Mother-In-Law Ch. 3

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Labor Day weekend – Second Day

If you haven’t done so – please go read Mother-in-Law Ch 2. – First Day. This story is a continuation of that one – it will make better sense.

* * * * *

Sunday morning I slept in. Mary was up before me and I actually slept until about nine-thirty or so. When I got up I slipped into my cut-offs and went into the bathroom to take a leak and get myself together. It didn’t take long, so I went back to the bedroom, pulled on a clean tee-shirt and joined the rest of the world at the table.

Father-in-law was sitting there with the Sunday paper spread all over the table. Mary was sitting at the end of the table finishing up a nice big piece of coffee-cake. She did, of course, have a nice big cup of coffee to go with it. Mother-in-law was nowhere to be seen. Bill and Pat’s door was still closed so I guessed that they were still in the sack. There was a pot of coffee on the counter so I got up and poured myself a mug. I held the pot and walked over to the table and offered:

“Anybody want me to heat up his or her cup?”

Mary said, “Yes thanks.”

Father-in-law just looked up and shook his head ‘NO’.

I put the pot back, sliced myself a piece of the coffee-cake and took them to the table. I sat down next to Mary and started to absorb the caffeine as quickly as I could. The sugar blast from the coffee-cake was helping to restore my humanity. I too can be a little grumpy when I first wake up, imagine that!

“Where is everybody?” I said to nobody in particular.

Mary said, “Mom went to church.”

Father-in-law said, “Dunno, I guess the other two are still sleeping.”

Well, these two were certainly talkative this morning. I picked up a section of the paper and started to read. I was reading an article on an accident that happened two towns away. Apparently some goy lost control on a turn late at night and plowed through a fence into the side of someone’s house. Bummer! Wait a minute – night – poorly lit curves – darkness – I have a date with Pat tonight! My mood suddenly improved as I remembered this, looked this was going to be a great day after all.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked looking at Mary.

“I don’t know,” she said still reading her paper. “Do you have any ideas?”

I did, but I didn’t think that Father-in-law would like to hear about them at his breakfast table.

“How about we ride down to the flea market and nose around there for a while?” I suggested.

“That might be fun,” Mary finally looked up. “Do you think that Bill and Pat would like to go with us?”

“We can only ask,” I replied. “How about you?” I said looking at Father-in-law.

“I doubt it,” he mumbled, not looking up from his paper.

“We can check with Mom when she gets back,” Mary offered.

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “I think that I’ll go for a swim, how about you?”

Mary thought about it for a minute, then said: “OK, if the tide is in.”

I knew that the tide wouldn’t be high until around noon, but that it was coming in. The lagoon is not really pleasant at low tide but we were approaching high tide so it would be OK.

“It should be close,” I said.

It will be just past high tide tonight when I am to meet up with Pat out at the lagoon, I thought to myself. I’m going to have to wear Mary down today so that she will be fast asleep by two AM. The flea market should be a good start, I’ll walk her all over the place and then, maybe, tonight I’ll get a few drinks into her and she will be out like a light by midnight or so. It was a plan.

We continued to read the Sunday paper until Bill came wandering out at about ten-fifteen. He looked like he had been through the war and needed coffee badly. He found it and poured himself a big mug full. I invited him to take my seat while I made a new pot. Bill had taken what was the last two cups in the pot and it didn’t look like he was about to make a fresh pot himself.

I was just about done making the coffee when Pat appeared. She looked good this morning. She was wearing another bathing suit with a wrap around skirt over the bottom. It almost looked like she was wearing a bra since the bathing suit was white. I saw that Father-in-law sat up and took notice of Pat when she walked up to the table. She was, as usual, showing a nice view of her cleavage – did I tell you that she has great tits?

“Fresh coffee in about three minutes,” I said in Pat’s direction.

“Thanks,” she said. “What’s to eat, I’m starving.”

Mary said, “There’s still a little of the coffee-cake left.”

Pat came out into the kitchen and cut herself a nice piece of the pastry. She gave me a nice smile as she passed me and she let her hand touch mine as she walked back to the table. I waited for the coffee to finish and poured her the first cup. I put the cup onto the table in front of her. Father-in-law saw what I was doing and he pushed his cup out to the middle of the table and said:

“As long as you’re up – would you mind?”

