My First Steps as a Cougar Ch. 02

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Cougar 2

I now consider myself southern Spain’s latest addition to the cougar pride or ‘mujer puma’ as they say here. A long line of women who aren’t getting enough personal attention. I mean very personal and seriously individual attention.

I was sitting out, towards the end of the session, at the tennis club, a week or two back, and I freely confess I was day dreaming about Paul. Paul you won’t know by name, but he is the nineteen year old next door that I seduced in my previous tale.

Anyway, I was musing about his rock hard young cock and the fun we had had, all be it very briefly, in my pool. Paul had never done ‘it’ before, as the young so love to call sex. I shamelessly seduced him over a period of weeks, and as soon as that stiff young cock entered me I orgasmed.

That particular day I hadn’t had a good shag for a week or two and was feeling rather ‘kept short’ so it was a good muse. I sat in the warm sunshine, thinking about Paul’s firm young buttocks and poker stiff willy and it was really getting me going. I had quite forgotten how firm a nineteen year old’s buttocks can be, and indeed how stiff his cock. The shag only lasted seconds, but what seconds!

I must have had a far away look in my eye as I was suddenly aware of Jenny’s toned legs, that go on and up for ever, obscuring my view.

“A penny for them.” Said the voice from the top of the legs.


“Well you looked like you were on another planet. Was he really that good?”

“That obvious eh?”

“That obvious! You could only have been more obvious if you’d had your hand down the front of your knickers.”

Jenny was a great friend and we frequently swapped stories of our various encounters. Jenny was single, forty six, in great shape, and, shall we say, enjoyed a rumbustious and varied sex life.

“Just musing about Paul and his stiff young cock, if you must know.”

She pulled up a vacant chair.

“Oh dear, sex life back in the doldrums again?”

“Just a bit, but he was something really special. It’s hard enough having sex in a pool, and I normally like a bit of a build up, but the moment that cock entered me, sparks flew and I came before even he did!”

“You should be so lucky! Still I can’t complain, I got Mr Sorry Sorry to go for a drink after tennis last week. Now there’s a dark horse, hiding his light under a bushel, to mix our metaphors.”

“You shagged Mr Sorry Sorry?”

I should perhaps explain that we had a new member at the club. He appeared extremely shy, and was always apologising, particularly if he served a double fault, hence the nick name.

“Well I felt he might be a challenge, he’s so shy, and you have to admit he’s pretty cute. Let’s just say that once he’s naked he stops apologising and for very obvious reasons.”

“Intrigued! Go on.”

“You want the blow by blow or the short version?”

“Full nine yards please! Glass of wine?”

“Yea, sauvignon blanc please.”

I returned with the drinks.

“Well, we had a drink after our game and I complained about the lack of atmosphere here. He just agreed, so I asked if he knew any good bars locally. Of course he didn’t, so I had to suggest de Silvas down the road.

“Talk about pulling teeth. We finished our drinks, changed and went to de Silvas, where we had another couple and eventually they loosened his tongue.

“I did all the usual come ons, because I was hot and he was cute. You know lots of accidental touching, the hand on top of his on the table all conspiratorial, and eventually we left.

“de Silvas is right next to mine, so I thought I’d go for broke and asked if he’d fancy a coffee. By now, even he was getting he message.

“Anyway, I won’t go into how brazen I had to be in order to separate him from his trousers, it was really quite disgraceful, but what’s a girl supposed to do? Short of asking him if he wanted to fuck, I couldn’t have been more obvious.

“I had barely got his trousers off before he was ready. Stiff as a poker, standing straight up to his navel, literally! Just like an eighteen year old getting his first blow job.

“Well blow job turned out to be his strong suit. He nearly ripped my clothes of, all dash and pash, but then he went down on me. He really took his time and I would have to rate him as a five, bearing in mind there hasn’t been a six: yet.

“You’d have thought he’d been a girl in a previous life. He knew exactly which buttons to press, orally speaking. The actual fuck was a bit of a quicky, but that could have been because I spent so much time with his cock in my mouth.

“Anyway, enough about me. What are we going to do about your nostalgia?”

