My Daughter – She Is A Virgin

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Alaina Dawson

I have always been very polite and respectful to the woman next door. I’m not sure exactly what ethnic background the family is but it was obvious that it was one that deferred to the matriarch. And that woman was one of the most dictatorial matriarchs it has ever been my misfortune to encounter.

She ruled her little family with a rod of iron. What she said was the final word in all things, and she had a lot to say. She liked to spread her influence around the neighbourhood, laying down the law in all directions.

She liked me because I was always so polite and respectful of her opinions, unlike a lot of others. She never seemed to really notice that while I agreed with her every pronouncement, I still went off and did things my way.

She had three children, two boys and a girl, and they all seemed to firmly under Mummy’s thumb. Even though the youngest, Maria, was nearly twenty, they all still lived at home, though the two boys were now engaged to Mummy-approved young ladies. I assumed that they would be moving out of the house once married. For the future wives sake, I sure hoped so.

It turned out that Mummy had a problem. Maria, her daughter was still a virgin. To my surprise she turned to me to discuss the matter. She explained the problem like this.

In the ethnic culture from which she came, a woman was supposed to initiated into sex by a fairly close relative or friend of the family. The problem the woman was facing was that Maria’s father and brothers were too close a relationship and she had no other family members nearby that she could call on.

Accordingly, she had looked around at friends of the family and her eye had fallen on me. I was old enough (about thirty) to be experienced, was properly respectful of women (I appeared to obey her dictates) and wouldn’t insist on carrying on an affair with Maria afterwards (Mummy considered me a playboy type) or want to marry her (I wasn’t rich enough).

After Maria was properly initiated, Mummy could look around and choose a husband for her. Would I be kind enough to help out her Maria?

Maria, nineteen, nearly twenty. Cute as a button and very nicely stacked. Virginal. (That last surprised me. Probably too scared of Mummy to lose her pants.) Would I be willing to initiate her into the joys of womanhood? I suspected I could force myself.

Then came the bargaining. Mummy thought that since I would be having sex with a virgin I should pay for the privilege. I pointed out that as she wanted me to initiate Maria, she should pay for my services. Mummy pointed out she could arrange to get someone else to do the job, possibly fly out a relative from her homeland who would conveniently take himself away afterwards. I pointed out the cost of flying the relative in and out and putting him up for a few days.

At the end of it all, by sticking firmly to my position, Mummy agreed to pay me five dollars for my services. Hey, it may not be much but it was the principle of the thing.

The next Saturday afternoon Maria came waltzing in with an envelope bearing a message for me. She was to wait for an answer she told me. The envelope contained my five dollars and a note. I was to keep Maria for the afternoon and teach her what she needed to know. And for once, Mummy had chickened out. She hadn’t actually told Maria what she had planned. She’d let me do that. Thank you, Mummy!

So there was Maria, sitting innocently on my couch, waiting for a reply to the message. My eyes flicked over her, taking her in. She was slender but shapely, and that very nice shape was currently clad in a flirty skirt and a loose top that dangled off one shoulder, revealing a red bra strap. And it was now my job to tell her she was going to be screwed.

Leaning back I considered her. How the hell do I broach this subject?

“Tell me, Maria,” I said. “Do you know much about your ethnic heritage?”

“Not much,” she said with a laugh. “I leave that all to Mum. I do know that she says the women rule the roost, so to speak and we’re all supposed to obey her. She makes that very clear.”

“Has you mother mentioned marriage customs to you?”

“Just that she gets to choose our partners. She’s picked a couple of mice for the boys, but she’s going to have to do a lot better than that to pick a Gaziantep Saatlik Escort husband for me.”

“Did you know that’s she’s started looking?” I asked. “Or I should say she will start looking as soon as one little cultural problem has been resolved.”

Maria groaned.

“Well, I can tell you right now, unless I approve of them I’m not marrying anyone she selects. And what is the cultural problem she needs to resolve.”

I smiled at her. “Your virginity. Apparently your mother believes that you can’t get married and do right by your husband unless you’ve been properly initiated into sex.”

Maria was looking at me, shocked.

“And how do you know that?” she demanded.

“Easy. Your mother told me and hired me to relieve you of your virginity.”

I sat back and waited for the explosion. It didn’t take long in coming. Who would have thought that a sweet little girl like Maria knew such language. To sum it up, I was informed it would be a cold day in hell before I got a chance to have sex with her. Not only were my services not wanted but they weren’t needed. She wasn’t a virgin, no matter what her mother might think.

“OK,” I said.

Maria looked at me, taken aback.

“What do you mean, OK?”

“You’ve refused my services. I’ll just let your mother know and that will be the end of it.”

“Oh.” Maria considered this and the ramifications.

“What are you going to tell her?” she asked, suddenly uneasy.

