom and when he came back, Susan sikiş izle was standing in the middle of the room with his mom.

The sight before him was something he almost could not believe. His mom was wrapped in a soft pink sheet of translucent gift paper. She had a large red bow on her chest and had tinsel in her hair. His wife was dressed in a French maid outfit with garters and hose. He could see the excitement in both women’s eyes. His mom’s legs were not covered by the paper and she was wearing white thigh high hose and tall red high heels. As he stood speechless, looking at these two attractive women, Susan spun his mom around and he saw that there was an even larger red bow on his mom’s butt.

“Do you want to unwrap your presents honey?” Susan smiled an irresistible smile.


“Susan told me that you know about my little trysts. I want you to know that if you want me to, I will do for you whatever you saw those boys doing with me. Your mother has been a bad girl and wants to make it up to you. I will do anything you want. Your sweet wife is nice enough to give me her permission and she wants you to do this too.”

“Mom, you, you are crazy. You are a total slut.” He smiled, still confused but feeling aroused by his mom’s offer.

“Well, aren’t you going to unwrap her? Or do you want me to do it for you?” Susan said.

“I’m going to sit down and drink this wine. I just want to watch this. I wish I had a camcorder because I am never going to believe this happened.”

Susan winked and handed him a camcorder. “I think of everything.”

Tommy held up the camera and Susan began unwrapping his mom.

“Michelle, have you been a bad little girl this year?” Susan asked as she slowly tore the paper covering Michelle’s breasts.

“I’ve been very bad. I deserve to be spanked by Santa. I hope he will take me over his knee and spank me till my big butt is bright red.”

At that point the paper came off of Michelle’s breasts and Susan took two ornaments off of the tree that had small clips and attached each one to Michelle’s nipples, which were hard as rocks. Tommy was shifting in his seat, not wanting to let them see that he was already hard from looking at his mom’s big breasts.

Susan turned Michelle around and slowly tore the paper off of her waist, giving Tommy his first look at his mom’s broad but firm ass cheeks. She had on a tiny little g-string that covered nothing on her backside. Susan was fondling her mother-in-law’s ass cheeks and smiling at Tommy.

“Your mom deserves to be spanked for being so bad, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah.”

She whispered to Michelle and the older woman reached back and pulled her own ass cheeks open as Tommy zoomed in on his mom’s widespread ass. Michelle then turned around and Susan pulled the g-string down around her thighs, giving Tommy a look at his mom’s bare cunt lips. Michelle had let a small patch of hair grow back over the top of her pussy which pointed like an arrow towards her shaved pussy lips. Michelle took one finger and began to massage her own clit while her son filmed her finger going in and out of her cunt. He was amazed to see Susan, who was behind his mom, reach around and begin to bounce and bobble his mom’s big tits and the smile on his mom’s face told him she was thrilled to have him witness this.

“Michelle, I think you should lay over Tommy’s lap and let Santa spank you for being so bad now.”

Susan took the camera an continued filming as Michelle lay face down in her son’s lap on the couch. He hesitantly put his hand on his mother’s wide firm ass cheeks.

“Please punish me Tommy. I’ve been a complete slut and I want to be punished by my son’s firm hand.”

Tommy’s lust was beginning overcome his discomfort, and he could feel his own hard cock poking against his pants toward his mother’s crotch. He decided to push her g-string down further, and Susan helped him remove the only item of clothing his mother had besides her high heels and hose. As her legs were freed up, she let one leg fall opening her pussy to Tommy’s view. He could even see her asshole slightly in between the globes of flesh in his lap. He let one hand drop down the side of her breast and she raised slightly, letting him grasp her big tit. With his other hand he was stroking his mom’s ass, and pulled her cheeks open slightly enjoying the view of his mom’s most private parts.

“Mom, you deserve to be spanked for fucking all those guys. I always wondered, did you fuck my entire soccer team?”

“I did.”

“How often?”

“Every week. It was a regular thing. They took turns coming upstairs and fucking me.”

With that confession, Tommy began to spank his mom with enough force to make her ass cheeks wobble and move. After a few dozen slaps her cheeks were turning a bright red and Tommy pulled one of her legs opening her crotch even wider. Susan filmed her mother-in-law as Tommy ran his fingers across her cunt and began to slap the insides of her thighs. He finally got brazzers brave enough to put a finger in his mom’s cunt. His mom was moaning and telling him not to stop. She was already wet and aroused and could feel the hard cock under her belly.

