Moondust Hollow Ch. 02: Unicorn

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Any pain she felt from the strike of the riding crop vanished a heartbeat later, but the warmth stayed pooled in Elsie’s stomach. Nor was she helped by the little gasp Rachel made at the sound of the crop striking Elsie’s flesh. Elsie’s full attention focused on the older woman in an instant, drawn like a moth to the sound of her pleasure. Rachel, basking in the attention, maintained eye contact with her while one hand dipped to play with her hardening nipples under her shirt, putting on a show. Elsie swallowed hard, unable to look away.

“Elsie, do you see the clock on the wall?” Darryl’s voice behind her made her jump; she kept forgetting he was there, eclipsed as he was by the sexual magnetism of his wife.

The effort to tear her gaze away from Rachel was momentous, but she managed. “Y-yes.”

A pause, not entirely pleased; when he spoke his voice was more commanding. “Elsie. When you are in our bedroom, you will refer to me as ‘sir’ and to Rachel as ‘ma’am’. Do you understand?”

She swallowed again, and nodded. “Yes. Sir. Yes, sir, I understand. I see the clock, sir.”

“Good girl.” His answer was a soft purr that sent her anxious heart fluttering. “What does the clock say, Elsie?”

“Nine past six, sir,” she answered, her voice wavering with confusion. “Ten, sir,” she added, when it changed.

“That is how many strokes you will receive for being late, Elsie,” Darryl explained, his hand warm where it caressed the curve of her ass. “You will remember better next time. Count them off as I whip you.”

“Y– Sir!” The word ripped out of her as another smack took her off guard. The slap filled the room and Rachel gasped again, her questing fingers meandering down to touch herself through her jeans.

“One,” Elsie only just managed to choke out, her attention almost entirely locked on the red-haired goddess sprawled on the bed before her. “Two!” she added a moment later as Rachel’s fingers rose back up to thumb open the button at her waistband. The following “three” was a moan of hungry need as the older woman slid her jeans over her hips to reveal clean white panties and a soft waiting mound beneath. “Ma’am?”

The word was a whimper and Rachel’s eyes lit with pleasure. As Darryl continued the whipping, she crawled forward on the bed to meet Elsie where she was bent over, palms still obediently flat on the cover. “My sweet farmer girl,” Rachel purred, lacing her fingers through Elsie’s hair and drawing her forward into a deep kiss that sent a shot of liquid need through Elsie’s weakened thighs. Rachel’s lips were warm and commanding, taking everything and giving back only the sweetest pleasure to offset the pain in Elsie’s backside.

“Do all farmer girls taste like strawberries?” Rachel teased with a playful giggle a moment later when they parted. “Or just you?”

“Elsie, count,” Darryl ordered behind her, the strokes still coming.

“Five! No, six, sir! Seven!”

Elsie was near tears squirming under the Tipobet assault of the crop. Each lash stung for a moment, but the building need beneath the whipping was unbearable. Shame burned her cheeks–shame at being the only naked one in the room, shame at being here over a debt she was unable to pay, shame at capitulating so easily to this older married couple she’d just met–but worst of all was the unexpected thrill of the shame itself. She was shocked to realize she was enjoying being used like this, as though there were a strange freedom in total obedience.

Rachel’s fingers trailed ticklish fire down her naked stomach until they touched the little nub they sought. Elsie gasped and squirmed under her touch, drawing a hard stroke from Darryl. “Hold still, Elsie,” he ordered, and she stilled without another thought, though Rachel continued to play. Her hard palm massaged the sensitive bud while her long fingers curled inside the younger woman. Elsie cried out, unable to remain silent.

“Darryl, she’s so wet,” Rachel reported, her eyes dancing. “You could slide in right now, no lube needed.”

Elsie’s cheeks burned as he grunted in noncommittal response to this information. Were they really going to fuck her? She’d slept with boyfriends in the past, but nothing like this; never before with a woman and definitely never with her husband watching. The juxtaposition of commanding husband and playful wife warmed her, as did the deep kiss Rachel laid on her now, her tongue teasing open Elsie’s mouth to tangle with her own.

“Eleven,” Darryl reported at the final strike. “Eleven minutes into our time with you and eleven strikes. You’ll be punctual next time, or the punishment will be more severe. Nod to indicate you’re listening,” he added, amusement creeping into his voice as he watched his wife dominate the young woman with her mouth.

Elsie nodded as best she could under the onslaught of kisses, her breath stolen away. Rachel’s fingers were plunging in and out of her pussy with complete abandon now, her palm bucking hard against her clit. Elsie felt her body tightening in preparation to orgasm and Rachel reluctantly slowed her paced, drawing back with sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks and denying Elsie any hope for release yet.

“Darryl, I want her,” Rachel declared, looking up at her husband with pleading eyes.

He ran an affectionate hand through her hair, drawing his wife up for a gentle kiss full of love, if not the same heated frenzy Rachel had reserved for the farmer girl. “My gift to you, beloved,” he murmured against her lips, his smile warm. “Take as much as you want.”

Rachel growled and all but pounced on the bent-over girl, drawing her onto the bed with her and sprawling her out on the covers. “I–” Elsie started, but her input seemed unneeded; as Darryl watched with indulgent affection, Rachel’s head dove towards the place where her fingers left off. Elsie cried out in shock as a warm wet tongue lapped against her clit and Tipobet Giriş teased at the opening which felt so bereft now that she was empty.

