Ms Eleanor Parsins

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My name is Eleanor Parsins, I’m a 48 year old teacher teaching some of America’s most intelligent people. I’ve been teaching criminology for the better part of 20 years having worked as a profiler for law agencies. I’ve been married once, but went through a messy divorce when I caught my husband cheating on me with another woman. That happened about five years ago and I haven’t been with a man since. I’m a fairly tall woman, I’m 5’11 and weight 150 odd pounds, I look fairly well for my age, I’m very fit and exercise on a routine basis. I have medium length brown hair and very clear blue eyes, I have healthy D cup breasts, but unfortunately due to age, they’ve sagged a little in recent years.

About eighteen months ago, my life changed, it was when I was teaching a class at the beginning of the semester, generally I entertain a classroom of anywhere between 80 to 150 students at one time and very few stick out the way this young woman did. The young woman in question is Tamara Erison, she’s only 21 years old and beginning her first year in my class. Although she came to me highly recommended by her other professors and teachers, I never really paid much stock to that, what made me notice her in the first place was when I posed a question to the class. It was a question with an infinitive number of answers, but I was only looking for one answer. While I was listening to all the answers, Tamara gently rose from her seat and gave me the answer I was looking for, hearing her telling me what I wanted to hear was an amazing feeling, so very few students have done that.

That first lesson, Tamara stayed behind after class and helped me clean up, during our conversation, there are two very important details I noticed. First, she’s very shy and second, she’s incredibly interesting to talk to, the manner in which she speaks, her body language, everything about her radiates intelligence. I went home that evening thinking about how much I enjoyed her company.

As the weeks continued, Tamara opened up to me in a lot of ways, she talked about her upbringing and how wonderful her parents were, she talked about the very few friends she had back home. One evening however, after coming home, I found myself thinking more and more about Tamara, as I lay down alone in bed, I was drowsy and falling asleep with Tamara on my mind, suddenly I was having a dream featuring her in a very sexual tone, it was incredible. I was half asleep and half awake, I was touching myself in ways that I haven’t in years, I soon found myself lying down on my belly, my knees apart and holding my ass up and I was furiously rubbing my clit against the bed and filling myself with my fingers, I came so hard and heavy, I was breathless and I just laid there, fingers still deeply entrenched in my soppy wet cunt. Once I caught my breath, I rolled over and dozed off into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by my alarm the next morning.

That next day, after class, Tamara once again stayed behind and helped me clean up and I noticed myself looking at Tamara in a different light. For the first time in my life, I was looking at her as a woman; I saw beauty I never noticed before, her wondrous long blond hair was one thing I noticed, her beautiful smile and her intense eyes. Tamara of course, knew that something was different, she could sense it somehow. I decided to try and act as normal as possible, I sit at my desk and start grading some papers, Tamara sits down opposite me and smiles at me, I return her smile and continue with the papers. Tamara leans in close and says in the sweetest tone…

“You have beautiful eyes”

I gasp at the sudden comment she made, I compose myself and asked her what made her say that. She apologized and became emotionally upset; she began to cry and stormed out of the classroom.

I chased her down the hall and into the bathroom, she was sitting alone in a cubicle crying her eyes out, I stood outside, thankfully it was well after school hours and we were alone. I asked her what the problem was and she just broke down, she confessed she had a crush on me, which is why she stayed behind class so many times, trying to find out if I shared her feelings.

I admitted to having the dream about her, I was telling her in explicit detail about what happened, telling her how I had her admiring my body and how I fucked the shit out of her, it didn’t take long before I heard her moaning, I asked her what she was doing, her response was,

“I’m fingerfucking myself, no one has ever dreamed about me like that”

At this point, I continued to listen to her, she was moaning ever so softly, it sent shivers down my spine and my legs were feeling weak and heavy. I stood outside the cubicle and asked her,

“Have you ever admired a person’s body?”

