My Journey to Submission Pt. 08

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This is the eight part of my journey to submission. I suggest you read the previous parts to understand the people and how we got to this part of my journey).


The past few weeks with Karen’s mom were wonderful. We fell into a comfortable and cozy pattern with my complete submission to her. I went over to her home several times each week. My submission to Karen’s mom became more sexual. We were both so very comfortable in our roles. I would always immediately strip to be naked in her presence and she would take me over her lap for a spanking to put me in my right place. I then willingly submitted to all her sexual desires. She seemed to be especially aroused and horny during those two weeks. I loved eating her pussy and I always brought her to multiple orgasms. A new favorite position of hers was when I sat on her large comfortable sofa with my head against the back cushion. She would stand up on the couch facing me and would grind her pussy against my mouth. My tongue would enter her pussy and my lips would caress her clit. She would grab my head and look out through the large picture window as she rode me hard. She fucked me often with her strapons and also used various dildos including chin and mouth dildos. We both enjoyed our sexual intimacy and then had good conversations about everything. Well I should say that she enjoyed it much more than me because she had me in chastity the entire time.

Karen’s mom placed my cock in the chastity cage at the end of our time together with Birdie and Mary. The cage drove me crazy. I was a senior in college and was used to masturbating often to release my sexual energy. My erect cock pressed painfully against the cage. I was able to piss through the opening but I had to be so careful that other people would not see the cage. I had to shower at unusual times and made sure I peed in the toilet stalls instead of the urinals. I repeatedly asked her to remove the cage but she just smiled and said it was part of my training and punishment. My lust drove me crazy. This was especially true when Karen’s mom told me stories about being with Mary in between our times together. She said she had never been with another woman in this way but she really enjoyed it. She found Mary really needed and savored the release of being taken by her. She said that Mary really thrived on severe breast torture and very eagerly learned to pleasure her pussy. Mary served Karen’s mom in this and other ways for many years.

I drove over to Karen’s mom one Friday night about a month before graduation. I hoped that she would unlock my cock cage and grant me a release. I drove the 1965 Ford Comet that my grandfather had given me. Do you remember the manual transmission with three on the tree? I parked in my usual space and knocked on the door. I was shocked when the door opened and both Karen’s mom and Karen were there.

Karen looked absolutely stunning. My mouth dropped open and I could hardly talk. It is hard to describe how gorgeous she looked. She had lost weight and toned up while she was in the alcoholic rehabilitation. Karen was not heavy before but now looked leaner and stronger. She wore a simple short blue dress that displayed her strong arms and legs. Her sharp cheek bones were nicely framed by a new hair style. Her skin complexion was clearer and her light blue eyes more alluring. She was absolutely stunning. Think of Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary. She smiled at me and told me that she was so fucking horny. She told her mom that she wanted me immediately naked, spanked and in her bedroom. To have this gorgeous woman want me made my erect cock get even harder as it tried to burst through its confinement.

I stripped as fast as I could. I managed to somehow tell her again how beautiful she was. Karen and her mom laid me across their laps on the couch and playfully spanked my ass. Karen told me again how horny she was and how she was going to make me satisfy all her desires. After a shorter than usual spanking I was told to stand up. Karen rose Tipobet and kissed me deeply. She then grabbed me by my cock cage and led me into her bedroom. I don’t think I ever had greater anticipation over what was going to happen to me. I asked her if my cock cage would be removed. She smiled and said that she wanted my cock but that I might not like what she had planned for it. Karen’s mom called out to Karen to not do anything that she would not do. Karen laughed and said that left her many delightful ways to use her toy boy.

Karen rushed me into her room and closed the door. She told me to kneel on the floor facing the side of her bed. She stood in front me and pulled her short dress over her head. She was then totally naked. Her body was gorgeous. Her huge breasts stood out from her tight body. Her abs and thighs were strong and the scent of her arousal filled the room. I told her again how beautiful she was and how I was eager to serve her in any way. She told me she thought about taking me all of the time and how much she now wanted to use my mouth, ass, and cock for her pleasure. She then sat on the bed and laid on her back. She spread her legs wide and moved closer to the edge of the bed. When she put her hands behind her head her breasts stood out even further. She told me to use my mouth to devour her shaved pussy. I was not to allow any other parts of our bodies to touch. She only wanted to feel my tongue and lips on her pussy.

