My Best Valentine’s

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That morning I woke up with a lot of enthusiasm, it was Saint Valentines and I have a date with Pamela, I had been planning it for quite some time and it was today, the day she will get a surprise to remember for the rest of her life, so I got up and after a very long shower I was ready, then pick up a box of groceries and walked to my car, the plan was a drive up north along the coast and have a pick nick in a very romantic place. After 20 minutes I Was ringing Pamela’s bell, and there she was opening the door by herself and ready to go, I was stunned by her beauty, she was wearing a beautiful blue dress, that I had asked her to wear, it fell from her shoulders to her knees and the shape of her body was exquisite, her breast were visible trough an elegant cleavage, just enough to make me dream about being with her, she greeted me with a long and very deep kiss, by feeling her body close to mine was getting exited by the pure thought of the rest of our valentines together.

Both of us were now in the car, she also brought some stuff she tough to be needed at the pick nick, the traffic was light at that time of the day and the drive out of the city was quite fast, the music was great and the weather perfect. All this time she had asked me three time about the surprise I have for her and gently I had said nothing to her. Once on the freeway I said “Today we celebrate that we are in love and for that reason I am taking you to a very special place I know”, she was eager to know the plan but again I said nothing, then she tried to get it from me by means of teasing me, she even graved my cock and press it hard, still I said nothing. I saw the sing I was looking for and drove off the freeway and took a road that slowly started to climb the mountains, and at the same time the traffic almost disappeared of the road, the first phase of my plan was about to start.

The reason I had asked her to wear that specific dress was that it was wrinkles free and it could be pull up to her waist and the it will fall again to her knees without evidence of it, while I reduced speed also pulled up her dress and with my right hand started to rub her panties at first she started to complain about being on the road but after several minutes she started to accept my touch, after a while I noticed that she was ready for a more exciting game, I move aside her panties and started to caress her tights and finally fondling her clit and lips, she was under the spell of my fingers, she had her legs open as far as she can, her face was all delight and my fingers were all wet, then slowly I put my finger inside her pussy and went for her g spot, she was moaning soft “mmm’s” and “please don’t stop” this encouraged me to continue, I have to keep an eye on the road and the other on her, just as beautiful as ever, now she was holding my hand and was trusting my finger inside of her, her voice started to change from soft moans to subtle cries of pleasure, my entire hand was wet, and I have a real swollen cock, I really wanted to stop the car and make love to her right there as we some times did, but no, today was Valentines and I had a surprise for Pam, somehow I managed to keep driving and giving her a pleasure drive.

With the corner of my eye I saw her Cuming, her clit was completely wet and her lips were pressing my finger hard, her hips started to rise from the seat, up and down following the strokes of my finger, she just tried to hold me hard inside her pussy while she was having a great orgasm; after she had finished, pulled up her panties and got the dress down then she was licking my finger and wanted to get my dick out and do some of her own to me, but I told her we were getting close to the place I have in mind.

The road was now reaching the high part of a cliff and there we are, a costal road following the ocean for miles and miles, several minutes later I saw the sign “pick nick area 3 miles”, when we got there it was still mid morning and no body was there yet so we chose Tuzla Escort the best table, it was the closest to the edge of the cliff and it was behind some trees that make it difficult to see from the rest of the tables, it faced the ocean and the view was stunning, we got our food out of the car and seat at the table, we had turkey breast sandwiches and a salad that Pam fixed, after lunch I brought out a book of poetry and read some poems to her, and thus talking and reading the time went by and I tough it was time to give another proof of my love to Pam, so I asked her to seat at the bench and look at the ocean, she did so gladly and I seated on the grass and laid my back on her legs, for some time we were just looking to the quiet water below us, then slow at first and then more passionately I caressed her legs slowly turned around and started to kiss her ankle and went slowly up to her knees, this time the blue dress went up really quick and before I knew it she had her brief panties aside, I manage to accommodate my legs under the table so if the occasional observer will only see a woman looking to the view.

This time my tongue was working her tights and then her pussy was all mine to enjoy it, she was all wet even before I started to kiss her, her lips were trembling and she was asking me to hurry up, and this time I pleased her and licked her pussy with all the love I have for her, my tongue was inside her pussy and my hand started to reach for her tits, she tried to open her legs even more so I could rub her clit with my hand and suck her pussy at the same time, “please this time you have to fuck me James, I cant wait, please” I have to say that my cock was hard and my balls were starting to hurt but I had my plan and decided to stick to it.

