My Girlfriend’s Sister

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2005. It was a great summer. I was 24, young, confident, with the world at my feet, a fresh college graduate who was exactly where he wanted to be in his life professionally. Personally, my life was a cropper. I was still a virgin. That hurt. I was not even close to losing it. Until I met Sangeeta.

Our acquaintance began online. She was in England. I was in India. She had been married seven years, and had a daughter who was almost two. We instantly connected. What started as harmless flirting reached a stage where we were aching to get a room.

It did not bother me in the least that she was not single. I hardly have any scruples. Apparently, she did not have many as well. We met for the first time in a group of common friends when she moved back to India. She had dressed well for the moment — scarlet red chiffon saree, matching blouse, maroon lipstick. I turned up in khakhi trousers and a blue button down.

The attraction was electric. Honestly, she was not that great looking. I might sound immodest but I could have done better. She was 5′ 3″ tall with a brown complexion. Her breasts were small — only a size 32 B. But she had a nice ass. Had it not been for a slight bulge in her tummy, you could not have guessed that she had been through childbirth.

As time went on, we met more often, each encounter making us take that extra step, leaving us with the promise of more to come.

I was desperate. 24 is too old to have not lost your virginity. At the same time, the kink of being with a woman almost 8 years older was fantastic. What I could not understand was why she was into me. It only hit me much later that she enjoyed this power game. She played me, and she played me very well indeed. How many she had done this to before I can only guess.

The first time we fucked was at my place. It was a weekday afternoon, and I took an extended lunch hour. I was a little disappointed when her top came off — her breasts were much less than a handful — but Bahçelievler escort I did not let that show. I had no intention of letting her slip away. I did all the right things, said all the right words. Eventually I put on a condom and banged her. Wonder what the big deal about the first time is! It just felt like I had been doing it all my life. We did it twice.

The second time was quite something. I was at her place. Her husband was at work, and her daughter was taking a nap. I was watching the telly when she came into the living room wearing only her black chiffon see-through saree. I carried her into her bedroom. My erection was painfully severe.

Slowly I took her saree off. My mouth went down to her clit and my hands massaged her breasts. My eyes caught a glimpse of her husband’s picture on the bedside table. This kink was maddening. I turned her around and propped her up on her hands and knees doggy style.

This time I did not bother with a condom. Just entered her from behind, bareback. This felt good. Her husband smiling at her in the picture as her boyfriend rammed her hard, making her moan in ecstasy. I put my thumb up her arse. She later told me that she had never had that done before. But she loved it.

I did not last very long. I shot my load deep inside her cunt.

This became a pattern. I visited her whenever I could. We fucked whenever we could, once even doing it while her husband was lounging by the pool. This one time we nearly got caught — her husband came in merely 10 seconds after we dressed.

The sex was great. The relationship, though, was going no where. She never sucked my cock but she expected me to go down on her every time. She fucked her husband but forbid me to be with other women. She always complained that I did not make her orgasm enough, yet she never once told me what it was that she wanted me to do. Despite all that, we carried on for nearly two years.

A year into our Bahçelievler escort bayan sinful alliance, she introduced me to her sister Kinnauri. Kinnu, as they called her, was four years younger, fairer, skinnier, and even flatter. What was it with the women in this household? The mother was fairly well endowed. How can one daughter have apples for tits and other grapes? Kinnu was as flat-chested as a man.

It is not that I am too much into size. I love flat-chested women if they have broad shoulders. That is a different sort of kink. But Kinnu was flat everywhere. Even her arse was flat. She did have a better face than Sangeeta. But what got me interested in her was the fact that she was Sangeeta’s sister. Doing sisters had been one long-time fantasy.

Kinnu had a four year old daughter. She was going through a divorce. Her husband was one of those movie-type husbands who sit at home and make their wives do all the work. That was fine with her. What ticked her off was his desire to have anal sex.

I took Kinnu out for a couple of movies, being careful to avoid places where I would be recognised. She was not a woman to flaunt. It is acceptable if your sister looks like that, not someone you want to ball. But I had had success with her sister. And I did not know any other sisters who I could have much luck with.

Kinnu did not know about her sister’s affair. That made things easier. For all that she knew I was just a bloke she was going out with. She had been separated from her husband for over six months now. No amount of masturbation can replace the real thing.

Over time, she gave me subtle hints. She would hold me hand too long, or hug me too close. Once she even called me into her bedroom to help her pick an outfit for the evening while she was only wearing her underwear. She did choose good underwear though. She wore red ones that complimented her fair skin, tight panties that showed her ass crack, and padded bras Escort bahçelievler that did not really enhance those curves much.

This was the moment I was looking for. I stood behind her and put my arms around her waist, kissing her softly on her neck and shoulders. She smelled good, very good. Her hair was open. I caught her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were closed. She bit her lower lips. Her breath was shallow. These are all good signs.

I unclasped her bra and put my hands on her small tits. This was a very flat woman. Her nipples stood erect. They were sensitive. I circled my finger around them and her legs grew weak. This woman could orgasm with her nipples alone.

I knelt before her and removed her panties. She had shaved. Her pink pussy peeked at me, almost smiling. My mouth closed around her and I sucked on her clitoris. She spread her legs to give me better access. She was appalled when I put a finger up her arse. Before she could shove me off, I hit her g-spot with my tongue. She collapsed on me as one giant orgasmic spasm hit her.

Soon she was on her back, her legs on my shoulder as her cunt swallowed my cock. This time, I had bothered with a condom. As I fucked her, something told me that she was almost continuously having orgasms. I love a woman who can do that.

We must have been at it for not more than 10 minutes when the door suddenly opened. Apparently, we had forgotten to lock it. Sangeeta’s eyes were bloodshot with rage. I was fucking her sister in her house. Kinnu was in such a trance that she did not notice her big sister. This pushed me over the edge.

I withdrew from her and took the condom off. I was really close. I stoked myself a couple of times and shot my wad inside Kinnu’s mouth. Kinnu swallowed every last drop.

Sangeeta was livid with Kinnu when she came to, “What is the meaning of all this?”

Kinnu did not know what the matter was, “What have I done? We are both single, and we are allowed to have some fun.”

The look on Sangeeta’s face was priceless. She could not tell the truth, and she could not calm down. She left.

That was the last I ever saw of Sangeeta. She refused to talk to me. Kinnu wanted to see more of me, but I had about had enough of her. I moved on to find greener pastures.

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