My Crazy… Ch. 04

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Chapter 4- Night before Thanksgiving! pt 1

At the start of fall we enjoyed Oktoberfest. Well, I enjoyed it at least while Andrea and Devon grumbled about being unable to drink. Still, we did find a very nice wine store and they did enjoy a single glass of hot spiced wine, but that was all. We enjoyed walking around the town, browsing the shops, buying souvenirs and presents for each other, and dinner.

The hot weather turned cool and we went on weekend drives and found hiking trails where we could enjoy the changing colors. Lime green, yellow, orange, and bright reds. We enjoyed our drives and our walks hand in hand. Me in the center with Devon clasping my right hand and Andrea holding my left. The left because it was the one that bore Andrea’s wedding ring, and on my right I wore a gold ring for my unofficial marriage to Devon.

The days passed by and for the better part of three months I haven’t heard from Mary again. Not after letting me know that she was pregnant, and that I was the father. That isn’t to say that she didn’t call. Mary called as often as Birgitte and Abigail. Andrea and Devon both spent hours on the phone announcing their pregnancies over much laughing and crying. Since then, they all called each other often to check up and talk about babies, their changing bodies, and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Much to my chagrin, it was insisted upon that I listen as either Devon or Andrea read from the book “What to Expect when you’re Expecting”. When I tried to hide in my office the first few times, both women simply came sauntering in with catty smiles and sat on Devon’s old bed, our old queen which she never used anymore since moving in to sleep with Andrea and I, and read until with many sighs I suggested that we move out to the couch. I tried to grin and bear it with grace.

November came and with it Devon’s sixth month of pregnancy with Andrea only two weeks behind her. They were both much bigger now, their bellies much rounder and almost identical in size. There were stiff muscles, aching backs, other strange aches, and even stranger cravings, and that was just me!

Multiplied by two!

As the month passed by the weather turned cool, many of the days overcast more often than not. Rain showers would drizzle all day long. Sometimes for days. Other times there were rain storms accompanied by wind that rattled the windows and whipped the trees. Afterward the two anxious women harangued me until I checked the roof for missing shingles. However, the best was when bitter cold fronts blew down out of Canada and we got our first frosts. During those days I started a fire in the fireplace and we three cuddled on the couch or on the floor beneath blankets. Cookies and hot coco were made, and then we got creative with the whip cream.

The last week of November came and the day before Thanksgiving we drove for the better part of the day across the state to Birgitte’s home. It was family tradition, Birgitte always hosted “Thanksgiving Dinner” though everyone was expected to bring a gift and to help out. My family had similar traditions, but this year since there was only me and Henry for husbands, our families were invited to Birgitte’s Thanksgiving Dinner as well!

With Andrea and Devon to keep me busy I had no time to write, and no time to fantasize and lust for Mary, Birgitte, or Abigail. And so, without a second thought I got out of the car and opened the doors for Devon and Andrea and led them up to Birgitte’s front door and knocked. I had to knock twice, and then ring the doorbell, and then at long last the door opened.

Abigail opened the door and my mouth fell open. Her belly was as large as Andrea’s and Devon’s, and her breasts were held in a much larger bra that suspended them just above her belly like two overripe watermelons. Milk white melons that had grown from 32h’s to 34j’s. She looked at me and gave me a calculated smirk with a slight nod, for my unasked question. Andrea gasped while Devon cried out, “Abigail, you’re pregnant! Fuck! Why didn’t you tell us?!”

“Well, so is,” Abigail chuckled as Andrea and Devon released my arms and charged forward, and turning her around as they reached her, herded her back into the house leaving me on the doorstep.

Figuring now was as good a time as any to bring in the luggage, I turned around and went back to the car. I grabbed Andrea’s and Devon’s bags first. Walking back to the door, Birgitte was waiting there to greet me. I reached the porch just as she opened the door for me. Birgitte was a chestnut brown colored master copy of Abigail, and like her daughters, Birgitte was five and half months pregnant. She had the largest breasts I had seen thus far. Hanging low even with the support of a bra, propped up and pointing outward, they were at least two full cup sizes larger than they had been five months ago and at least a full cup size larger than Abigail’s.

I froze on the porch staring at her large round belly.