“Oh I don’t know. All the magic might have been used up on that last encounter.”

“Only one way to find out.”

“What? Do him again?”

“Well bonus veren siteler I would! Anyone who made me cum that easily has to be worth a return match.”

“But how am I going to engineer it?”

“Come on. You are a mature, sexually experienced, woman and he’s a teenager with a rampant dick and a voyeuristic tendency. It shouldn’t be too hard, in fact I would suggest he doesn’t even stand a chance!”

We carried on suggesting more and more improbable scenarios until we eventually finished our drinks and left.

I got to thinking that there must be a way of luring young Paul away from his Nintendo and into my boudoir. In the event it was actually handed to me on a plate.

The door bell rang and I was about to answer when I realised that Mr Par4 had just left and I wasn’t expecting anyone. I already had on my favourite tiny yellow bikini and instead of covering up I just went to the door.

It was him! Paul wanting to know about the plumbers who had been working on our house for the last week. Were they any good? Was I satisfied? And if so, their details for his dad.

Now Mr Par 4 knows much more about plumbing than I do so I suspect he had screwed up enough courage to come round and see what might happen. Was he going to get lucky? Was I going to put out again?

I offered him a coffee, flicked on the machine, and we settled at the island in the kitchen. I indicated a bar stool for him to sit on and pulled out another so that I sat facing him, but on the same side. Perched on a stool, it was easy to look casual with my knees way too far apart for modesty.

That did it. He couldn’t resist. His gaze kept returning to the tightly stretched yellow fabric that was only just decent. I think the body language was, I know why you came round, you know why you came round. Do you want to make a move or are you leaving it to me.

“So, which Uni are you going to then?”


“Ah Manchester eh, that should be great. A really happening city. When do you start?”

“Orientation is next week.” He said still slightly nervously, but risking another peek at my only just concealed pussy. Time to up the anti, I thought.

“Oh orientation is what it’s called these days is it? In my day we called it fuck a fresher week, but I suppose that’s not politically correct these days.”

He looked stunned. Here was a mature woman, probably his mother’s age, using terms like fuck a fresher.

“Sorry. Have I embarrassed you?”


“Hey, never mind. Let’s not be shy about it. All those hormonal youngsters away from home for the first time, there’s bound to be action, and lots of it, you lucky boy.” I added with my most knowing smile.

“I suppose……”

“Look, you are going to have the time of your life. I wish I was going on an ‘orientation’ week. I wouldn’t waste a moment second time around.”

“Second time?”

“Yeh well, that’s all history now.” I got up to make the coffee and tousled his hair playfully as I passed.

“All water under the bridge now, but I had my fair share of fun at the time.”

I came up behind him, placed my hands on his shoulders, and massaged them gently.

“Yes, water well and truly under the bridge, but some great memories.”

He showed no discomfort and made no attempt to escape, in fact he was obviously enjoying the shoulder rub, and my risqué conversation as well.

“Oh happy days,” I mused while working on his shoulders, “all us hormonal youngsters, revelling in the practical aspects of human reproduction.”

I warmed to my task as I noticed a stirring in his shorts. I was enjoying the effect I was having on such a young man. You’re mine, I thought. You are so mine! My hands moved over his shoulders and down his front, pulling him backwards into my breasts.

His excitement was now quite obvious, in spite of his efforts to conceal it. His nipples stiffened to my touch as I brought my hands back to his shoulders.

“Anyway you came to discuss plumbers not listen to me reminiscing.” I took his hand and pulled him off the barstool. “I’ll show you their handiwork and you can judge for yourself.”

He followed, like a lamb to the slaughter.

“I wanted my shower updated. It was a bit small and old fashioned with just one shower head. I wanted jets of water from all directions, so we ripped out the bath and put in a proper shower.”

“Come.” I said ambiguously as I lead him upstairs. He’d plucked up the courage to come to the door so I was determined to make his journey worth while.

“There. Ta da! What do you think of that?” My new shower was a masterpiece, huge, with jets it all corners and an overhead drench.

“I can set everything up from outside, temperature, power and so on.” As I touched the control panel. “Like bedava bahis so.” The shower sprang into life.