“Glad to,” I said as I went back and got the pot. I walked Sakarya Escort it over to the table and refilled Father-in-law’s cup. This also allowed me to get another great look at Pat’s tits as she sat there sipping her coffee. I looked at Mary and she was looking at me with hard eyes. I guessed that I just got caught peeking down sister-in-laws bathing suit. I was sure that I was going to hear about that later.

I went out and got myself into the water. Mary was about two minutes behind me. I watched her walk down the ramp to the floating dock. She stood there for a minute with her hands on her hips and looked down at me in the water. I was floating on my back. It was hard to look up at her with the sun so high in the sky. Finally, Mary jumped into the water and started to swim down the lagoon. I rolled over and followed her for about thirty or forty feet when she began to slow down. She let me catch up and we were floating there, face to face, about fifty feet from the dock.

“You like her tits, huh?” It started, again.

“What do you mean?” The obligatory denial.

“Pat’s tits, you couldn’t keep your eyes off them this morning.” She was starting to raise her voice.

“Aw c’mon Mary, I couldn’t help it,” I tried to look for an excuse. “You saw the way she was dressed.”

“Yeah, I saw it,” it wasn’t going to stop. “And everybody else saw you ogling her.”

“Everybody? Everybody who?” Now I feigned anger.

“My father and Bill, that’s who.” She continued.

“Your father was sitting right next to her, he couldn’t see where I was looking and Bill had his nose in the papers – you’re imagining it.” I took the offensive.

“I’m not imagining anything – you admit that you were looking at her tits then?” She was starting to sound like a prosecutor on TV.

“I was only looking at them because I was remembering the great time we had last night with your tits and the great surprise you gave me.” I was really reaching now.

“Oh, Bullshit.” She was right.

“Look babe, I’m a normal male here – have you noticed how your father looks at her?” Shift the focus if you can!

“Yeah, and I’m not too happy about that either,” she was starting to calm down.

“Well, your tits are still the best, even if my eye sometimes slips to another set.” I said with my best used car salesman voice.

“Oh Bullshit.” She had said it again, but with a little hint of a smile this time.

“I like your tits better,” I went on. “Anyway, hers are too big.”

“More Bullshit.” I was losing ground again.

“No, really,” I was improvising now. “By the time she’s forty, they will be hanging down on her belly. Yours will still look good when you’re sixty. Isn’t that better?”

“Whose taste better?” Now she was playing.

“I wouldn’t know for sure, but I imagine that yours do.” A big smile on my face.

“Do you want me to flavor them again?” She was warming up a little.

“Plain, flavored, whatever – I like your tits the best.” I said this as I swam up to her and put my hands out and cupped her tits. I had to kick a little harder to keep from sinking though.

Mary turned around in the water and I cupped her tits from the back. I managed to snuggle up against her and push my dick against her ass until we both began to sink.

“Lets head back to the dock,” I suggested.

Mary started to swim and I was following close behind her. When we reached the dock, She reached out and put her hands onto the platform and she was able to support herself there. I swam up and took a position next to her at the dock. We caught our breath from the swim then turned to face each other. Keeping one hand on the dock I moved close and Mary wrapped her legs around my waist – we got real comfy like this.

“Want to fool around?” I suggested.

“Not here,” She replied. “Sometimes it’s just nice to hold on and hug.”

“It’s called humping,” I offered.

“Oh, sometimes you’re just too much.” Mary said this as she disengaged her legs. “I’ve had enough.”

I stayed in the water as she climbed up the ladder onto the dock. I always liked the way she looked while she climbed up that ladder. It was a great view from the water. When she was up on the dock, I climbed up myself and followed her into the porch. We toweled off there and went inside. Everyone was still at the table reading the papers and drinking coffee.

Mary walked over to the table and said, “Hey guys, we’re going down to the flea market today – anyone want to go with us?”

Pat looked up and appeared to like the idea. Bill kept reading until Pat poked him and she said, “Let’s go with them – it sounds like fun.”

“OK” was all Bill could muster up.

“When are we leaving?” Pat actually seemed to be enthusiastic for once.

“Well, we’re going to change and get ready,” Mary said thoughtfully. “How about in about forty-five minutes?”

“OK,” Pat said. “Bill and I will be ready.”

