My Boss’s Daughter

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Self Shot

I’m starting a new story! I am taking a different approach to this one and it will be more of a slow burn than a short little one piece. Please be patient.

Summary: Josh has resented his boss’s prudish daughter Anna ever since she started working at his company. But when the two get stranded in her family’s cabin, he realizes that the only thing more frustrating than being trapped with a girl you hate the sight of, is being trapped with a girl you can’t stop staring at but aren’t allowed to touch…


You wouldn’t think accounting is a competitive industry, but the truth is that depends completely on which company you work for. Some accounting firms are small mom and pop shops filled with a handful of so day to day number pushers that go home to their wives and children at 5 pm after an honest days work without a care in the world. Some firms are gigantic behemoths where dozens of young go-getters work crazy hours climbing that corporate ladder, putting in their dues to inch their way up towards the promise land.

Lewis and Co. is neither of those. Founded by Sam Lewis’ father in the 1950s, Lewis and Co. is a small operation – twenty three of us in total. But don’t let its size fool you, Lewis and Co. is one of the most profitable accounting firms in the city. We do personal accounting for the upper echelons of society. Because of our exacting clientele, there is no room for laziness or error at Lewis and Co. There are no nine to fivers here – we are on call almost around the clock for our clients. There are also no fresh new grads – every single employee here was intentionally recruited (some say stolen or bribed) from another firm after Mr. Lewis learned about and was impressed by his or her work.

Because Mr. Lewis only accepts the best of the best, almost every single one of my colleagues is well seasoned, with years of experience behind them. They are all approaching middle aged, but few have families due to the strenuous nature of the work. Nobody seems to mind.

I was the youngest employee in Lewis and Co.’s history when I was recruited, five years ago at the age of twenty six. It was a shocking hire at the time, since the second youngest employee after me was more than a decade older. But when Mr. Lewis sees potential in someone, he is never wrong. For the last five years, I’ve worked like a dog. I have a sharpness and attention to detail that makes me stand out even amongst my extraordinary colleagues. In fact, I am Mr. Lewis’ star employee. He has taken me under his wing almost like a son. He shares more and more of his caseload with me with each passing month. With no son of his own to pass on the company to, I believed he was grooming me to take over eventually when he retired .

Ten months ago, however, a wrench was thrown into my fond imaginings for my future. Annabella, Mr. Lewis’ daughter, had been just finishing high school when I last saw her at our annual summer retreat a few years back. She was a rather scrawny thing then, shy and slightly awkward despite being on the brink of adulthood. She didn’t make much of an impression, and in the last 4 years while she’s been away at university I can honestly say I hadn’t thought about her once. In fact, I had almost forgotten that Mr. Lewis had a daughter since she was never there when I went to visit him for after dinner aperitifs or our monthly rounds of golf.

But last summer that all changed when Mr. Lewis strode out of the elevator into our 42nd floor office space with a petite brunette clicking behind him in sensible Mary-Jane heels.

“Everyone,” Despite being in his fifties, he was a powerful man and still commanded a room easily. We all quieted and gathered quickly around him and the young woman upon whose shoulder his hand was resting fondly. “This is my daughter Annabella. Anna for short. As most of you know, Anna has been away in Boston getting her degree. Now that she’s graduated, she is ready to get her feet wet. I hope I can count on you all to teach her the ropes.” Mr. Lewis grinned proudly around at the crowd, gaze resting confidently on me for a second longer than the others. I knew he wanted me to take young Anna under my wing.

It made perfect sense. I was closest to the woman in age. I was the one whom Mr. Lewis trusted the most. I was the one most likely to click with her.

It made perfect sense, but it didn’t happen. From day one, I hated Anna. I resented her with a deep burning passion that I knew on all levels was extremely petty and quite beneath me. But I had gotten used to being the young prodigy around the firm. I had gotten used to Mr. Lewis’ fond attentions, and the admiration of my coworkers. Only now, I had to share the limelight. Anna, I discovered, had changed a lot from the shy, retiring girl I remembered. Despite her age, she had a confident, no-nonsense air that caused even individuals much older than her to stop and listen. She was also surprisingly sharp and seemed to keep even longer hours than I did, her office light staying Urfa Escort on past midnight as she tireless plowed through files. Furthermore, it was obvious that she was the apple of Mr. Lewis’ eye. My mentor and erstwhile father figure remained just as kind and attentive towards me, but he clearly doted on Anna. He even confided in me his plans to pass his legacy onto her when she was old enough, and asked me to help ensure she learned enough to be able to handle it.

