My Dream Girl

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This is my first story of this genre. My ex (and only) girlfriend is described here as Jennifer. But remember, this story is pure fiction. Enjoy.


I was sitting at the kitchen table and looking at the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She was preparing the breakfast and she didn’t notice me admiring her from behind. She was perfect in every way. She was complete in all the aspects I ever wanted in a woman. She was on the shorter side, only 5′ 5″ tall. And her body was slightly plump but not fat. Her jet black hair fell past her shoulders towards the middle of her back. Her untanned alabaster skin glowed under the morning sunlight which came through the window. Even after feeding our 2 kids, her beautiful 36C breasts have remained so firm and youthful. Her legs weren’t like the ones you’d see in a model. Hers were more of motherly type with slightly fatter thighs. But they suited her figure more than the slim and long ones. She was wearing one of my old shirts and a pair of panties which were just enough to cover her pretty ass. Of course we let our kids to sleep till late in the morning on weekends and that’s why she would wear like that in the early morning.

She is wearing spectacles as her blue eyes were suffering from Myopia, short sightedness. Some would not see that as beautiful. But for me, it only made her look more beautiful because there’s nothing more stunning than slight imperfection in a perfection. You’d be wondering who I am describing so far. She is Jennifer, my beautiful wife for the last 12 years and the love of my life. Now I’m going to tell you our story.


I’ve been living in the small town of Townsville since I was born and my parents had been living here since their childhood. I’m Michael Taylor. My dad is an Engineer, mom is a housewife and I am the only child in the family. Even though dad was busy with his work, he found time for the family too. In short, we were a one happy family.

The Adams’ were our neighbors since I could remember. Mr.Adams was my dad’s friend and they were co workers. Both our families were very close because of that. Their only daughter, Jennifer Adams was my best friend. She being 6 months older than me made her senior to me in every place by one year. Kindergarten, primary school, middle school and also high school. But that didn’t matter for us to be best friends. She used to teach me some difficult lessons in school when I needed.

The time passed by and we grew older. Our friendship too was evolving slowly from friendship to a love. At least on my side. I really loved her. But I was afraid to ask her out as I wasn’t willing to risk our friendship. I kept that feeling to myself for sometime. In the mean time guys were asking her out on dates. She went out with some guys and she declined others. But she never dated the same guy more than a month. Jennifer always told me when a guy asked her out on a date. She’d tell me all the details while we were coming home after school. On those days, I’d cry in the bathroom feeling pity on myself for not having the courage to tell her about my love for her. She was going out with the guys that only lusted after her body while the one person who loved her truly was crying alone in the bathroom.

That was enough. Finally I mustered the courage to tell Jennifer how I felt about her. One day we were walking from our school to home. This happened when she was in her senior year in high school. A boy had asked her out on a date and she had agreed. I was listening to her long speeches about the boy as usual. But that day my patience went over the line. “Don’t go out with him,” I said really quickly.

“What?” She looked surprised.

“I said don’t go out with that guy,” I was loud.

“But why?” She asked.

“I don’t want you to go out with him. Not only him. Anyone.”

“Why are you acting so weird? You’ve never been like this before when I went out with boys,” she asked me again.

“That’s because I love you. I’m so madly in love with you. Do you know how much it hurts me when you tell about all the boys that you’ve gone out with? Do you know that I’m a big time looser in dating just because I’m madly in love with you? Do you know there’s me who is crying alone in the room when you go out and enjoy, because I didn’t have the courage to tell you about how I felt about you? Do you know that I kept this to myself because I didn’t want to risk you avoiding me if you didn’t want us to be more than friends?” I was releasing all the pressure I had kept to myself. It was making me cry and I could see tears falling from her eyes too.

She hugged me tightly and started to cry hiding her face on my chest. “Oh Michael, why didn’t you tell me all this before? I’ve been having the same burden on my head in the last few months. I too didn’t have the courage to tell you about it. I didn’t want to risk our friendship either. I couldn’t date anyone for long because I thought that’s wrong to date Ataköy escort another person when I love someone. I’m so glad you took the lead to tell me how you felt.” She looked at my eyes with her teary eyes. “Michael, I love you too.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Oh my god, please tell it again to make sure that I’m not dreaming,” I told her.

