My Fantasy

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Alex Tanner

This is not a true story. This is completely a work of fiction. Although I long to perform the action of the male character in this story, till I have not got a chance to perform them. I am writing this story only to spent my sexual urges. Hope you will like the story. Feedback of any form is welcome.


Chapter 1:

I am a straight male from India. I am happily married with one daughter. My wife is my love from the childhood. I am very much in love with her. I am sexually satisfied to some extent with her. She is very energetic in bed. But likes only straight sex, while I like BDSM. I have tried to convince her to indulge into this kind of sex. But she refused to budge. I was not very happy about that. I was looking for ways to convince her or make her succumb to my wishes. There are many sites in the Internet where you can find ways to make someone your sex slave. One day I was surfing one such site. There was one article by a man from Japan, who wrote about a mind control device, which can control any person’s body and mind. He also stated that he tasted it upon his wife and it worked like dream. The site selling the machine was also there. I had tried so many ways to make my wife my BDSM sex slave and failed. So, I decided to try out this one also. I went to that site (I can not give the site address here, as it will be against the policy of ). After placing the order I waited eagerly for the machine. After 3 days it was hand delivered to my office by a PYT. She gave a demonstration of the machine and she was the subject. It worked perfectly. I was satisfied.

The machine was a very simple one. It had a one gold bracelet with the embedded chip and a cell phone like thing. The procedure was simple. The person to be controlled should wear the bracelet and the controller should have the cell phone. After switching on the machine, it will detect the wavelength of the brainwaves of the subject. After that the controller will have to say some specific words to tune the controller unit into the voice of the controller. Then the controller unit will convert any word said by the controller into the wavelength of the subject and to the subject it will appear that it is his or her own wish.

I decided to give it a try the very same night. I gift wrapped the bracelet. After dinner when we were in the bed I presented the bracelet to her. She was very excited and wore it immediately. Tipobet After that I uttered the code words and it was ready to use. That night since I was not prepared for the full BDSM session I just wished that she strips and strips me also. To my surprise she just left the bed and stripped in full. Then she came back to me and started to undress me. Then I told her to pinch her nipples as hard as she can and she winced in pain but hold the nipples. When tears started flowing from her eyes, I told her to let them go and thank me for hurting her. She thanked!

Then I proceeded to the next step. I ordered her to suck me. This particular job she never did for me. She always refused to even kiss me there. But today she eagerly started to suck me. When I was about to cum, I withdrew from her mouth and sprayed all over her face. I scooped all the cum from her face and told her to lick it from my hand. She even did this. I was too exhausted to fuck her so I slapped her hard twice on her tits and went to sleep.

Next day when I woke up I ordered her to drop our daughter to her grand parents for 2 days and return to home by 3PM, shave all body hairs, tie her hair in a tight pony tail, remove all the jeweler except the bracelet and wait for me naked in our sitting room. She was astonished to hear this from me, but said yes. I spent the day procuring the necessary instruments for a true BDSM session. When I returned home at about 7:30 she was there naked and waiting for me. I almost came seeing her like that. I opened my bag and took out two nipple clamps.

“Darling, go bring some ice cubes for me and remember to call me MASTER from now on when we two are alone.”

“Yes Master.” was her prompt reply.

She brought the ice cubes in a bowl.

“Now put your hands behind your back and stand still till I tell you to move.” Taking two ice cubes in two hands I started to rub them over her nipples. The nipples immediately became erect. “Now you will not shout whatever I do with you. Tell me that you understand”

“I understand master,” said she.

I promptly attached the nipple clamps to the rock hard nipples. She let out a silent cry but not a sound was heard. I was astonished to see the controlling power of the gadget. Her face was red like a beet, tears were flowing from her eyes, but she didn’t shout.