“Look, you try it while I go and make more coffee. Do try the pulse mode, it is truly fabulous. There’s a stack of clean towels in the cupboard.” And I left, went downstairs and waited.

Would he take the bait? Wasn’t this the reason he came round? His eyes had nearly burned a hole in my bikini pants. I hoped his animal instincts were as much at work as mine. I’m feeling horny. I probably have a naked man in my shower. He’s probably washing all those wonderful pheromones off his chiselled young body, that flat stomach, those firm young buttocks. Time to go and see!

By the time I got back upstairs the water was flowing and he’s clearly in the shower. Dare I? What’s to loose? He might turn me down? I don’t think so!

While I deliberate, I quickly undo my top, let my generous breasts fall free, drop my bikini pants and grab a see through peignoir. It is now obvious, even to me, which way this is going and I can fool myself no longer. I am definitely about to ambush him and I have a feeling he’s not even going to put up a fight.

The ensuite has no lock on the door. Is this not why I chose to lead him here in the first place? I dare not even admit it to myself but the answer is self evident.

I turn the door knob and walk in.

He shows surprise and turns away.

I am now committed. I drop the peignoir and step in beside him.

“Room for one more?” Said my voice, with much more confidence than I felt.

He turned. His face was a picture. He had no idea where to look, but it certainly wasn’t into my eyes. Breasts, crotch, breasts, pussy, face, pussy again.

His young cock responded immediately, levitating spontaneously from his balls. I held my hair high on the back of my neck to lift my boobs, and show them to best advantage, and walked in beside him, as if I dd this all the time. Oh in my dreams!

Was this his first sight of a real live pussy? The spontaneity of his erection suggested it could easily be. What was he expecting? A totally waxed pussy, like the porn he no doubt watched as masturbation fantasies? Or a wild, unkempt, forest of thick pubic hair?

In fact I like to keep my pubic region closely trimmed. Not waxed smooth, but trimmed thin enough so that when I stand naked in front of the mirror, something I do often while masturbating, I can easily see the neat, well defined, slit that is my sex.

This has become one of my solo pleasures. After a shower, I love to stand naked in front of my full length dressing mirror, legs apart, and toy with my outer lips. Feeling the slickness develop, sensing the tension rise, and watching my fingers at work, taking me slowly towards my goal.

I take it gently, massaging my nipples with my free hand, and only actually touch my clit when it has emerged from its hiding place. Once I start, I use little circular motions which usually gets the sparks flying pretty quickly. After that it usually doesn’t take long, particularly if I’ve got a good fantasy going.

Watching yourself cum is massively underrated. I pinch my nipples as I feel it start, and jolts of electricity spark from them to my clit. Often my knees buckle slightly while I climax.

“Will you soap my back please?” I asked as if it was the most natural thing in the world, still holding my hair up at the back. I wet myself in the side sprays and turned away from him. I felt his teenage hands massage shower gel into my shoulders. The sensation was delicious but I wanted more: so much more, as I felt his erection occasionally bump into my buttocks.

He finished at my waist! Disappointment isn’t the word. How much leading does a youngster take? I suspect he’s very inexperienced, if not he’s being a bit slow. Come on Paul, you’re naked, I’m naked, we’re in a soapy shower. For goodness sake let your imagination run wild.

“Don’t forget my bum, and my legs.” He continued as I stood with my feet apart. I felt his hands tentatively on my buttocks. That’s more like it! His hands then roamed down each leg in turn, starting well below the fold of my bum cheeks. Tantalising isn’t the word. I’m almost screaming. Touch me where I need it most: please.

He obviously needed more than a green light, so I told him it was his turn. We both turned and I applied a dollop of shower gel to his shoulders. I worked slowly down to his bum and made sure to soap deep into the cleft including his pert little rose.

Then I started on his legs and finished every stroke with one soapy hands on his pendulous balls, the other sliding up the shaft of his rock hard cock. He must have the idea by now!

Standing behind him, I pressed my generous boobs into his back, my well trimmed pussy into his bum as I toyed with his deneme bonus his cock. My soapy hands slowly pulled his foreskin back and started to masturbate him.