Now that was too much. A little bossy mouse, clicking around in her sensible heels and her hair always severely knotted back into that prim little bun, casually sailing into the office and taking over my dream! Try as I might, I could not find it within myself to be kind to Anna. Although she sought me out in her first few months (her father probably having urged her to, after telling her all sorts of wonderful things about his protegee), my frostiness and almost-but-not-quite-rudeness eventually repulsed her until she obviously loathed me as much as I did her. We settled into a kind of terse back and forth, each stubborn and high handed, in perpetual competition for all the biggest clients.

Mr. Lewis watched our developing animosity with no small amount of dismay. He desperately wanted us to get along. It was my believe that he secretly hoped for a love match between the two of us. Alas, this was the one thing I had to disappoint him on. Although I had to acknowledge that Anna was stunning to look at, with lovely delicate features and a well developed body, I preferred my lovers to be far more easygoing and sexually free than the boss’s little daughter. In what little time I did take off from work, I screwed my way through a string of beautiful one night stands with wild abandon. With my crazy schedule, I didn’t have time for commitment. And even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t seek it in tightly strung Anna, who probably cummed so primly that no hair ever escaped that sleek little bun.

I would never suspect Mr. Lewis of something so tacky as matchmaking, but it was odd that he specifically instructed me and Anna to take a whole day off work and drive up to make sure his cabin was ready for our annual summer retreat. He had never asked me to do this chore before, but this year he absolutely forbade me to fob the task off on anyone else.

It was a five hour drive up to the cabin, which Anna and I spent alternating between our usual heated discussions about work which was always laced with almost-but-not-quite-snarky quips at one another, and awkward dead silence punctuated with occasional remarks about the dreariness of the landscape as seen through the pouring rain outside.

It was late July so the air was warm and heavy. After a nine day heat wave, the weather was breaking at last into almost floodgate levels of rain. As we drove further into the wilderness, the sky darkened ominously and small jags of lightning began to shoot in the distance.

Finally, we reached the turnoff towards the cabin. I peered through the almost frantically gesticulating wipers on the windshield, trying to make out the path through the impending gloom.

Anna let out a huff of dismay. “The path’s flooded. How are we ever going to get through?” She turned and raised on sardonic eyebrow in that accusing manner she seemed to reserve for me. “I told you we should have come up last week.”

There’s something about the crook of that eyebrow that always gets on my last nerve. I bit back a sharp reply. “And I told you I didn’t have time last week because I was finishing up the Miller project. I think we can get through the water, I know the road is just straight ahead and you can see the cabin not far in the distance.”

Over Anna’s protests, I turned the car towards the cabin and hit the gas. We leapt forwards into the giant puddle where the path was supposed to be, and the car stalled almost immediately. The engine made four slow, wet, sputtering whines and shut off completely. Anna turned to me, furious.

“Now look what you’ve done! The car is wrecked and we’re stranded up here until we can get it fixed. In this storm who knows when that will be. Unless you know anything about restarting engines, city boy?”

I felt my own anger rise in response. “Excuse me! We could’ve taken your family’s backup truck up here you know, and I bet it would’ve had no trouble with this road. But somebody didn’t want to be responsible for driving, and so I had to drag my Mercedes through these goddamned awful roads. If my car is totaled, it’s your fault as much as mine!”

We glared at each other in silence for a minute, tempers which had been already frayed from the long drive finally bursting forth. Then, to my dismay, Anna reached for the door handle and stormed out of the car. “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Splashing defiantly through the water towards the cabin, she yelled back at me through the sound of the storm. “I’m going inside! Unless you want to be stuck in a car trapped Urfa Escort Bayan in what looks like a rapidly forming lake for the next God knows how long, I suggest you get your ass in here too!”

