Monica and Tyler Ch. 02

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Monica worked at a local Mortgage company. One of the staff had quit and moved unexpectedly which meant the workload was increased for the rest of the employees. But Monica had stepped up and put in lots of overtime to help out. Then her boss, the department manager had suffered a heart attack and been forced to retire. Again Monica was instrumental in keeping things going. Then they had surprised her by hiring two new employees and promoting Monica to the open manager’s position. Now, she sat in her office and tried to focus on work, but all she could think of was last night’s sex. As she interacted with the other women, most of them her age, she wondered what they would think if they knew she had fucked her son. Then the thought occurred to her that they probably had skeletons in their closets as well. Did one of them screw her son? Or daughter? Or a sibling? Maybe one of them was into something weird or kinky, or had a strange fetish…

Lunchtime came and since she had been rushed this morning and packed nothing, Monica went out to eat. She picked a nice little German-themed place that served great brats in a slew of different ways. She had just paid and turned to bump into Judith Williams.

“Hi, Monica! How are you?” Judith said smiling.


“Oh and Shawn tells me you just got a promotion last week, congratulations!”

“Oh, yes, thank you!”

“May I join you?” Judith asked.

“Sure, uhm… how about that booth over there?”

They chatted casually and Monica relaxed. She’d instantly feared that somehow Judith knew what had happened, but that would mean Tyler had called and told Shawn after being admonished not to. No, he wouldn’t do that. And the longer they talked, the more clear it became that Judith didn’t have a clue that they had incest in common. Incest. There it was, that word, that taboo, that thrill. The longer she sat with Judith, the more she thought about her and Shawn having sex. Judith was much slimmer and had dark hair. Monica was suddenly imagining Judith’s naked body, her long legs wrapped around Shawn’s waist as his hips humped…

After a while, she felt comfortable enough to probe Judith a little, just for fun.

“How’s Shawn doing? I haven’t spent much time with him recently.”

“Oh, he’s fine. He’s working under me actually.”

“Shawn’s under you? Really?” Monica replied innocently. “How’s that working out?”

“Oh, it’s great. He’s a hard worker. Not afraid to break a sweat or go the extra mile for me, or the customer. Since my Father left the flower shop to me, I’ve had trouble keeping a good staff around. And Tate, of course, wouldn’t leave his job to help, so I offered the position to Shawn and he’s been wonderful.”

“I’ll bet. It must be so nice to have him around.”

“Uhm, yes, yes it is. He set up our security cameras and helped me improve our I.T. stuff. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” Monica said smiling. “I feel the same way about Tyler. He makes my world a happier, more joyful place… especially recently.”

There was a very brief flash of confusion on Judith’s face, followed by suspicion.

“Really? I thought he’d be off chasing girls, or isn’t he more the bookish type?”

“Oh he’s a good student, learns quick. But he’s got too big a heart. Luckily no slut has come along to take advantage of him. You know, when we were little, they called boys like ours ‘Momma’s Boys’ and teased them terribly. What’s wrong with a boy being kind, considerate, helpful, interested in things other than sports? What’s wrong with a mother and son having a healthy, loving relationship?” Monica asked. “In many ways, he has replaced his father.”

Judith choked and stared at Monica in shock and finally recognition. She was obviously fighting to control her face but nervously glanced around.


“Judith, I love my son, he’s my whole world right now. You can understand that, right?” Monica said softly.

“Uh, yes… I suppose you could say that… I mean, Shawn has made my life better…”

“Especially now?” Monica asked. “Now that he’s grown?”

Judith blushed and looked around again. “Y-Yes, b-but how…”

“Oh, let’s just say you made him so happy he had to share with his best friend. And I forced it out of Tyler.”


“How do you think?”

“Oh my god!”

“How long Judith?” Monica asked. “Oh don’t worry, I’m hardly in a position to tell anyone. I just need to know that I’m not alone.”

Judith smiled and relaxed somewhat. “Five months,” she said. “And you?”

“Last night.”

“Oh my god!”

“It was wonderful. He was so sweet and attentive. It made me feel twenty years younger, happier than I’ve been in years.”

“Tell me,” Judith leaned in close and whispered, “Was he a virgin? Did you pop his cherry?”

“Yes, and it was a sweet experience for both of us. Something to treasure forever.”

“Oh, I know!” Judith replied. “Shawn was too. I had to slow him down though, sweet boy was terribly excited. But he has improved remarkably!”

