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Hi, I’m Tom and am an 18 year old senior at our local high school. I live with my parents and my 20 year old sister, Wendy. She goes to the college here in town; it’s not small and also not big, with an enrollment of about 8000 students. To me that is big but she says it is “nice for a small school.” I DO know that she is in with the ‘in crowd’ and parties harder than she studies. Oh yeah, she hates that she has to stay at home since I am always hitting on her hot classmates when they come over for study and goof off sessions.

I guess I have always been the brat of a younger brother trying to horn his way into her ‘much older’ life. We don’t get along very good and if I was more in tune with other people’s feelings I would have known that was the reason. But I didn’t.

One of her friends slipped up and mentioned the party they were going to go to on Friday night. Wendy went ballistic on her since I was sitting only ten feet away and she was certain I was paying attention to them instead of the game on TV. She was right. Too bad as I began making plans to crash that party.


By working the grapevine I learned when and where the party was going to be so I showed up promptly 2 hours after it started, walking in with a group of invitees that didn’t notice that I had merged with them. In no time I had downed 2 beers and was grabbing a third one when I saw Wendy and three of her friends slip into a room down the hall. Then a girl came out that door with a glazed look to her face and I wondered what kinds of drugs were being passed around in there. I didn’t think my sis was into drugs…hmmm.

Just then I saw a jock step out of the next door down with a shit eating grin on his face and I thought, ‘this I have got to check out.’ Loud male voices were giving a timid guy shit about not going into the closet as I entered the room, and I reeeeally wondered what was going on. Just then the door in question opened and a guy blinked at the low light as he fastened his belt and zipped his fly. He looked around and said, “Holy shit could she suck dick!” He gave the timid guy a shove towards the door as he said, “You’re up. I’ll be back later guys.”

A huge guy by the closet door grabbed the door then the wimp and pushed him inside saying “Try to last more than one minute!” With the door now closed he knocked on the wall hard and I could hear another door open and close followed by the sound of a zipper opening. This was quickly followed by the guy moaning about five times and then groaning loudly. A few moments later I heard a muffled female voice say, “Well shit, you tasted good but that was way too quick! Send in another guy that can last.”

The brute at the door looked at me and said, “Hey newbie, can you last longer than thirty seconds. I know that voice and she really likes the guy to last five minutes or more.”

Even as the timid guy stepped out of the dark closet with his pants at his ankles, all eyes were on me. Holy shit, I can’t get a date for well over a month and it sounds like I’m going to get blown by somebody. My balls lurched as I thought ‘Hell yeah!’ What I said was, “I’ve never shot off in less than ten minutes before.”

Well, that was true but I had only gotten one BJ before and she wasn’t very good at it, kept dragging her teeth along my eight inch wanger and hurt the shit out of me. Anyway, nobody needed to push me towards the door while I felt the blush tinge my face. Good thing it was pretty dark in there.

“Treat her right man, it’s the same girl,” the brute said as I stepped to the door. He opened it and I stepped into the totally dark little room.

A hand reached out and found me then quickly found my crotch and stroked my rapidly rising shaft. “Mmmmmmmmm,” the drunken slightly husky female voice groaned before her hands quickly had my pants around my knees and her lips around my cock head. Both of us groaned as one as her tongue worked all around my bulbous head. Suddenly she shoved forward as her hands moved off of my shaft allowing her to bury her nose in my skin as she swallowed me whole.

The beers were working over my speech controls so I slurred out a low “Holy fuck,” as she grabbed my ass and began pounding her face onto my cock by pulling me hard into her. The first girl to blow me only got about 3 or 4 sore inches of cock into her mouth, so this was heaven by comparison. No way was I prepared for how this girl could work her tongue on me while still taking me deep over and over again.

I was realizing why the other guy shot off so fast with her and was thanking my luck since I had jerked off before leaving the house. Damn, if I hadn’t done that I know I would have been finished by now. As it was, I was certain this gal might just have a sore jaw when she was finished. That thought made me chuckle softly and she pulled off of me instantly. Before I could apologize the mystery girl spun around and drunkenly said, “Laugh at me you fucker! Well, laugh at this…” and her pussy slipped around me and she pushed gerçek porno against me hard.