She smiled wiping out her tears. “No Michael. You are not dreaming. I love you.”

I held her pretty face between my hands and kissed her lips briefly. That felt so good to feel her lips on mine. I said, “This is the happiest day of my life.”

I took off her pair of spectacles and wiped her tears. Then I put them back on her. Then we walked home holding hand in hand.

That marked the beginning of the happiest period of my life. We didn’t go out much as we had all the freedom since we were neighbors. Jennifer didn’t go out with anyone again but with me. Her friends were curious about that. But she didn’t tell anyone about our little secret. We were best friends to the outside. But she was the love of my life.

One day I suggested her to take our love to the physical level. But she wanted to wait until both of us were legal to have sex. She had just turned 18 at that time and I was 17 years. We waited and waited. Then she graduated from the high school. She wanted to wait for another year before going to the college as she wanted both of us to go to college together. Our parents knew about us and her parents agreed her decision too. She found a job at the local super market as a cashier.

My 18th birthday arrived. I wasn’t much into partying. But I planned on having a small party inviting some of my friends and specially Jennifer. It was a Saturday and I was reading one of my favorite novels sitting on my bed. Reading was one of my hobbies. My parents had gone to the town to bring the food items needed for the party. I heard a knock on my bedroom door. “Michael, It’s me,” I heard Jennifer’s voice.

“Come in.”

She came to the room and closed the door. She looked really simple but still gorgeous wearing a white t-shirt with a heart and the word ‘Love’ printed on it and a denim skirt. “Your front door was unlocked and your dad’s car wasn’t on the drive way. So I thought to see you and wish you happy birthday before the party,” Jennifer said.

“I thought that you’d bring me a present,” I said with a mock anger.

“I did bring you a gift.”

“Where is it? Down stairs?” I asked not seeing anything on her hand.

“It’s right here,” She said.

“I can’t see a gift. Only you are there.”

She bit her lower lip. She does that when she gets really nervous. “I’m your gift,” She said with a low voice.

Oh my god, she was giving herself as a gift to me. She needs me to make love to her. Now that I’m 18 and legal, she needs our bond to have a physical side too.

I kept my book on the night stand got up from the bed. I pulled her closer to me. She was still turning her head down and biting her lip. “Honey, look at me and stop biting your lip.” She looked at me. It was obvious by her expression that she was nervous as well as scared.

“Are you nervous?” I asked and she nodded her head confirming it.

“Hey, don’t be nervous. You love me. Don’t you?” She again nodded her head. “Do you trust me?” She nodded her head. “I love you too baby. I’d never do anything to hurt you. I’d rather die before that.”

Those words brought a slight smile on Jennifer’s face. “First promise me that you’d be gentle with me. I’ve never done this before. I was saving myself for the right guy and I know that’s you,” She said. I was so glad that she was my first as well as I was her first.

“I swear, I’d be gentle as a feather,” I said and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes relishing the feeling of our lips touching together. I held her face between my hands taking the lead and kissed her more. Our kisses grew from the very soft peck to a lovers’ kiss, kissing her lips fully.

I made her sit on my bed and I sat with her without breaking the kiss. I touched her tits over her t-shirt and they felt so good on my palm. She moaned into my mouth and wrapped her arms around my neck as I squeezed them gently. We made out on my bed for some time and I slowly pushed her and made her lay on the bed with me.

Then I kissed her soft cheeks and proceeded to kiss her neck. She turned her head sideways opening her neck more for me. I kissed both sides of her neck, turning her head to the other side. After her neck, I moved to her tits. They were heaving with her each breath in and out. I kissed those soft pillows over her t-shirt and she squirmed as I kissed them.

I got up and removed my t-shirt and lifted the hem of hers up. I looked at her face and asked, “May I?”. She didn’t answer, but sat on the bed and lifted her arms. I lifted her t-shirt over her head. I was having difficulties with her specs. But somehow Ataköy escort bayan I removed the dress without removing them. Jennifer tried to remove her spectacles to help me. But I stopped her, “Please don’t. You look so lovely with them.”

