My Exception is You Ch. 10

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Alright my lovelies, Chapter 10 is FINALLY here!!! This chapter took me the LONGEST to write and I apologize for the unbearable wait. I was anxious to write it myself and get it posted because I wanted it out there, but I had to make it just right.

This is Clay’s perspective because I think we ALL want to know how he thinks/feels when he meets Bruno’s parents for the first time. I hope you all enjoy!


“God dammit, why did I agree to lunch with my parents?” Bruno grumbled, rubbing his eyes as he sat up in bed. I was already showered and dressed, my panic and anxiety in overdrive. He took a deep breath and sighed, falling back into the bed dramatically. I took a deep breath, crossing my arms as I leaned against the wall.

“Just cancel and sleep for another hour or two,” I muttered, my chest feeling tight and stomach feeling heavy. He smiled, turning his head as his hands fell down to his stomach. The blanket was barely covering him, his hips peeking out and I could see a slight bulge where his dick was.

“No they drove a few hours to see me and our first game,” he sighed, getting up as he threw the blanket off him. I watched him walk naked to the bathroom unable to stop admiring him. Last night was flooding back into my mind, my dick twitching excitedly. Even through all the nerves I couldn’t stop sexualizing him. I was insane. “Are you just trying to get out of it?” he called out as I heard him taking a long piss. I sighed, smirking as I shook my head.

“Of course I am. We’ve only been dating for a few weeks Bruno. And I’m not even fully out yet!” I reminded him, heading to the bathroom after I heard him flush. He was leaning over the sink, studying his neck as I leaned on the door. His eyes met mine in the mirror, a cute pout on his lips.

“How could you leave me with so many?” he gestured to all the little love bites all over his neck and chest. I smiled and walked behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist as he washed his hands and his face. He grabbed his headband off the sink counter, sliding it up into his hair. I was a bit surprised to see him using some kind of face scrub, but I guess it explains why his skin always looked so damn good.

“I think it’s only fair since I still have a few from the other night, and you gave me a few new ones too,” I muttered finally, kissing his neck as I studied him in the mirror. His muscles twitched, his chest flexing a bit as his arms moved. It was so subtle but somehow so damn sexy. “Besides we both know I can’t keep my mouth off you,” I teased, my hands running down his stomach suggestively.

“Clay enough,” he nudged me off him and I sighed, grabbing his hips and stepping back as I admired his back and ass.

“Sorry, I think I have a habit of using sex to avoid things. Or to fix things. But you’re irresistible,” I muttered, leaning in to kiss his shoulder as he started brushing his teeth.

“Well knock it off. It’s bad enough we went three rounds last night. I’m exhausted and sore,” he grumbled around his toothbrush, leaning over the sink slightly. I bit my lip and caressed his ass and hips gently. It looked so cute and sexy sticking out like that.

“You started it. You got all sexy and nasty, begging me to fuck you like crazy,” I teased, squeezing his ass a bit. My cock throbbed as his cheeks separated slightly, giving me a quick peek at his puckered hole. He jerked out of my hands, glaring at me in the mirror.

“My family means a lot to me Clay, please focus. Or stay here. But leave me alone so I can get ready,” he grumbled after spitting out a mouthful. A weary anxiety consumed me as he rinsed his mouth out and left to get dressed. I glanced at myself in the mirror, adjusting my hoodie to try and cover up my neck as much as possible. I tugged on my shorts, adjusting them on my hips when he came back into the bathroom in a cool graphic hoodie and ripped jeans.

“Why are you so stylish? You look too damn good,” I grumbled and he smirked, glancing at me.

“You look good too. The white hoodie is simple but shapes you well, and your thighs always look great in these shorts. Do you only wear boarding shorts?” he slid his hand up my leg as he turned to me, his eyes studying my body. I shrugged and he smirked. “Well I like them. They cling to your ass and crotch quite nicely,” he muttered, his eyes looking devious as he groped my ass then. I grabbed his wrist, sighing heavily.

“You don’t get to be mad at me for fondling you, and then turn around and do it back to me,” I grumbled and he chuckled.

“Fair enough,” he shoved his sleeves up, adjusting a bracelet on his wrist. I had never seen that bracelet before. I felt my forehead wrinkle as he turned to leave after checking himself out. He was sitting on the bed, sliding his high-tops on when I walked over and crouched down. He hesitated when my hand grabbed his wrist, pressing on the metal bracelet. “My dad gave it to me. It was my grandfather’s, and his father’s before istanbul travesti him. Said it was lucky. I only wear it for special occasions,” he muttered and my heart felt like it was going to burst.