“How about you, Mom?” Mary was looking at her mother.

“Thanks dear, but I’m a little tired today and I don’t Sakarya Escort Bayan feel like walking all over the place.”

“Are you sure?” Mary tried one more time.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Mother-in-law went on. “I’ll just stay here with your father.”

“Can we trust you two alone,” Mary said teasingly.

Her mother apparently saw no humor in this joke and didn’t reply. Instead, she just picked up her paper and started turning the pages. Wow, that was really cold.

I turned and went into the bedroom and Mary was right behind me. She closed the door and said,

“Mom’s a little touchy on that subject.”

“What subject,” I pretended ignorance.

“Being alone with Dad,” She said forgetting that I was there for the conversation too.

“Oh well, that’s something between the two of them,” I said as I guided Mary over to the bed and leaned her over a little. I pulled myself up against her and pressed by dick against her butt. “Let’s get something between us too.” I suggested.

“And like I can’t guess what that is,” she said.

I pressed myself against her a little more and eased her against the bed. With a little coaxing, I soon had her kneeling on the side of the bed with her hands down supporting her upper body. This one of my favorite positions and Mary knew it.

“Do you think that you should lock the door?” She asked.

“Ok, don’t move,” I said as I took the few steps over to lock the door and returned to her butt.

I stepped back a little and dropped my damp cut-offs to the floor. I wasn’t wearing any skivvies so all I was left with was my tee shirt. I put my hands onto her hips and pressed myself against her a little while longer. Then I stepped back a little and slid her bathing suit bottom down to her knees. Mary lifted her legs one at a time and I was able to get the bottom all the way off. I let it fall to the floor with a damp plop.

When I put my cock against her pussy, I noticed that we were both a little dry from swimming in the salt water. I was hard enough, but I could tell that a little additional lube might be just the thing to avoid some chafing. I saw the bottle of baby oil on the dresser and I could reach it from where I was standing. I got the bottle and dribbled a little of the oil onto my cock. I put some onto my hand and let it run down onto my fingers, then I rubbed my fingers onto Mary’s pussy and gave it a nice lube job.

Mary was getting a little tired of supporting her weight with her arms, so she lowered herself down until her shoulders were on the bed. Wow, what a sight. I moved back up and made contact and eased my cock into Mary’s waiting cunt. It really felt great.

Before I started to stroke her, I unfastened the strap on her bathing suit top and removed it. I put it on the floor next to the bottom. Next, I reached around her hips and spread her pussy lips with my fingers finding her clit already erect. As I started to rub her clit I said, “Still want to hurry?”

“No, you can take your time,” She purred back.

I kept up the clit rub as I started to stroke my cock into her cunt. That’s when we noticed the bed squeaking again.

“Damn, I forgot about that.” I moaned

‘Do you have to stop?” Mary had a little pleading in her voice.

I kept my hips still as I continued to rub her clit. Mary continued to rock her hips against me but she soon noticed that I wasn’t moving.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered.

“I just don’t want to make all that noise,” I told her.

“Well, this feels great for me, but you’re not going to get off if you don’t move a little.” Mary had a firm grasp on the obvious.

“We’ll worry about you first, then we’ll see about me later.” I reassured her.

Mary didn’t say anything else. I continued to massage her clit while I kept my cock rammed all the way into her. She started to enjoy it again and was soon oblivious to me and to our surroundings. I waited until I could hear the telltale change in her breathing, then I stepped up the rubbing a little and took her over the edge. She bucked a lot and moaned a little as the waves or orgasm passed over her. Pretty soon, she calmed down and raised herself back up onto her hands.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she said, “Well, what’s next?”

I eased myself out of her pussy and my stiff dick just stood out straight in front of me. Mary put her feet down onto the floor and turned to face me. She put her arms around my waist and pulled us together. This made my cock push up against her belly and she squeezed it between us. I was really horny and knew that a case of blue balls wasn’t far off if I didn’t drop a load of baby batter pretty soon.

Then I was struck with an idea. “C’mon over here,” I said as I led her over to the dresser.

I put my hands under her arms and lifted her up until she was sitting on the dresser. It was just the right height. I pushed her knees apart and stood between them. I drew her to me until her butt was just on the edge of the dresser. She could just reach the footboard of the bed Escort Sakarya with her heels.

