Moving Day!

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Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fiction are above the age of 18 years.

This story was written with the help of racqel, who wrote some portions of the female perspective.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.


I stood in my driveway waiting for my friend, Connor, to pick me up. I had just gotten off the phone with him and he said he was now turning onto my street. I promised I would help him move his stuff back from storage, to his house. He had been in Europe for a student exchange program and had just returned. As the summer’s sun beat down on me, I found myself regretting my offer to help him. Too late now, just as I stared into the blinding glare of the sun I saw his familiar blue corolla pulling up and him waving me over.

There were boxes everywhere, save for the seat behind the driver.

“Hey man, this heat is something else uh?” he greeted, as I entered his car. “Thanks for the help dude, you’re a lifesaver Matt,” he continued.

“Don’t mention it, I know you said it’s a lot of stuff,” I replied.

“Yeah, it’ll probably take two days, I gotta get down to the college to meet with some advisors, and it’s just too much to get done today,” he responded.

“Don’t sweat it, its summer; I had nothing going on anyways.”

“Cool, well, I just gotta swing by the gym to pick up Cass,” he informed. Cass, was Cassandra, Connor’s sister who at, 24, was four years our senior.

“Uh, yeah, no prob,” I replied.

We chatted about Connor’s trip to Europe as we drove through my neighborhood, eventually reaching to the parking lot of the gym. It only then dawned on me . . . where was Cass going to sit? Connor had obviously not thought about that, as he pulled up to the front of the gym where Cass was waiting. I peered through the window at the young woman. I had always had a crush on her, since I was a teen, and seeing her now, brought back those feelings. She was dressed in a simple white sports bra, and gym shorts, her brunette hair tied in a ponytail. She was gorgeous. We pulled up to her and Cass stuck her head through the passenger side window.

“So guys, where am I supposed to sit?” she asked sarcastically.

“Oh, damn, I guess it slipped my mind, I just wanted to pack as much stuff as I could fit,” Connor said apologetically, as it occurred to him he would have two passengers.

“Brilliant Einstein!,” she joked, “Well I guess you’re just gonna have to come back for me,” she continued.

“What? No way, I’m not making two trips,” he protested, “Just sit on Matt, he won’t bite,” Connor offered.

“No way, I’m all sweaty,” Cassandra opposed.

“Aww come on, it’s like a ten minute drive, we’ll be there in no time,” Connor pleaded, “You don’t mind do you Matt?” Connor asked, not really giving me a choice.

“Uh, no, it’s fine,” I conceded.

“Well, if it’s ok with Matt,” she said with a smile as she made her way over to my side. I opened the door and straightened up in my seat when Cass approached. She bent her head as she entered the car, crawling her petite frame onto me. Sat on my lap, she shifted around a bit, trying to find a comfortable position. Finally, Cassandra’s body came to rest. She was leaned forward holding onto Connor’s headrest, while her butt was pressed onto my lap. Connor pulled off once again and headed for their home. I savored the feel of Cassandra’s warm body pressed against mine as I stared at the bare golden skin of her back, small beads of sweat running down. As we drove into the neighborhood, we began encountering speed bumps. Everyone we passed over, Cass’s body bounced on my lap. Soon with the weight of her body on mine, and the car driving over the speed bumps, I felt a stir in my crotch as my penis began to stiffen. I tried to think of all sorts of unattractive stuff to hold me off, but it did very little to help. I could not deny what was right in front me. My eyes again wandered up and down Cass’s body, the smooth curve of her shoulders, the tiny hairs on the nape of her neck, her tight fitting attire, it was all so arousing. Just as my dick was becoming fully hard, Connor pulled into their driveway. When we came to a stop, Cass opened the door and slid off my lap. She turned around and smiled at me, “Thanks for the ride guys,” before heading for the house. I sat there for a while and composed myself, thinking of whether or not Cass had felt my erection. After a brief minute, I got out and started to work on all the boxes of stuff in the car.


As I got off Matt, I spun my head round and shot him a smile. I thanked the guys for the ride and headed inside. As I walked up the stairs to my room, I could not stop thinking.