“What’s so special about today?” I whispered, our eyes meeting as he smiled. He reached up and grabbed the back of my head, kissing me tenderly. He stood up then, adjusting his pants and slapping his pockets.

“I think I have everything,” he slid his phone out to check the time, noticing I was still crouched down and a bit stunned. “Clay you’re really special to me. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but you are. I’m acting all cool but I’m a fucking ball of nerves right now. This,” he gripped his wrist and shrugged. “It’s helping me keep a level head. I can tell you’re nervous about meeting my family and that’s making me nervous. They’re great, so please don’t worry,” he insisted, sliding his hand into my hair then and scrunching it a few times. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his hips. My knees pressed into the floor as I hugged him, my cheek against his stomach. He rubbed my back and shoulders, just letting me hold him.

“Do you think they’ll even like me?” I whispered and he laughed lightly, his hands sliding up to rub my head and scratch my hair playfully.

“Well I love you, so they have no choice,” he pulled my hair, tilting my head back as I looked up at him. My chest was burning, my whole body feeling light and tingly as he stared at me with a deep warmth in his eyes. And his smile was too fucking handsome.

“How can you say that so easily?” I grumbled, burying my face into his stomach. He laughed, pulling my arms off him.

“Because it’s true. Now get up and give me a hug and kiss before we have to leave,” he insisted. I sighed, easing up off the floor. He slid his arms up into my hoodie and under my shirt, his hands pressing into my back as I pulled him close. I kissed the headband that rested on his forehead before he tilted his head to kiss me.

“So this is what having a boyfriend feels like?” I whispered as he pressed his face into my neck, hugging me tightly. He kissed my neck as he shrugged.

“Don’t know, you’re my first boyfriend,” he admitted, his tone light and cheery. I closed my eyes just holding him as I took deep breaths. All my worries and fears were slowly drifting off into the distance. It was like having this man’s love, having him so close to me, was the solution to all my problems.

“Alright, let’s go,” I pulled away finally, patting my back pockets. I felt my phone and wallet, nodding once as I turned to the door. We walked out toward the elevator and I didn’t even flinch or pull away when his hand grabbed mine. I was surprised with myself, but I was happy my reflex wasn’t to pull away from him anymore. Our fingers intertwined, my thumb rubbing the back of his hand as we stood at the elevator.

“Hey mom!” he breathed into his phone, pulling me onto the elevator as I stared at him. The panic flooded me again as the doors shut, realization hitting me. “Yeah we’re heading down to the lobby now,” he continued. It felt like I was going to throw my heart up, my ears and neck hot as I stared at the counter that ticked down with each floor. We were quickly approaching the lobby and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. “Oh you’re already there?!” he gushed, squeezing my hand. “Ok, we’re on the elevator now. Ok yes!” he laughed, sounding so happy. “Alright, I love you too,” he hung up as the elevator chimed for the second floor.

“Bruno, I-” my voice gave out, my eyes feeling wide as I looked at him. He held my hand between his, a big, warm smile on his face.

“My mom and sister are here in the lobby. My dad is bringing the car around. Apparently they’re staying at this hotel too!” he gushed, seeming oblivious to the fact that I was riddled with anxiety. “If you think I’m lovable, then you should love my family too. Quit worrying!” he insisted, pulling me off the elevator before I could protest. He was hurrying toward the lounge area by the front doors and then he gasped, his hand slipping from mine as he nearly ran over. “Mom! Nina!” he called out. A short, stout woman with unruly, chestnut hair caught him in a tight hug.

A girl just barely taller than her grabbed him into a tight hug as well. My feet were slowly carrying me over. I felt like a zombie. He turned and smiled at me, his arm resting on his mom’s shoulders. “Hello Mrs. Fischer, my name is Clay,” I held my hand out and she glanced at Bruno before laughing.

“I’m just Bruno’s mom Clay! It’s just Aymee, ok?” she grabbed my hand and jerked me into a hug. I leaned over, hugging her and glancing at Bruno in awe. He looked so damn pleased with himself as he glanced past me to his sister. “And this is my daughter Katarina,” Aymee pulled away, gesturing to Bruno’s sister.

“Just call me Nina,” she giggled, blushing as she hugged me around my waist. I cleared my throat, hugging her loosely as Bruno snickered. “So you’re Bruno’s boyfriend?” she asked loudly and I flinched, istanbul travestileri Bruno sighing.

