Mother and daughter

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The rain came in a drizzle, and in the warm climate of Mombasa did not seem to make him any colder. Still it was uncomfortable with the old sweat of almost two days constant traveling from Kampala, where he had started his journey the morning before. It always amazed him how much dust could settle on him while just sitting in a bus that was running throughout on tarmac. It had taken them almost 12 hours to get to Nairobi. There he had only had time to change and pull out things he did not need for the onward journey, before having to rush to catch the bus that was to take him onward. A whole night of fast running had seen them arriving just after 6am. Now he was only a street away from his darlings’ home. He wondered how they were faring, mother and daughter.

As he knocked on the door he thought about the times they had had in the past. How he had fallen in love with the girl who was at the time blossoming into the same alluring shape of her mother-wide flowing hips amidships of a curvy body. Going out to dinner with her and coming back to the house, where the older woman had always seemed to like him a bit more than was normal. How the mother had found them snogging away on the sofa one evening. At night on his way to the loo he had run into the mother, who told him she wanted to have a word with him in her room. That had been the first time in bed with her; it had evolved into a habit with them while he continued his pursuit of the daughter. The mother was aware of this and porno izle even seemed to encourage it all. When he went into her room that first time, he could not be sure the daughter had not heard them. Later he visited the younger woman as usual. Thus the pattern was set that he visited and slept with both in turn.

The door opened and it was the mother. They fell upon each other happily in a tight hug followed by a deep kiss. Already he could feel his cock standing to attention at the feel of her body against his. Just then the daughter came out of the house to find them deeply engrossed. On recognising him, she gave a short cry of joy as she ran forward. He turned round to face the younger woman, embracing her closely, while her mother clucked encouragingly. Then one took his bag from his shoulder, while the other put her arm round him as they walked him into the house. The love and respect between the two women was almost palpable to him.

At supper they sat round the table in comfortable conversation; they plied him with questions about the foreign country he had come from. Because of the heat of the coastal town they had only khangas wrapped around them. The daughter boldly let hers slip onto her waist, leaving her breasts bare. He enjoyed flicking his eyes in her direction to ravenously take in the well-formed body. There were spots lightly spread over those mounds right up to the aureoles. Every now and then they ran their hands over him to punctuate the talk. amatör porno The mother’s eyes twinkled with controlled lust.

As they were having fruits, she announced casually that she had to take a shower before she could allow herself to go to bed. Naughtily she suggested that the other two might join her. He looked over to the girl’s face and found only acceptance and something like daring.

Crowded into the tiny bathroom, they threw water on each other. Quickly what had started as shower degenerated into game. Under the guise of rubbing her back he ran his hands all the way down between her legs or one of them made as if to make sure his balls were really clean. Soon they were all over each other; he reaching out to tweak a nipple here, stroke a pubis there. Hugs became tighter and took longer and longer and somewhere in that entire melee it was wordlessly agreed that they were going to the mother’s bed together. The daughter grabbed him by his already stiff cock and pulled him out of the bathroom towards the bedroom. The mother rubbed his buttocks then put her arms around him bumping into him as they walked. All this wet nakedness was making them as hot as hell.

In the bedroom the daughter dropped to her knees beside the bed and took his penis into her mouth, playing with the balls. He groaned, a deep throated sound. She ran her tongue along his shaft, stuffed it into the mouth again, and sucked it, almost making him yell. His hands anal porno were around the mother, slipping on her wet body, somehow making it all the more exciting for them both. He stroked the still-full breasts as she turned his face to give him a very wet throttling kiss. He collapsed onto the bed.

The daughter chased him there and reclaimed her prize. She tickled the balls, running her fingers down to the asshole (how did she know it was so sensitive, he wondered to himself?), while his manhood was buried in her warm mouth. The noises she made were enough to send him off.

Meanwhile the mother had straddled him and placed her cunt on his face kissing him with it. He replied in kind, sucking the lips into his mouth, rolling them against his teeth. She could not help crying out in pleasure. She fell forward, enabling him to reach her asshole with the tongue which he rimmed all round. Running back, he plunged into her. “Oh, my god!” she gasped. The taste of her cunt juices was intoxicating. As he sought the clit, he was dimly aware that the girl had turned around and was riding his pole, facing away from him. He almost bit the cunt in his mouth as he felt the other sucking him in. He was buried in a deep wet hole. They had worked themselves into a single rhythm. Then it all hit a peak. First the woman gave a scream through clenched teeth; and he felt the heat rising up in him; then the younger one grabbed his legs as she also started coming. Their joint noises of orgasm threatened to wake the whole neighbourhood and lasted a long time. One of the women must have had a double orgasm. Panting, sweating, and with some wetness remaining from the bath, they collapsed onto one another in close hugs and fell into a deep slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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