Morning Surprise

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We both got up and headed for the bathroom at the same. I urgently needed a piss, I guess Claire did too. We had both drunk quite a bit last night, a bottle of wine had gone down easily. She always drank more when she was feeling horny. We’d had good sex too, I seem to remember her rolling over and offering me her arse in a wanton act of lewdness. I’d reached round and fingered her to orgasm while I came in her and we’d both collapsed in sleep after that.

Now it was the morning after and we were sticky, sweaty and heading for the bathroom together. I saw her dirty knickers thrown on the floor from last night when I’d pulled them off her and held them to my nose. After a day of her wearing them they had smelt heavily of her sex. It always got me hard and made her joke that she left them there on purpose for me to wank into when she wasn’t around. Last night she had been, so I sat in front of her with my pants down wanking my cock with her knickers and taking hits of the smell from them. I had been hard as a rock and with the wine, very horny. So it had been a good night.

“I need to pee,” Claire said, “Leave me alone in peace for a minute.”

“I have to as well, I’m bursting.” We only had one toilet.

“I need a shower as well. You can pee in the toilet but I’m getting in the shower.” she said.

I knew she was simply going to piss in the shower like she did at the gym. Nasty really but quick in the morning.

“Wait,” I said, an idea springing to mind.

“Look we’ve got all day off. The house to ourselves and we can do whatever we want. I had such a good time last night, lets try and keep it going a bit.”

Claire looked at me as she stepped into the shower. “What do you mean?”

I stepped in the shower behind her.

“Well we’ve never done watersports although you said you’d try. I know first thing in the morning, it’s a bit nasty but I’m game if you are.”

By now we were both desperate to pee and she didn’t seem to have the will to argue due to the pressure on her bladder. “Ugh, really…”

“Come on,” I said “I’ll kneel down in front of you and you put your foot up on the side of the bath and simply let go.”

“I want the shower on.”

“No, after.”

“OK if you really want to.” Escort Bayan Claire put her foot up on the side of the bath and leaned back. I dropped to my knees in the bath, the hard plastic pressing into me and my bladder straining uncomfortably.

“I need to piss as well.” I said.

“You can bloody well wait until I’ve done!” she replied and with a slight grunt, hot dark piss splashed out down her legs and into the bath.

“Ugh, oh Fucking Hell!” Claire moaned as it hit her leg.

I smiled and my cock got harder and harder, my need to pee reducing with the erection.

How far could I push this?

“Come on, Claire, piss on me, spray it over me.”

“Oh come on…”

She leant back and pushed her hips up. I helped her along by shoving my face under her stream. I wasn’t about to miss this chance of getting off. She might never want to do this again and I wanted the full effect. I grabbed her thigh to steady her.

“Come on.” I said, “Let it go.”

She did. Her heavy, smelly piss gushed out of her cunt and over me in a warm torrent. It splashed all over my face and into my nose, dripping down my chest and over my cock. I rubbed it across my chest with one hand and into my balls a bit. It was a hell of a lot and as she got into her stride, Claire looked down at me, half in disgust and half in arousal.

I knew all I had to do was go for her clit after and she’d be on the edge again.

She started to slow. “Come on, Claire, come on, Mistress, keep it going, and give me everything!” I pleaded.

“Ha.”, she laughed hearing me begging. “Please Mistress, is it, I know what you want and I’m not touching your cock it’s covered in piss!”

Her flow stopped and she lowered her leg.

“Wait” I said and pushed her thighs apart, leaning in and getting the full nasty smell. I licked her pussy to get a few drops off and Claire groaned hard, still horny and sensitive.

“I need to piss myself.” I said her “Just this once, please, for a special treat. I promise not to go in your face, only from your tits down. Please Mistress.” I begged.

“Oh don’t call me that.” Claire said, “You know I don’t like it.”

“But I think it suits a woman who has just started the day by emptying Bayan Escort herself over her husband.”

“Please just kneel down for me.”