I eagerly began to pleasure her as I was trained by her and her mom. I immediately buried my tongue deep into her ready pussy. She squealed with delight. She soon told me to suck her clit. I heard her shouts of joy as she came all over my mouth. I had to suck rapidly to take in all of her juices. She then directed me to lick her slit from bottom to top and to slowly use more pressure. She then directed me again to her clit and I soon swallowed even more of her juices. All the time she was moaning and telling me how she missed using me in this way. After several orgasms she finally rose up. Karen caressed my head and held me close to her heaving breasts.

She told me that this was just the appetizer. She told me to lie on the bed on my back with my head on her pillow. She walked over to her dresser and I admired the view as she bent over to get some things out of her dresser drawer. Her tight round ass was the best I’ve ever seen. She asked me if I enjoyed the view and I said once again that she was so stunningly beautiful. I could not see exactly what she was doing by her dresser but I heard her put on some plastic gloves. I then saw her grab a tube of something with a green and red label. She kept it hidden in her hand as she strode towards the bed. She told me it was now time to unleash my beast. I was so eager to have that damn cock cage removed and told her so. She smiled and said I might feel differently in a few minutes. Karen reached into the nightstand and took out a small silver key. She unlocked cage with a flourish and smiled as she grabbed my fully erect cock. It was definitely the biggest erection I ever had. Karen stroked my cock and told it she had some special plans for her enjoyment. I almost came when she tenderly kissed the end of my cock.

Karen told me to close my eyes and place my hands behind my head. I was to keep my hands behind my head no matter what happened. She reminded me that I was hers to use and that any misbehavior would be severely punished. Her mom told her about all the adventures with Birdie and Mary. I was reminded that the bench and huge dildo were still in the other room. They discussed how my next punishment would include inserting the huge dildo in my ass and tying me to the bench. My defenseless cock would then be beaten black and blue with the ruler. I shook my head and said I would be a good boy. She laughed and reminded me to keep my eyes closed and my hands behind my head or she would tie me down and punish me later.

I soon felt a creamy substance being rubbed into my shaved cock and Tipobet Giriş balls. Initially it felt good to have Karen stroke my erect and eager cock. That feeling did not last long. My cock and balls began to burn. It took all my training and will power not to move my hands to stop the torture. She had rubbed bengay all over my cock. She laughed when she saw my torment. It burned. I cried out as she continued to rub in the bengay and my cock absorbed more of the ointment. Karen eventually stopped and ordered me to open my eyes. She positioned herself to be on top of my chest and fed her erect nipple into my mouth. Karen loved having her breasts sucked and moaned deeply as I eagerly sucked both of nipples. It did help me take my mind off of my burning cock and balls.

Karen then leaned back and reached out to her nightstand to grab some lube and a condom. I soon found it was for her pleasure and not mine. She rolled the condom on to my burning cock which make it hurt even more as there was no air circulation to help disburse the bengay. She moved back on me and took my erect cock in her hand and placed it at the opening to her wet and wanting pussy. She told me to be a good boy and not to cum until she allowed me. Cuming was not going to happen now as my cock burned and it was always much harder for me to cum while wearing a condom. Karen then rocked back and forth on me as my cock entered her. I had a complex set of feelings. My cock burned but it wonderful to have it out of its cage and inside Karen. Her mouth found mine and we kissed deeply. Karen’s mom never kissed me after I ate her pussy but Karen seemed to really enjoy it. She rode my cock and used her strong legs and upper body to make me fuck her deeply. She moaned the entire time and shouted when she came again. She then kissed me deeply and told me how much she missed me and our time together.

Karen rose and playfully touched my aching cock. She then told me to again close my eyes and not go anywhere. She went into her bathroom and soon came back with a damp cold wash rag. Karen removed the condom and washed my burning cock. It felt so good to have some of the bengay removed and to feel the cool air on it. She then playfully kissed to tip of my cock. Karen grabbed another condom from her nightstand and rolled it over my cock. I felt some burning but it wasn’t too bad. She went to the door and called out to her mom that it was time for their grand finale. Grand finale I thought, this should be interesting.