Shit! I growled in my own head, though outwardly only my mouth had fallen open dumbly. Knowing that Taksim Escort I got Mary and Devon pregnant was one thing, but now Abigail and Birgitte were too!

What the fuck happened? After all my talk about birth control and how I didn’t want kids. Well, not for at least a few more years, I amended internally. Was I ready for this? Five women. Five! My mother-in-law, my wife, and her three sisters. All of them, pregnant!

I felt a little woozy as Birgitte cleared her throat. Looking up at her dark brown eyes, she gave me a warm smile glowing with motherhood and her usual self-confidence, before purring, “Good evening Ryan. Yes. It’s yours, and so is Abigail’s if you hadn’t already deduced as much. It seems that you got very very lucky in Vegas…”

She half turned as she nodded her head back towards the house, “Well, come on, let me show you to your room.”

She started to lead the way back inside.

David was a very rich man when he decided to cheat on and divorce Birgitte. The divorce was amicably negotiated, and quick. He got the toys and collectables. Birgitte got the house, a modest alimony that would keep the pantry full, pay the utilities, and pay the property taxes. And she got one of 10 cars David owned, her choice.

The property was fifteen acres with a ten bedroom and eleven bathroom mansion built in the shape of a “U”. It was all one story with the foyer, library, office, great room, living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining room. The east and west wings of the house were all bedrooms and made up the two legs of the “U”.

The master bedroom and four family bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, made up the west wing of the house. The east wing, which had never been used, had six guest bedrooms with their own bathrooms. The house almost had an exclusive hotel retreat vibe to it.

In the courtyard, centered between the house proper and the east and west wings was a large pool custom built to look like an oddly shaped pond with two islands. Above the pool, like an accent mark above a capital-U, was a small pool house with a single bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Off to the side of the pool house was a tennis court that also had never been used. On the other side of the tennis court was the garage where David had kept his collection of cars, and a half-million dollar bus-camper that was used once when Andrea was 10, or so she said.

Birgitte led the way down the hallway. As she walked, she turned her head and spoke over her shoulder, “It seems I was right about Andrea and Devon. It seems you three came to an amicable arrangement?”

That last seemed to be a question. Nodding my head I replied, “I guess we did.”

Birgitte hummed her approval as she opened the guest bedroom door and led the way inside. I followed her in and found an open wall to set Andrea and Devon’s bags down and turned back around to find Birgitte right there behind me. She rushed me, threw her arms around my neck, and pulled me down to kiss her. Her kisses were feverish and passionate. I didn’t fight her. I hadn’t thought about her in any way but the most peripheral in months, but now, with her in my arms, all of my desires came flooding back and I wanted this as much as she did. Even if she was big and pregnant. Even more so because of it!

Finding pregnancy attractive was something I had been learning over the past few months. One has too when one’s women are pregnant. One either learns to love it, and finds one’s women alluring because of it or despite it or it becomes a very long nine months of abstinence, and maybe even longer if one’s women becomes offended by one’s lack of interest because of her pregnancy especially they seem to always think that their pregnancy is one’s fault. There was also the fact that Birgitte was also pregnant with my child which gave us an unbreakable connection now.

Wrapping my arms around her back, I pawed at her breasts and groped at her ass. Picking her up bride-style, I carried her to the bed while she giggled and kissed me. Laying her across the bed, I reared up and looked down at her. She was looking up at me, smiling happily. Her eyes watching my every movement. Her whole body glowing with pregnancy and love. Her expression was the same one I saw every night on Andrea’s and Devon’s faces, and I froze. As my imagination took flight I imagined Andrea and Devon’s expressions changing to sad disappointment as they took off their wedding rings and threw them at me.

“I can’t do this,” I gasped as I shook my head, “God knows I want to, but I can’t Birgitte! I’m sorry. I’m not free. I have two beautiful, adoring wives. Your daughters, and I can’t cheat on them. Not again!”

Birgitte’s happy smile fell. She looked shaken and embarrassed. Her cheeks were colored a deep rose blush beneath her chestnut coloring, and her plump mouth parted as if she were about to object. I didn’t give her time to speak though. Taking a step back, I turned and rushed out of the room, down the hallway, and out Ümraniye Escort of the house to the car. Opening the driver side door I got in and sat down. My hands shook as I placed them on the wheel. I wasn’t sure if it was in anger at myself or my desire to return to Birgitte and take her right there on the spot.