I sucked her pussy for a long time, she tried three times to convince me to fuck her, but couldn’t, finally knowing that I was not going to fuck her she let a powerful orgasm out of her, her moans and her face were my reward and talking about face mine was all wet and my hair a mess, after she managed to fix her dress and my hair we just seat holding hands and looking to the waves hit the base of the cliff.

Some time later some families started to arrive to the place, Pam make it friends with a family that have a newborn baby and spent some time holding him and also helped his older brother to fly a kite they brought, she was so happy that I realized that she was ready for her valentine’s surprise.

So the afternoon caught us playing with the children, my stomach said it was about time to go and finish the day as planed, after picking up all our stuff we drove for about an hour following the coast, at the proper time I got a blind fold out of the glove compartment and asked Pam to wear it, she did so gladly, a couple of minutes later we were at the hotel and I had the keys for our room, she let me guide her and when I took the blindfold she was in awe of the place, the living room had a fire place, the kitchenette was set and the room ready for us, Flowers were there every were, red Roses, white Roses, Several Tulips and some Sunflowers but what got her speechless was the balcony, a Jacuzzi was there and we were facing an island with a light house and the sun starting to fell behind the quiet Pacific Ocean.

Part of the plan was the lasagna I fixed and the red wine from Mendoza Argentina, an excellent choice, by the time we had finished dinner Pam was really getting anxious about her Valentine’s present, she had mine ready by the table since we arrived, after dinner I decided that it was time to make love to Pam and then end the day with her present and drive back to the city.

She was seated at the sofa looking at the fire, and by just looking at her I knew she was ready for me, she had her legs open and was rubbing her pussy, and the blue dress was again at her waist, and I, I had a hard cock that could not wait, “it is time for me to take care of you baby”, said Pam Gebze Escort and with her foot keep me from getting closer to her, faster than I expected she got her panties off and moved her feet in a way that she was seating with her feet on the sofa and her legs wide open, she licked her finger and started to touch herself, it was enough I was to fuck her good, but again she used her foot to send me back, then her hand lowered her dress from her shoulder and let her breast out, the bra was half cup and her nipple was already hard, one had was fingering her pussy and the other was pinching the nipple, It was time I was so ready.

But a soft knock on the door caught our attention, first we believed it to be the room door, but it wasn’t, it was the connecting door with the next room, then again we hear it. Both of us were now puzzle, it was Pam who opened the door, on the other side was a girl that looked quite scare and a boy that was more ashamed than scare.

“Hi my name is Cristina and this is Rick, we are really sorry to bother you but we need your help” Pam and I were looking to each other not knowing what to say and before we could say anything Cristina continued, “Rick didn’t want me to ask but we really need you to help us”. Pam walked towards the girl hold her hand and walked her to the sofa, meanwhile I was looking to the boy, and he looked like he did not know what to say and quite nervous so in order to calm them both I pureed two glasses of wine and gave it to them, I hold my own and waited for Pam.

After a while I heard “honey, we need to talk” from Pam, it was the first time she called me that in all the year we had been dating, and I knew she meant something important. “Cristina and Rick got married this afternoon; they have been waiting for each other since they first meet in junior high, that means they are both virgins, of course they chose valentine’s to get married and this place to spend their first night together, isn’t it romantic? the problem is that he seems to bee too big for her, they have been trying several times but she said it really hurts her and she wanted to know if we can help to make it easy for her, of course I don’t know what to do, so I told her that we will gladly help them, I have an idea” having said that Pam call them to our table and proposed that we first finished the wine so we could get to know each other, and relax them a bit, we finish three bottles and were in a really great mood when Pam said she wanted to play a game.

She called it “follow the leader” and we will be the leading couple and they will follow us whatever we did. First we started to dance and they followed, then Pam makes us run around the room and back to dance again, at first Cristina and Rick were kind of reluctant to follow but they realized it was to loosen up a bit before the real game started.