She answered


but I found out that’s all she ever wanted in a relationship, someone to admire and love, to look after and care for their needs. She was revealing her sexual personality to me, listening to her, she Tipobet was sounding so submissive and I can’t believe I missed that exclusive quality. Because she was so honest with me about her feelings, I decided to open up to her, I was always curious about what it would be like to fuck a woman, to dominate a woman and have her admire my body. As I was telling her this, her groans became louder, and I heard her fingers fucking her cunt, I heard the swishing sounds. I asked her to stop and come out, she needed a minute to compose herself, she opened the cubicle and stepped out, her eyes were swollen from where she was crying and her face was flushed. I wiped her tears and asked her,

“Would you like to come to my place?”

From that moment I asked the question, I realized what I felt, I felt attracted to one of my students and this student was female.

I invited her round to my house that same evening, I welcomed her through the front door and closed it. She turned around towards me and slowly started to unbutton her blouse, she started from the top and worked her way down, as each button came loose, I saw her pink bra and the outline of her breasts which in all honesty are far bigger than I expected. She wears very tight bras to make her breasts seem smaller, I suppose it’s all about image. As she took off her blouse, she gave me a kind smile, I smiled back at her and said,

“Please take off your bra”

She reached behind her and unclipped her bra, with a deep breath, she slipped it off and discarded it onto the floor.

She had healthy looking C cup breasts, quite the handful, Tamara covered her breasts with her hands and was looking very red in the face. I found the whole look very arousing and she showed amazing feminine traits that I haven’t seen her display in class. I was finally meeting the real Tamara, I walked up to her, and could feel her warm breath on me, I held her wrists and softly but confidently pulled them away from her breasts and down to her jeans and said to her,

“I want to see all of you”

Her lovely brown eyes lowered downwards and she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered her zip. I could just about see her pink panties, I stood back and watched as she lowered her jeans to the floor and stood out of them, she turned around and bent over, showing me her naked buttocks, I made a big mistake when I said she was wearing panties, she was actually wearing a pink thong and her buttocks was incredibly firm, she was just about to lower her thong, but I walked forward and said,


She stopped in exactly the same position, with her ass pointing to my face, I walk up behind her and place my hands on her thighs.

“Tamara, why did you present yourself to me this way?”

Her breathing hastens and I ask the same question again, this time more firmly, she took a deep breath and answered me back,

“I wanted to impress you and I find my buttocks to be the most attractive quality”

I smiled and slowly reached for the sides of her thong and slowly slipped it off and said to her,

“Tamara, your mind is your most attractive quality.”

She looked back and smiled at me. Once her thong hit the floor, Tamara stepped out of it. I helped her turn around and I took a few steps back and admired her body. She was beautiful, her lovely long blond hair was so long and stopped right above her buttocks, her open wide brown eyes were full of intelligence and mystery behind them, her beautiful firm c cup breasts were staring at me, her pink/brownish nipples were erected, still fairly small but ever so firm, as I looked downwards, her smooth belly showed how fit she was, no stretch marks, no fat, just this beautiful firm belly with a cute belly button and one of the things that amazed me the most, was her shaved cunt, my God, it looked perfect, there were no red spots or nothing, you could swear, she’s never had a pubic hair in her life. She told me, she always shaved, she never liked the look or the feel of pubic hair. In my dream however, she had a full mound of pubic hair, but looking at the real Tamara, I knew which one I preferred.

After admiring her body, I asked her,

“What is it that you want?”

She explained to me about the paper she wrote eight months ago about the D/s lifestyle. The paper highlighted the safety and the more dangerous parts of the lifestyle and the reasoning behind it. She explained to me as she was studying the lifestyle, she noticed similarities between her own personality and being submissive. She knew I had a keen interest in the lifestyle, because when she wrote the paper, I spoke to her about it after class, I never for a second thought she was submissive though and it’s been many years, at least 15 years since I last had a submissive person. I explained to her the rules about student/teacher affairs and her answer was,

“I’m 22, I have a right to choose who I socialize with and besides, I’m technically not your student anymore.”

It suddenly Tipobet Giriş dawned down on me, she’s right. Our final class ended today and because she’s moved up a year, she gets a new teacher. I walked up to her and placed my hands on her smooth shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes,

“How do you want to serve me?”