“This was a bad idea!” I scolded myself, “What is wrong with me?! I have two beautiful wives, isn’t that enough?! I’m a real bastard if they aren’t!”

The passenger door opened before I could go on berating myself. My breath caught. Andrea got in and closed the door. Her cheeks were flushed. She appeared to be livid. She glared at me and then looked away to stare through the front windshield as if she couldn’t stand the sight of me. I turned away to look at my hands on the steering wheel and we sat there in silence.

The longer the quiet drug out on the more nervous I became. When I couldn’t take it anymore I said all in a rush, “I’m sorry Andrea. I’m a fool and a bastard!”

Her eyes opened wide at my words and her mouth opened just a little as she turned her gaze upon me. She stared at me hard as her plump mouth pursed, and then she finally asked, “Why do you think I came out here?”

I looked at her in surprise. Why else? Could she be here for some other reason than what I think? But our marriage, my relationship with Andrea and Devon was based on honesty.

Well, it was.

Both of us had done much to tarnish our claims of being honest. But we were working on that, and so, I confessed, “Birgitte came on to me when I took your bags to the room, and well, I didn’t stop her at first. I wanted her so much! I’m sorry. I’m such a bastard!”

Andrea’s mouth compressed as she listened. It was something she didn’t want to hear, didn’t want to know. But she had, and after hearing it she was hurt and very disappointed. Her angry blush deepened as tears budded in the corners of her eyes and started collecting on her bottom lashes. Then to my surprise she took a deep breath and squeezed her eyes shut as she released a long pained exhalation.

The tears on her lashes rolled down her cheeks, and then she opened her bright blue eyes and gave me a wavering smile. Reaching over she took my hand and pulled it over and laid it on her belly before placing her hands on top. She stared at her small hands on my much larger hand, and then she finally said, “Thank you Ryan for being honest, in this at least…”

My brows furrowed in confusion.

She saw it but continued on unfazed, “You are not a bastard. If you were, then you wouldn’t be here with me now. I should have expected mom to make a move. Especially after Vegas. I didn’t expect her to be pregnant either, or you being the one to get her that way!”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head then continued, “What a colossal fuck up!”

She sighed in aggravation, “Anyway, I didn’t come out here because of mom. Honestly, I didn’t even know about that, but don’t worry I will have a private word with her later and everything will be sorted out.”

It seemed that she was going to say more about it but then she clicked her tongue behind her teeth and stopped. Her hands tightened on mine before she said, “What I am out here for… what I am upset about… is Abigail.”

“Abigail?” I gasped in question.

She shook her head for me not to interrupt before saying, “Abigail just told us that she’s pregnant by you. I thought it was her boyfriend, but she said no. When she realized she was pregnant and told Steven, he broke up with her. Didn’t want kids and all, and didn’t want her if she was going to have it. She never told him it wasn’t his. He didn’t even give her the chance. Just said that if she wouldn’t get an abortion then they were done. She said the thought crossed her mind, but after the ultimatum she knew he was not for her.”

“Harsh,” I mumbled as I shook my head in disgust at Steven. I had never liked the guy anyway.

She glared at me, her eyes tight and half squinting as she hissed, “Harsh? Harsh! Ryan, Abigail is 18. Eighteen! How could you? Am I… are we… Devon and I not enough for you? How could you fuck Abigail behind our backs? And get her pregnant to boot!”

My mouth was dry and I didn’t know what to say. I sat there just shaking my head, my mouth working silently as nothing came out and she just looked more and more hurt. Finally I swallowed but the only thing that came out as a weak excuse, “It was Vegas…”

She hissed and rolled her eyes exaggeratedly as she replied, “I know it was Vegas. And I know that the previous night you spent all night fucking Mary, not Abigail. So you didn’t get her pregnant then, and that was the only sex you said you had with them!”

I felt like a bell gonged and a light flickered a massive exclamation point in my head. I understood now that Andrea wasn’t distressed so much about what happened in Vegas, well she was, but it was more that she was upset that I wasn’t honest. She thought I had intentionally kept it from her. Reaching over to put my other hand on top of hers, I said in a low reassuring tone, “I’m sorry, with everything that was happening on our date night and everything that happened in Vegas, I forgot to tell you and Devon about Abigail coming to see me while you were out shopping. I didn’t intentionally try to keep it from you. I promise. I’m sorry.”