Her face blushed again. Then I sent my arms around her to unclasp her plain white bra. I removed it and tossed it aside. It was my first time seeing a pair of breasts so close. I had seen my mom’s breasts by accident. But that was for a really short time.

Jennifer’s tits were so beautiful and firm and didn’t sag even a bit. They were topped with dark pink color areolas to make them more beautiful. Her nipples were hard with excitement and they were pointing towards me inviting me to suck them. I laid her down again and touched those bare tits for the first time. They were soft and didn’t fall to her sides like the bigger tits. Her body shuddered as my hands touched her sensitive nipples. I rolled them between my thumb and the index finger. They got hard and long in no time. Jennifer had closed her eyes and moaning softly as was enjoying the first feeling of a male touch on her intimate parts.

It was great to fondle her tits, but I needed more. I needed to worship her body. I bent my head and kissed her each tit with so much love. I kissed her areolas and then took a nipple between my lips. “Ooohhh Michael,” She moaned.

I sucked a nipple while fondling the other breast. She was rubbing my hair slowly as I alternated between her breasts giving them equal attention. Then we cuddled together and engaged in another sensual kiss. This time I pushed my tongue towards her mouth and I found the resistance at her lips. She parted her lips as soon as my tongue touched her lips letting it enter into her mouth. My tongue went in and roamed around her mouth searching each and every corner of it.

I could taste her saliva and she could taste mine. It didn’t feel any disgust about it, but instead all I thought was that I’d do anything for this girl. We kissed for some more and then she broke the kiss. Then she pushed me onto my back and crawled down the bed. She stopped at my pubic region and pulled down my shorts along with my pair of boxers. I lifted my hip to make things easy for her. She pulled them down and dropped on the ground.

My 6 and half inch cock was standing erect, ready for some action. Jennifer looked at it greedily and then looked at my face. I smiled, “It’s OK honey. That is all yours. You can do anything you want.”

She touched the cock and kissed the pre-cum oozing cock head. Then she wide opened her lips and took the head in her mouth. “Ooohhh…” I moaned feeling the velvety warmth in her mouth. I thought that I’d cum right there. But I contained myself somehow. She slowly took about three quarters of my cock and waited for some time. Then pulled her head back slowly.

She may have been an amateur in giving head. But I was sure that her mouth was made for it. She started to slowly bob her head up and down on my cock. Jennifer was looking at me through her specs and she too moaned on my cock. I rubbed her soft hair so lovingly, looking at her giving me head.

I felt a familiar sensation in my balls, readying to erupt in her mouth. But I wanted to last long and satisfy her for a longer time. So I held her face in my hands and pulled her up. “Come here baby.”

She let out a sound of disappointment and came to me. I held her tight to me and kissed her full lips. They tasted pre-cum, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to kiss those luscious lips. Her pretty tits were crushed against my chest giving me a feeling of their softness.

It was time for me to go south. I laid her on her back and proceeded to go down on her. I kissed her neck making her moan and then I moved towards her firm breasts. I held each of them in my hands and kissed the nipples. I went farther passing her tits to her soft belly. Oh my god! I almost went out of control as I laid my head on her belly and then licked her belly button. I tongued it and rubbed her belly so slowly making her shudder with anticipation.

I moved further until my face was right in front of Jennifer’s crotch. I unbuttoned her skirt at her waist and pulled it down. Jennifer lifted her hips letting me do my job. I threw the skirt away and looked at my ultimate prize. She was wearing a white thong and it was drenched with her juices. I could feel the heat emitting from her pussy even when I was kneeling above her. Jennifer parted her legs letting me to position between them.

I guessed that her pussy was clean shaven from what I could see. I bent down and kissed her mound over her thong and my god, it was hot like an oven. She squirmed under me and moaned, “Baby, please don’t tease me.”

But I kissed her pussy over her thong for sometime. Then I slid my fingers through her waistband and pulled her thong down. She willingly cooperated with me by lifting her hips off the bed. I slid her panties escort Ataköy through her legs to witness the most erotic sight in the world. Jennifer’s shaved virgin pussy was dripping her nectar inviting me to taste them. Her pussy was puffy with prominent labia majora and her love button was peaking under its sheath. But I had other plans.