“Nina shut up,” he snipped, Aymee sighing as she squeezed Nina’s arm. That got both of them an eyeroll from the young girl. “Where are we going for lunch?” Bruno started, taking my hand as we followed his mom and Nina out to the front lot.

“You father found a really nice restaurant not too far from here. Oh and Fifi wanted to be here, but she had a big test to study for so she’s with Papa,” Aymee added as she looked over her shoulder to Bruno.

“Fifi is my youngest sister. Her name’s Felicity,” he explained to me and I nodded once. “And that’s ok. Really you didn’t have to come all the way out here anyway,” he insisted and she just waved him off. A silver SUV was parked with a burly, slightly heavyset man leaning against it smoking a cigarette. His eyes locked with mine and he looked like he snorted a laugh as he shook his head and flicked his cigarette. My stomach turned uncomfortably as he pushed off his car.

“Bruno!” he met Bruno for a big hug, slapping him on the back roughly. His eyes shifted to me again as he grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back. “Is this your friend you’ve been telling us about?” he asked and I felt queasy.

“Yeah dad this is Clay. Clay this is my dad-“

“Leon!” he turned to me, a huge grin on his face as he held his hand out. He was just a bit taller than Bruno, but shorter than me. However he was broad and heavyset, at least he just looked stalky. I took his hand, his grip firmer than I expected as I tried to smile.

“Nice to meet you Leon,” I breathed and he nodded once. Without another word he turned to his car. His mom and sister were already inside. Bruno exchanged an apologetic but pleading face with me as I took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. “Let’s get this over with,” I muttered, gesturing for him to get in.

The conversation was mainly Nina talking to no one in particular about things that were happening to her at school. She was a junior in high school apparently and had all the cares of a 16-year-old girl; most of her stories were about silly drama, who of her friends liked who, and some plans for the winter dance at the school which apparently was a big thing. While I found it annoying I appreciated the opportunity to just sit in the back of the car, unbothered by either of his parents. I wasn’t ready to play the interrogation game yet.

“You ok?” Bruno whispered, his hand squeezing my thigh. I leaned on my hand, my arm against the window as I studied him. He looked so happy and nervous all at once.

“For the most part,” I admitted and he sighed, his eyes shifting to study the front of the car. He smiled slightly then and bit his lip.

“I promise to make it up to you,” he whispered and I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I smiled. I rubbed my lips, shaking my head as I turned to the window.

“You’re too much,” I grumbled. But my hand fell on his, our palms sliding together as my fingers pushed between his. At least this felt incredible. Soon enough we were getting out of the car and heading inside. It was some steakhouse that seemed locally owned. It had a huge bar and an even bigger dining room. It wasn’t too packed because it was lunch time, but there were still plenty of people.

Bruno went to hold my hand and I glanced at him, squeezing his hand before sliding my hands into my pockets. As I turned to follow his family to the hostess stand I noticed Leon glaring at me. I felt my stomach turn at the hostile gaze, freezing for a moment before I swallowed the lump in my throat. He turned to the host, asking for a table. We were led to a booth that was like a half circle, Bruno and his sister sliding in first. I sat next to Bruno, his parents across from us.

“So Clay, tell me about yourself!” Aymee started as I opened my menu. I hesitated, glancing up at her and Leon.

“Oh, um, well I’m a senior this year. I’m the captain of our soccer team,” I glanced at Bruno, his smile helping calm me down. “We’re in the same major and I’ve been the one helping Bruno train this past year,” I started, turning to Aymee with a weary smile.

“So you two met because of soccer?” Leon asked and I nodded, Bruno’s hand resting on my thigh. I adjusted, clearing my throat as I let my legs spread a bit more. His touch was a welcome comfort, his palm warm even over my shorts. “Well what hobbies do you have?” he pressed and I shrugged.

“I really just like working out and playing soccer. So that’s mainly what I do in my free time,” I admitted, feeling a bit pathetic.

“How boring!” Nina teased and I sighed, Bruno squeezing my leg.

“Well not everyone can do whatever they want and have all the free time in the world Nina,” Bruno started. She scoffed, slamming her menu down on the table as she glared at him.

“I’m in a few clubs and I’m on the track team too! I still have hobbies, Nona! You know I like to draw,” she glared at him and he sighed. I smirked, settling back into the travesti istanbul booth as I looked at Bruno.

“Nona?” I teased and he blushed, glancing at me with a cute pout.

“Please for the love of god don’t call me that,” he grumbled. “It’s a stupid nickname Nina and Fifi came up with. They wanted me to have a nickname too. They refuse to call me anything else,” he explained and I smiled.

