Mother Dear Pt. 12

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My white frilly lace panties delicately pulled down passed my stocking tops, so as to not crimp the lace, dangle from my ankles. The twelve inch small chain that holds my ankles and the thin steel cuffs locked to it rests on the carpeted floor, the panties rest on top of it and cover the tops of my 3″ spike heel pumps. My small but erect penis exposed in front of me bobs slightly. It bobs in front of my mother’s face. It’s wet from her saliva. My locking penis restraint taken off by her and placed on the table next to me in plain view, I moan and whimper. She looks up at me.

“It’s that time of the month, baby boy.”

She laughs. Reaching up she runs her hand over my wet penis.

“I remember when ‘that time of the month’ meant something I didn’t like but had to put up with as a real girl. Not a sissy girl like you, honey.”

She smiles wickedly up at me.

“Do you love your mother?”

I struggle to say ‘Yes, Ma’am’ but all that comes out is ‘Yethh, Maaaa’.

The life like four inch rubber cock plugs my mouth. It’s locked by a strap around the back of my head. Another life like eight inch rubber cock bounces in the front of my face, at my mouth level. This strap on facial dildo is now almost a permanent fixture. It’s part of my domestic sissy girl servant outfit that I wear when cleaning and doing my household chores. The only time it’s removed is for the three men I see regularly, friends of my mother’s that are part of her more than ‘special inner circle’.

“Don’t you dare let any of that messy stuff drip on my blouse. I’m having lunch with my friend Barbara later this afternoon.”

She is seated on an overstuffed leather ottoman in front of me. She’s in tight white short shorts, white sandals with hugely jeweled straps, a black crisp blouse, the shirt-ends tied up under her breasts pushing them up and out. Her hair is in a French twist and her earrings dangle, large hoops at her shoulders. She is, as always, gorgeous. She is just passed 60 years old but doesn’t look a day passed 40. Nobody would know my mother’s real age. She is cougar hot and dresses the part.

One of my male clients, ‘mother’s friend’, is a judge she practices in front of almost weekly representing the rich and powerful. She is every bit the consummate power player woman. And I am her sissy house girl. I have been her total slave for over two and a half years now, something I give of myself willingly. I am hopelessly addicted to my mother and the way she treats me.

“Come on, baby. You know what I want. Give it to your dear old mother. Come on, baby. Cum in my mouth. Don’t keep me waiting.”

She purrs up at me in the softest girly voice. The she puts my small and bobbing erection back into her mouth. I feel her tongue wrap up and around the bottom of the shaft, cover the hole. She presses it to the roof of her mouth and starts to pump. She slowly and methodically masturbates me with her mouth. I feel her hands reach around and grip my exposed and bare baby smooth cheeks. She slightly spreads them as she holds me in place. I fell her fingernails dig into me hold me firmly as she pumps to make me cum. I can only mumble, stutter, whimper under the rubber cock filling my mouth.

And then I feel ‘the feeling’. She does too. She feels my tiny boy-like erection start to throb in her mouth, feels me move from foot to foot slightly. She holds me tight and all the way in, all the way to the back of her throat.

I don’t cum. I drip, sissy-like drip. As each boy like little spurt goes into her mouth she swallows it all. She holds me in place, milking the last of it out of me. She looks up at me and takes her hands off of my butt. She takes my penis Escort Bayan in one hand, by the base of it. She milks the last of my cum out of it, pulls her tight fingers up from the base along the tiny shaft. She slowly licks the end of it, sucks the head of it as she stares up at me. And then she is finished.

“Good boy. Now was that so hard?”

I get to cum other times. She has me masturbate in front of her, always finishing into her hand. And after licking and sucking her hand clean, it’s right back into my locking penis cage. But once a month she gives me my special reward, only once per month. She runs her hand up my leg affectionately. She pets my butt. She leans forward and kisses my now soft penis.

“Baby, I love doing that for you. I really do. I love my little boy. I love you very much.”

