More Than Friends

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“I should get going so you can go to bed.” Bayard started to rise but she put her hand out.

“Please don’t. I don’t feel sleepy yet. If you’re not here I’ll just dwell on everything and get upset. Yell at me some more to take my mind off things.” She smiled at him and patted his hand. He turned his hand over and clutched hers tightly as he leaned in and kissed her mouth.

Evie was surprised by the warmth of his lips, and her mouth parted automatically to take his lower lip between hers. He let go of her hand and reached behind her, sliding one hand down her spine while the other held the back of her neck. She leaned into him as her lips opened and his tongue flicked into her mouth, tasting not unpleasantly of rum. She worried that it had been a while since she’d last brushed her teeth, but put her mind firmly back into the present situation.

Bayard slipped his hand under the edge of her shirt and drew her closer to him. Her head tilted upwards and she rose on her knees to meet his lips from a better angle. He pulled her towards his chest until she was touching him from knees to face. She could feel his hard body again her chest, and couldn’t help squirming closer to him.

He made a small gasping noise as the stroked the front of his pants and then lightly ran her hands along the edge of his belt. She wasn’t quite sure where this was going but she knew she wanted to see more of him so she pulled the edge of his shirt up to his shoulders. He grabbed at his shirt and threw it off as she ran her hands over his naked chest.

He placed his hands over her breasts and his thumbs found her nipples, rubbing them lightly over her kartal escort clothes and then harder as she smothered a gasp into his neck. She leaned back and pushed his hands away momentarily so she could remove her t-shirt and drop it onto the floor. She grabbed his hands and moved them from her hips back to her breasts as she met his mouth again.

Bayard’s hands fumbled at her waist band, sliding her pajamas down to her hips while she opened his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. She was surprised that he was so lightly haired. For some reason she had thought that he would be very hairy, but his chest was almost bare except for the light line from his stomach down. He bent over to remove his boots.

Suddenly he lifted her from the couch and carried her to the bed. She managed to remove her pajama bottoms while he laid her down. He muttered “I haven’t waited so long for this to waste it on an uncomfortable couch”, as he pushed his pants off and then loomed above her on the bed.

Naked, she felt the late night air find its way through the curtains and she shivered. He looked at her for a moment in concern until she lifted her hand to his arm and drew him closer.

It was too dim in the room to see him as clearly as she wanted to, but she could feel his smooth skin when she wrapped her hand around him. She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue and bent her head to take him into her mouth. She could feel herself getting slick and swollen as her tongue rolled over him. She squeezed him gently around his shaft and her mouth moved up and down while her tongue flicked the sensitive ridge on the underside. He moaned maltepe escort bayan softly and stroked the hair over the back of her neck.

He gasped and pulled away from her and she sat up in concern. “I want to be inside you.” he whispered.

She moved him until his back was against the headboard and then climbed to straddle him. He kissed her and stroked her breasts while she guided him inside her. It had been a while. She pushed thoughts of Erik firmly away, and put her hand lightly on Bayard’s hard shoulders to steady herself. “You’re so tense. You need a massage.” she teased and he laughed quietly into her hair.

As she slid down onto him, bit by bit, she gasped and enjoyed the sensation of tightness. He was pretty nicely sized, and she took her time to savour it. Then she moved up and down slowly as his breath came faster and he lifted her up slightly to tongue her nipples.

She increased the speed of her rocking motion as her lips moved over his neck and chest. She inserted her hand between their bodies to stroke herself. His hands wrapped around her waist as he thrust his body deeper into hers and she came with a breathless gasp that clinched her insides and made her grip her hands on his shoulders tightly. Bayard came inside her then with a quiet moan and she felt hot wetness sliding down her inner thighs.

She fell into his chest as his arms wrapped around her. He kissed the top of her head and whispered something but she didn’t hear what it was. His body was like a furnace and she was grateful for the heat as the skin on her back and legs cooled. She wanted a blanket but didn’t quite know escort pendik how to get one without meeting his eyes.

She was sobering up now to the reality that her relationship with Bayard was forever changed and she wasn’t sure if she knew how that would be. She was afraid of losing her only friend, but also afraid of ruining what they had found together. Her high school intimacies, and whatever it was she had with Erik, had done little to guide her in this situation. She rolled off of his lap, curled up next to him and closed her eyes. She decided to sleep on it.

She woke some time after dawn with Bayard asleep under the blanket beside her. He must have felt her wake up. He turned towards her and smiled dangerously. She smiled back and ran her hand along his heavily muscled arm. With a quick movement he rolled onto her and licked her neck. While she squirmed beneath him and giggled with delight he stoked her thighs, parted them and slid into her with a quick thrust. She made an undignified squeak that made him chuckle, and then increase his pace until she clutched at his back as she came. He wrapped his arms tightly around her until his own breath came faster and, and as he had his own finish, he bit her throat.

“Sorry. Got carried away.” he said quietly as he left the bed. She rubbed the spot on her neck. “That’s ok. I didn’t mind. It just wasn’t expecting it.”

Bayard moved around the room, collecting his clothing. “I have to go out. Will you be ok today?”

“Sure, of course. I’ve got some things to do around here. See you at dinner?”

He nodded as he bucked his belt without looking at her and pushed his arms into his shirt. She was looking out the window, the blanket wrapped around her naked body, when she felt Bayard’s hands on her arms. “Stay out of trouble.” he said, and kissed her firmly on the head. She turned around, but he was already closing the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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