Mother Knows How

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I put the tape in the v.c.r. and laid back on my bed to see what this mystery tape I’d found was all about. It was late, and everyone was sleeping. There was a naked woman sitting on a couch. She was very pretty, and looked to be in her 30’s. She was touching herself. I watched as she mashed her breasts together and gently squeezed her nipples. She seemed to be enjoying it immensely. An overdubbed voice started to speak. She was describing her fantasies. The woman then brought her hands down to her vagina and began to slide her finger up and down her slit. The camera started to pull back, and there were two beautiful young girls on the floor in front of her, naked, kissing and fondling each other. This was supposed to be the woman’s fantasy. The tape went on, giving play by play commentary on what the two girls were doing, as the beautiful mystery woman masturbated. I had never really had the thought of two women together, but the sight of it all got me very excited. Watching mystery woman touch herself so sensually was getting me aroused. It was like being able to spy on someone in their most intimate moments, and get into their head. I often wondered what other people thought about when they masturbated.

Gradually more people started to fill the room, as more of her fantasies were incorporated. There was a muscular man getting his big cock sucked by a gorgeous young girl, and another beautiful woman masturbating her self with a big rubber dick. The woman was now dipping her fingers in and out of her vagina, and rubbing furiously on her clit. I felt my own excitement build, and I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I stripped naked and laid back on my bed. I watched as the woman fucked herself with her hand, and I began to touch myself. I imagined that I was part of this woman’s fantasy, and she was mine, and we were fucking ourselves for each other. The new exciting thought of someone, especially a woman, watching me was making me dizzy with lust. If she was here, I would do anything she wanted. I felt my climax building inside of me, more powerful than ever before. I began to mimic the woman on the tape, as if she was telling me what to do through her own actions. She pulled her fingers from her wet pussy and started to lick her fingers. I did the same. The new taste of my own juices in my mouth made me feel even dirtier. I had never tasted anything so arousing. I pretended that I was licking the juices from her fingers and she from mine. My whole body was covered by A thin layer of sweat, and I began to shake. I became aware of every part of my body, right down to my toes. Every part of me seemed to be absorbing pleasure, and directing it towards my pussy. I wanted to come for this woman. I needed her to see me cum for her.

I was completely lost in my fantasy and arousal, on the verge of cumming when I dropped my head to my side and caught a glimpse of my mother standing in my door.


I felt my whole body become flush with embarrassment and disgrace, as I fumbled to turn off the television and cover myself at once. I wished at that moment my bed would have swallowed me up. It took an eternity for me to cover up.

I shouted on the edge of tears.


My mom walked in the room and sat on my bed next to me. She started to tell me it was ok. She was stroking my hair and telling me it was ok. I was crying.

“Please leave mom. Go away please.”

“Shhh. It’s ok honey.” That’s all she kept saying. I wanted her to leave. I didn’t think I could ever look at her again, ever.

“Honey its ok. Everyone does this. It’s perfectly ok.”

“I know, but not everyone gets caught.”

“Alot of people get caught and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have walked in here, but I thought you were sleeping.” She leaned in to hug me, and was still telling me it’s ok. I heard her mumbling to herself that she couldn’t believe how stupid she was. She kept saying how stupid she was in between telling me it was ok.

“Honey there is nothing to be ashamed of. You weren’t doing anything wrong. You shouldn’t feel like you were wrong it was me.” I thought at that point she was about to cry.

“I’m sorry. I should have talked to you about this.”

I started to find it funny that she was so concerned I’d be scarred for life, and I started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”


“Why am I funny?”

“I don’t know. You are just being too much mom.” She started to laugh too, and I felt a little better.

“I’m sorry mom.”

“Don’t be sorry. porno You have nothing to be sorry about.”

“Well I’m sorry you had to see…” Then it hit me. What did she see? I began to think of the things I was doing. I began to imagine my mom watching me lick my pussy juice from my fingers, and fuck my pussy, all while watching another woman. I became aware of the stickiness on my hand, and that I was still naked.

“Well I’m sorry mom. It was just, I was..”

“Shhh. It’s all ok. I didn’t see anything you should be ashamed of. We should talk about it honey. I don’t want you to feel…”

“Mom I’m a little naked here. Can we talk another time?”

“Oh. Well. Of course. I’m..I’m sorry. I’ll go. I’ll let you get back to…I mean.”

“MOM! I’m not gonna….like I’ll ever do that again! Please.”

“Oh honey..No you should, I mean not now, well if you want to..uh.. I mean you shouldn’t…We need to talk.”

“Ok mom, but not now.”

“No I think we need to now, I don’t want you to think…”

“Mom,… Still naked!”

“Oh yes. Oh well ok here then.” She got up and slipped her nightgown to the floor, slipped off her panties, dropped them on the nightgown, and kicked the pile of clothes away. My mother stood in front of me naked as can be.


“Now we are both naked, and you shouldn’t have anything to feel ashamed of.” I started to laugh at how unbalanced I thought my mother was being.

“I was thinking more about me getting dressed mom.”

“No, because I made you feel ashamed, and I want you to see there is nothing to be ashamed of. So now we are even.