She takes my soft little thing tight in her hand and puts my penis harness, a locking CB6000, cage back on. She takes it from the table and forces me back into it. It pinches my balls. I cry out, struggle to stay perfectly still. She handles me roughly, pushing my very slight semi erection back into it and locks the retaining ring and shaft pins in place, locks it up around my balls. She ignores my wincing, slight pull back as she clicks the tiny pad lock in in place. She stands and walks to her purse on the table under the large mirror on the wall of her living room. Her bare smooth fit legs, her tight shorts showing off her perfect rear end, I feel my little thing stir agian. I am so hopelessly in love with her.

“That was nice, baby. It really was. You know I enjoy that. I think I enjoy it more than you do. I always wanted to do that to you when you were little but held back. It wouldn’t have been right. Even I have standards. You know that I’ve told you that before. Does anyone in the entire world have a kinkier relationship than we do? I think not, sweetie.”

She laughs loud. The men I see, all three of them, know about my mother’s mouth too. But that’s not why they come to her home. They come for me. Men with special tastes, one a judge, one a bank president, and the other a restaurant chain owner, they are all rich and successful men with special tastes. It’s a club, so to speak, a very special kinky club. It’s a ritual for my mother. She always shows them into the living room, where we are now. I’m always dressed in my finest and sometimes kinkiest sissy girl things. I serve them drinks listen to them chat about everything and anything. And when she’s ready for me ‘to be put to use’, as she says, she stands and excuses herself with the same line, “I’ll leave you two alone. I know you have things to talk about that don’t concern me.”. With that she always wags an index finger at me and says, “You be a good girl!” And then she leaves the room, leaves me to the man in her living room.

Only one man takes me right there in her living room, the judge. He likes me to over the arm of the large easy chair. He likes me butt up panties down, after he’s had my mouth. And he never takes his clothes off like the others do. He has me kneel in front of him, unzip him, and take him out of his fly. Every Monday night he takes me like that.

My mother has been a lover to each of these men at one time or another over the past years. And she is a very good ‘huntress’ for this type man. Each a married man that does not get from their wife what they can get from me, she found out about my sissy whore thing when I lived alone and would meet men on AOL chat. She’s exploited that ever since. And her men, my clients, love to ‘play the game’ as my mother refers to it. Each pays one hundred dollars cash per night for my ‘favors’, usually once a Bayan Escort week. This money, my mother says, goes to my ‘college fund’, teasing me. I am long passed college. That makes it kinkier for my mother and she loves that. She says seeing a one hundred dollar bill on the table, me, a total mess after a man is through with me and gone, makes her wet. She teases that it pays for my makeup and k-y jelly.

I prepare meticulously for these men, hair, makeup, dressing sexy but not slutty, all of it. Only one of them demands that my cock restraint be removed before he arrives, the banker. And that is because he likes to hold my butt up high from behind by my soft penis pulled back between my legs when he paddles me. He addles me hard before fucking me. And for him, mother always has the paddle out, sitting on the ottoman as the two of them talk, the ottoman she was just on in front of me.

My life is one of total subservience to my mother. And even if I wanted to escape all of this, which I don’t, I couldn’t at this point. I am my mother’s full-time whore, house girl and slave. I have no male clothing, no means of support, no house to return to. She saw to all that two years ago. It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve been out in the real world. I’m completely addicted to it all, to her, to my life as her submissive live-in full-time sissy girl whore and house maid.

She applies deep red lipstick, looking at herself in the mirror. She looks back at me in the mirror. She smiles.

“Pull those panties up. You look like a little tramp. Little tramps get their butts whipped. You know that!”

She stares coldly at me in the mirror. I hurry to mumble, ‘yettth, maaaamm’ through my dildo gag and quickly bend to pull them up. Careful to not let my lace and brocade thigh high nylon tops get caught in them, I adjust it all as she watches in the mirror. She goes back to her lipstick

“Good little girl. That’s a proper lady. I don’t know which is hotter. You, or what I had going on with your father. He was the most submissive man I’ve ever had. Until I brought you along after our night of confession in the restaurant, remember baby? I discovered my wonderful son and his likeness to his daddy. What a coincidence. His cock was much bigger than your little thing. Maybe you should have been a real girl.”

She checks herself in the mirror as she talks to me.

“If the world knew about us they’d probably have us committed. Hopefully we’d be in a padded cell together. I know I’d never be able to show my face in town or in a courtroom ever again. What we have is wonderful.”