“Look, altyazılı porno Judith, this is a shock for me. I have a lot to think about and my life is suddenly more complicated. I’m nervous about this. I’m committed, of course, there’s no going back now. I just need a friend to confide in, someone who’s in a position to advise me or just listen without judging me. Now that our cards are on the table, will you do that? Will you be there for me?”

“Oh god, Monica! Of course I will! Hell, I’ve needed someone to talk to as well! I was a nervous wreck at first, I’ve adjusted to it, but I still get scared sometimes. I’d love to get together and share a bottle of wine. When can you come over?”

“Well it won’t be tonight, I plan on getting fucked as soon as I get home. Tyler’s off today and tomorrow, so… maybe the day after?”

“Thursday? Sure Do you want to meet up after work? Say five-thirty?”

“That would be great!” Monica replied. “Oh, and let’s not mention this to the boys right now. Best to keep them in the dark.”

“Oh, I agree,” Judith replied.

That afternoon went by quickly. Monica was more relaxed and able to focus. She didn’t start thinking about sex until after she got in her car and started home. She pulled into the garage and got out of her car, then waited for the overhead door to close. Monica was wearing a long skirt and matching blazer in navy blue with a white blouse and her black knee-high boots. She quickly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and off, stuffing them into her purse. Next, she unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse.

When Monica entered the kitchen, she found Tyler putting dinner on the table. He was a talented cook and the aroma of the petite sirloins was mouth-watering. She smiled. He’d set out the good china, silverware, and crystal. There were even candles.

“Awww baby! Look at this! It’s charming, you’re so sweet!” She said and kissed him.

Tyler looked down her blouse at her deep cleavage and the boldly displayed white lace bra. He kissed her mounds of flesh.

“I know you didn’t wear it like this at work…”

“Oh no, baby, this is just for you,” she said and shed her blazer before sitting down.

The meal was excellent but both rushed through it. Monica daubed her lips and stood, taking her wine glass with her. She strolled into the living room and stood behind the big leather sofa. The sun had set and the room was growing dark. She felt Tyler standing behind her. Monica killed her wine and set the glass down. Turning she put her arms around his waist and they kissed. Her hands lifted his shirt and she caressed his back. Tyler kissed her neck and chest, then her domed breasts as she sighed. He loosened the remaining buttons and pushed the blouse out of the way. His hands squeezed her cups and Monica returned the favor by pulling his shirt up. Tyler paused to pull it off and drop it. Monica turned around and pressed her ass up against his bulging jeans. She bent over and widened her stance, leaning over the back of the sofa.

“Whatcha waiting for?” she asked in her best sultry alto growl.

Tyler dropped his jeans and briefs and lifted her skirt, caressing her legs as his hands slid higher, and higher until they reached her bare ass.

“Ohhh w-wow…” he mumbled.

Monica expected him to jab it in excitedly but again he surprised her. Tyler started by kissing her hips, and ass. He even pressed his face into her ass to reach her pussy. His kisses were thrilling and she knew she had to teach him cunnilingus soon. Tyler stood and pushed his cock into her. Monica was so wet and aroused that he had no difficulty getting it in. She moaned as he used short strokes to spread her fluid and then gasped as he pushed all of the way in.

“Oh god, that feels so good baby.” she moaned.

Gripping her hips, Tyler began to fuck her in a nice steady rhythm. Monica was watching the lights come on in the neighborhood and cars drive past on the street. The house was dark, no one could see inside, yet it felt brazen and daring nonetheless. She cooed encouragement to her lover and soon felt his hands fussing with the five hooks of her bra clasp. Finally, he got them all and she dropped the bra onto the sofa and her tits were free. He couldn’t reach them, but his hands caressed her back from her waist to her shoulders and it felt awesome. The cool leather against the underside of her breasts was exciting too. Monica watched a man walking his dog down the sidewalk, heard sirens in the distance, and held on as Tyler continued to pump his wonderful, thick cock in and out of her pussy. She again heard the erotic music of their breathing, their moaning and the wet, squishy sounds from her pussy. She was so aroused that her body was working overtime to produce lube, it was practically gushing and she could feel it running down her inner thighs. God, it felt so good! So wicked and nasty. Her wetness reached her knees and she couldn’t recall ever being this drenched. She didn’t want it to end, she wanted him to keep fucking her for a long time, and yet zenci porno she longed for his flood of warm cum to fill her.

“Damn, Mom, you’re so fucking wet!”