“Just that you refused my services. That’s all.”

“Um, could you tell her you initiated me?” Maria asked carefully. “Otherwise she’ll try to get someone else to do it.”

Piously I shook my head. “That would be taking money under false pretences,” I pointed out. “If I don’t have sex with you I have to return the initiation price. Why don’t you let her know you’re not a virgin.”

Maria gave me a look, indicating I was all sorts of an idiot. Let her mother know she’d had sex with an unapproved male? Fat chance of that happening.

Her mind suddenly caught up with the rest of what I’d said.

“Initiation price?” she suddenly screamed. “She’s paying you to have sex with me?”

I nodded. “And I would be honour bound to return the money if I don’t provide the service.”

“And just how much are you charging for your services?” she asked me, and the air around her almost froze, her voice was that chilly.

“Five bucks,” I said, holding up the note that had been in the envelope.

Where her earlier little paddy had been noisy with some inappropriate language, this one was far worse. Five bucks. She was insulted and infuriated, and her temper was not helped by my laughing at her.

When she eventually calmed down she demanded to know what she could do about the situation.

I shrugged. I hadn’t started this, I politely pointed out. Her mother had. Basically, I told her, she had three options.

“You can tell your mother that you’re not a virgin and she doesn’t need to hunt up someone to initiate you. You can keep quiet about your lack of virginity and try to dodge the people she sends to deflower you. Finally, you can lose your panties with me and I can tell your mother that I’ve initiated you.”

Maria gave me a hunted look. There was just no way she was going to tell her mother she wasn’t a virgin, and she definitely didn’t want to spend the next few months dodging her mother’s candidates. It sort of left me as the only viable option.

“I don’t suppose you could just feel me, check that I’m not a virgin and tell mum I’m no longer one? She’ll assume that you did it.”

“Maria, you’re missing a very important point,” I told her. “The reason I agreed to help your mother is because I really want to take you to bed. I’m not going to pretend I did when I haven’t had the pleasure.”

Maria looked a bit aggrieved at that. “Then why did you insist on an initiation price? And such a low one?” she demanded.

“It was the principal of the thing,” I pointed out. “Your mother was asking me for a favour and then tried to gouge me for the honour of taking you. I had to bargain hard or she just wouldn’t have respected me.”

“But I don’t want to have sex with you,” Maria wailed, but it was plain that she was conceding that she was cornered. In a choice between sex with me or confront her mother, sex with me won.

“What am I supposed to do now?” she asked me, a bite in her voice. “Just drop my panties and bend over so you can ream me?”

“If you like,” I murmured, “But I think it would be a lot easier if I just took you into the bedroom and kissed you for a while. We can take it slow and see how it goes. If you find you really hate it, we can stop.”

Standing up, I walked over to her and held out my hand, smiling encouragingly. Reluctantly, she took my hand and I pulled her to her feet. Feet dragging, she followed me down to my bedroom.

Sitting down on the bed I pulled Maria down onto my lap. Then I tilted her head slightly and started to kiss her. Maria kept her mouth closed at the start, but she was naturally hot-blooded, and soon she was meeting me and returning my kisses. Still moving slowly I started stroking her, starting with rubbing her back and slowly moving around until I was cupping and gently playing with her breasts.

As I rubbed her, I could feel Maria’s nipples hardening under my touch. Deciding to advance a little my hand dropped down and came up under her top, seeking her warm flesh. My hand rubbed against her bra, tracing her breasts around the edges of it, stroking her cleavage and threatening to slide my hand under the bra cups.

Maria was twisting a little by this stage, and I’m not sure if she was pulling away from my touch or twisting to meet it. She definitely wasn’t actively protesting, so one hand slipped behind her and undid her bra. Then I had both her lovely globes in my palms, squeezing them lightly while I rolled her nipples about with my palms.

A few kisses later and her top and bra were just a memory, removed and tossed to the side so I could concentrate better attention on her pearly white breasts. Maria gasped when my mouth came down and suckled fiercely, pushing her other breasts towards me, demanding equal time.

“You know you’re going to have some bruises there, don’t you?” I asked.

Maria flushed and just looked aside, not willing to admit to anything. I smiled at her, which caused her blush to deepen, then returned my attention to her soft breasts.

I had not forgotten the main purpose of Maria’s reluctant visit. Now while I entertained her breasts and distracted her, my hand stroked along her leg and under her dress. A gentle rubbing against her mound resulted in her legs parting slightly, inviting further attention.

I slipped my hand under the waist of her panties, reaching down and rubbing her mound. She was smooth shaven I noticed, enabling her to feel the slightest touch as I lightly scratched across her mons before dipping deeper and stroking her lips, running my finger along her slit.

Needing freer access, I had Maria stand, and while she waited nervously I unhitched her skirt, which dropped smoothly away. Then holding her attention, my eyes on hers, I slowly lowered her panties, leaving her nude.

