My First Business Trip

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**This happens to be a true story and has become one of my fondest memories. I hope you enjoy it, although your enjoyment will be nowhere near what mine was! Stay tuned for part two…there is more to come…**

* * * * *

I met him on Oscar night two years ago.

I remember because I was on a business trip in San Diego and was at my boss’ house having dinner and watching the Oscar’s before I decided to go out to a bar a few blocks away and have a drink.

I walked in, bellied-up to the bar, and ordered a beer.

I looked around and saw that there was basically no one in the bar. The place was nearly empty.

There were a few old drunks hanging out together in the corner at the far end of the bar and one guy sitting a few stools away from me drinking a beer and watching the Oscars with the volume down.

I walked up to him and asked if they had announced best actor yet. I told him that it was going to be Kevin Spacey for American Beauty, no question.

Well, we started chatting (later that night I would find out that I was right, it was in fact Kevin Spacey) but what I found intriguing straight of the bat was his voice.

He was from down under.

I figured Australia, but he told me New Zealand.

A Kiwi. Yummy.

I sat down and we started getting to know each other over a beer.

He had to be hands down one of the most charming guys I’d ever met.

Not that he wasn’t attractive, he was, he had a surfer’s build, a nice complexion, sandy blond tousled hair, a very endearing smile, and a genuine, disarming air about him.

He was unquestionably a very sexy guy.

But, I think it was the accent that did me in.

I knew that something was going to happen between us that night.

It was just a matter of when and how.

Now on our fourth beer together, we had essentially swapped all of the pertinent life stories, ideologies, jokes and what have you, and were at the point where we were just ordering more drinks in hopes that the other person wouldn’t get up and go home.

Things were starting to heat up a little bit, our legs drifted closer together, his eyes lingered on me for just a moment too long, the tension was building.

I felt a strong connection with this man. It sounds trite, but I felt like I had known him for a long time.

I started to feel quite a bit more bold and as the conversation meandered on and his intimations became more playful, I started throwing it right back at him.

We were sitting so close facing each other and talking so intently that we hadn’t even noticed that the bar was now jam packed with people.

He leaned forward just a little and said to me “I really want to touch you.”

I responded with a smile and extended my hand onto his leg.

I then received one of the most electric kisses in public that I can remember.

I still to this day cannot recall being so lost in some one else that I could just tune out the world and focus so intently on just them.

“Take me home.” I told him.

With that we were off.

He lived about a half mile away and we thought it would be best to walk.

Weaving our way home in the dark on a path that crossed the beach he stopped me and we embraced for a passionate kiss.

His smell, his touch, the rough feel of his day’s growth of a beard on my face, and his strapping Uşak Escort shoulders almost paralyzed me.

When he caressed my breasts and stomach underneath my shirt I almost melted into him.

When his fingers slipped down the waist of my skirt and into my underwear, he found my wetness and released the tension that had been building all night.

I let out a soft moan and pressing my hips against him and his fingers which were now inside of me.

I could feel how hard he was as our bodies pressed together.

It was a virtual battle of wills to calm ourselves down so that we could walk the remaining three blocks to his home.

When we got home it was pretty late, about 1:00 am, and his roommate’s dog was barking at us as we tried to slip into his bedroom without making too much noise.

He told me that his roommate had teased him and asked him why he never brought a girl home.

He told me that it had been about a year since he had been with anyone.

I was a little embarrassed to tell him that it had been only a couple of days for me.

I had met another guy several days previous, it had been kind of a wild trip.

I was heading home to Denver the next morning.

We fumbled towards the bed and he quickly took control.

He was more aggressive than anyone I’d ever been with and I have to admit that it really turned me on.

He gripped my long hair as he plunged his tongue into my mouth giving me such a deep kiss that I could barely breathe.

He pushed my skirt up around my hips and forcefully spread my legs.

He lowered his head and without any warning or foreplay tore my underwear to the side and started eating me out.

He moaned in between flicking his tongue over my clit and fingering me and told me how wet I was and how good I tasted.

My hips gyrated against his mouth and I told him that I needed to taste him.

He sat up and I pushed him down so that he was lying on his back.

I had been dying to see his cock and feel it up close and personal.

I practically tore his shorts off and there it was.

Not the largest, just about average size, but unbelievably hard.

I teased him a bit, running my fingers up his stomach under his shirt to his nipples and gently pinching them.

He ripped his shirt off and it went flying across the room.

My shirt came off next with a tear at the v-neck and I felt his hot breath on my breasts as he pushed my bra down to expose my breasts and zeroed in on my hard nipples.

My back arched and I pressed my wet pussy against his cock.

God, he made me so horny that I wanted him right then, with my underwear on and my skirt around my waist , I didn’t care, I wanted to feel him inside of me.

I bent over him and hovered just above his dick.

God, it was beautiful. My eyes ran over the shape of it, the smoothness of the skin, the hardness, anticipating what it would feel like when I first felt the tip of him enter inside of me.

I brushed his thighs with light kisses.

As I worked my way up past his crotch he could feel the blasts of hot breath on his balls and his eager dick waiting for me, and it sent him into a frenzy. He pushed his cock towards me, attempting to make me take it into my mouth.

I moved upwards still, denying him my hot, wet mouth, and Uşak Escort Bayan began kissing his lower stomach, open mouthed, and then began tracing circles with my tongue from the trail of blond hair leading up his stomach back down to his upper thighs again.

Finally, I couldn’t resist, I let my tongue glide slowly and sensuously up his hard shaft. As I lathed my tongue over the head of his penis he let out a low grunt and his body convulsed.