“Yes, baby. Because of you. Because of your big cock. You’re making me this wet.”

“You have an awesome pussy Mom, It feels so good. So snug and warm and wet. I never expected it to feel this good.”

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck me harder, fuck me faster!” she moaned. “Fill my pussy with cum!”

Tyler grabbed her bunched up skirt with both hands and started pounding her. They were both groaning and Monica’s tits were slapping against the sofa. Monica came first, her orgasm exploding suddenly with an unexpected intensity that caused her legs to tremble uncontrollably and her pussy spasmed, squirting her fluids, her cum onto them both. She cried out.


Tyler felt her pussy squeezing his cock and fucked her harder. Her fluids sprayed his cock, balls, and legs and he heard her cry out and it drove him to orgasm. He came, and came, and came. His vision blurred and his knees buckled. He had to lean on her for support for a moment. He kissed her back a few times and slowly stood up. He was breathing hard.

Monica pushed back against him to make him back up and then pulled away and turned to face him. Her chest rose and fell as she too struggled to catch her breath. She clutched her skirt in her hands and spun it around until she could reach the buttons. She then lifted it off over her head and tossed it onto the sofa behind her. She pulled Tyler to her and, kissing him, wrapped him in a fierce, tight hug for the longest time. She could feel the wetness seeping from her happy pussy and running down her legs and it was so erotic. They finally broke the kiss but stood there in each other’s arms, foreheads touching.

“Damn son, that was fantastic,” she finally said. “I had a great orgasm! You made Mommy’s pussy very happy.”

Tyler grinned. “You’re a great fuck too Mom.”

Monica leaned back against the sofa. “Next lesson, sometimes, to please your lover, you might be asked to do something that seems strange, weird or maybe even unappealing. But if you really want them to reciprocate for you, you need to suck it up and soldier on. Can you do that?”

“I guess so. If I really care about them, yeah I should be able to.”

“Okay,” Monica said, “come here. Now reach down and gently caress my pussy.” She involuntarily sighed at his touch. “Oh my… Good, now carefully slip your fingers inside me. That’s it… Feel how wonderfully wet, how gloriously gooey it is? That thrills me. That’s a turn on for me. Now hold your hand up. Ah yes, look at that nice gooey mess, can you smell our scent? The ‘stink of sex’ some call it, well I love it! And because I know it turns you on, I do this.”

Monica took his hand and slowly sucked each finger clean. “Do it again,” she told him and a moment later Tyler held up his sticky fingers. Again she cleaned them off. Then while still sucking on his finger she held up her hand. It too was covered in glistening wetness. She slowly reached out and held it under his nose. “Smell it.” He inhaled and smiled.

“I kinda like it,” he said.

“Good, now taste it,” she said and pressed her fingers to his mouth. Tyler timidly licked a little and Monica smiled. “Go on baby, it’s okay. All it is is a natural healthy product of our bodies. Prove to me that you will do as I ask, whatever it is. Suck my fingers.”

Tyler opened his mouth and sucked her fingers clean. Timidly at first but he adapted quickly. Monica led him into the living room proper and closed the blinds. Privacy assured she turned on a lamp.

“Light the fireplace,” she said and then took a throw pillow from the easy chair and lay in front of the fire. The warmth felt wonderful and she spread her legs and toyed with her pussy while Tyler watched.

“Pussy anatomy 101, get close and pay attention,” she said. “This is my mons venus or mound. It pads and protects my pubic bone. The advantage of a big girl is that it is usually bigger, thicker, offering more padding. These are my labia or outer lips. They protect my delicate parts. They are also a great place to kiss and lick as you perform on your lover. No, not now. Wait until I finish. Inside them are my inner labia or inner lips. They protect my vaginal opening. Gently mouthing, licking or sucking may please and arouse your lover, it does for me. Opening them you can see my vaginal opening. This is a great place to kiss and lick, and you will be rewarded by my fluids here as they flow from my vagina here. If you tease that with your tongue, it is also pleasing. Now above that, this little, hard to see opening is my urethra, and above that at the top is my clitoris. Now just as cock size varies in men, clit size varies in women. Mine apparently is medium-sized. Some are smaller and some, like your Aunt Kate, are bigger.”

“How big?” he asked.

“About this big,” Monica answered showing the end of her little finger.


