Music and More… Pt. 02

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Erika and Melissa had sat together for nearly an hour after that last orgasm, drinking a little, talking a little and occasionally falling back into making out. This was already a night of firsts for Erika, she had only really just kissed a girl back in high school, so this was light years from there. And getting rimmed to orgasm, she didn’t even know that was possible. But it was, it had happened!

Finally, Erika couldn’t get over how obsessed she now was with Melissa’s immense tits. There was just something so hot about their size and something so rewarding about sucking them.

Melissa could see her student, now lover, was taken with the entire experience. Now she could move up a step to the kind of stuff that she really wanted to do. Although Erika’s ass was incredibly hot, she had plans beyond tonight for it. But that would wait, the current setting was perfect. Better yet, it was clear too that Erika had enough wine in her to make her open to suggestion.

Standing up, her breasts fully exposed and hanging before Erika, Melissa put her hand out, “come on my dear, we are going up to the guest room, let’s get serious.” Erika, under the influence of the wine and her already stoked hormones, happily followed.

They headed upstairs and into a surprisingly spacious guest bed room. “You sit here and relax and keep sipping that win my dear and I will be back in a moment, you are going to love this,” Melissa said with some authority. Then she ducked into the adjoining master bath area.

Erika sat, feeling the effects of the wine and being horny. Thoughts raced through izmir escort her head that she could only just barely get a handle on. First of course she fretted for a moment that she was now a ‘lesbian,’ whatever that meant. Second, she wondered what was about to come next. Whatever it was she knew that she wanted to spend more time with her new lover and wanted more access.

The door opened, snapping her out of her wandering thoughts. Erika could only muster a, “wow.”

There in front of her stood Melissa, she had black heels on with stockings that ran to mid-thigh, also black. Her hair was pulled back tight in a ponytail and she had a long, sheer black gown on, but it was open in the front. Her breasts filled the space behind it.

However, this was all secondary to the fact that protruding from between her legs was six inches of cock. Melissa had donned a strap-on! Erika had never actually seen one in person, so her surprise was complete.

“Well, what do you think?” Melissa asked as if Erika might not be interested.

Erika stumbled with her words, then got out, “that is amazing on you, I…I…I have never seen one before.”

Melissa looking more than confident, strode toward Erika. When she reached her she took her hand and had her stand.

They kissed for a bit, then Melissa looked her in the eyes and said, “Erika I really want to fuck you, and I am know you want me to.”

All that Erika, now consumed with passion could get out was, “oh yes, please.”

The older woman kissed the younger one for time, alsancak escort caressing her breasts and then gently stroking her clit. Melissa could feel just how wet Erika was, and knew the time was right to move ahead. She gently had Erika lay back, pushing her legs apart.

Dropping the gown, Melissa got just above her young lover and lined the cock up with Erika’s clit until it was just touching. Erika, who now had goose-pimples at the thrill of the touch murmured, “oh yes, put it in.” At the same time Erika was softly fondling a mammoth breast with each hand.

Melissa looked Erika in the eyes and whispered, “reach down and glide the cock into that wet pussy of yours. You are going to love this.”

Doing as commanded Erika lightly guided the head and then the shaft into her waiting pussy. “Oh yes, that is awesome, more!” was Erika’s response.

Melissa now slide the cock in until she could drive it no further. Then she pulled almost completely out, waited just a second, then slide all the way back in. Repeating this in a rhythm she thrilled to the moans now coming from Erika.

“You like that?” Melissa queried.

“Oh yes, oh please keep going, I want to cum!” Replied Erika.

With the cock completely buried Melissa stopped and told Erika, “I am going to start thrusting harder and while I am I want you to get ahold of my nipples and pinch them as hard as you can, I mean hard. If you don’t I will stop. Understand?”

Erika nodded and added, “Anything, just don’t stop!”

So Melissa started to buca escort really thrust away at Erika’s pussy, and with that the student got ahold of her nipples and pinched down. “Ow, fuck!” Melissa blurted without thinking, Erika had taken her seriously and was pinching with all her might.

Playing the oboe had given her strong fingers. “I love to have my nipples crushed,” the older woman shared, “and I love the feel of fucking a hot young girl.”

Within a few minutes of the pinching and feel of the moment it was actually Melissa who got off, giving out a string of, “Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes!”

Having gotten off, Melissa now pulled out of Erika and quickly rolled her over. “Sweetie I am going to finish fucking you from behind so I can enjoy that ass of yours.” As she said it she was also slipping the cock back in, restarting the fucking. Now she had a hand on each ass cheek and dreamed of fucking her hole too, but decided that was too far.

After a few minutes of driving the cock in and out Erika could feel herself start to orgasm. It was so intense she could really only moan and grunt, not really able to form words. Melissa, grabbing Erika’s hips was really hammering away at her pussy and enjoying the pain from having had her nipples really pinched.

When Erika was done Melissa let go and the young woman slide forward on her stomach on the bed, panting. The older woman leaned forward kissing her ass for a few moments, then got up and went to the bathroom.

Returning in a moment, without the cock or heels, Melissa laid down next to her new lover. “My dear, I think we could have some real fun together, but this will have to be our little secret.”

“Yes, of course,” agreed Erika. “

“However, I think next time you will need to do me, what do you think?” Melissa asked. Erika nodded approvingly.

With that the two laid for a time, kissed a bit, and then feel asleep.

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