Not to be cliché, but I thought to myself,

“Was there something in his pocket or was it…..” This time I grinned at the thought. I entered my room, shutting the door behind me; I could not wait to get out of these gym clothes. Like all other days after I got home from the gym, I was going for a swim Sakarya Escort in our pool. As I stripped off my sweats, I looked to the bed where I had laid out my bathing suit earlier this morning. It was a traditional one piece. After the car trip, and knowing Matt might see me, I began to feel particularly sexy and decided against the one piece. I dug through my drawer, retrieving a bikini I had picked up while visiting Connor in Europe a couple months ago.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I slid the green bikini bottom up my legs, and then my thighs. It was quite a tight fit as I saw the lips of my vagina press against the material, my womanhood clearly visible. Thankfully, there were no stray hairs as I had had a really close shave the night before. I spun round admiring my ass, the green fabric cupping my cheeks, exposing their firm roundness. An unexpected blush came over me and I smiled to myself.

I slipped on the bikini top over my petite breasts, tying it tightly behind me.

I picked up a white bath towel hanging on the rail in my bathroom and left my room. As I wrapped the towel around my body I headed down the stairs where I saw my brother at the door.

“Hey Cass, I’m heading down to the college. It shouldn’t take long, Matt’s here dealing with the boxes, and I told him to ask you if he needs anything.”

“Sure thing Connor, see you in a bit,” I replied.

When Connor shut the door behind him, I immediately removed the towel. I walked through the kitchen which led out to the backyard. I saw Matt coming through the side garage door with a box on his way to Connor’s room.

I noticed him trying hard not to ogle me. He took quick glances at my perky beasts and then abruptly looked away before I had the chance to catch him staring.

“I’m going to cool off from my work out. Do you want to join me?” I asked him quite innocently.

“Umm, I still have a bit more boxes to move” Matt stammered.

I shot him a smile, “Wow, you’re a really good friend, Connor’s not even here and you’re still working?” I joked.

He returned the smile and explained, “Well, he helped me out a lot when I had to move into the dorms, so I kinda owe him.”

“Okay then, I’ll be in the backyard if you change your mind.” With that, I spun round and headed out the back door, a devilish grin on my face, almost feeling his burning eyes on my ass.

I walked over to the pool, set my towel to the ground and jumped in. Although I was burnt out from the workout and the heat, the cold icy water still gave me instant goose bumps. I slowly swam the length of the pool, as my body adjusted to the cool water. I did a few laps then just waded about in the shallow end.

A short time later I noticed Matt had arrived on the scene. Instinctively, I found myself crossing my arms in front of my breasts to hide my unavoidable nipple stand, caused by the sensation of the cold water.

We exchanged smiles and then he spoke,

“Water looks cold,”

“It is, but it’s so refreshing, especially in this hot sun.”

Matt awkwardly looked up to the sun glaring down on us.

“Come on in, it feels so good,” I enticed.

He looked back at me, “Well…uhh, I haven’t got any trunks.”

“Just use your underwear, boxers are just as good as swimming trunks,” I pleaded.

He pondered for a minute and then gave in, nodding to me.

He pulled off his shirt and then jeans, then walked over and jump into the pool.

I took careful notice of Matt, his smooth chest, his toned stomach then his white Calvin Klein boxers which only went about halfway down his thigh.

He swam a few lengths as if exercising. After we splashed around a bit, I climbed out and lay on my towel to dry off. Matt swam over, resting his arms on the edge of the pool as he caught his breath.

I watched as Matt climbed out of the pool. His undies were stuck to his body and went almost see through. I blushed slightly as I could clearly notice the form of his penis through his boxers. I found myself getting aroused. I must be sexually starved I thought to myself. I was feeling feisty, bordering horny.

“Do you mind if I borrow a towel?” Matt asked.

I quickly got up and fetched him one from the bathroom.

I took a quick glance in the mirror and noticed my bikini was basically wedged between my cheeks, almost like a thong now, my bare ass on display. I wiggled my body and tugged on the material, straightening it out, glancing in the mirror for confirmation that all was well. I returned to the pool and handed Matt the towel. He was cowering, an obvious attempt to hide the view of his damp see-through boxers. It didn’t help. I saw everything. His black pubic curls, his testicles and his long penis all showed through the wet cotton. He took the towel and immediately covered himself. I lost my view.

“That’s a nice swimsuit,” Matt commented looking me up and down.

I blushed and smiled at him thankfully.

“Is it new?” he continued.

“Um, yeah, how Sakarya Escort Bayan did you know?” I questioned.

“There is a label sticking out on the back,” he answered.