“Well not quite. But ok mom, whatever.”

“You’re right! We are not even. I’ll fix that.” She walked over, turned on my radio, and began to dance like a stripper in my room. “She is definitely unhinged” I thought. She began shaking her breasts back and forth, and strutting around. It was a bit disturbing, and quite funny. I almost didn’t want to stop her. It’s not like you get to see your mom make a fool of herself everyday, but I couldn’t take it anymore.


She sat on the bed again.

“Not bad for an old mom huh?” She was obviously proud of her shameful display.

“Yea ok whatever mom.”

I spent the next few seconds feeling very awkward, but we were both laughing.

“Mom it’s ok. I know it’s not.. well It’s just embarrassing.”

I know honey, but it’s perfectly normal.” She kicked her feet up on my bed and laid next to me. I moved over to give her room.

“So what exactly were you watching? It looked interesting.” She grabbed the remote from the bed and went to turn the TV. on.

“NO MOM DON’T!” But it was too late. The TV popped on, and there was mystery woman fucking herself in the middle of her virtual orgy. I immediately felt all my shame and embarrassment come rushing back.

“Oh. Well that is sure interesting.” My mom sat comfortably examining the tape in silence.

“She’s quite attractive. And those other two are enjoying themselves.”

“Oh God mom. Please turn it off.”

“Why? It looks interesting. Besides I haven’t seen it in a while. Where did you find it?”


“Well who do you think it belongs to?”

“It’s yours? You watch this?

“Well not in a long time. It was your father’s tape, but I think I remember it. Who’s did you think it was?”

“I thought maybe Brian’s.” Brian is my brother. He moved out last year, along with my dad.

“I’m sure Brian wouldn’t have left anything like this behind. As a matter of fact I’m surprised your father did.” She watched some more as I sat shocked at this new information. I couldn’t imagine my mother watching anything like this. But there she was. And I definitely couldn’t imagine her and my dad…

“There is more on this tape” she said as she grabbed the remote and forwarded through the tape. She got to where our mystery woman was in her bed and pressed play. She dropped the remote, put her arms behind her head, and watched intently. I watched as another woman entered the room and laid next to mystery woman. Again the voice on the tape spoke. It was saying that the two women were friends, and found mutual pleasure in masturbating together, and that sharing your fantasies with someone you love can be just as intense as sex. I watched as the two women sat across from one another. Their pussies’ just inches from one another, their legs intertwined together. They Both began to fondle their breasts and pussies. Their eyes were fixed intently on anime porno one another, but they acted as if they were alone with no inhibitions at all. I was completely stunned. This was even better than what I originally saw. It was playing out what I was imagining. I felt my throat getting dry, and my pussy getting wet. Then I remembered…my mother was lying next to me.

“Mom you like this? I mean it …you….you like to watch women?”

“Sure. Don’t you? They are very sexy. Don’t you think?”

“YEA…uh I mean well yea but…then you.. well I’m …are we…”

“Oh no honey, I like men if that’s what you mean. But there is nothing wrong about fantasizing about other women. I mean, well it’s ok to be a little curious. I think we all are a little. I was married to your father, but if I was younger…who knows, I might try it.”

“REALLY?” You would…..have sex with another woman?”

“Sure. Why not? It looks like fun. There is something very sexy about seeing two women together. I think it would be very satisfying to please another woman.”

“Well these women look like your age, and you are just as pretty. Maybe you should try it now that dads…well now that you can.”

“Well thank you honey, who knows, if the opportunity presents itself maybe I will, but for now, I can just imagine it.”

“My mom the lesbian.” I laughed.

“Don’t point your finger too quickly. It looked to me like you enjoyed the idea just as much as I do.” I felt a little weird that my mom knows that I found it exciting to watch another woman, but it was much weirder knowing she felt the same way.

“But it’s perfectly ok. They are your fantasies, and as far as I’m concerned, anything that you can think of to satisfy you is ok.”

We spent the next few minutes watching the tape in silence. The two women were now using big vibrators to pleasure themselves. I was getting very excited. My mom began shifting around on the bed, pulling my thoughts away from the tape. I kept thinking that I wanted her to leave so I could be alone, but I didn’t want to say anything. I thought that she may have sensed my frustration, but she didn’t make an attempt to leave right away. I wondered if she was getting just as excited as I was. It was strange to realize my mother was into sex stuff. I guess no one really thinks about that, or wants to, but I’m kind of glad I know all this stuff about her now. It gave me the feeling that we weren’t so different after all, and I felt alot more comfortable about the things I was thinking about myself. I started thinking that maybe I should experiment with my sexuality more. Maybe I could try and seduce one of my girlfriends.

I thought about my friend Kim. I thought about us masturbating together. I always wondered what Kim would look like when she did it, and occasionally I thought about her while I masturbated myself. Something I never felt comfortable admitting to myself until now.