“Look, just this once but if you get any in my face or hair I will punch you in the balls, never mind let you keep pissing on me!”

“Yes Mistress!” I joked.

Claire laughed and knelt down in the puddle of piss in the bottom of the bath. I knelt a little straining to pee through my erection and not wanting to hit her face – although I would love that opportunity one day, just not now, not with the early morning flow – she’d kill me, all right!

I tried to relax my erection and slowly the piss started to flow. It splashed on me first and then the stream grew stronger, the dark flow lifting towards my kneeling wife. Her nipples were standing up, the woman was horny after all.

“Hold your tits.” I said “Lift them up.”

I leaned in and started peeing on my wife’s 34C’s, my piss running down over her nipples and round her knees, mixing with her own fluids. I could imagine how wet her pussy was getting now as well. She did her best to look vaguely disgusted and a bit tolerant, but it was having an effect on her.

“That’s it.” “I said encouragingly, “You look so sexy.” Piss covered slut more like I thought. But very sexy.

I strained to pass as much as possible, raising the flow a little daringly towards her face. She looked up.

“Don’t you bloody dare.” Claire threatened me.

I lowered my cock and let the last drops go over her tits. God, I really wanted to suck those piss stained tits dry. In a minute perhaps.

My flow stopped and my cock relaxed a bit. I held my arm out and helped my wife up from her knees, the bottom of the bath wet with our piss and our bodies covered by the smell. I pulled her close and grabbed her tits as I kissed her

“Ugh, you’re covered in it!” Claire cried pulling her face away from mine.

“Come on kiss me it’s only your pee. You’ve had a lot worse on your face.” I said.

I pushed her back against the shower wall pinning my body against her and roughly shoved my hand between her legs, pushing a finger into her. She didn’t resist and her legs parted giving me access to her sodden pussy and clit. Escort I kneaded her tit with one hand, rough and hard, pulling the nipple out and letting it drop as her hand came up to her other doing the same. I frigged Claire hard against the wall, shoving my fingers up inside her then working her clit back and forth. Nothing delicate about it this morning. The dirty woman was shaking, getting ready to explode so I leaned in and kissed her again, my mouth open, the smell of piss in my nostrils. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and gave her a wet kiss. Claire shared the kiss and started shaking as her orgasm hit. I held her against the wall as she shook and went rigid, her sounds muffled by my mouth over hers. I still held her tit but her own hand fell away as she shoved her fingers into her pussy while I strummed at her clit. She looked every bit the dirty slut as she came.

I let her lean there for a moment, as her breath came fast. Her body shone with pee and sweat, she stank like she hadn’t washed in weeks and my cock was hard. I couldn’t wait and dropped my hand to my cock, wanking hard and fast. Claire looked down and rolled her eyes.

“It’s OK, you don’t have to suck it, just help me.” I said. I knew she didn’t want to blow me, but would if I asked. “Just help me cum.”

Her hand grabbed my balls roughly. I’d taught her what I like and often had her wank me off in the shower in the morning for fun. It was a nice way to start the day and beat doing it on your own. Claire worked the balls back and forth, her hands round my sack and she knelt down in front of me. Her hand joined mine on my cock, stroking up and down as I lifted my leg to give her better access. No way was she going back there today though normally she would help me along.

Claire fisted my cock, twisting my nuts back and forth as I hit orgasm quickly, my cum hitting her in the chin and onto her tits. She didn’t like facials, it was one of her few rules. For a girl who so willingly give up her arse, it was a small price to pay to keep her happy. I came hard over her tits, the rest of my cum covering her fist which jacked my increasingly sensitive cock.

“Oh God, stop.” I moaned. Panting hard and leaning back.

She pulled her cum covered hand off and wiped it on her tits looking up at me like a cheap prostitute. My favourite look.

“Good morning.” she said “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks.” and I meant it. I leaned over and put the shower on.

“Now about this Mistress thing…” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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