“Mom, stand up and grab your ankles. I saw you do that one day on the patio while my friends were watching you.”

His mom got up and stood facing away just in front of the couch, bent over and spreading her legs wide, grabbed each ankle, looking back between her legs at her son. Susan stood behind the couch filming her mother-in-law’s lewd display. Michelle’s big tits hung down against her chin, and the little ornaments clamped to her nipples made an amusing sight. Tommy was amazed to see his mom’s bare pussy and big brown asshole exposed only inches from his face. The backs of Michelle’s legs were against the couch. The redness of Michelle’s ass cheeks made her pink crotch and the tiny white strip of untanned flesh between her ass cheeks stand out even more.

“Mom, what was that thing I saw you wear in your ass- that tail?”

“That’s my pony plug.”

Susan surprised Tommy by handing him a big black dildo with a horse-tail about two feet long attached to it. “This is her plug.”

“You wear this for my friends?”

“I’m sorry. They enjoy it. They used to call me the team mascot when I had it on.”

Tommy put his hands on his mom’s ass cheeks. He slowly moved his fingers until he was touching her butthole. He pushed, surprised at how easily his finger entered his mom’s ass.

“Your ass is really loose mom. Is that because you let all my friends fuck you there.”

“Yes. I am a bad mother. I let your whole soccer team fuck me in my asshole and I wear buttplugs to keep my butt open for them to use.”

“How often did they fuck you in the ass?”

“Almost every week after the first time they did it.”

Tommy told her to step forward and he stood up, pulled off his own belt and held it. “Do you deserve to be spanked with my belt mom?”

“I do. I have been very bad. You can use the belt on me.”

“Then put your head down in that chair over there and stay bent at the waist.”

Tommy began slowly, but soon was enjoying the slapping sound his leather belt was making as it struck his mother’s wide cheeks. She was moaning and yelping, but he could tell she was getting more pleasure than pain from his ministrations. She made quite a sight, red ass cheeks in the air, face down in a soft cushion, tits hanging down, and her cunt easily visible between her widespread legs. He stopped abruptly, picking up the butt plug and shoving it into her asshole. Much to his amazement and Susan’s delight, Michelle began to have an orgasm as soon as the plug was shoved up to the hilt in her anal passage.

“Oh my god. Oh fuck, I’m coming. I am your butt-fuck whore mother Tommy. I love getting spanked and fucked up my big ass. Please forgive me, and I will let you have me any way you want. I will do anything you ask me to do. Anything. Punish me with your big hard cock. Fuck your slut mother in her big asshole. It’s your’s to take. Please.”

Tommy got her to move from the chair and had her put her knees on a large ottoman with her hands down on the floor. In this position her ass was wide-open and pointed upward and her face was almost on the floor. The dildo was sticking straight up out of her ass. Tommy could take it no longer and removed the big black dildo from his mom’s ass, unzipped his pants, and shoved his own hard cock deep into his mother’s waiting ass. Michelle shuddered from wave after wave of orgasms, knowing her son had his hard cock deep inside her backdoor. Tommy managed to stroke in and out of his mom’s ass for about five minutes, enjoying the waves of shuddering orgasms his mom was having, and appreciating the feel of having her soft hips in his hands, pulling her back against his thighs. Susan was filming the occasion with rapt attention, recording her mother-in-law’s most outrageous display.

Tommy finally reached orgasm in his mom’s ass and paused, letting his cock soften and finally it fell out of her with a plop. He sat back down on the couch and his mom turned around and got on her knees, taking his soft messy cock in her hand. As she looked up at him from between his legs she sucked it into her mouth and began cleaning the cock that had just come deep in her ass. Tommy soon got hard again and as he did, Michelle took the erect cock out of her mouth, moved up and began stroking it with her big boobs. Tommy could hardly believe he had just fucked her ass and now was getting a tit job from his own mother. She was licking the tip of his cock as she rubbed her big warm breasts around his cock. She finally sucked it deep into her throat, amazing Tommy at her ability to deep-throat him. As Michelle was on her knees sucking on Tommy, Susan appeared with a strap-on dildo attached to her own pubic mound. She lifted Michelles hips and pushed the big black dildo into her mother-in-law. Michelle fake taxi porno moaned from the sensation but didn’t miss a stroke on Tommy’s cock. Tommy was enthralled, watching his wife fucking his mom from behind while she deep-throated his cock. After what seemed like long minutes of having his cock completely buried in his mom’s mouth he began to come again and Michelle managed to swallow his come. She shuddered with an orgasm at the same time Tommy spurted the last of his sperm into his mom’s hungry mouth. Michelle slowly came up for air, and then she spent time licking his balls and soft cock, even going below his balls and teasing him with her tongue near his own ass as Susan continued an assault on Michelle’s cunt.

