My Lover

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It was just dark when I got to my house and pulled the plastic grocery bags out of the car. I unlocked my back door and went in, calling to Brodie as I switched on the kitchen light. I didn’t hear an answer, so I put the groceries away, leaving a bottle of beer out of the refrigerator so he could have it to hand when he got thirsty.

But as I went down the hall. I heard some small movement. I pushed open the door of my old room gently, not wanting to make a big noise if my guest wasn’t yet up. Oh, but he was. Brodie was pulling on his jeans, with his back to me. He hadn’t bothered with underwear, not even the purple silk boxers I bought him. My breath stuck in my throat. I made a sound like ‘gahhh,’ and made myself close my eyes tight. I clenched my fists.

I had never realised that a woman would have to keep to fight her hands off a man, but here I was, digging my nails into my palms, staring at the insides of my eyelids as though I could maybe see through them if I tried hard enough.

‘Sarah, are you alright?’ Brodie asked. I floundered my way back to sanity through a swamp of lust. He was standing right in front of me, his hands resting on my shoulders. I looked up into his blue eyes, now focused on me and apparently full of nothing but concern. I was right on a level with his hard nipples. They were the size of pencil erasers. I bit the inside of my lip. I would not lean over those few inches.

‘Excuse me,’ I said, speaking very softly. I was scared to speak loudly, or move at all. If I did, I might knock him down. ‘I didn’t mean to walk in on you. I should have knocked.’

‘You have seen all of me before.’

not the rear view, bare. ‘Yes but intruding wasn’t polite.’

‘I don’t mind. You look upset.’

You think? ‘Well I have had a very bad day. I think I’ll go have a shower.’ And with that I turned on my heel and marched into my room. I went into the bathroom and ditched my clothes, tossing them into the hamper. I bit my lip until I could smile at my own streak of wildness, and then I climbed into the spray of hot water.

I know cold showers are more traditional, but I was enjoying the warmth and relaxation the heat brought. I got my hair wet and groped for the soap.

‘I’ll do that for you,’ Brodie said, pulling back the curtain to step into the shower with me.

I gasped, just short of a shriek. He had discarded the jeans. He was also in a mood, the same mood I was in. you could really tell, with Brodie. I was embarrassed, horrified, and absolutely ready to jump him. While I stood stock-still, paralyzed by conflicting waves of emotion, Brodie took the soap out of my hands and lathered up his own, set the soap back in its little niche, and began to wash my arms, raising each in turn to stroke my armpit, down my side, never touching my breasts, which were practically quivering like puppies who wanted to be petted.

‘Have we ever made love?’ he asked.

I shook my head, still unable to speak.

‘Then I was a fool,’ he said, moving one hand in a circular motion over my stomach. ‘Turn around, lover.’

I turned my back to him, and he began to work on that. His fingers were very strong and very clever, and I had the most relaxed and cleanest shoulder blades in Australia by the time Brodie got through.

My shoulder blades were the only Sakarya Escort thing at ease. My libido was hopping up and down. Was I really going to do this? It seems more and more likely that I was, I thought nervously. If the man in my shower had been the real Brodie, I would have had the strength to back off. I would have ordered him out the minute he stepped in. The real Brodie came with a whole package of power and politics, something of which I have limited understanding and interest. This was a different Brodie — without the personality that id grown fond of, in a perverse way — but it was beautiful Brodie, who desired me, who was hungry for me, in a world that often let me know it would do very well without me.

My mind was about to switch off and my body was about to take over. I could feel part of Brodie pressed against my back, and he wasn’t standing that close. Yikes. Yahoo. Yum.

He shampooed my hair next.

‘Are you trembling because you are frightened of me?’ he asked.

I considered that. Yes and no. but I wasn’t about to have a long discussion over the pros and cons. The inner debate had been rough enough. Oh, yeah, I know, there wouldn’t be a better time to have a long yada-yada with Brodie about the moral aspects of mating with someone you didn’t love. And maybe there would never be another time to lay ground rules about being careful to be gentle with me physically. Not that I thought Brodie would beat me up, but his manhood was a daunting prospect to a relatively inexperienced woman like me. I felt like a car that had only been operated by one driver……..a car its new prospective buyer was determined to take to the Daytona 500.

Oh, to hell with thinking.

I toke the soap from its niche and lathered up my fingers. As I stepped very close to him, I kind of folded Mr Happy up against Brodie’s stomach, so I could reach around him and get my fingers on that absolutely gorgeous butt. I couldn’t look him in the face, but he let me know he was delighted I was responding. He spread his legs obligingly and I washed him very thoroughly, very meticulously. He began to make little noises, to rock forward. I began to work on his chest. I closed my lips around his right nipple and sucked. He liked that a lot. His hands pressed against the back of my head. ‘Bite, a little,’ he whispered, and I used my teeth. His hands began to move restlessly over whatever bit of skin they could find, stroking and teasing. When he pulled away, he had decided to reciprocate, and he bent down. While his mouth closed over my breast, his hand glided between my legs. I gave a deep sigh, and did a little moving of my own. He had long fingers.

The next thing I knew, the water was off and he was drying me with a white fluffy towel, and I was rubbing him with another one. Then we kissed for a while, over and over.

‘The bed,’ he said, a little raggedly, and I nodded. He scooped me up and then we got into a kind of tangle with me trying to pull the bedspread down while he just wanted to dump me on the bed and proceed, but I had my way because it was just too cold for the top of the bed. Once we were arranged, I turned to him and we picked up where we’d left off, but with an escalating tempo. His fingers and his mouth were busy learning my topography, and he pressed heavily Sakarya Escort Bayan against my thigh.

I was so on fire for him that I was surprised that flames didn’t flicker out of my fingertips. I curled my fingers around him and stroked.