Again each of us groaned as I entered her about five inches deep. She shook slightly as I tried to figure out whose voice that sounded like. Three more powerful thrusts back at me and my balls bounced off of her clit while my tip pressed deeply into her deepest wall. I groaned out “Oh my god,” as she moaned “Holy fuck that’s big.”

My larger brain struggled to figure out how I knew that voice as my smaller and very active brain started thrusting into her while she worked her hips back and forth. With the two of us working in surprisingly good timing the mystery fuck mate began groaning harder and harder as her passions rose. I always figured I would be pretty good at fucking, just never found out until now. The way she was carrying on nearly ten minutes later I figured I was doing pretty damned good.

Suddenly her movements went totally out of sync as her garbled drunken voice cried out, “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!” I grabbed her hips and used my arms to pull her back and forth as I drove my cock deeper and deeper into her super tight spasming pussy. Her moans continued even after her body stilled, her pussy going nuts around my cock that I held as deep within her as I could get it.

Just as I was thinking I could start in again she shoved her hand against my stomach as she slipped forward, separating our bodies as I wondered if we were done so soon. Those fears were quenched when her soft drunken voice said, “I sure hope you can hold me stud.” Then she stood up and grabbed my shoulders as we worked together at getting her horny pussy high enough to slip onto me once more.

“Oh gawwwwwwd that feels so good,” she groaned in a familiar voice as she sank fully onto me. My small brain instantly won as I forgot her voice and just concentrated on her words as my arms began moving her body on me faster and faster. It was pitch black in there and we fell against each of the doors at least twice as I fucked the living shit out of her. Or was it while she fucked the living shit out of me?

What I was certain of was that her body felt incredible in my arms and after nearly another 10 minutes her pussy was getting very close to being filled with my load. It was then that my large brain woke up as I thought, ‘Oh god, can I cum in her pussy? That is not the same as cumming in her mouth!’

She must have sensed that I was not only close but worried about what to do so she kissed me deep and hard then remained lip-locked as she groaned “Do it! Cum inside of me! Cum WITH ME!” As she finished speaking her body went wild as she thrashed about in my arms. Her pussy got super tight and spasmed around me three times.

Right after the third pussy spasm I groaned into her mouth, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” She stuck her tongue into my mouth and worked at mine harshly for about ten seconds then she pulled back and screamed loudly, “GIVE IT TO ME! I’M CUMMING AGAIN ON YOUR COCK!” Neither of us could speak after that as she clamped her lips to mine and kissed me for all she was worth. About thirty seconds later my balls ran out of sperm but tried in vain to find more for her greedy vagina. Our bodies slowly came to rest, her arms super tight around my shoulders while I held onto her delectable ass cheeks.

We stood there for quite a while, how long is anyone’s guess. Finally she shuddered and groaned, “Holy Jesus fuck; that was incredible!” I started to speak but she stopped my words with her tongue gently probing my mouth as she gave me the most sensuous kiss of my life. For certain I wanted to get kissed like that again!

After another minute her legs unlocked from around my hips and she tried to get down. I chuckled again then let loose of her ass as she hung before me thanks to her arms and my cock. “Are you kidding me?” her slurred voice asked. Before I could answer her she eased her arms from around my shoulders then she gasped, as her head looked down and bumped against my chest as she tried to see what was holding her up. Just as I dipped my legs to allow her to stand up she gasped, “My god, we had better damn well get together again.” I pulled my hips back dragging my shaft across her G-spot as I pulled fully out of her and she gasped again as her body shook with pleasure.

She dropped to her knees and quickly slipped her lips around me once more and then slowly pushed fully on and off of me about four times while her tongue worked at getting me fully cleaned of our combined juices. Her lips were still barely around me when she said, “My god you taste good! Now I know we have to do this again. Motherfuckinghell!” Just as she said that rapid fire word I lurched in shock and shoved my cock fully within her throat making her gag at its swiftness. She was still struggling as I shot two more huge ropes of cum down her throat.

I don’t know why but my hands were holding her tight against my base while I gasped for air as my balls went still again. gay porno She didn’t struggle; instead she worked her tongue and throat on me while she breathed through her nose. I held her as I wondered, ‘Did I just fuck my sister? That is her favorite saying, probably because it pisses our folks off so much!’ Loosing my balance I stumbled back and fell against the door again as my cock exited her mouth with a loud ‘pop’.

