Mr. Control Loses Control

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“Get out!” Vanessa screeched at Mark, hurdling a large vase towards his head. He barely managed to duck and get out of the way.

Grabbing his briefcase, his blond wife of 15 years hurls it out the open window and into their backyard swimming pool. Fed up, Mark storms out of the house.

Fleeing, Mark checks himself into a motel. Upon checking in, he notices a beautiful young and leggy blond bombshell with remarkable curves and a smile that reduced the proud, confident man into jelly.

She was scamming the front desk clerk, who seemed more taken with the young woman’s generous boobs than paying closer attention to his job. She was wearing a white, skimpy summer dress that left very little to the imagination.

Mark watches on, noticing that the woman used her wit and ‘charms’ to land a motel room without having to pay for it. Before she left the lobby, the hotel clerk squeaked out whatever voice he had left, “Did you pay for your room yet?”

The young woman stopped, locking eyes with Mark and flashing him a killer smile that sent flares within his very being. In an instant, he could feel the bulge forming in his pants. It surprised him, as he never yearned for a woman quite like this before. Not even with Vanessa.

She noticed the look of discomfort on Mark’s face, obviously knowing full well what was on his mind and what was surging through his loins. The woman saunters back to the front desk clerk and smiles, answering his question with a sultry voice, “Yes I did.”

The clerk fell for it and let the woman go about her business. When she brushed by Mark, causing him to stir once again. Mr. Control realized he was about to burst if he didn’t find some relief and soon.

When the front desk clerk got Mark’s attention, the man hurriedly checked himself in and got his room key. As he approaches his assigned location, Mark is pleased to note that the hot blond bombshell was about to enter her own room, which was next to his. And, even better, she was alone.

Mark couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so exquisite. Everything about her made the gentleman want to jump her bones right then and there. When she smiled at him, it blew Mark’s mind.

Fumbling to get his key in the door, Mark couldn’t do it. His eyes kept shifting back to his gorgeous neighbor. Why does she keep smiling at him? Was she amused that she was the cause for the ever so obvious bulge in his pants?

A million answers and possibilities raced through whatever was left of Mark’s mind. He closed his eyes, mentally telling himself that it would never happen.

Then, he feels the soft touch of a hand, steadying his so he could finally unlock the door to his motel room. When he opened his eyes, the woman was already back to her own door and cut off his eyes from gawking at her when she closed it behind her.

Rushing into his motel room, Mark literally stumbled his way to the bathroom, took his pants and underwear off, leaned against a wall and reached for his throbbing erection. Mr. Control couldn’t help himself as he feverishly jerked himself off. He would have preferred to slam his manhood into that beautiful stranger, but this will have to do. Besides, he is a married man.

Already Mark canlı bahis felt an overwhelming sensation of guilt, but just couldn’t stop himself from jerking off. He was there. He was ready. Mr. Control was going to explode at any moment. He closes his eyes to bask in on his upcoming triumph.

Suddenly he felt a hand clutch his. Maybe it was his guilty conscience telling himself to stop masturbating himself. Breathing shallow breaths, Mark fought desparately to regain control.

The hand that stopped him pulled away. Finally, Mark’s breathing slowed as he tried to relax. His eyes remained closed as he once again leaned his back against the wall. He fights to calm down. He could still see her, envisioning the image of that hot blond finishing where he left off.

His eyes snapped open as soon as he felt the hot breath tease the tip of his still fully erect shaft. When Mark looked down, he sees the stranger’s beautiful face. Her piercing blue eyes looked up at him with false innocence.

No. This is adultry. Mark has never committed adultry before. This has to stop before it gets out of hand. He has to make it stop. Just tell her that he’s happily married and that he loves his wife too much to become unfaithful.

Yeah, right. Who was he kidding? For the past thirteen years of his marriage to Vanessa he felt like he was trapped in a loveless, sexpless prison. This felt great. It was reminding him he was a man. But, is it worth the price of betraying his wife?

Mark’s objections screamed within his head, but all that came out of his mouth was a moan as soon as she took his member inside his mouth and toyed with it with her tongue. She had him to the back of her throat, doing to him what Vanessa refused to do thirteen years ago.

Despite after two years of courtship and 13 years of marriage, Vanessa refused to be anything more than a selfish bitch who was only looking out for number one. Mark had to wonder, especially now, what he ever saw in her in the first place.

As the stranger continued to work his ever hardening love pole, Mark’s breathing became erratic. And, before he knew it, Mr. Control was thrusting his hips back and forth.

His hands clasped onto the woman’s head and braced her steady so he could slam away, deep inside this sex pot’s mouth with wild, reckless abandon.

To his amazement, this sexy young blond maintained a luxuriously tight grip on him with those beautiful, pouty lips of hers. She even went as far as to clutch Mark’s ass, drawing him in that much further. It was as if she intended to devour him and swallow him whole.

It didn’t take long before Mark exploded, shooting load after load into the young woman’s mouth. Again, to his amazement, she drank him right down without spilling a single drop.

Mark was about to withdraw, but she wouldn’t let him. She held him in her mouth, still with her hands clutching his ass. He couldn’t believe it. She was sucking him again.

This was too much. He’s gone way too far. He needs to pull out and stop the madness before he gets too carried away. But, when he mentally commands his body to stop, it ignores him. And, to make matters worse, his damn penis betrays him by becoming hard again. Right in this lovely bahis siteleri woman’s mouth too!