With that I took his entire length into my mouth and suctioned my lips around the base of his cock.

Balanced on my knees, with my head buried in his crotch, I cupped his balls from underneath with the palm of my hand, while moving my other hand to the base of his dick so that I could apply pressure while I sucked his hard cock.

He started bucking his hips against me forcing his cock in and out of my mouth.

I sucked him so hard, keeping my lips tightly sealed around his shaft as he pumped it in and out of me, while I licked the underside of his cock up and down rapidly.

He couldn’t get enough of it and neither could I.

I wanted him to come, fast and hard.

I lifted my head, my hair disarrayed and in my face, I pumped him with my hand and told him that I wanted him to come. All over me.

With that said I lowered my mouth onto his waiting cock and sucked him off with a fury.

He told me he was cumming as his hips thrust harder and harder against me forcing more and more of him into my mouth.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his load at my tits. I moaned deeply as I felt his hot cum splash against my nipples and my stomach. I took his cock in my hand and firmly jacked him off and shot his cum at my face.

When he was in the paralysis of orgasm and feeling totally sated I lowered my mouth to his wet cock and bathed it with my tongue. He groaned loudly, then grabbed me and threw me on my back and with one swift pull removed my underwear and my crumpled skirt.

He spread my legs wide and dove into my cunt.

He pushed his tongue deep inside of me and played with my clit sending me into a pre-orgasmic frenzy.

I told him that I needed to feel him inside of me.

He wanted me to talk dirty for him.

I told him that I needed him to fuck me, “You’re so hard. that I wanted your cock so badly, you make my pussy so wet.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me now.” I moaned impatiently.

I grabbed a rubber out of my purse which lay on the floor and tore the package open.

I lowered the rubber onto his cock, sheathing it in the cold, artificial wetness that was a necessary part of it all and leaned back.

The site of this man on his knees in between my thighs spread wide, with his cock ready sent a surge of wetness through my pussy.

I moaned and pulled at his hips telling him that yes, I needed him right then.

He rubbed the head of his cock against my clit and felt how slick I was.

He chuckled, “You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?”

“You’re pussy’s so wet. I’m gonna fuck you.”

He pushed his cock inside of me and the walls of my vagina clenched up around him, enveloping him in their warmth and tightness.

“Oh God, it’s so fucking good.” I moaned.

He showered my neck with kisses and licks and discovered how sensitive it was.

I thrust my hips up against Escort Uşak him to meet every thrust of his own.

It felt like we were airborne but connected completely, flying around on the bed.

He pulled at my ankles and pushed my legs up over my head.

He held my ankles while he plunged his cock deep inside of me.

“Fuck me baby. Oh fuck, you’re so deep inside of me. Fuck, you feel so good.”

“Yes! Oh God, FUCK ME!” It was impossible to keep quiet as we had intended.

We no longer cared if we woke his roommate.

Actually I think it turned us both on that someone was probably hearing us as he pounded my wet cunt.

I could barely catch my breath. I let out a succession of breathless gasps and groans as he pushed himself roughly into me over and over again.

He was so hard, so rough and aggressive. It turned me on more than I thought possible.

I told him that I wanted him to take me from behind.

He just kept thrusting away at my wanting pussy.

I begged him, “Fuck me from behind, baby. I want to feel your cock in me so deep. Fuck me from behind!”

He pulled out of me quickly and roughly rearranged my body on the bed.

I stretched my arms down on the bed and my ass was up in the air waiting for him.

He grabbed my hips and thrust his dick deep inside of my pussy.

I screamed “FUCK! GOD! YES!”

“HARDER!” I prompted him.

His nails were digging into the soft flesh of hips and ass as he fucked me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before.

I couldn’t contain myself. The whole neighborhood could probably hear my screams.

I was so wet that I heard the sound of my cum as he slapped against my ass and his balls slapped against my clit.

He released his grip on my hips and reached around and rubbed my clit.

The way he rubbed my clit with his rough hands and powerful arms made me want to come.

I knew then how I wanted to come.

I got away from him and told him to lay on his back.

I lowered myself down onto his hard cock. He was covered in my wetness.

As his hands went for my breasts I started riding his cock.

As he pinched and pulled at my nipples I thrust my pussy hard against him in a strong and unbreakable rhythm.

I lowered my fingers to my wet pussy and started rubbing my clit.

The sight of me touching myself made him pump me even harder.

He told me how hot it was and how much he liked to watch me play with myself.

I leaned back against his cock and must have discovered my g-spot because the intensity of the feeling was unreal.

I rubbed at my clit furiously while he watched me ride his cock.

His eyes were devouring me as he teasing my breasts and enjoyed what had turned into an unbelievably amazing fuck.

“I think I’m gonna cum” I moaned.

He urged me on, “Fuck me, cum for me baby. Fuck my cock. It’s so hard. Fuck my cock with that tight little pussy. Oh, you’re so wet, baby. You’re so fucking horny.”

I felt the shock waves come over me.

I kept on thrusting my cunt and rubbing my clit, while I screamed “FUCK! Oh my God, I’m CUMMING!”

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” I groaned.

I was trembling with ecstasy as he poured his cum deep inside of me.

Sweaty and breathless we separated and lay side by side for a moment trying to calm down.

That was round one.

Little did I know that he wasn’t done with me yet.

There would be several hours more of moaning , sweating, fucking, and cumming, until the morning light crept into the room and it was time to catch my flight back home.

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