She lowered her eyes and gazed at the floor and in a panicky voice, she answered me,

“In every way Goddess”

I lifted her head and smiled and said in a firm voice,

“You can start with the kitchen, the dishes need doing.”

I released her shoulders and she nodded and walked into the kitchen, I followed her and sat down at the counter.

She turned on the taps and filled the sink, she scraped every plate clean and put them into the sink while it was filling. She grabbed some washing up liquid and squirted some into the sink. Once the sink was full, she turned off the taps and picked up the sponge, she soaked it and then started doing the dishes, I watched her with incredible interest and I thanked God for giving me such a wonderful delight. As she did the dishes, I felt it was important for her to understand that because this was her first time, she might become uncomfortable and if that does happen, she should stop. I explained to her this will just be a trail, just to see how we cope with each other.

After she done the dishes, she took the initiative and wiped down the counters and cleaned the microwave out, she emptied all my cupboards and put everything back in neatly, it amazed me, not once did she complain and she did it with a smile on her face. It took her about two hours, I looked at my watch and it was 8:50 PM. After she had finished, I took her hand and guided her into the living room.

“Tamara, now I want to explore your body, see what you have to offer me, get down on all fours”

Without questioning me, she did what she was told. She bent down on her hands and knees and her ass up in the air and her eyes facing the floor. I climbed over her and sat down on her back facing her ass, my full weight pushed her down a bit, I was much heavier than her and heard her whimpering,

“Support me for as long as you can”.

I began caressing her buttocks, running my rather small hands up and down her left buttocks, feeling the smooth skin, I gently lift my hand away and come down on her buttocks, SMACK, Tamara groaned and her body jumped at the sudden spank. Tamara let out in a small groan,

“Thank You Goddess”

I smiled and instantly knew she enjoyed the sensation, but it was time, I showed her my dominance over her, in a firm voice, I said to her,

“Keep your mouth shut”

Again, I felt her buttocks and raised my hand into the air and brought it back down hard on her buttocks, SMACK, her body jumped again, I looked down at her buttocks and see a nice red hand print, her buttocks feels warm and I decide that’s enough for now. I softly caress her buttocks and move my fingers down her crack and feel her warm asshole, I pause my finger on her asshole and feel how warm it is, Tamara groans softly at the nice gentle touch, with my right hand, I lean over putting more weight on Tamara’s back, but she managed it, I stuck my finger in front of her mouth and told her,

“Whenever I hold something in front of your mouth, you are to lick it till I pull it away from you”

She gracefully opened her mouth and I slid my finger inside, her tongue really went to work on my finger, licking it all around, up and down my finger like a small cock. After a minute or two, I pulled my finger out and lined it up with her asshole.

I applied a little pressure to her asshole and it slid in very gently, Tamara’s body bucked at this new sensation and she groaned. As I slipped half my finger inside her ass, I felt the sudden tightness and warmness off it. Her asshole enveloped my finger and I felt her pushing her bowels and opening her ass more, I pushed my finger in deeper and eventually I had it in all way, her ass felt incredibly tight, I slowly twisted and bent my inside her, this made her moan even louder, I slowly pushed my finger in and out, pumping her hungry asshole.

I pulled my finger out and pressed two fingers against her asshole, her asshole gently opened up to accommodate them and I squeezed them in, I gently fingered her ass for about ten minutes, I was twisting and turning my fingers inside her ass making her groan and moan louder and louder, she was even pushing herself into my fingers forcing them in deeper and harder. We continued this for the better part of twenty minutes, every few minutes; I’d spank one of her cheeks and make it very tender.

I slowly pulled my fingers out of her asshole, as I was pulling them out, I felt her ass tighten around my fingers trying to keep them in, but with a small POP sound, they popped out covered in her anal goop, they were covered in a brown juice and smelled very musty. I stood up and told Tamara, I’m Tipobet Güncel Giriş going to wash my hands, suddenly without permission, she turned around, took my hand and licked both my fingers clean, she licked all the brown goop off my finger with her tongue and swallowed it. For a second, I just admired her and found it one of the most erotic things I ever saw, even contemplated, but then I remembered that I have to let her know who the dominant one is. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up slightly and then slapped her across the face, not to hard of course, I wanted to discipline her, not hurt her. Her eyes was facing the floor and I could see a small tear streaming down her face, I put both my hands on both her cheeks and looked down on her face and said,

“Tamara, when you break a rule, you must be disciplined. You’re giving yourself to me of freewill; however you cannot use your freewill to do what pleases you. Do you understand?”