I heard her hand moving around on the floor and then I heard her pulling her panties back on. Gentle hands found my shorts around my left leg then helped me get both feet in them before she tugged them up and fastened them completely. Her hand patted my softening cock under the fabric and she drunkenly said, “Thanks, I really needed that!” Then she opened the other door and slipped out quickly.

Shaking my head in wonder at what had just happened I found the door knob and opened the door and stepped out into the room with the rest of the guys in it. The instant I stepped out they erupted into applause and cheers for a job well done. The big brute of a guy smacked me on the back and loudly said, “Damn man, you sure put the rest of us in a bind! Now they will all expect to get some of that!”

I stayed in the room for about twenty minutes as I mulled over the possibility that I had just fucked my own sister and filled her pussy with cum! Guys don’t do that to their sisters! In the end I decided that if she hadn’t figured out who I was then maybe it would just have to be a secret that I would take to my grave. By then two other guys were finished in the closet and the three of us stepped out of the room together.

Thinking it best to lag behind I let them go first. Wendy and her friends were talking at the end of the hallway and didn’t see who came out the door. I saw them first and turned around and went to the last door in the hallway. Luckily it was for the bathroom and I made a hasty exit out the window as I headed for home.


Wendy didn’t come home that night as she had told our folks she was going to a sleep over with some girls from the dorm. I didn’t see her until after supper on Saturday and she acted as if she had no idea that ‘we’ had fucked less than 24 hours ago. In fact, she was quite mellow and didn’t bitch about anything.

Sunday morning was another thing, though, as she was her old self again. I was alone in the kitchen drinking some milk when she came up behind me and smacked my arm saying, “Sue told me she saw you at the frat house the other night! Can’t you just stay out of my life!?”

When she hit me I dumped nearly the entire glass into my mouth. I was choking from the milk flood as much of it came back out and poured down my face and chest. “Bitch!” I yelled after swallowing. I grabbed a towel and wiped off then started cleaning the floor before even looking at her. When I did…oh my god!

The ceiling light was shining behind her and her blond hair looked like a halo around her. I just knelt there staring up at her with my mouth wide open. I’m sure I looked like a dumb ass. To make matters worse she had on her nightgown which didn’t completely hide her bodily charms, especially between her wide spread legs where the cloth went nearly transparent from the backlight.

“What the fuck is wrong with you now? Shit Tom, you’re practically leering at me like a horny monk!”

Finally I recovered and dropped my eyes as I stood up saying, “God I’m sorry sis, but holy shit you looked like an angel from down there. A very hot angel! But I’m sorry…”

“Are you all right?” she interrupted. “It’s not like you to say something nice about me…even if it’s as strange as that was.”

“Well you did, but I know you’re no angel!”

“Ass hole! Here I was going to give you a hug for the compliment. Now you’re sounding like normal again.” She looked at me pensively then bit her lip before softly asking, “Well, what did you do for fun Friday night?”

Trying to stay calm I tossed the towel into the laundry room while saying, “Oh, nothing much. I just hung out with some friends for a while. Why?”

“So you are saying that Sue lied to me…”

“No I did not” I said interrupting her. “Sue is just mistaken about it, that’s all. Hey, I know how pissed you get when I’m around so believe me when I say I try to avoid that at all costs.”

“Well….okay Tom, if you say so. She did say you were going into the bathroom and thought it was you from behind.”

“Oooo, does that mean she likes watching my behind?”

“Calm down little man. She’s not into high school boys! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!” Wendy left the room still laughing at me. Well, at least she doesn’t know that it was me she fucked and sucked like wild so that is good enough for me.


When I got home from school on Tuesday the phone was ringing. I answered it and Wendy nearly yelled, “Thank god you’re finally home! Would you be a dear and bring me my cell phone? I forgot it and really need it…..please evli porno brother dear!”

“It’s just as far for you as it is for me, sis.”

“Duh, I know that. Please Tom, I’m right in the middle of something and I really need it! Please! I promise to be nice to you for awhile.”