Suddenly Brodie was on top of me, about to enter. I was exhilarated and very ready. I reached between us to put him at just the right spot, rubbing the tip of him over my nub as I did so.

‘My lover,’ he said hoarsely, and pushed.

Though I’d been sure I was prepared, and I ached with wanting him, I cried out with the shock of it.

After a moment, he said ‘Don’t close you eyes. Look at me, lover.’ the way he said ‘lover’ was like a caress, like he was calling me by a name no other man had ever used before or ever would after.

‘Watch me,’ he said in my ear, and pulled out. I tried to yank him back, but he began kissing his way down my body, making strategic stops, and I was hovering on the golden edge when he got all the way down. His mouth was talented, and his fingers took the place of his penis, and then all of a sudden he looked up the length of my body to make sure I was watching — I was — and he turned his face to my inner thigh, nuzzling it, his fingers moving steadily now, faster and faster, and then he bit.

I may have made a noise, I am sure I did, but in the next second I was floating on the most powerful wave of pleasure I’ve ever felt. And the minute the shining wave subsided, Brodie was kissing my mouth again, and I could taste my own fluids on him, and then he was back inside me, and it happened all over again. His moment came right after, as I was still experiencing aftershocks. He shouted something, and closed his eyes, and then collapsed on top of me.

After a couple of minutes, he raised his head to look down. As we looked at each other, my mind started to wander. I’d never had sex with anyone but Shawn, and I guess it was natural to think of that, but the truth was it hurt to remember my previous one-man status, now gone for good.

I yanked myself back into The Moment, which was fine enough. I stroked Brodie’s hair, tucking some behind his ear. His eyes were intent on mine, and I knew he was waiting for me to speak. ‘I wish,’ I said, ‘I could save some orgasms in a jar for when I need them, because I think I had a few extra.’

Brodie’s eyes widened, and all of a sudden he roared with laughter. That sounded good, that sounded like the real Brodie. I felt comfortable with this gorgeous but unknown stranger, after I heard that laugh. He rolled onto his back and swung me over easily until I was straddling his waist.

‘If I’d known you would be this gorgeous with your clothes off, I would have tried to do this sooner,’ he said.

‘You did try to do this sooner, about twenty times,’ I said, smiling down at him.

‘Then I have good taste.’ He hesitated for a long minute, some of the pleasure leaving his face. ‘Tell me about us. How long have I known you?’

the light form the bathroom spilled onto the right side of his face. His hair spread over my pillow, shining and golden.

‘I’m cold,’ I said gently, and he let me lie beside him, pulling the covers up over us. I propped myself up on one elbow and he lay on his side, so we were facing each other. ‘Let me Escort Sakarya think. I met you last year at Lake Macquarie High School in Booragul. By the way, the school got burnt to the ground today. I should have told you that straight up. I was just worried about getting back to you to make sure you were ok.’

‘ I want to hear about today, but give me our background first. I find myself mightily interested.’

Another little shock: The real Brodie cared about his own position first, relationships down about — oh, I don’t know, tenth. This is definitely odd. I told him, ‘You are the quarterback of the Lake Macquarie High School football team, and you want to beat the living crap out of my former boyfriend Shawn for mistreating me. He’s dating the girl he cheated on me with now. Anyway, when I met you at Lake Mac High……..’

It all took longer than I thought, and by the time I had finished the tale, Brodie’s hands were busy again. He latched onto one breast, drawing a little blood and a sharp gasp from me, and sucked powerfully. It was a strange sensation, because he was getting the blood and my nipple. Painful and very exciting — I felt like he was drawing fluid from much lower. I gasped and jerked in arousal, and suddenly he raised my leg so he could enter me.

It wasn’t such a shock this time, and it was slower. Brodie wanted me to be looking into his eyes, that obviously was a thing of his.

I was exhausted when it was over, though I’d enjoyed it immensely. I’d heard about a lot of men who didn’t care if the woman had her pleasure, or perhaps such men assumed that if they were happy, their partner was, too. But neither of the men I’d been with had been like that. I don’t know if that was sheer coincidence, or because I’d been lucky, or both.

Brodie had paid me many compliments, and I realised I hadn’t said anything to him that indicated my admiration. That hardly seemed fair. He was holding me, and my head was on his shoulder. I murmured into his neck, ‘You are so beautiful.’

‘What?’ He was clearly startled.

‘You’ve told me you thought my body was nice.’ Of course that wasn’t the adjective he’d used, but I was embarrassed to use his actual words. ‘I just wanted you to know that I think the same about you.’

I could feel his chest move as he laughed. ‘What part do you like best?’ he asked, his voice teasing.

‘Oh, your butt,’ I said instantly

‘My ….. bottom?’


‘I would have thought of another part.’

‘Well, that’s certainly…….adequate,’ I told him, burying my face in his chest. I knew immediately I’d picked the wrong word.

‘Adequate?’ He took my hand, placing it on the part in question. It immediately began to stir. He moved my hand on it, and I obligingly circled it with my fingers. ‘This is adequate?’

Maybe I should have said its a gracious plenty?’

‘A gracious plenty, I like that.’ he said.

He was ready again, and honestly, I didn’t know if I could. I was worn out to the point of wondering if I’d be walking funny the next day.

I indicated I would be pleased with an alternative by sliding down in the bed, and he seemed delighted to reciprocate. After another sublime release, I thought every muscle in my body had turned into jelly. I didn’t want to talk anymore but we whispered some heartfelt mutual compliments, and I was just out of it. I don’t know what Brodie did for the rest of the night, because I fell asleep. The last thing I remember was him settling down next to me, holding me to him, kissing my forehead and whispering in my ear, ‘I love you, my Sarah, my lover.’

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