“Take my bag to the bedroom and make tea for me, Tipobet Giriş bitch.” An astonishing look came on her face hearing me address her as bitch. “Don’t be surprised, this is what you are, a fucking bitch. Your only use is to be abused and tortured. I think this is the proper name to call you and from now on I will call you whatever I want. Bitch, Cunt, Slut whatever I want and you will answer. Understood?”

“I understand master,” said she.

She came back with the tea and put that on the table. In the mean time I had stripped to my shorts and it had quiet a tent in front of it.

“Kneel before me you bitch and put your hands behind your head and thrust your tits out for me to play with.” She complied without any hesitation. I attached two ends of a chain to the nipple clamps and started tugging at them slowly while sipping my tea. “Remember not to make a sound till I say so.” From her face it was obvious that she was in great pain but she remained silent. When I finished my tea I proceeded to the next step. I took out some small weights and started attaching them to the chain attached to the nipple clamps. This increased the pain even more. I was satisfied after attaching 10 weights. Then I took out a leather slave collar and put that around her neck. Then the obvious dog leash was attached. I took a cane and holding the leash told her to crawl on all fours around the room. Her nipples were painfully stretched. To add to the pain I started to cane her bottom at regular intervals. Soon her bottom was full of red welts she was crying silently in pain, and then only I was satisfied.

By this time my cock was aching for a release and it was a perfect time for a nice mouth fucking. I stripped my short and told her to kneel before me and open her mouth wide. With a single thrust I entered her mouth. Wrapping her hair painfully in my hand I held her still. I was hitting the back of her mouth in no time. She was gagging on my huge cock. Suddenly I heard a “plop” and my dick entered her throat. That was too much for me and I came instantly. I barely had time to pull out and spray all over her face. I was exhausted to the limit. So I decided to take some rest and gave her the task of scooping all the cum from her face and eat that. While she was doing what was told I was thinking my next action. Next I decided to attack her tits some more. I took her to our Tipobet Güncel Giriş bedroom and of course she crawled there. Reaching there I told her to lie on the bed on her back. I attached leather-padded restraints to all her limbs and attached them to four corner posts of the bed. When she was fully secured and I was sure that she couldn’t move at all I was satisfied.

“Now bitch, you are going to experience some more pain. Since it is easier to inflict pain on the tits I will abuse your tits for some more time before taking care of other parts of your filthy body. Now open your mouth wide so that I can attach the gag. I would have loved to hear you scream but since the room is not sound proof, the neighbors may object.”

After attaching the gag I removed the nipple clamps and chains. Blood immediately rushed to the nipples and she was in great pain as sensation returned to her numb nipples and tear welled in her eyes. But that was not enough for me I wanted her to be in more pain. I wanted to torture her more. I wanted to see her tears more. I started to roll her nipples. A soft whimper could be heard from behind the gag. Taking out a Cato’ nine whip from the bag I started to whip her tits. First it was just brushing her tits but I slowly raised the tempo and the force and now I was satisfied. She was in great pain and she was crying loudly behind the gag. Tears were flowing down her chicks. Her tits were full of red welts, but there was no blood. I allowed her to rest for some time. When she recovered I removed the gag and she gave out a sigh of relief. I took a cold towel and wiped her face and tits. She was further relieved. By that time my member was fully erect. I decided to fuck her. I removed the short restraints from her legs and attached longer ones. Pulling her legs over her head I attached them to the two head posts of the bed. Now all her limbs were attached to the same side of the bed. She was fully vulnerable. Both her cunt and assshole were open to me. Seeing this I got an idea to torture her more. Taking out a dildo vibrator from the bag I put that into her mouth and told to suck that. She sucked on that for a while. Then I put that into her cunt and left it there for some time in full power. When she was on the verge of climax I pulled that out and again thrust that into her mouth and with a cord secured it there. Then I took another sleek anal probe and added some lubricant. Next I slowly put that into her anus. Her anus resisted for some time, but finally gave away and it was in. Then I switched on both the vibrators simultaneously. The sudden vibrations in her mouth and asshole jolted her and she cried out in pain.

To be Continued…

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