“It sounds like a girl’s nickname,” I continued and he rolled his eyes, turning to his menu. Leon cleared his throat, catching my attention.

“Do you have siblings?” he asked and I shook my head slowly.

“I’m an only child,” I mumbled.

“Oh I can’t imagine!” Aymee giggled and I sighed. “I have four siblings and Leon has three. And we all have several kids too, some of them even having their own kids!” she gushed happily. I couldn’t help but smile. Her energy was so gentle and maternal.

“I have some cousins who are close,” I offered and she nodded sweetly.

“Hello, sorry for the wait! Can I get you guys a drink?” our server came over. She looked to be about in her mid-twenties. Her eyes lingered on Bruno and I even noticed her tucking her hair behind her ear. It was like she wanted him to pay attention to her. My stomach knotted and I felt frustrated. What was it with women fawning over Bruno? He told me none of his exes ever found him super attractive. But that had to be a fucking joke. He is really cute and sexy. He had this weird alluring, always kind of sexual energy about him. Of course that might be my interpretation of it…

“And you?” she looked at me and I snapped out of my thoughts, smiling as I shrugged.

“A water and Coke are fine please, thanks,” I offered, unconsciously lifting my arm up to rest it behind Bruno on the back of the cushion. She nodded, walking off. I glared at her back, not liking the way she looked at him one bit.

“Clay?” Nina’s voice caught my attention while Bruno squeezed my leg harshly. Did I miss something? I flinched, glancing at her. “You ok?” she teased and I nodded, pressing my lips together as my ears felt hot. “So you weren’t just checking out our cute server?” she pressed playfully.

“Nina!” Bruno and Aymee jumped in, Leon chuckling.

“Looked that way to me,” he agreed and I stiffened a bit, glancing at him. What the hell was his deal? Something felt off, like a weird vibe from him. And I wasn’t sure if he was worried about my relationship with Bruno, if he hated it, or if it was something else entirely.

“Um, well,” I hesitated, glancing at Bruno. He sighed, looking apologetic as our eyes locked. I smiled then, letting my arm slide down to rest on his shoulders. “I was actually glaring at her,” I laughed at myself then, my elbow pressing into the table as I covered my eyes. My face wrinkled out of embarrassment as I sighed. “I don’t know what it is, but Bruno seems to be some magnet for the ladies. I mean I could see the way she was looking at him and it bothered me,” I admitted pathetically. Bruno leaned into my side, squeezing my leg with a light laugh.

“You’re too jealous,” he insisted and I shrugged, glancing at him as I rubbed my forehead. My eyes shifted to Leon who was staring at me with a blank face.

“So you really are gay?” Nina demanded, Bruno flinching and sitting upright.

“Nina that’s not appropriate, and rude to say!” Aymee insisted and I sighed.

“Do I not seem gay?” I demanded then, studying her curiously. This was weird. I was always so worried about being outed, that it never occurred to me people might not even suspect I was gay.

“Not really,” she shrugged. I glanced at Bruno who looked uncomfortable, as he glared at Nina.

“Why does it matter if he seems gay or not?” he started and I leaned into him a bit, squeezing the top of his arm gently. “No I want to know why it matters,” he insisted, Nina giggling with a shrug.

“It doesn’t, it’s just surprising. You know how there are like stereotypical gay men? I guess there aren’t too,” she offered flippantly. The server came back with our drinks, setting them down. Nina grabbed hers excitedly, sipping it with a smile on her face as Bruno sighed and fiddled with his straw.

“So I have to ask, what is your intention with my son?” Leon broke the awkward silence and I went rigid, my heart racing. I looked at him feeling all the blood drain from my face. His tone was stern and demanding. It wasn’t entirely confrontational but it felt like I was talking to my father. Something about the way Leon was studying me, the way he was talking to me, it was sending me into a rabbit hole of anxious paranoia.

“Clay, you ok?” Bruno demanded, his hand on my chest. It felt like my tongue was swollen, my body sweaty and cold.

“Uh, sorry, I just, I need a minute,” I pulled away quickly, my chest feeling tight as I hurried to the bathroom. After a few splashes of cold water to the face and some deep breaths I was feeling slightly better. Before I could leave the door opened.

“Clay what’s wrong?” Bruno demanded and I sighed, glancing around the bathroom.

“Your dad reminds me of my dad. At least the way my dad talks to me, the way he looks at me too. And I just, uh, I don’t know! I panicked I guess?” I offered pathetically. He sighed, giving me a hug as he rubbed my back.

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