Suddenly Pamela stopped dancing, running and dancing, and took her dress off, Cristina didn’t hesitated at all and got her blouse and skirt off, she was following, Pam got two chairs and have me seat in one, so did Cristina with Rick, several minutes later the two of us were enjoying a great blow job from our girls, Cristina learned fast from Pam at some point Pam want back to the sofa and touched herself again, it was a great view for us to see them seated side by side, rubbing their pussies and pinching their nipples, Rick was the one who approached them first, and this time I followed him, again I kissed Pam’s clit and lips my tongue went in easily, she was so wet also, she was holding her breast and pinching her nipples, and asked Cristina to do the same, Rick and Cristina were doing the same after a while Pam asked us to seat again on the chairs, she told Cristina “it is time for you to be his woman, do as I and you will enjoy it”

Pam’s idea was to have Cristina to ride Ricks cock, so leading the way Pam put my cock in her pussy and slowly started to let me penetrate her, she was also looking at Cristina Aydınlı Escort then she noticed why she was feeling pain before Rick was a tall boy and Cristina was petit, his dick was way to big for her very tight vagina Pam realized that Cristina will need more help, so with out hesitation she grabbed Rick’s cock and started to maneuver it into Cristina’s pussy, at first the two of them were kind of distressed but let her help them. Pam tried to penetrate Cristina with Rick’s head, it went in but when Cristina tried to seat fully on his lap she said it was really big, that she couldn’t take it, Pam said “I think it is the position, lets do it different, I have an Idea.

Pam seated at the couch and asked Cristina to lay herself atop of her, at first she hesitated but Rick asked to do as Pam said, then Cristina was resting over Pam, she grabbed Cristina’s legs lifted and rested them on hers knees, it was something marvelous the pussies of the two were very close Cristina’s above Pam’s , Pam called Rick and instructed him to penetrate Cristina “Rick I am going to hold her legs wide open so you can go in easily, but listen to me first just put your head in gently, in and out slowly and for some time, when you see she is really wet and that her face is showing pleasure go all the way inside of her, Cristina are you ready”

Slowly Rick slipped his cock just a little then started to get out, Cristina was starting to abandon herself to the moment and was getting more and more excited with every stroke Rick gave her she gave back a moan and a little cry of pain, Pam even touched his pennies and her vagina to make sure she was wet enough for the deep penetration, Pam’s hands were also helping arouse Cristina touching her tits and talking softly to her ears, I was just looking from behind the sofa and decide to reach Pam’s tits and do the same. To me it looked like Cristina was ready to be fucked for the first time and so thought Pam “Rick she is ready, I want you to get out of her and then with a powerful stroke penetrate her all the way in, do not stop if she cries, no matter what make her yours and do not stop until you cum, I will hold her legs open”

I was waiting to hear a loud cry from Cristina but instead I heard a long moan from Pam, “O my god, you went inside of me Rick” said Pam, but he was really doing what she told him to do, fuck hard and all the way in with out stopping, at first she tried to stop him but after a few moments she accepted him and started to moan, Cristina was between them and very confuse, at first she was waiting for Rick but he never entered her, then she realized what had happened and got out of their way, she walked towards me and asks me to finish her, she was really excited and ready, so I decided to do her, I have her raise her leg over the chair and bend over, placed mi cock on her lips and my hands on her hips and went inside of her pussy, it was so hot and wet, she was trembling and a cry came out when her hymen was broken, I slide my cock all the way in she started to moan and cry, slowly her cries subsided and her moans increased, my hand reached out for her breast and started to press it and pinch her nipple.

Looking to Rick and Pam I knew she was Cuming by her face and the way she moved, Rick was also showing his first orgasm coming into a woman, both came at the same time, mean while Cristina and I were almost there she just needed me to keep fucking her she had her buns and tights very closed pressing her lips closed over my cock and finally she came, her body trembled and her pussy just wetted all over myself, I felt my cum load as it went off into her pussy.

When we all finished it was a dull moment but Pam was the one who make it ok by Taking Rick and Cristina to the hot tube outside in the Balcony, there they started to make love again. Pamela Walked me to them and soon all of us were in the tub making love again, by then the sun was setting and the four of us enjoyed the sunset together.

After making love to Pam I was ready to give her present, it was a Ring, I asked her to marry me, of course she said yes, our new friends were clapping and cheering us about getting engage on a Valentine’s, and that was my best valentine’s.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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