The fifteen minute walk towards the cabin was the most miserable of my life. Although the summer heat meant that the water wasn’t truly cold, it was ubiquitous and we were both drenched within seconds. Thunder and lightning flashed continuously overhead in a gruesome display, and wind howled all around. Anna’s ever perfect bun was quickly unravelled by the gale, and my light summer jacket was blown back so forcefully I almost felt like it would carry me away.

At last, dripping wet and miserable, we made it to the cabin door. Anna fumbled the key from the hollow frog ornament that sat on the front porch, and we tumbled inside. The cabin was cool and clammy, musty from misuse. I fumbled on the lights as Anna disappeared into the bedroom, mumbling something about looking for towels.

I pulled my very wet phone from my pocket – thank goodness for water resistant technology – and speed dialed Mr. Lewis. There was no tone. I checked my screen and groaned in exasperation. No bars. The storm must be interfering with the cell phone towers.

Anna strode back into the room, her wet shoes squishing on the floor. She had two gigantic fluffy beach towels in her hands. She tossed one at me. “Here,” She said shortly. “Get dry.”

I caught the towel in one hand and dropped it onto the sofa. “Cell phone towers are out, I can’t get through to anyone to help us with the car.”

Anna rolled her eyes and sloshed across the room. “Mr. Technology, can’t live without his iPhone. Good thing we have a landline.” She picked up the small phone hanging next to the kitchen door but put it back down almost immediately. “That’s out too, though.” She admitted.

So we were trapped in this cabin in a giant storm with no way to call for help. I laughed erratically. It was mainly from burgeoning panic but it came out loud and scornful. In a minute we were bickering again.

In three minutes the bickering turned to arguing, and the arguing into a full out shouting match. It was as if all the feelings we had both been bottling up over the last ten months came pouring out.

“-walking around with your smug expressions and your poorly fitting pantsuits as if you’re better than everyone else!” I was normally above such petty insults but the wet and the cold and utter exhaustion were weighing on me.

Anna sputtered in outrage, swelling up for what I was sure was going to be a nasty reply. “I don’t think I’m-” She broke off suddenly in the middle of her sentence and began to sneeze.

Anna was one of those weird people who always sneezed exactly the same number of times. For her, it was seven. I tapped my foot impatiently as she sneezed and huffed out a huge sigh as if this was of the utmost annoyance to me. I always pretended to be put out by her sneezes because it irritated her. It was also my way of masking the fact that I actually found this one trait of hers oddly endearing.

Anna finished sneezing but did not continue with her diatribe. Instead, she shivered and drew herself inwards, looking quite pathetic in her wet clothing. I walked forwards and swiped her towel from the ground, where she had dropped it during our fight. I shoved it into her hands and gestured towards the bathroom for her to go changed.

Our argument had ended abruptly without any conclusion, but somehow neither of us felt like picking it up. It was as if yelling at the top of our lungs was catharsis enough. We were both smart enough to know that all of our little ‘complaints’ about the other were rather petty. For my part, my dislike of Anna had always ashamed me because I knew it was unreasonable. Deep down, I rather respected her and admired her work.

Anna turned towards the bathroom and then froze. She looked back at me. “I didn’t bring a change of clothes. Did you?”

I hadn’t, of course. This was only supposed to be a day trip and I hadn’t packed anything before setting off this morning. “No, don’t you have anything here?”

Anna shook her head, her wet brown hair draping like a tangled mop over her shoulders. “I cleared everything out last summer and donated it. We were planning on a complete renovation this year. The only reason these towels are still here is because I thought they were too ratty to donate.”

I stared into Anna’s blue eyes, watching her expression slowly change to horror. I could feel mine mimicking hers as I digested our situation. I was trapped in a cabin five hours away from civilization, with no change of clothes and no phone service. And my boss’s daughter was the only one here with me.

After an hour of stubborn shivering in the cool air of the cabin, we quietly agreed that given the extenuating circumstances, warmth was more important than modesty. We both stripped our wet clothes off and laid them out to dry. With Escort Urfa nothing else available in the apartment to dress in, I wrapped my used towel around my waist.

