Mother In Law_(2)

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This story is the truth, I need to purge my soul? I have already confessed to priest but seems not enough.
On the night that Justin Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson’s top off at super bowl half time, I had sex with mother in law. When wife traveled… my mother in law would stay and help with the kids…. big mistake!

Wife was was in Arizona, kids with my folks, mother in law came to house to watch kids but they were gone (with my folks) . MIL didn’t know but basically invited herself over. She was a tease. A big tease. My friends were in awe of this woman. She was a red headed devil…

Once when she was helping me with little kids (her grand kids) when wife was gone… came out after they were asleep in just a short silky kimono thing to pick up toys …again, helping with my toddlers after they were asleep… she had nothing on underneath… she bent over and I saw her pussy. She had a mound that rolled up between her legs, very sexy! Another time when wife gone on business… she walked out in kitchen in nylon bra… see through thing… I saw her tits and nipples and had friend with me he got show too…… she did not care! She had very long nipples! I saw them more than once…another time we danced at my brother in law’s wedding (her son) and she grinded into me…same night she told me, şişli escort she thought I was well hung… she was drunk… that got my wife(her daughter) very angry… Another time she came out in black skirt and white blouse and asked me how it looked… i said fine… she then said she wanted my opinion on blue skirt…. she took the black skirt off right in front of me… had black thigh highs on but full cotton panties. They were pretty much estranged though… very antagonistic.. Another morning when wife was gone she came out in short grey DePaul T shirt with see through panties on…. I could see her muff.

She lived with us for several months… when my wife was home she behaved… when wife was gone… she became a minx cat and would stroll around house in various states of undress… My neighbor to the north actually told me that she thought my MIL was having an affair with the man who lived behind us… I think she was…

On night of super bowl…We drank. Discussed Janet Jackson’s misfortune with her top being pulled off. Mother in law observed that Janet was wearing nipple jewelry. Started explicit discussion. When we were alone discussions always turned to sex…especially.. if we were drinking! She would actually get fairly graphic.. it tittalated me.. One time she asked me if women could use viagra! She told me she was on hormone replacement but didn’t get the same “effect” as when she was natural.. When I asked what she meant she said … “wet”

On superbowl night I drove her home. we talked about strippers all the way home… she told me that she once exposed herself to some guys at fishing lodge in Wisconsin years before… why i am still not sure…

At time, Mother in law 62, slim very attractive. Nice tits. i had a glimpse of them once before… My sister in law (her other daughter) married to movie actor (her daughter from previous marriage). She is very liberal …sex pot of sorts.. always used sex as a tool. We got to her apartment, did not want to go in. She wanted to stay out…
We Went to bar near her apartment building……drank. In bar very flirty… Touched me and rubbed me… Got me hot… On way home scratched me on inner thigh… with her baby finger… That’s when I knew!!

Went back to drop her off. Kissed her on lips goodnight (very daring never did it before) put my hand on her rib cage. She did not flinch. Prolonged kiss. Moved hand up to her tit. She actually smiled. Felt her up. Felt her bra… Moved her in to apartment. She asked if I was happy….said NO!

She knew marriage on rocks… and it was… because her daughter was constantly traveling… We sat on couch. Kissed her more… felt her all over… Off came her shirt, pants …undies, still on couch …kissing her. Felt her crotch. Pussy felt moist. Went down on her.. pussy very musty… licked her… Her pussy not shaved, very natural, sparsely haired. Her pussy tasted musty not rancid. She moaned.. a lot. I had to put my hand over her mouth. …I stood up over her… Her body was very nice. She was stretched out. Asked me if I could cum in her. I said yes. Fucked… came. Never pulled off her bra. Came in her and on her.. She actually told me how she fucked a black guy once… Told me she was into sexual conquests.

Left … Awkward to this day… I think her oldest daughter knows… After this incident i was worried sick! I thought she would tell wife… my parents… but she kept quite… Only once after this event has she ever been sexually provocative towards me… combed hair in mirror after kids went to school…ex- wife gone… I saw her and she knew it… she was in sheer bra… yes tits hanging out!

But we are good friends. Wife and I finally got divorced. Once, long after we got drunk at wedding and she alluded to night of fucking, night of super bowl. Now older. Gives me her pain pills, not fond of her daughter my ex… pushes other daughter on me… maybe! She is much older…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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