“Yes, and although aldatma porno a bigger clit might be easier to work with your tongue, there is no correlation between size and orgasm. The art of oral sex on a female is called cunnilingus. It is great when the giver is talented, distracting when they are not. Now lay down and give it a try, I’ll coach you as you go, okay?”


Tyler obviously lacked skill but he certainly was enthusiastic. Monica coached him on his technique and basked in the warmth of the fire, and the warmth spreading from her loins. She began to caress her breasts and toy with her nipples. Tyler’s clumsy but eager efforts wouldn’t normally be enough to give her an orgasm, but the whole thing, the fire, the dark living room, the fact that it was her son, that she was teaching her own son the art of cunnilingus… That pushed the experience beyond what his amateurish efforts alone could do. The thrill of the forbidden. She realized that was what excited her. Oh sure, she loved Tyler, and the recent reawakening of her libido was wonderful, but deep in her gut, she knew that the violation of the social taboo was playing a big part in it. A tiny part of her was screaming, begging to be allowed to do more, to dare more, to violate more taboos, to be free…

She thought about her sisters and the incest they’d shared, the times they’d made love and wondered if either of them would accept her relationship with Tyler, or condemn her. Would they think it was crossing the line? Or would they understand? Hell, would they want to fuck him too?

Tyler was in heaven, The more he licked, sucked and nuzzled his mom’s pussy, the more he liked it. Her juices were sweet and he was quickly hooked. He tried probing her vagina with his tongue but couldn’t reach as far as he would like to, yet she seemed to enjoy it. He was captivated by her scent as well as her flavor. Add to that, the feeling of her warm, soft, smooth inner thighs on his cheeks and the whole thing up several notches. He’d wondered for years what the attraction was when other boys talked excitedly about eating pussy. Now he knew, and a part of him believed that no inexperienced, skinny girl could be as wonderful as this big, beautiful woman. Tyler’s cock was hard and he longed to fuck her and cum again, but damn, this was too good to stop!

But Monica was fully aware that he was hard again and rolled him onto his back. She mounted him and rode him. It didn’t take long before he was cumming again. Blessed with the resilience and stamina of youth, Tyler filled her with more cum and Monica smiled in satisfaction.

“Oh, yes, that’s it. Baby. That’s it. Yes… Ohhhh I love it.”

Monica showered with Tyler afterward. Allowing him to caress her all over was a thrill for both of them. They toweled each other dry and climbed into bed and spooned. As she dozed off, Monica had to admit that it felt wonderful to be held like this again.

The next morning Tyler awoke with his typical morning woody and although she was not ready for more sex, Monica sucked him off. It was easy and he was so horny that it was quickly over. Monica dressed and headed for work.

When she came home from work, she informed Tyler that she wanted to hold off on the sex until bedtime. He seemed a little disappointed at first but Monica made it worthwhile. After dinner and a little TV, Monica went and changed into a nice, sexy black babydoll nightgown. She seduced Tyler and they made love off and on for the next three hours before collapsing in exhaustion and drifting off into blissful slumber.

Thursday Monica met with Judith Wilson after work. They had agreed on a nicer bar and appeared to simply be two women having a drink and gossiping. Monica had asked the hostess for a table in the corner, out of the way and they were safe enough to talk freely.

“So, how often do you guys fuck?” Monica asked once the ice was broken.

“God! At first, it was every day and more on weekends! It was almost too much!” Judith answered grinning. “But I couldn’t very well deny him.”

“Oh I know,” Monica replied, “Tyler wants to fuck so much it’s crazy. But I’ve got to admit, it’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Tell me about it! I’ve never fucked this much in my life! And the young guy has so much energy and tons of cum!”

“Well, not only that but the whole taboo side of it is thrilling as well,” Monica said. “I have moments of sanity where I tell myself this has to end, but fortunately they always pass.”

“Thank god for that. I think it’s a shame more Mothers don’t get to bond with their boys like this.”

“Well said. But what I want to know is how did it start for you? How did it happen?”

Judith looked around to make sure no one was within earshot, then leaned in conspiratorial.

“I caught him masturbating while watching porn. I guess he didn’t hear me come in. He was so embarrassed, I felt bad for him. I was surprised to see the porn was of middle-aged women, like us, with young guys. Not typical porn stars, real people, you know? And damn if I didn’t feel turned on. I asked him bluntly if he was a virgin, and he said yes. I asked him why these women, not young hotties. He said because they were real, not actors and it was easier to believe it could really happen. So my next question was what would he do if I was naked in his bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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