“Is this going to work?” I asked.

Mary didn’t answer with words. She reached down and grasped my cock and drew it up so that the head was at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed myself forward and it went straight in.

“Hmmmm,” she said. “This is new, what made you think of this?”

“I dunno, it looked convenient.” I whispered.

I started to stroke into her and sure enough, the dresser didn’t make any noise. I took me about two-dozen strokes to catch up and I shot a big wad up into Mary. That took the pressure off and my cock started going soft almost immediately after I finished.

I took a half step backwards and noticed where we were. Without saying anything, I opened the drawer that was between Mary’s legs and pulled out a pair of her panties.

“This works out well,” I said smiling as I handed her the underwear.

“Funny, wise ass,” She said with a little giggle.

Mary stepped down from the dresser and wrapped her robe around her. She took the panties that I selected and a pair of jeans shorts, a bra and a tee shirt and headed for the door.

“Some of us have to clean up after that, you know,” She said, as she unlocked the door and stepped out. Pat was just going past the door and looked in at me standing there totally naked. Wow, what timing. I guessed that we were now even. Mary closed the door quickly but not quickly enough.

I dressed in a pair of jeans and another tee shirt. I went out to the family room to wait for Mary. Bill was already there sitting on the couch; he was still reading the paper. There had to be a lot of news that the rest of us missed or else he’s a really slow reader. Mother-in-law was in the kitchen puttering with the dishes, Father-in-law was nowhere to be seen.

I got up and went into the kitchen on the pretense of getting a drink of water. Mother-in-Law was in her usual place at the sink. I brushed against her as I went by and took a glass from the drainer. I looked around for Father-in-Law but still couldn’t see him. I went over to the fridge and took out the bottled water and poured some into my class.

“Want a drink?” I asked.

“Thanks, no,” She responded. Her voice was very neutral.

I stood there and drank the water down. While I was leaning back to finish it, Mother-in-Law in law ran her hand across the front of my pants and squeezed my dick. I wasn’t expecting that and I started to choke on the water.

“Are you OK?”Mary said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Just put some water down the wrong pipe,” I stuttered, still half choking.

Mother-in-Law was giggling, and said, “Careful, we all need to be careful.” She put a little emphasis on the word ‘all’ and I took it as a message to back off a little.

“Thanks,” I said as I nodded to her. I looked into her eyes as I said it to let her know that the message was received.

Pat came out of the bedroom and bill finally got up from the couch. We all went out of the house after we gave Mother-in-Law one more chance to go with us. She declined so we were on our way. We took our car and I drove, as usual.

The flea market was about six miles away on a road that parallels the main highway. There is one large building with about four dozen stalls inside and two long rows of outside ‘tables’ where all sorts of merchandise is available. I like to take my time and walk the rows first, then go inside and look around and get something to eat before leaving. Mary is not so patient. She has a few favorites that she visits right away and spends a lot of time snooping in just a few places.

We discussed our plans as I was parking. It was decided, we would all go our own ways and meet at the snack stand in exactly one hour. That really meant that Bill and I would be at the snack stand in one hour and the girls would show up whenever the mood struck them. Anyway, I parked and we all got out of the car. Bill followed me to the outside rows and the girls disappeared into the crowd going toward the building.

Bill was his usual pain in the ass. He tagged along with me but didn’t really look at any of the merchandise. Instead, he seemed to be ogling the girls and women who were walking among the tables near us. He was a bit obvious and a couple of the other men were visibly annoyed at the way he was staring at some of the women. I was going to say something to him but thought better of it. Instead, I gave him the slip and cut between a couple of the tables to the parallel row. I figured that I would meet him on the reverse track.

I walked along for a while looking at all the usual junk. There didn’t seem to be anything new or exciting. After a few minutes, I spotted Pat at a jewelry table. She was wearing her usual low cut shirt and a nice short skirt. She looked good bending forward slightly and I could tell that the man behind the table was paying more attention to her tits than to the merchandise that she was looking at. I ambled on over and stood next to her to see what she was interested in.

Pat was looking at some cameo pins. The prices asked told me that they were not real cameos unless the usual price suddenly dropped by ninety percent. They were pretty though and some were in interesting settings. They were likely plastic and I think that everybody knew it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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