Chuckling, Darryl removed his clothes in no particular hurry and Elsie found a new source of distraction in his sculpted thighs and the heavy erection he carried between them, clearly aroused by her whipping and–if the little bobs of the tip were any indication–by the sight of his wife eating another woman. Elsie felt her eyes widen in surprise; if she’d been capable of thought at all, she would have worried that Darryl might feel threatened by his wife’s obvious lust for the stranger in his bed.

As if reading her thoughts, he climbed onto the bed and patted her hair gently, the way one would stroke a beloved pet. She liked his touch, though the effect was hard to concentrate on when her hips kept bucking under Rachel’s ministrations; the enthusiastic woman now worked with her fingers alongside her tongue and Elsie wasn’t certain how much longer she could hold off the building bubbly warmth in her core.

“Rachel and I married when we were very young,” Darryl said, his voice low and fond as he watched her face, enjoying the pleasure she couldn’t help but show. “Love was never a problem, but we didn’t quite… mesh in the bedroom. Took us years–and driving to town for a number of bad erotic movies–to realize our needs.”

“Darryl’s dominant.” Rachel paused in her work to purr the words, her teeth teasing Elsie with the lightest of scrapes and causing the girl’s hips to dance on the edge of pain and unbearable pleasure.

“And Rachel isn’t quite a sub,” Darryl agreed with a grin. “Though she tries very hard to accommodate me. She’s also… well, ‘lesbian’ isn’t the right word and ‘bisexual’ doesn’t encompass adequately just how hungry she is for a girl in her bed. On special occasions when we can get away and drive to town we hire a girl, but it’s a hell of a drive. We were very excited to have one come to us. Open your mouth, sweetheart.”

Elsie’s eyes widened further as he swung those powerful thighs over her chest and straddled her neck, his thick erection inches from her lips. “Darr– Sir, I can’t–” He was too big, the angle was wrong, she would choke–and that was if she could manage not to bite him during while Rachel played a thousand tricks to make her thrash and squirm.

His voice was liquid silver, confident and gentle all at once. “You can and you will, Elsie. Open.” His fingers on her chin, he urged her mouth to part and used his free hand to guide his cock between her lips.

She had never experienced anything like this, the dual onslaught of commanding hips pressing against her mouth as tongue lavished her from below and required of her more attention than she could give. Elsie moaned and closed her eyes, surrendering to the whims of her two implacable masters. Or her one master and his not-quite-submissive, a corner of her mind corrected; she was glad to know their story, Tipobet Güncel Giriş and gladder still to realize this was just a Darryl-and-Rachel thing. The entire village wasn’t expecting her to fuck them one at a time; she just happened to fit a kink for a couple already in the habit of hiring sex workers.

And now she was one. Sorta. But just for them.

The thought should bother her. She wanted the thought to bother her quite a lot. The fact that it didn’t bother her, that Darryl’s every silken command made her more and more wet, that Rachel’s unabashed eager lust made her feel like a lucky handmaiden to the goddess of love, the fact that an orgasm was fluttering around the edges of her consciousness as a stranger’s cock thrust at the back of her throat and cut off her air… all those things worried her immensely, just not enough to stop or put up any resistance.

She felt herself tightening around Rachel’s fingers as her pleasure rippled towards a precipice. Rachel felt it too, moaning incoherent words into her pussy which Darryl seemed nevertheless to understand. His hand tightened in Elsie’s hair, holding her head in place as his hips beat an unforgiving rhythm against her face that only made the pleasure quicken faster. Elsie heard a guttural sound like muffled screaming, then realized the sound was her; her hands tangled in the sheets as she held on for life and Rachel drove her over the edge.

Darryl bucked again once more and she felt him come in her throat, thick and wet and throbbing. She swallowed what she could, more out of instinct than obedience, and he ran an approving hand through her hair. A rush of pride accompanied his touch, unreasonably pleased to have earned his praise.

He climbed off her and Rachel was there before Elsie could rise, kissing her and watching her with bright, delighted eyes. “My sweet girl,” she murmured. “My sweet farmer girl. You did so well. You can use our bathroom to shower before you head home. I know you have a long day of work ahead of you tomorrow.”

Elsie hesitated, confused at being so summarily dismissed. “Aren’t you… don’t you want to…?”

Rachel’s eyes danced. “Oh, aren’t you a sweetheart to offer! Maybe next time.” Her hands found Elsie’s breasts and lingered, her thumbs stroking her nipples lazily; she was casually confident in her ownership of the young woman in a way Elsie found both disturbing and freshly arousing. “For now, Darryl wants to ream me a new one while I’m wet. Can you let yourself out, sweetheart? I’m going to be too tied up, literally, to do the honors.”

“I…I’ll manage,” Elsie said, rising and gathering up her clothes. She was confused–and a little hurt–to be sent away but Rachel wasn’t wrong about work tomorrow. She still needed to clear the farmland and plant the seeds she’d received from the mayor. “Maybe next time,” she echoed. Declining the offer of a shower, she let herself out as soon as she was dressed, navigating the dark hallways of the cottage while hearing Darryl’s low baritone growl and Rachel’s high squeals of delight echo from the bedroom she’d just left.

Walking home in the dark, Elsie wondered just what she’d gotten into and whether she liked it as much as she’d thought she had.

[to be continued]

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