I twisted my torso around and I noticed that I had not removed one of the labels, stitched to the waist band.

“Wow, you must have been paying careful attention, I missed that label,” I teased.

“Do you mind?” I asked, spinning around.

Matt approached and I felt his fingers on my waist. He turned the waistband of my bikini inside out and I felt him tugging on the label.

“I can help you out, but I’ll probably need a scissors, I wouldn’t want to rip your new suit,” Matt offered.

I shuffled into the kitchen retrieving a scissors from a draw. I returned to find Matt sitting on the tiles trying to dry out, the towel still around his waist.

I handed him the scissors and turned around once again. He pulled at the label and tried to position the scissors.

“I’m having trouble getting the scissors to the base of the label, I don’t want to leave piece behind,” he explained before voluntarily pulling at my bikini even more.

He was pulling the material right by my butt crack, and I’m sure he was enjoying quite a view. I arched my neck back to see what was going on. I noticed the view was quite revealing, the bare cheeks of my ass, snuggled in my bikini clearly exposed, as Matt pulled the material away from my skin. I didn’t protest, guiltily smiling to myself.

I looked on as he started cutting, but the scissors got stuck and the label wouldn’t cut easily between its blades. He pulled my swimsuit outwards to get better access. I felt his knuckles press against the soft flesh of my ass as the swimsuit pulled tightly against my body. I was slowly getting aroused. The strong touch of a man so close had awoken my dormant hormones.

He had cut through half the label but seemed to be struggling to cut straight, trying to avoid cutting the swimsuit or myself for that matter.

“There has got to be a simpler way to do this,” I commented.

“Well, you could just slide it down a little, it would be much easier,” Matt cheekily replied.

Taken back by his request, I quickly pondered the situation. Feeling frisky, I thought I would go along. I slipped my hands into the sides of the bikini bottom and rolled it down my butt, almost shivering as I felt a breeze brush across my wet skin.

“Ok! Get it done quickly,” I commanded, knowing Matt was now staring at my bare ass.

I looked between my legs and saw Matt crouching down behind me, his towel falling from hi waist and onto the floor. He held my bikini bottom in his fingers and snipped away with the scissors at the label.

“There! It’s off!” he boasted as he stood up holding it in his hands.

I started to peel my bikini back over my butt as I turned around.

My eyes widened as I saw Matt’s huge manliness pressing against his wet boxers. There was no way he could hide the fact that he was sporting a great big erection.

Matt, seeing that I had noticed, quickly crouched down and grabbed his towel.

“Wait wait wait,” I protested, there’s no point in hiding, and your boxers are practically see-through. Besides, you were just face to face with my bare butt, the least you could do is give me a peek,” I said with a coy smile.

Matt returned the smile and pondered for a while. He released his grip from his towel and stood up from his crouching position.

I looked on at his fleshy penis, pink and bold, full and hard, straining against his wet transparent undies.


As I followed Cass’s stare with my own, I saw she was staring directly at my crotch. I couldn’t believe that just minutes ago, at my request, she had slipped off her bikini, exposing herself to me.

“Come on, you got a full show mister, it’s only fair I get the same” Cass egged on.

I reluctantly hunched over, slipping my boxers down till they settled around my ankles. When I stood back up, my manhood, fully erect, pointed straight out at Cass. Her eyes were brightly widened as my cock twitched before her.

“Wow, someone’s happy to see me,” she teased. We stood silent for a couple of seconds before she spoke again,

“Um, do you mind giving it a little tug?” she innocently requested.

I stood still for a while. Though excited by the prospect, I didn’t want to agree just yet.

“You want me to jerk off in front of you?” I questioned.

Cassandra nodded with a smile.

“Well, if I’m going to give you a show . . . I might need some encouragement,” I reasoned

She blushed and I could see the cogs in her head turning, “OK Matt, I’ll make it worth your while.”

We sat down on the nearby lounge chair, facing each other.

I took hold of my throbbing member and began to slip my hand up and down, watching as it glistened in the sun. I looked up to Cass as she stared back at me, then, she raised her hands cupping each Escort Sakarya of her breasts through her bikini top. She rubbed them together, making them look even larger. A soft moan escaped her as she ran her thumbs over her nipples, which were pressed hard against the material of her bikini.