Anna had her towel tightly bound around her torso. Although large, it still rode up on her thighs as she sat on the sofa working a brush through her hair. I sat opposite her fiddling with my phone, studiously avoiding staring at her slim white legs.

It was actually quite amusing to hear Anna’s muttered curses as she tried to detangle her hair. I hadn’t realized it before since she always wore a bun, but she had a lot of the stuff. It hung down to her waist when unbound, and currently it looked like a bedraggled bird’s nest. The wind had really done a number on her.

After struggling for a good half an hour, Anna managed to untangle most of her ends. There were some particularly thick knots near the back of her head, however, and I could tell just from a glance that she wasn’t doing a good job of reaching around to get at them. I smothered a laugh over a particularly colourful epithet.

“I’m not sure that’s anatomically possible.” I moved to sit behind her on the couch and grabbed her brush from her surprised hands. She bounded up about a mile in the air and reached for her towel to make sure it was securely knotted in place. I lifted a hank of hair from the back of her neck and started to work on it with the brush. “If you’d stop jumping around like a scared rabbit, it would make helping you easier you know.”

Anna stopped her fidgeting and sat still, albeit very stiffly with her shoulders hunched. She was clearly uncomfortable having me this close to her while she was unclothed. It was almost funny watching her reactions, because they were so different from the Anna I had gotten to know over the last ten months. This was the shy girl I had last seen in this very cabin four years ago coming back again.

It was not an easy job working through that mess. I quickly found that using the brush just pulled on her hair and caused her to scowl at me, so it was quickly abandoned as I switched to untangling the knots by hand. Occasionally as I did this, the backs of my fingers would brush against the nape of Anna’s neck. Each time this happened, a small shiver ran through her body. At first, I was too caught up in my task to notice her reactions. Eventually however, I began to notice the girl quivering in front of me.

Anna’s neck was smooth and pale, her shoulders delicate. Her pale skin was cool and slightly clammy under my touch, still chilled from our run in the rain. I knew my fingers were warm, and I wondered how they felt ghosting over her back. Was she reacting to my touch? In disgust? Or excitement?

As my fingers continued to tangle in Anna’s hair, I allowed my gaze to trace over her body. From her bare shoulders right in front of me to her legs sprawled forwards on the couch. As I really examined her body with my eyes for the first time, I felt myself appreciating her form and reacting to her nearness.

The air was cool and still. My actions slowed almost to a stop as I worked out the last few tangles and then continued just stroking my fingers gently through Anna’s hair. My cock was stiff beneath my towel, although I almost couldn’t believe that such a simple task was turning me on so much.

I could sense Anna’s breathing quicken under my administrations, but she remained silent as if she didn’t want to break the spell hanging over us. My fingers threaded through her locks and traced along her neck, her shoulderblade, her spine. With each stroke I could see the muscles in Anna’s back tense, then relax and tense again. My cock pulsed in time with her slightest movements.

Almost of their own volition, my hands grew bolder. I was now stroking quite firmly with my palms. She shifted slightly to allow better access, and the end of her towel slipped loose from its firmly tucked position. I dared not breathe as I continued my steady stroking.

I inched my hands lower, slowly, and further forwards, even more slowly. Anna’s towel was falling open and she was doing nothing to stop it. I groaned to myself imagining the reveal of her perfect body to my eyes.

On my final stroke downwards, the towel loosened completely and bunched around her waist. My hands followed the faded cloth’s mesmerizing path, gliding forwards to cup around her full breasts from behind. Gods, they felt perfect. Heavy yet firm at the same time.

I was so entranced was I by Anna’s figure before me that I forgot about our animosity. I forgot she was the boss’s daughter. I forgot every reason I had to dislike her. All I wanted was to turn her around and feel her delicious little shivers beneath me as I wrapped my lips around her nipples and sunk my cock deep into her core. I leaned forwards like one possessed.

Anna sprang upwards so fast I didn’t even get a chance to press my lips against the crook of her neck like I had planned. She yanked her towel up around her torso and stared at me in horror.

I froze, mortified. I knew I had crossed a line. I wanted to apologize and yet I feared I couldn’t make it sound sincere since my cock was still obviously straining towards her through the towel bunched around my waist.

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