Karen’s mom then appeared. She was totally naked except for her huge black strapon cock. I remember how initially I was scared by that size cock but by now I was well trained to take it deep into my ass. It feel so good to have my ass feel so full. They walked over to me and Karen described what we had just done and how great it all felt to her. Karen’s mom said I was a good toy boy and that I deserved a reward for all of my good behavior. She was stroking her cock as she smiled at me. Karen’s mom took charge. She positioned me at the bottom of the bed on my knees and elbows with my ass hanging over the edge. She went behind me and lubed my asshole and her cock. She positioned me so that she could stand and comfortably fuck my ass. Karen laid naked on her back in front of me and placed her hands behind her head on her pillow. Her pussy was close to my face. She then pointed at her bald pussy and told me to get busy. I bent over and began licking her lovely pussy. She tasted so good. I soon felt Karen’s mom pushing her cock against my asshole. The strapon went in easy for the first few inches and when she pushed harder it went deep into my ass. It was quite a feeling having Karen’s mom fuck my ass while I was eating Karen’s pussy. Karen pulled me even closer to her and soon they were both moaning their delight. Karen’s mom told me she had placed a clit stimulator on the inside of the strapon and that she was especially enjoying this fucking of my ass.

Karen eventually grabbed my head and told me to stop. Tipobet Güncel Giriş She pushed herself away from me and moved further up on the bed. Karen’s mom kept her cock in my ass as she told me to crawl forward. She now climbed up on the bed behind and told me to keep crawling forward. I was eventually face to face with Karen. She had brought her knees up and kissed me deeply as she reached down to grab my cock. Karen had just reached for some lub on her nightstand to moisten the condom. She then inserted my erect cock deep into her pussy. Karen’s mom helped by pushing from behind. I now had Karen’s mom’s cock deep in my ass while my cock was deep into Karen’s pussy. Karen told me that I could cum whenever I wanted. This was the best I have ever felt in my entire life.

Karen’s mom grabbed my hips and pulled her cock partially out of my ass. This pulled my cock partially out of Karen’s pussy. When Karen’s mom fucked my ass it caused my cock to fuck Karen. It was fantastic. We kept up this pattern of Karen’s mom fucking me which caused me to fuck Karen’s pussy. We were all moaning our pleasure. Karen and I kissed deeply. We fucked like this for a long time but it seemed too short. I felt their orgasms building as I felt mine growing. I would have cum sooner but the remains of the bengay and the condom delayed my release. I first felt Karen’s mom cum and then Karen. Then I exploded. The weeks of chastity and the cock torment disappeared in a moment as I came as much as I possibly could.

Karen’s mom pulled out and rested for a moment at the end of bed. I laid next to Karen. Her mom came to us and stroked my head as she said it time for her to leave. I understood that she meant this both physically and emotionally. She closed the door as she left. Karen and I cuddled together and caressed each other while kissed again. We then had an incredible talk. We both completely opened up about our lives. We shared so much physically that it was natural now for us to share so much of ourselves emotionally. It was so incredibly intimate. I realized it was the intimacy that kept me coming back for more. Karen talked about herself and her struggles with alcohol. She talked about what caused it and what she learned about herself in recovery. I talked about my submission and why it felt so right to me and why it was so important to me. It just seemed natural that as we talked about our individual future plans that they began to come together as one. Karen wanted to leave her hometown. Her plan was to work as a paralegal and then go to law school. I was making my decision on where to take my first job and we both were thinking about the same east coast city. We talked long into the night and fell asleep together. That was when we both first fell in love with each other.

I awoke the next morning and gently woke her by licking her pussy. She grabbed my head and shouted as she came. She then had us reverse positions and told me that she will always be on top when we fucked unless her Mom’s cock was buried in my ass. That was alright by me. During our pillow talk afterwards we somehow decided that my pet name for her would be Tasty. I had told her before that her pussy tasted so good and she liked being reminded of that. I only use that name in private or when we are with Karen’s mom.

There were many other wonderful times together with Tasty, Karen’s mom, Lady Elena, Birdie, and Mary. Karen’s mom told me later more about her introduction to being a Domme through Lady Elena and her husband Bob. I might someday tell you those stories. Later that morning over breakfast we talked with her mom about our future. She was very supportive of us as a couple. Karen’s mom eventually met a nice man named Gordon who became her lifelong submissive partner. I never again submitted to Karen’s mom unless Karen was present. We all had some fantastic times together.

As I left that next day I asked Karen’s mom what I should now call her. Calling her Karen’s mom did not seem right anymore. She laughed when Karen told her that I now call her Tasty. She said calling her Pussy Galore might have been right fifteen or so years ago in the early sixties but that it isn’t right anymore. She suggested I call her Kitty and Kitty was what I called her. She was the best mother-in-law a toy boy could ever have.

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