“Then tell me now,” She growled softly, trying to understand.

“There isn’t really much to tell,” I replied with a shake of my head.

“Abigail has already told me everything,” Andrea said as she squeezed my hands, “I guess what I really want is to hear it from your point of view. What was your reasoning? Why did you fuck her? What were you feeling when you did, and after? I guess I need to know for my own peace of mind…”

“What I was thinking,” I mumbled as I looked at her. Her bright blue eyes shone in the light from the house. New unshed tears gathered on her lashes, and it made her eyes sparkle even more.

I could see that what I had done was a slap in her face. She had come to Thanksgiving expecting to share her and Devon’s pregnancies with her family. To rejoice in Mary’s pregnancy, and now, almost ruthlessly she finds out that while she had accidentally gotten pregnant by Henry, I on the other hand impregnated her mother and all her sisters. She was able to cope when it was just her and Devon. She had invited Devon into our marriage after all, and pregnancy and children was just a part of it. She had been emotionally and psychologically prepared for that. Then the guilt she felt for getting pregnant by Henry also nullified that fact that I impregnated Mary. I could see how the scales were still balanced in her mind. However, with finding out that Abigail and Birgitte were pregnant too, it threw everything out of whack, and left her feeling betrayed.

I could empathize, but at the same time I was frustrated and angry too. After all, Andrea had started all of this by deceiving me into fucking Devon. Then she gave me permission to fuck her mother, even promised her mom that I would. Mary and Abigail had been accidents, sort of, but hell, hadn’t Andrea said on her date that she didn’t want me to feel like I had to conform to monogamous traditions? So, where are the guidelines? How am I supposed to know what she finds acceptable when she never told me what the hell was going on?!

Taking a deep breath and releasing it, I calmed myself and then said with a shake of my head, “Truth be told, I wasn’t thinking. Not long term at least. Not of the consequences. I trusted you when you said that you and Devon were on birth control, and I trusted that it was working just like you did. I didn’t want kids yet. I didn’t think we were ready, that I was not ready, but then I didn’t even think about it when I was with Birgitte, Mary, or Abigail!”

Andrea’s brows furrowed.

“I wanted more time for us to… enjoy each other. Then Devon moved in and it was like… a porn fantasy come to life. Sisters. I was fucking sisters! And they both wanted me!”

Andrea smiled at that.

“When Abigail knocked on the hotel room door I was reading. She asked if I knew that you ladies had switched rooms and I said I did. She said that Mary’s hogging my dick and my oral titillation of her pussy had left her highly frustrated, and that I was responsible and should take care of it. Take care of her.

“In that moment I felt that since you and Devon wanted to pretend that nothing happened, then “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was in full affect, and this was my one chance to fuck the ever loving smack out of Abigail!

“I know this sounds incredibly shallow, but it is ridiculous how beautiful you, your mother, and your sisters are. I hadn’t ever given it any thought when it was just you and me. They were just your mother and sisters, and all married to boot, except for Abigail and she had a boyfriend. However, when you added Devon to our marriage, well, I couldn’t help but see how beautiful they all are, how shitty David and Bruce treated Birgitte and Devon, what a loser Steven was, and I wanted to love them like I love you.

“It seemed to me that it was okay. You seemed to not only not care but actually greenlit me fucking Birgitte. You were into a ménage a trois between you, me, and Devon. And then you covered up Mary and Abigail’s fucking me, and you and Devon’s fucking Henry. I thought it was for Henry’s sake. It never occurred to me it might be for your own sake as well. I don’t know, I guess I felt like I had your permission, so I figured “what the hell” you shouldn’t mind my fucking Abigail too….”

My story came to a quiet end with me staring down at our hands as I waited for Andrea to pronounce judgment.

“I see,” She whispered after a long moment of silence, “I guess I share in a lot of the fault and confusion. I was deceptive. Bringing Devon into our marriage and letting you believe you were cheating on me with her really threw your moral compass out of whack. If I had set things straight, if we had set up some ground rules, none of this would have happened. Not that you are incapable of making your own decisions, but I can see where my actions would have led to certain assumptions. Assumptions that weren’t wrong five and a half months ago. I guess I’m a little sensitive about it now…”

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