“Feels great, doesn’t it?” He didn’t get a chance to reply. This was more than he could take, but it was also part of my not totally unpremeditated plan. His breathing suddenly changed, his cock twitched violently, and jets of cum shot everywhere.

“Sorry, sorry.” He said.

“Shhh, no need to be sorry.” In fact it was so totally the effect I was hoping for. “It’s quite a compliment that it happened that quickly.”

He started to go soft.

“Now you can be nice, and finish me off.” I hoped this was sufficiently unambiguous.

We turned to face each other. I held my hair up again pushing my boobs out and stood in the jets of warm water, legs apart. He hardly knew where to start but eventually soaped my boobs.

“Mmmm nice. Go gently and use the palms of your hands, it’s better for both of us.” My nipples responded quickly becoming tight little buds.

“Now the rest. I know you want to explore the rest. Just be gentle.”

He slid his hand gently down over my belly, past my navel, towards my sex. Oh the anticipation! I think the fact that I was so wet came as a surprise, his fingers slid easily into my folds. As he massaged my yoni I felt it start. Just like it does when I stand in front of the mirror, only more intense.

Slowly the feelings grew stronger, then bolts of electricity flew from nipples to clit and back. My knees threatened to give way and I came, shuddering like a jelly.

I steadied myself against the wall of the shower and turned it off.

“A great shower, I think you’ll agree.” I chimed. I knew I had to act quickly, because I know that once a lad has cum, his interest goes ‘off the boil’ to say the very least.

Grabbing a couple of towels I dried him off and led him to the bedroom.

“Now, I hope you are going to be a good boy because I would really like to fuck.”

He looked shocked at first, then glanced down apologetically at his flaccid cock without saying anything.

“Don’t you worry about that. I have a cure for that! And pushed him gently back onto the bed. He must have seen blow jobs on the internet, surely? Surely he knows his limp young cock is in for all the magic I can work with my mouth? He didn’t show much evidence of it as I slid up between his thighs, took his soft dick in my hand and drew it all into my mouth with all the suction I could muster.

He gasped and started to respond immediately. As he stiffened I drew his foreskin back to expose the sensitive glans and ran my tongue around it. The power of recovery of a teenager is not to be underestimated; another pretty impressive erection.

I was careful not to push him too far. Not because of any aversion to oral sex, I love the feeling of power it gives me. In my recent experience, a young man’s cum has a completely different and much more pleasant taste than an older man’s. No, it was because I recalled the explosive power of his orgasm from the last time in the pool and wanted to experience it again. Just feeling that cock enter me had made me cum and when he came, fuck did he cum!

Once fully erect, I knelt astride his waist and rubbed my clit with the exposed end of his cock before allowing it to slide easily into my cunt. That did it for me! My muscles clamped his cock as the first wave washed over me.

Oh, I so do love talking dirty when fucking, but I feared it might tip him over the edge too quickly and I was sure I was in for a second wave quite soon.

I rode his stiff young prick at a gentle rising trot, dying to ask him how it felt to be deep in my cunt. To get him to tell me how he wanted to cum deep inside me, but I just rode on slowly, controlling the pace. He stared up at me and reached for my boobs.

“Be gentle. Use the palms of your hands to stroke my nipples.” He was learning fast and I delighted in starring down at his firm young body and that point of contact where his cock entered me.

Even having just cum in the shower I knew he wouldn’t last long and he didn’t. Just as I was starting to feel my own tell tale signs, his breathing changed. I knew he was about to cum, so I didn’t hold back. I leaned forwards letting my boobs slide up and down his chest as I rocked my clit against the base of his cock and gave him some encouragement. I starred into his eyes and let go with the talk.

“Go on Paul, cum in my cunt. I want to feel your cock deep inside me as you fill me with your nice warm cum……” I never finished the sentence. His cock exploded inside me with several glorious, powerful, spasms that sent sparks flying from my nipples to my clit and back.

I held on to his cock, with my internal muscles, for as long as I could but eventually a little flaccid, cum covered, willy slipped out followed by the fluid evidence of our orgasms.

“Back to the shower!” I ordered and climbed off.

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