She smiles at me, stares at me. She goes back to her makeup. My father, kept hidden from me while I was growing up, was my mother’s total slave. It was a complete S&M Dominatrix driven ‘marriage’. It was all kept secret from me. I never thought anything of it that he did all the housework. I’d see him go to the basement when my ‘Uncle Phillip’ would come to visit. I found out later from my mother that my ‘uncle’ was my father’s boss and my mother’s lover. She told me he fucked her on their honeymoon night and that she wondered if maybe he was my real father. And he was the man that had her anytime he wanted her. He just showed up at your house at any time. I remember seeing once, only once, my mother on her knees in front of him, her hurrying to close the bedroom door as I went to my room. She told me all of it when I moved into her house.

All of this told to me by my mother after she found me seeing men after my divorce and we had ‘the talk’. I found out that the discipline room with the concealed door in her basement was built by my father. It’s now my discipline Escort room. I’ve had all of this explained to me in detail while restrained over the whipping horse too many times to count.

“I expect this house spotless when I come home later. And I think it’s time for a collar, leash and riding crop inspection. Don’t you, honey? It’s been a couple weeks, hasn’t it?”

She finishes her lipstick, presses her lips together, and puts the top back on the tube, puts it back into her purse.

“Yeeehtth, Maa…”

She walks me through the house on collar and leash, my wrists cuffed behind my back. Even the slightest messy area, or any lack of attention to detail on my part, results in a severe whipping on the spot. It results in sometimes being taken to the punishment room in the basement for more than serious discipline. She wants the floors clean enough for me to eat cum off of. And she makes that happen regularly too.

“I have another man I’m going to show you off to. I am having drinks with him later tonight. He’s pretty much already there, as far as you go, his tastes are for sissy boys just like you. William told me about him. He’s one of us. William swears for him. And that’s good enough for me.”

William is the judge, one of her best friends, her oldest lover. And he’s one of my biggest ‘fans’, as she teases me with. He likes total girly girl. He likes to breed me, fuck long and hard with me over a chair so he can get deeper into me. I am always the sorest after he leaves me full of his cum. He goes on for what seems like forever. Of the men I see I like him the best. I love being fucked, taken by a man in a business suit. I think the record is him having me for an hour and half straight. The others are erotic but he’s my favorite.

“I’ll be back here around 7pm. Have my bath ready for me. We’ll do a quick inspection. It had all better be squeaky clean, little girl. I want something sexy but not over the top laid out on my bed for my meeting with hopefully your next client. Something with a short skirt, 4″ heels, you know what men like, sweetie. Not that my little boy is a man.”

She walked to me, smiling. The chain between my ankles jingled as she hugged me, kissed my cheek, pushing the huge rubber penis on my face out of the way and off to the side.

“We may use this thing later tonight. I may let you see my butt as you fuck me with that thing. I may want you on your knees, that rubber cock up straight. You love my butt, don’t you? You love seeing mommy’s rear end? I better stop. I’m making myself wet, honey. And I don’t want my friend Barbara thinking I’m hot for her.”

She laughed, kissed my cheek again.

“But you never know. She might be fun. Now be a good boy and clean my house. I know you love doing that for me.”

She patted my butt, hugged me and told me that she loved me. She walked off toward the hall door that led to the garage. In an instant she was gone.

I heard her car start. I thought about my life with her, total servitude we both made happen. I felt my penis strain at its cage as I thought about her rewarding me with her mouth, my once a month reward. I felt myself wiggle and mince, ankles held tight by my chain and ankle cuffs, as I started to do my chores being so careful to all of them right. I thought about what my next ‘client’ will be like. Three men per week, another one would make four. My mother doesn’t need the money. She tells me she does love spending it though, knowing I ‘earned’ if for her. But she hardly needs the money. The money is to shame me. She said that, to humiliate me and remind me what I am in her house.

She needs my slave like devotion adoring submission and complete sexual kinkiness. And I would never want that to change. I would never deny her that. My mother is my undeniable Mistress.

I felt my little thing get wet on the end just thinking that. I started my chores, my penis straining at its cage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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