My mother shifted around on the bed again, and pulled me back to reality. I was very excited now. I noticed my mom was very caught up in the tape, and I could now see she was getting excited. I noticed, maybe for the first time how sexy my mother was. She was alot younger than most of my friends’ mothers. She had straight blonde hair to her shoulders. Her stomach was flat, and her boobs were pretty big. Out of all my friends, I have the second biggest chest, and now I know why. I started to compare my body to my mom’s, and they were very similar. Her hips were wider than mine, but her legs were definitely more muscular. Her nipples were lighter than mine, and much bigger and longer. They stuck straight up, probably due to her obvious excitement. I noticed mine did the same. Her breasts were very firm, and looked like two perfectly round pillows on her body. I noticed that she had a small patch of blonde hair above her vagina that was neatly trimmed. I can’t believe my mom shaves down there! I shaved all mine off in the summer, but I thought my moms neat trim was alot sexier.

As I got lost in the sight of my mom’s body, I began to imagine her touching herself. I imagined us touching ourselves together. I wanted to watch my mother like I watched the woman on the tape. I imagined her thinking of being with a woman in front of me, and I wondered if she was watching me for a long time. I wondered if she liked watching me. I wondered if she did the things I was doing. I wondered if she tasted herself, and what she tasted like. I began to sweat, and my whole body started to tingle. I felt my pussy buzzing. I kicked the covers arap porno off me and let out a big sigh. I needed relief quickly. I needed to touch myself, but my mom was there. I can’t believe I am fantasizing about my mother. I wondered if she was getting this excited too. I remember thinking “What if I just started doing it?” What would she do? I mean, she already saw. What would be the big deal? Maybe she would do it too? What was I thinking? I had to do something.

“Mom?” She broke her intense stare from the television and turned to look at me.


“I um. Can we turn this off or something.”

“Oh. Yes well yes I’m sorry I….I guess I forgot where I was for a moment. I’m sorry.”

“NO! I mean it’s ok. I just.. I’m just….”

OH RIGHT. Oh honey I’m sorry. ..stupid.. I’ll just… I’ll go…”

“NO you can stay. I mean you don’t have to go.. Well this is nice, but…but I’m …I..”

I grabbed her arm to keep her from getting up.

“I mean…we are just both…here…and I…uh…..well I started thinking of things…and I’m …well I need…..

Mom this tape …I need to ….I’m getting too excited and I need to finish.”

My mom blushed a little, then smiled.

“Of course hon. I understand. I’m sorry. Actually, I could use a little time alone myself. I understand. I’ll just go….”

“NO! I mean yea.. I mean…You don’t have to go. I mean This is good here, and well You know what I want to do, and I know you…what you want to do… and you saw me, and I don’t care if you….I want to see you…”

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, out loud, to my mother! She didn’t say anything for what seemed like hours. I thought I went too far. I expected her to tell me I was, I don’t know what. That this was not ok. That I was a freak or something. I started to back track.

“NO…..I meant……you should go….I mean I’m just tired. it’s late.”

She put her finger over my mouth.

“It’s ok. I would have never said it sweetheart, but it’s ok. I want to stay here .I’m glad you said it. I don’t mind.”

She laid down next to me again, and draped her leg over mine.

“I saw you. It was very exciting. I want you to see me. Are you sure you want to?”

“Yes I…….I think…I want to see you.”

I watched as my mom licked her fingers and hesitantly brought them down to her pussy. She looked right at me the whole time, like the two women on the tape. As soon as she touched herself she let out a soft moan, and I almost came right there. I saw her hand disappear between her legs. I lifted myself up on my elbow so I could see what she was doing. I watched as her fingers danced around her clit, which was quite large, and very red. She dipped her fingers into her slit up to her knuckles and moaned even louder. I was shaking with sexual excitement. I watched as she brought her fingers back to her mouth and sucked on them.

“Oh mom.” I whispered. “Mom that is so hot.” I could feel the juices in my pussy practically leaking out of me. I leaned over further to watch my mother fuck herself with two fingers. I couldn’t wait anymore. I brought my hand to my own pussy and let my fingers seek out my throbbing clit. As soon as my fingers touched I came. My mother reacted by rubbing herself faster, and she took one of my nipples in her mouth and began to suck. The sensation was amazing. No one ever sucked my tits before, and my orgasm seemed to go on for hours. I could feel my own juices running on to my fingers, and I couldn’t wait to taste them. Mom must have thought the same thing. She took my hand and plunged my fingers into her mouth. As soon as my fingers entered her mouth, she came, letting out a deep long moan, shattered by short gasps of air. Before I realized what happened I was sucking on my mother’s fingers, savoring the taste of her pussy. It tasted even better than my own. I was so consumed by lust. I wanted to taste more. I quickly threw myself toward her pussy. I moved away her probing fingers from her cunt and replaced it with my mouth. I put my whole mouth over her pussy, and began to lick her juice from inside her. I couldn’t get enough of it. I tried to get every last drop from her, but the more I licked and sucked, the more there was. I suddenly felt my mother pull my body over hers to return the favor. As soon as I felt her lips and tongue exploring my pussy, I came harder than ever before. We spent the rest of the night, until it was light, licking and masturbating each other and ourselves.

I still think sometimes that it is strange that the first person I ever fucked was my own mother, but I would never have it any other way. It’s been almost a month since that night, and we can’t get enough of each other. Tonight my friend Kim is coming over to stay, and my mother and I have been very excited about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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