My First Real Sexual Encounter

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It all started when my new friend introduced me to her boyfriend’s younger brother. I was 18, and so was he. I liked him from the start and we got together right away. In our first conversation, he told me that he had been watching me all summer long ride by on my bike, with me only wearing my short shorts and little summer tops, which he said got him all hot and bothered every time I rode by. He also told me he would think to himself, I wish I was her bicycle seat that she was sitting on, with me in between her hot pumping legs. (Little did he know that this was sure to happen shortly after we got together.)

Though the first few times we got together, we only made out, with his french kisses as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as creamed butter. We didn’t go all the way until two weeks later, but we felt each other up every way imaginable. I got wetter than wet from his fingers playing my pussy like an instrument of ecstasy, and he got harder than hard and came with a fountain of cream from my slow and easy/fast and hard strokes on his nice big cock. These are what we called our passion-filled make out sessions. It was getting soooo hard for Bakırköy escort me to wait to feel his big, beautiful cock deep inside of me (as I’m sure it was hard for him to, in more ways than one).

Well, one night, after being together for two weeks, we decided to go all the way, with no going back. We were going at it slow and smooth, entangled in each other’s halfway nude limbs. I turned to him and said, “let’s go all the way tonight, I can’t wait anymore to feel your cock deep inside of my pussy”. He said in reply, “I thought you wanted to wait”, and I replied back, “well, two weeks is a long enough wait for me to wait for you to give me all you’ve got”.

So more than willingly, he quickly unhooked my bra, with a little help from me and he threw it on the floor. Then he slowly unzipped my jeans and then threw them on the floor. He quickly took off my panties, which revealed my hot, wet pussy that was impatiently waiting for him to go down on. He spread my lips apart gently with his hands, and with his tongue he gave me pleasure like I’ve never felt before in my life. He licked me, sucked me and gave me my first Bakırköy escort bayan orally mind blowing experience. I came over and over in pure fits of wet ecstasy. Next it was my turn to return the oral favor.

I got up and rolled him over on his back, undid his belt, unzipped his jeans, took them off and placed them on the floor. Then I massaged his cock until it was nice and hard. I then removed his underwear and placed them on top of his jeans. First I licked his cock like an ice cream cone, from top to bottom, then like a lollipop, round and round. Then teasingly, I would flick my tongue back and forth on the tip of his cock, for added pleasure. Finally I took him full in my mouth, sliding up and down on it, over and over, making sure my teeth were under my lips, so as not to hurt his delicate member. I sucked it with full force. He finally came in my mouth, and I drank his cum full up, swallowing it all with pure delight.

I was ready, he was ready. It was time now to take him inside of me, but his member needed a little more reassurance. So I massaged his bare cock, sometimes licking the palm of my hand escort Bakırköy and rotating it on the tip of his cock, til he was hard again and ready to be mounted by me. Oh I mounted him, and rode him like he was a pure bred horse, in true bronco billy style. Ooooh, it was a true pleasure ride, with him way deep inside. Up and down and round and round I went. Feeling his cock deep inside of me every which way I could, with me on top.

Then we switched, which now placed him on top. He took me way out of my mind and into the ethers of pure pleasure with each thrust of his hips. Then we did it doggy style, my first time in this position. I loved the sheer force of his thrusts in this position and the way it felt – we came together in this position, climaxing in a most wet and wild way. It felt so animalistic and raw doing it in this position – one I’d surely do again, with pure pleasure.

After this, with a perfect fit we 69’d it. This was my first time doing that, and surely not the last, for it was an oral feast that both of us enjoyed immensely – with him lapping up my sweet pussy juices and me sucking his juicy cock. This was surely the most orally pleasurable position that I’ve ever been in, in my lifetime up until now. I was surely looking forward to doing it again.

A few hours later, when we finally finished, we fell asleep from pure sexual exhaustion, then greeted the next morning together with pure lover’s delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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