Things went from bad to worse when the hot blond toyed with his testicles with one hand and his asshole with the other. Mark had no control as he moaned out loud. Mr. Control had died and gone to ecstasy heaven.

Feeling the urge to return the divine pleasures this gorgeous stranger was giving him, Mark grabs the woman’s shoulders and gasps out, “Enough.”

Mark didn’t know which side of him was doing the talking. Was it Mark the husband, demanding enough is enough, or was it Mark the animal, wanting to take things over and seize control of an opportunity that may never happen again?

As soon as she let go, it didn’t take a genius to figure out which Mark had become. He lifted her high enough where she wrapped those long, luscius legs around his waist. She did so with such force and tightness that Mark grunted out loud.

He then turns around and slams the woman against the wall, pinning her between it and himself. When she cried out upon impact, Mark feared maybe he was too rough.

He looked into those lustful blue eyes of hers and felt his erection twitch some more. His hands moved underneath the skirt of her dress to cup her firm ass when he realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

How much better can this get? No bra. No panties. No restrictions! Mark could drive himself into this beautiful creature, fuck her brains out and be done with it.

“Yeah, that’s it!” The woman cries out. Her eyes remained locked on Mark’s. The look of hunger drove him almost into a state of panic. The sexual energy was just too much.

Up to this point their lips had yet to meet. The lustful eye contact was sending all kinds of electrical jolts throughout his sense.

“Don’t kiss her!” Mark mentally yells at himself. He knew if he succumbed to the unimaginable temptation of tasting those sweet, pouty lips of hers that it would be game over.

He never realized it until it was too late that he was whimpering. Mark wanted this hot, young vision of feminine perfection in the worst way. His throbbing member had now made contact with the woman’s wet pussy. He rubbed the mushroom head of his shaft across the woman’s slit and she moaned.

“Fuck me,” she commanded with a whisper.

Before she had the chance to say it again, or to change her mind, Mark inserted the tip of his penis between the hot sex pot’s lips. He stopped when she moaned again.

This has go to stop. He’s already overdone it. Mark mentally begged himself to stop, but his sex starved body refused to cooperate with his better judgement.

“Don’t stop!” She whined, bucking her hips toward him, determined to have him fill her.

In response, Mark shuts her up by doing the unthinkable. He kissed her. Damn it! He kissed her, and she had the nerve to kiss him back! It wasn’t just some simple, harmless kiss. This was one of those deep, sensual kisses where the unified tongue dance had to get involved.

During this kiss, Mark eased his entire length all the way inside this woman’s hot, tight tunnel with one long, smooth thrust. The kiss got broken as both lovers moaned and cried out as soon as the bahis şirketleri invasion of his love monster reached into the farthest depths of her womanhood.

Mark couldn’t believe he was doing this, and that she was letting him. What in the world would little Miss Perfect want with the likes of him? Surely she can do better than him. But, she did want him. Right here and now, this lovely creature wanted to have sex with him. Who was he to say no?

Mark knew he never should have kissed her. He wanted to do it again. She had become that favorite candy where one piece just wasn’t enough. Mark wanted more. His hunger demanded more. Still deep inside this sexy feline, Mark ground himself, trying to get further in while prying his lover’s mouth open with his powerful jaw.

His shirt was still on, as was her summer dress. Mark could feel her rock hard nipples pressing against him, even through all that fabric. As he slowly pumps his shaft inside her, the temptress began to tear apart Mark’s white business shirt. Well, at this point, fair was only fair. Since she had no regard for his shirt, Mark returned the favor by ripping apart the woman’s dress.

He cursed to himself for doing this as now the poor dear would have nothing to wear back to her room next door. And, this is assuming she brought anything with her. Well, too late to worry about that now. Besides, the need to fulfill his sexual hunger was so great, any possibility of logical thinking was out the window.

The feel of sweaty, naked flesh pressed against each other heightened Mark’s lust even further. Judging from the young woman’s cries of passion, the same was true for her.

Mark used this as the encouragement he needed to intensify his thrusts inside his new lover as deep, as hard, and as fast as possible. Mark was determined to reach his limit and beyond. Never in his life for as long as he can remember had he became so enthralled with a woman like he has now.

Her tightness was amazing. And she wasn’t just some passive broad. She was taking him to new heights of sexual ecstasy as she encouraged him by becoming aggressive with him, even though he was still ramming her with all his might against the wall.

“C’mon! More!” The woman had already exploded once along the ride, but was hellbound to keep Mark motivated enough to keep going.

Energizer Bunny, eat your heart out! Mark kept going and going. He was powerful. He was relentless. Motivation wasn’t a problem for Mark at all. If they both died while screwing each other’s brains out, so be it!

When the young woman came again, Mark’s orgasm swept him like rolling thunder. Shooting his seed like powerful rocket fuel, Mark drowned out the woman’s love box, splashing his flow of hot juice against hers.

All too soon it was over and now Mark and his new lover became more concerned about getting their breathing back to normal without collapsing onto the bathroom floor.

Being whatever was left of Mark’s gentlemanly nature, he politely takes it upon himself to ask the woman a very important question, “What’s your name?”

“Kelsey Nicholls,” she answers with a sweet smile. “And yours?”

“Mark Lansky,” It was only fair that he answered her question.

That night she stayed in his motel room. The next night she moved into his motel room for three days until the two new lovers found an apartment together and continued their affair.

Vanessa, eat your heart out.

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