Mother and Daughter Ch. 03

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Karan and Rahul took their sixty year old dad, Mehta to Maheshwari’s house on a casual visit. Mehta was almost bald with a paunch. Well dressed man with a pleasant ready to smile face.

Maheshwari welcomed them and they got busy talking over coffee and snacks. Mehta liked Maheshwari’ s elegant Aristocratic behaviour. Her simple cotton saree and sleeveless blouse accentuated her full round breasts. Her flat tummy and round bottom had him drooling.

However as they got up to leave Mehta wanted a selfie with Maheshwari. She obliged happily. It was a perfect picture. Her right breast was peeping out rubbing on his shoulder. He was in heaven.

As Mehta and son’s reached home, the dad sat on his comfortable chair admiring his photo with Maheshwari. Both Rahul and Karan vanished from the scene and he was left alone.

Mehta took his fat cock out and started rubbing it on Maheshwari’s image on his cell phone. He started moving his foreskin up and down holding his cock hole touching her image. Saliva was dripping down his open mouth. He increased the pace and suddenly pressed his cock to the screen. His jism erupted all over the phone screen display. He sat satiated with a glazed look on his face.

Both his sons watching him decided to move things fast. Next day they told him to visit Maheshwari in the evening. They informed her that he was coming to meet her. They requested her to give herself to him.

Mehta was ready in the evening. He wore his best dress. Had a good shave. Used a mouth wash. Perfumed himself. He bought beautiful roses on the way.

Rahul and Karan followed their dad. They called Vandana to come immediately, explaining the plan. She landed up same time as them. She took the boy’s by Porno 64

the back door. They stood in the dark room and waited silently. Vandana stood sandwiched between the brothers. They had their hands around her waist.

Maheshwari was surprised to see Mehta all decked up smelling pleasant. The roses tilted the scales in his favour. She welcomed him and sat beside him very near. This nearness had his blood racing. Her alluring curves and gentle perfume was too much for him.

He took her hands in his and told her that he had never met anyone so beautiful like her. She blushed. Her sudden reddish cheeks sent him reeling. His hard cock made an obvious tent on his dhoti. He did not wear anything inside. Maheshwari saw a wet spot forming on the tent of his dhoti.

Mehta held her hands and pulled her to him. Maheshwari obliged and they sat, their thighs touching. He had his hand around her shoulders and their faces just an inch apart. She could smell his after shave and mouth wash. He slowly moved forward and their lips touched.

Mehta was stunned. He never imagined things to go so fast and smooth. Maheshwari pushed her tongue inside his mouth. After a bit of hesitation he sucked her tongue. They wrestled with their tongues.

Maheswari leaned back took a sip of water from the glass nearby. She kissed him and released the water into his eager mouth. This totally blew him out of control. Before he could react she sucked back the water. They leaned back and smiled at each other.

Maheswari caught hold of his cock. He got up loosened his dhoti. He took off his shirt too. There he was with a raging hard cock, wetness dripping down. His upper torso hairy with a beautiful round paunch. Konulu Porno Maheswari slowly let her fingers slip in the hair gently caressing his breasts and belly. He was breathing heavily.

Mehta put his hands in her arm pits and pulled her up. He undressed her. Her saree came off. He stood back and watched her full round breasts, flat tummy. He removed her petticoat. She removed her blouse.

He just watched her magnificent perfectly shaped body in a black satin bra and panties. He stood. His rich hard cock bobbed it’s head up. She leaned back and loosened the bra and stepped out of her panties.

Mehta moved in and his face between the taut breasts. She held her breasts pressing his face between them. His thick cock bobbed at her wet cunt. Maheshwari pushed her nipple into his mouth. He sucked, nibbled trying to gobble up as much as possible. She tilted her head back savouring the play of his tongue, teeth and lips on her breasts.

He took long, not wanting to let go. She directed her other nipple to his eager mouth. She brought his hands up around her. She held his cock between her thighs. Both their juices mingled and flowed down her thighs. She being taller, kissed his bald head.

Maheshwari pushed Mehta to a prone posture. His round belly and thick cock facing the ceiling. She gently sat down on his thighs and rubbed his cock to her cunt. He reached out to play with her breasts. As she tried lowering herself to his cock. He pushed her down and tried mounting her.

His huge belly wouldn’t allow him an easy penetration. She told him to lie down and let her do it her way. He was back to his prone position. She lowered herself on his cock. His cock was too thick for Porno İndir her hole. She moved from side to side to accommodate him inside her. Even then it was tough.

She got up and came back with a cream. She applied the cream to his cock and to her hole. She positioned herself on him. She bit her lips, held his shoulders and pressed down. Inch by inch she came down. Tears pouring down her cheeks, she pressed. A final press and he was totally inside her. She heaved her chest for a long breath.

She said, ” you are too big for me.. doesn’t matter. Now you are in”. She sat like that for long easing her breath. He was happy mashing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

The voyeurs standing in the next room were completely naked. The boy’s had come twice just seeing their dad and her mom. Vandana did not want to be distracted. She went on pulling on their cocks not heeding to their requests for a good fuck. She wanted to see her mom doing everything.

Maheshwari started moving up and down. She went at a steady slow pace. He was bucking up, rising every time she drew herself up. Theirs juices and cream made a pluck, pluck pluck noise in the silent room. She started fast reaching her climax. Shuddering she sat on him. He hadn’t come yet. She started again now at a quicker pace, her vagina gripped his cock making a sucking effect. This was too much for him. He raised his body and came. Spurt after spurt he jerked his body to her cunt. Finally he lay relaxed.

She got up and went for a wash. He followed her to the washroom. She turned on the shower and she kissed him long and deep. They stood hugging lost in their long drawn kiss. By the time they came back to dress the boy’s took leave of vandana.

Mehta took leave of Maheshwari after thanking her profusely. As Maheshwari shut the door Vandana came rushing into her arms.

Maheshwari said, “I knew that thereof you were watching. It was alright.” they kissed each other. Vandana asked what next. The mom said will wait and see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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