Tamara nodded her head and said,

“Yes Goddess, I’m sorry”

I smiled down on her and she smiled back. I released her head and took her hand. I sat down on the couch and sat her down on her knees opposite me.

I took off my shoes and my socks and laid down on my belly on the couch and I switched the TV on and I watched a bit of the news, my feet were dangling off the side of the couch,

“Admire me Tamara”

I said in a soft but firm voice. Tamara crawled over and ran her fingers over my feet, thankfully I’m not ticklish, she softly rubbed my feet and she was ever so tender with them, after a few minutes, she was running her tongue up and down the sole of my foot, licking up all the bits of fluff that stuck to my foot from my sock. She slipped her tongue in between my toes and licked them clean, while it wasn’t enough to make me wet, I found the whole experience very stimulating and arousing, being worshipped and admired this way.

As the minutes went by, I was catching all the news, Tamara was moving up my legs and under my skirt, licking the back of both my legs all the way up to my panties. I told her to stop for a second, she stopped and looked over to me, I got up and loosened my skirt, I told Tamara to turn around and she did, she faced the wall while I took my skirt off and my white panties. I stood behind her with my wet cunt exposed, I had a full mound of pubic hair, I’ve never shaved it off in my life and thought to myself, I never will. I lay back down on the sofa on my belly and told Tamara to continue admiring me.

Tamara climbed up on the sofa and ran her tongue over the back of my legs and down to my toes. She tenderly caressed my rather large buttocks, it’s especially large when you compare it to hers, I felt her hands run across them, soothing them. I felt her lower her head and she kissed and gently licked each buttocks, it felt very nice, after a few kisses, I felt Tamara spread my ass cheeks and she lowered her head and placed her soft lips on my asshole and kissed me, I looked back and Tamara brought her head up and asked,

“Is something wrong Goddess?”

I looked at her with amazement and said to her,

“Tamara, you kissed my asshole”.

She lowered her eyes and smiled and asked me,

“Do you want me to stop Goddess?”

I lay back down and told her to continue. She smiled and bent down and ran her tongue across my asshole, I felt a slight tingle in my cunt. Tamara really drove her tongue across my asshole, it was her whole tongue and not just the tip of her tongue that was licking my little rosebud.

After a good solid hour, I told Tamara to stop, she lifted her head and climbed off me and kneeled in front of me. I switched the TV off and took her upstairs to my bedroom, I picked her up in my arms and threw her on the bed, she laughed and giggled. I took off my top and my bra and threw them on the floor. I climbed up on the bed and laid on top of Tamara and kissed her firmly on the lips, my tongue slipped into her warm mouth and was caressing her tongue with my own, I was tasting my own ass off her and it was intoxicating. My pussy was dripping all over Tamara’s cunt, I broke off the kiss and she looked up at me and smiled, bits of sweat was falling off my forehead and onto her lips, she licked up the droplets. I positioned my clit onto her cunt and started grinding into her, both our clits were rubbing against each other, she started to moan and grunt as I grinded harder and harder into her, feeling my own cunt soaking wet, all my love juices was slipping onto Tamara’s cunt and driving her wild, she soon began to moan,

“Fuck me Goddess, fuck me hard”

She swung her hands around my back and began grinding against me, both our clits was rubbing against each other.

I felt my orgasm beginning to build, I think Tamara was also at breaking point, I reach under her and start fingering her clit, this caused her to moan even louder and grind harder against me, eventually after a minute or two, my cunt exploded, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I came, my love juices were escaping my soppy cunt and dripping over Tamara’s. As I came, she came, she kept moaning and moaning and was completely out of breath, I rolled off her and laid down on my back trying to catch my breath.

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