Instead of bringing Maria back onto my knee, I settled her onto the bed, encouraging her to lie back, easing her legs slightly further apart.

Maria was getting excited and oddly agitated by this time, but still made no protest as my explorations continued. I could sense something was wrong with her, but had no idea what. That was until my fingers started slipping between her lips and diving deeper into her slit.

Considering what I found, I decided some further questioning was in order.

“How often have you had sex, Maria?” I asked, speaking softly with a teasing note in my voice, determined not to alarm her.

“Just the once,” she told me, blushing.

“And just how did that come about?” I pressed. “I’m not just being snoopy,” I added. “I have a reason for asking which I’ll explain later.”

“It was after school one day when I’d just turned eighteen,” she mumbled, blushing fiercely. “One of the boys grabbed me in the park and made me do stuff. He stuck his cock in me and said I could kiss my virginity goodbye.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “He didn’t stick in here though, did he?” I said, gently rubbing around her pussy and pressing lightly against her intact hymen.

Scarlet, Maria shook her head. “Further around,” she muttered.

“He lied to you,” I told her. “You’re still a virgin, not that you’ll be one for much longer, you innocent little fool.”

Pulling back from her for a moment, I explained.

“The boy had anal sex with you. It doesn’t impact your virginity in any manner whatsoever. If we continue the way we’re going, you are going to lose your real virginity. Do you want to continue?”

Maria looked at me for a moment. Then she sighed.

“It doesn’t change anything. Mum would still go hunting for someone to take me. You might as well continue now that you’ve started.”

I’ve had higher praise in relation to my love making, but at least it wasn’t a rejection. Neither could Maria hide the fact that her lips were flowering and opening, seeking further attention, while her nipples were standing up like a pair of tin soldiers, begging for some renewed touches.

Before I settled back next to her I quickly stripped. Then I continued my gentle assault on her senses. Speaking of Maria’s senses, her eyes had very promptly focused on my erection when I stripped, and she continued to keep an eye on it as I nestled next to her. It wasn’t long before I felt a tentative touch as Maria investigated her potential prize.

From that point things progressed faster. Maria had moved from resigned, to interested, to eager, and was nearly at the point of demanding I take her. Considering it would be rude to make Maria demand what I was only too willing to give her, I moved to take up a position kneeling between her thighs. (Not really assisted by Maria’s refusal to relinquish her prize.)

Knowing what was wanted, Maria reached down and parted her lips with her free hand while pulling me towards her. Trying not to laugh at her new enthusiasm I went with her, letting the head of my cock settle between her lips. Her lips closed upon me and Maria removed her hands, looking expectantly at where I was starting to join her, wanting whatever came next.

I pressed in slightly, hearing Maria gasping with anticipation. A little further and I was pressing firmly against her hymen. A little further, moving carefully as I expect the breaking of her hymen to sting, and I found myself still pressing against it. Pressing harder, and Maria was wincing and her hymen was holding strong.

I relaxed, relieving the pressure slightly.

“Maria,” I said apologetically, “your hymen is rather strong. If I press hard enough to break it, it could you hurt quite badly.”

“Oh,” she said quietly, and before I could react had heaved herself strongly up against me, breaking her hymen, screaming with the sudden shock of pain, and driving me half way into her vaginal passage.

Trembling slightly with the shock of it she looked up at me.

“That hurt,” she whispered. “Make it better.”

Make it better, indeed. I pressed forward into her, slowly filling her, the scrape of my cock against her passage bringing subtle little twinges of feeling, draining away the memory of pain and replacing them with the excitement that had been building.

By the time I was fully inside her, Maria was smiling again, breathing hard. I only paused a moment and then I pressed firmly against her, feeling her press up against me in reply. Moving slowly I pulled back a little and pushed back in, with Maria right there pushing back again.

A little at a time I lengthened the size of my strokes, with Maria moving eagerly with me, matching my every move. Soon the pair of us were coming together like old hands, using our hips to really bang against each other.

Maria was squealing out her excitement, thoroughly enjoying the sensations flooding her body, craving more and not wanting them to stop. I’ll admit to breathing hard and enjoying her firm young body meeting my every effort.

Eventually I could hear Maria’s squeals taking on a higher pitch as she started to come close to her climax. Timing it nicely, in my own humble opinion, I accelerated at just the right moment, thoroughly spraying her just as she started screaming as her climax ripped into her.

As we lay on the bed afterwards, a thought crossed Maria’s mercenary little mind.

“What made you fasten on a five dollar to initiate me?” she asked.

“I didn’t,” I told her. “I settled on a one dollar fee, but I’m charging for each time I take you. I’ll be earning my second dollar as soon as we’ve had a shower. I have got all afternoon in which to teach you, you know.”

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