I continued pumping my shaft, as our eyes were fixated on each other’s bodies. Cass then reached behind and undid the tie on her bikini top, letting it fall from her body. Her breasts really were fantastic, firm and rounded. Cass now sat cross-legged as she smiled approvingly into my eyes. Being out of the water for some time now, Cass’s bikini had dried, but as I looked down to her crotch, I noticed a wet spot on her bikini bottom. Cassandra’s eyes followed my gaze as she realized how turned on she was. I stared in awe at the material stretched across her pussy, her swollen lips pressed against the tight fabric. She lowered her hand to her crotch, and ran her fingers along her slit. The view was driving me crazy as I increased my pace, my actions now causing slapping sounds. Cassandra had now pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom to the side, revealing her shaved pussy to me, as she slipped a finger inside herself. It must have been an extraordinary sight, the both of us sat in the summer sun, masturbating for each other. As Cassandra began to moan, her fingers working furiously at her crotch, I felt my climax growing near. My eyes wandered up and down Cass’s body, her petite breasts bouncing, the result of her vigorous fingering, her taut stomach, and the glistening lips of her pussy, wet with her juices under the sun.

“Mhmmm, oooohoo, uhh, yess!” Cassandra squealed, as her orgasm took control.

At the same time, the visual erotic sensation was driving me over the edge. I felt my body begin to tense and my cock start to twitch in my fist. Before I knew it, spurts of cum were flying through the air as a wave of ecstasy ran through my body.

“Ahhh, mhhhh,” I groaned as my cock continued to twitch in my hands.

Cass’s eyes widened as she followed each string of cum shooting out of me, one glob landing on her thigh, near her crotch where he fingers were still buried.

As both our orgasms subsided, Cass reached out a hand to my deflating cock, touching it for the first time. She wiped the cum that was dribbling out the tip. She also wiped the cum that had landed on her lap, and then raised her fingers to her mouth. She licked her fingers clean, tasting both of our juices, approving with a coy smile.

We both smiled at each other as we composed ourselves.

“Wow, that was quite a show,” she commented.

“Yeah, you were so hot,” I replied.

Alarmingly, we heard the sound of Connor’s car from the front driveway. We burst out laughing as we hurriedly helped each other get dressed. She pulled up my wet boxers around my waist, and I helped her tie her bikini top. Just as I finished buttoning my jeans, I heard Connor yell,

“Hey Matt, I can drop you home now.”

“Uhh, I guess I’ll see you later,” I said to Cass.

“Can’t wait,” she replied in a sultry voice, as she again licked her fingers.

I met Connor out front and we jumped in the car and took off.

I attempted to make small talk, trying the hide the fact that my body was flush with excitement.

“So, how did it go down at the college?”

“Okay I guess, I met with the advisors. Everything seems to be in order; they gave me some forms to fill out. I need to drop them off tomorrow, along with my reports from my semester away.”

In no time at all, Connor was pulling up in front of my house.

“Thanks so much Matt, see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, for sure, I’ll be here waiting,” I replied, almost too eagerly.

The next day, I was again standing in my driveway waiting for Connor. He pulled up and again there were boxes of stuff packed everywhere except for behind the driver’s seat. I climbed in and he pulled off.

“One more day and we should be done,” he commented.

“Yeah, you sure do have alot of shit,” I joked.

“Hahaaha, ok, just to pick up Cass and we could get this done with.”

We pulled up in front of the gym where Cassandra was waiting. Today, she was dressed in black spandex shorts and a white t-shirt. She saw us pull up and without question made her way over to my side of the car. I opened the door a looked up to her beaming smile.

“Sorry about the sweat Matt,” she said as she crawled onto me. Once the door was shut, Connor took off, heading for their home.

Today, Cass was not leaned forward, but pushed back against me. The sensation of her warm body against mine, I was instantly aroused. I knew she felt me as she began to slightly grind her ass against my hardon. I had to use every bit of will power to prevent me from moaning aloud. Cass turned her head to me, grinning her teeth as she continued gyrating her hips. Feeling bold, I moved my hand from my side to the front of us, resting it on Cass’s bare knee, just where the spandex shorts ended. I slowly dragged my fingers along her body, over the spandex, finally allowing it to rest on her inner thigh. I pressed my fingers against her sex, encased by the tight material as she fidgeted on top me. Her snatch was so warm. Before we knew it, Connor was pulling into their driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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