I had wanted to do so many things with her. But as a start, I planned on doing the things that gives her pleasure rather than pleasing myself. So I knelt at her feet and lifted her left foot like it was a sacred object. I kissed it and asked, “May I?”

Jennifer knew what I was up to and she nodded her head. I kissed her sole first and proceeded to kiss around it. Jennifer was moaning as I was worshiping her feet. Then I kissed her beautifully painted toes and began to suck them starting from her thumb. “Oh baby, what are you doing to me?” She was moaning and squirming as I sucked her toes.

“I want to please you, my queen. Just lay back and enjoy.” I meant that. She was the queen in my world and I’d always try to keep her happy.

I sucked them and kissed my way towards her knee leaving the saliva traces on my way. Then I shifted the sides and did the same to her right foot also. I parted her legs and crawled between. I looked at her face to see my beautiful girlfriend had closed her eyes and enjoying the moment. I kissed along the insides of her thighs towards her moist pussy. Her moans got louder and louder as I got closer to her love nest.

My cock was rock hard and erect for the whole time, but I didn’t stray from my goal. Finally, I was at my destination, her juicy pussy. I licked all around her pussy, but not it. Jennifer was getting restless. “Micheal, please lick my pussy. Please,” Jennifer begged me not being able to handle the torture of me neglecting her pussy.

After hearing her plead I gave a lick to her pussy from bottom to her clit. That first touch was the most electric one. She shuddered at once as I did that. I licked it from outside some more and opened the puffy outer lips of her pussy. The insides were very bright red and were so much tempting. I pushed my tongue into her love hole as she moaned and licked it so delicately. Jennifer grabbed my head with her hands and held it in the place not letting me to escape. I licked and licked for some time increasing her moans.

“Oh baby, this feels so good. My god! please lick it some more my love…”

Then I diverted my attention to her clitoris which had been ignored thus far. I took it between my lips and gently sucked it. I wanted to use my fingers in her pussy, but I was afraid that I’d break her hymen with them, if there was one of course. I needed to break it with my cock. So instead I stretched my right hand and squeezed a breast. I think that brought her to the edge. Her grip on my head became tighter and her moans became much louder. “Oh my god Michael, You’re making me cum, yes baby yes, you are making me cum,”

She crossed her legs around my head as her body started to quiver. I couldn’t neither move my head nor breathe. My mouth was stuck around her clit. All I could do was to suck her clit to make her cum really quickly and squeeze her tits. I suctioned her clit as hard as I could. I could hear like she was screaming in ecstasy as her body went rigid. Her legs were clamped around my head over the ears. So, my hearing was all blocked. “Michael, I’m cummmiiinnnggg… aaahhhhh…”

With that Jennifer started to flood my mouth with her cum. It was too much for me as I wasn’t much experienced. It tasted divine. I drank every drop of it I could. Other portion was smeared around my chin and dropped on to my bed.

My Jennifer was flying high in her orgasm for so long. I too kept sucking her clit for the whole time. She released her legs slowly as she came down and I lifted my head immediately for some air. “That was amazing honey,” she told me as I was gasping for some air.

She was still quivering from the monstrous orgasm she experienced. I climbed up and we cuddled together. “I’m still trembling from the orgasm. How did you learn to do that?”

“I think its natural,” I said and rolled her on to her back.

Then I climbed over her, placing my cock at her slit. I kissed her and looked at her eyes seeking permission for the most intimate and sacred act between a man and a woman. She nodded slowly and bit her lower lip once again. I touched her cheeks in reassurance, “Hey don’t be nervous. I’ll never hurt you. I promised you, remember?”

She nodded and parted her legs allowing myself to position more comfortably on her. My cock was waiting dangerously close to her pussy for her approval. Jennifer held my cock with her right hand and I lifted my body a bit for the support. She guided it to the vaginal opening and placed the head at the entrance. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and looked at me so lovingly. “Make love to me, darling,” She whispered.

Looking at her eyes, I pushed my cock ever so firmly into her wet vagina. It showed a bit of resistance not opening up, as it should be with a virgin pussy. But after some effort, I was able to push the head past the entrance. She moaned and pulled me down for another sensual kiss that muffled her moans.

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