Her voice had gone nasal and whiny (both of which I hate) so I quickly said, “Okay, I’ll do it! Just tell me where it is.” She started telling me where to look in her room, a place I haven’t entered in over six years (I’m NOT allowed in there!) and I gave a whistle at the way she had it decorated.

“Be quiet and just open the middle drawer on the left side in my dresser. It should be right there.”

“Okay,” I said as I pulled the drawer open. All I saw were some very sexy bras and panties. “Hey sis, there’s some hot stuff in here but no phone.”

“Leave my stuff alone!” she snarled at me. Quickly her tone changed and she said, “I mean, just carefully look through them as it probably just slid down to the bottom.”

“Okay, hold on a minute,” I said as I started slowly checking out her stuff while looking deeper into the drawer. I held up three different matching sets of very shear and sexy stuff and gave a wolf whistle which made Wendy yell at me again. Finally at the very bottom I found her phone and said, “Hey, I’ve got it!”

“Good! Now please get here as soon as you can bro.”

“Okay. Just have one question sis.” I answered back. She was silent as if waiting for the question so I finally asked, “Are you wearing anything as hot as what I just dug through?”

“You’d better not have messed anything up you little shit….I mean Tom. Oh hell, please just hurry. Thanks”

She hung up so I perused her drawer a bit more before messily putting it all back once more. Then I headed for her college. One thing I’ll give her credit for, her directions were perfect and I was soon walking up to her.

Sue looked up and smiled at me then called out, “Did you have fun at the party Tommy?”

Playing dumb I said, “What party?”

“Yeah, right.” Her eyes scanned me up and down then she said, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Wendy hit her arm telling her that I wasn’t there. By then I was in front of her and handed her the phone. “Oh god, thanks Tom. You’re a real life saver for this!” she said as she hugged me tight, her 34C tits pressed tight into my chest. “I love you for this.”

Figuring I’d better leave quickly I said, “Love you too sis, see you. Bye girls.”

As I walked away I heard Sue saying, “I know he was there, on Friday. He’s even got on the same shoes and jeans with the torn right pocket.”

I kept right on walking as my sister called out “Tom! TOM!” I kept on walking and I guess she thought I couldn’t hear her.

Off to my left a deep male voice called out, “HEY STUD! HOW’S IT HANGIN’ MAN?”

I looked around innocently and scanned the people all around me, quickly skipping over the big brute of a guy that was handling the door of the closet. Shit, this was not good. He too figured I hadn’t heard him but then I heard him walk up to Wendy and ask, “So are you two going to hook up again?” I couldn’t hear my sister but then he said, “Oh yeah, that is for sure the guy that I let in when you were finished with that 20 second wonder.”

Shit was I ever walking fast to get out of there so anything else that was said I never heard. Crap, what would happen now that she knew for sure it was me? ‘Damn, I am so screwed’ I thought as I headed away from home and wandered for hours trying to figure out how to handle this. In the end I had no clue so after nearly five hours walking I headed back home.


There was a note from our parents on the refrigerator saying they were going out to a meeting and then would be staying at the hotel where the meeting was at. That worked for me as there was plenty of stuff there to fix. I grabbed a coke and flopped into a soft chair in the family room and stared at the blank TV screen.

The house was deathly quiet so I nearly shit when my sister lunged at me screaming, “THAT WAS YOU!!! YOU BASTARD….HOW COULD YOU? YOU SON OF A BITCH, BASTARD!!!” All the while she was punching at me with her little hands that I easily deflected.

“What the hell are you talk…”

“DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH ME!” Wendy cried out talking over me. “MY GOD HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!”

Somehow I managed to get my arms around her and pull her into a tight hug, stopping her fists by trapping them between our bodies. Again I faked innocence by saying softly, “Honest sis, I didn’t do anything to you besides sneak into that party. The moment I saw you I got the hell out of there and didn’t go back. Honest Wendy. I didn’t do anything to you.”

“Well my girlfriends ALL know that you did, and by now a bunch of the guys do too!” she said into my chest. “How could you?”

Her struggles had stopped so I eased my hold on her as I again tried to deflect things with, “But I didn’t DO anything but bring you your cell…”

She lifted her tear streaked face and looked at me with the most scared look I had ever seen on anybody. “But you did Tom; you really did something to me. Not today, last Friday at the party. And don’t deny it, I KNOW you were there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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