Tommy realized his mom was one of the best cocksuckers he had ever experienced. She had a way of using the back of her throat on the head of his penis, at the same time slowly circling the base of his cock with her warm tongue. She worked slowly, never gaging, and always looking up at him with wide-open eyes. She even managed to use her face, rubbing his hard cock against her cheeks and her forehead as she gently cupped his balls in her mouth. No part of his cock and balls was left unlicked by her soft tongue. Coming in his mom’s mouth was an amazing sensation as she took his cock completely into her mouth as soon as she felt his first spasm.

Tommy sat back and relaxed, enjoying the sight before him. His mom was struggling to contain herself, beginning to approach another orgasm and fingering her own clitoris with one hand. Michelle collapsed on the floor after screaming unintelligibly and Susan relented on the older woman’s cunt. Tommy was thrilled when he saw Susan stand up and remove her own panties, and then straddled his mom’s face. As Susan rubbed herself across Michelle’s mouth, Tommy got up and knelt down at his mom’s feet, spreading her legs open to admire her wet cunt. He touched her pussy and began to rub and finger fuck her while Susan was getting her own cunt attended to. Susan began to come and clamped her legs around Michelle’s face as she shuddered from the orgasm.

All spent and tired, Michelle lay down on the couch with her head in her son’s lap, and Susan sat at the other end of the couch under Michelle’s legs. They drank wine and watched movies until late and then all went to bed in Michelle’s bed.

In the morning Tommy was awakened by motion next to him. He had slept with his wife on one side and his mom on his other side. It seemed to him that there had been a hand on his cock almost all night. Now as he opened his eyes he saw his wife on her hands and knees, with her ass pointed towards him and his mother’s head under Susan’s crotch. His wife’s head was between Michelle’s legs, and Michelle was licking delicately on Susan’s crotch. He felt a hand on his erect cock and Susan looked around to see that he was awake and watching the two women.

“Get behind me and fuck me.” She said, almost with a desperate tone that gave away her state of arousal. Tommy wasted no time getting behind his wife, straddling his mother’s head, and sliding his cock into Susan’s wet pussy. As he did this he realized his mom was licking on his balls and kissing his thighs and ass. It was the most amazing sensation, having his cock in a hot cunt and another woman’s hot tongue on his balls, even touching the base of his cock as he pulled outward. He soon came in his wife’s cunt, and she shook and shuddered from her own orgasm. As soon as he let his cock fall out of his wife’s cunt, his mom began lightly licking on the wet pussy and as Susan responded, began sliding her tongue as deeply as she could into Susan, licking Tommy’s load out of her. They soon got up, showered together, and then went down to breakfast.

Breakfast was served at the dining room table. Michelle came down to the kitchen wearing a cheerleaders uniform. When Tommy was finished eating his mom cleared the table and then got up on the table with her legs just in front of Tommy’s chair, spread her legs open, and pulled down her top exposing her breasts. She lay down on her back with her bare pussy spread wide open at the edge of the table.

“Tommy, I want you to have your Christmas present right now. I want you to fuck my cunt as hard and long as you want to fuck me. Last night you had my asshole and my mouth, but today I want you to fuck your mother’s pussy. Susan gave me her permission and I promised to eat her pussy after you are done fucking me. From now on Tommy, you can have my pussy, my mouth, or my asshole any time you want it.”

Tommy sat looking at his mom’s open legs, and Susan came around and opened his pants, putting her mouth on his cock and looking upward at him with a smile. As soon as he was hard, he stood up, pushed the chair back, and pushed his cock hard and fast into his mother’s waiting cunt. He pounded her as hard as he could for five or ten minutes, enjoying the way that her tits were bouncing almost up to her chin as he slammed into her. He loved watching her spread open in the formal dining room, on the table. She had an ecstatic look on her face, and was muttering “fuck me Tommy” when she wasn’t gasping for breath. Finally Tommy pushed his cock as deeply as he could into his mom and came, spurting deep inside her womb.

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