My Mistress’ First Test

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This story was written for a certain person in installments, and this is as far as I’ve allowed him to read… so far..

How dare you disobey your Mistress? You shouldn’t like being disobedient, it doesn’t please her, and your one and only goal is to please her. Since you teased her, she’s going to return the favor.

You’re going to be blindfolded and tied back down, for starters. Your not allowed to move, or try to move. You’re also not allowed to try to touch yourself or your Mistress, not under any circumstances–not even wiggling or adjusting yourself. Your Mistress is going to do her torturous best to entice you to move, but you will not do so unless you’re ordered. She may tickle your body with her long hair, letting it slide sensuously over your most sensitive spots… she may kiss along your legs or inner thighs, getting close but quickly bypassing your cock, but be sure not to try to move yourself closer to her, or to get her to touch you. She will not like it. You are hers, and hers alone, and she will do with you what she wants. She’ll go up and down your body, teasing and playing with the parts of your body that interest her, but ignoring all the parts you want her to touch. You may ask to touch her, or to pleasure her, you may even beg for it, but your yearning will be ignored.

She again straddles you, lowering herself to your mouth, but then pulling away to where you can’t reach her. She was very disappointed in you before, for you failed miserably to please her, and she can’t have that. What’s the point in having a slave that gives her no satisfaction? But you have a loving Mistress. She has a deep-rooted love for you, and taking pity on your whimpering and your lack of experience, she doesn’t want to see you go, so she decides to give you a one-time opportunity to watch her and how she pleases herself. That will be your test. One, if you can restrain yourself, obeying your “no touch” orders, which at this point will be even more difficult to obey. and two, if you do not learn after this “lesson” she’ll be forced Bycasino to do something she wouldn’t enjoy. And you want to please her, do you not? You want to see her squirm and wiggle under your touch, and you want it to be you to bring her the pleasure of ecstasy. This is your purpose, so you agree to obey…

You lay silently as your Mistress secures your bonds a little tighter, and takes the blindfold off and replaces it with a light gag. She wants you to watch, and is silently amused at she show she’s planning on giving, but doesn’t want to hear you speak. She straddles your lap, your cock mere inches away from her (and more importantly, your) most treasured spot. Your Mistress moans, looking at HER cock, which is glistening due to your excitement … she knows it’s hers, and only her’s, and this pleases her very much. She loves feeling your devotion to her. She leans over and stands up besides the bed to remove her panties, the ones that say “Sex Kitten” across the front, and the one’s she knows you love. She starts to pull them down, and then remembering how she’s turned the tables a bit, turns around and bends over, spreading her legs while pulling them down, again giving you a little show by exposing her entire self to you. You moan into the gag, and she responds by grabbing her whip and swiftly and hard smacking your body with it a few times. You need to obey her!

Your Mistress bends over and picks her panties off of the floor. As she holds them in her hand, she feels the dampness and she can smell her scent coming off them, and she places them on your face to tease you. You start to moan, but catch yourself before your Mistress hears you. She can sense this, and this pleases her. You manage to pull the panties off your eyes with your mouth…and your eyes tell her everything she wants to hear, and she starts giving you a show. She runs her fingers through her hair, then playfully bends down and shakes it in your face, kissing you on the nose as she pulls herself up.

You watch as your Mistress, the one you love, starts Bycasino giriş running her fingernails along her body… down her neck, across her clavicle, down between her breasts causing her body to ripple with goose bumps. She runs her hands over each breast, pinching each nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The rush of heat between her legs is starting to become unbearable, and she can feel her juices running down the inside of her thigh, down dripping onto your body. She scratches her fingernails across her body, down further and she circles her bellybutton, going ever so lower. She adjusts herself on your thighs, spreading her knees apart giving herself easier access to herself and her clit, which at this point is throbbing and so engorged it was clearly visible to him, as he had his eyes locked watching.

She took two fingers and slowly and methodically started rubbing her clit, her breath gradually starting to become shallow and fast… then stopped abruptly. You tense up, sensing and fearing you did something wrong, and you look into her eyes with a wanting, pleading look–wanting more at whatever cost. She just smiles and brings her fingers up to her mouth and sucks on them, getting them wet. Your Mistress then bends down and tells you to suck on them, and you obediently open your mouth. She dips her two fingers into your mouth and you greedily accept them, swirling your tongue around and between them, trying to get a faint taste of your Mistress off them. You’re pleasantly surprised when your Mistress bends down and meets your tongue with hers.

She removes her fingers, and you share a lusty, passionate kiss with your Mistress. You try to devour her with your mouth, wanting her, needing her…but she quickly pulls back. You watch intently, soaking up each movement into the back of your mind, knowing you must learn or be punished. You do not want to be punished, you want to please your Mistress, and so you trace her movements with your eyes. Now with wet fingers, she goes back to rubbing her clit, making each movement Bycasino deneme bonusu showy and known to you, hoping you’ll remember them later, for this night is far, far from being over. She leans back slightly, giving a better view to you, and places a hand on your knee for balance.

You think of how perfect this moment is, your beautiful Mistress on your lap, and your lust for her blossoms into a newfound love, respect, and devotion. You want to be her’s forever, the only one to please her. You watch attentively as her breath becomes quicker, coming in fast and in short gasps. She reaches her hand over, and starts to slip her fingers under your gag. You again take her fingers into your mouth, tasting, and making sure to get them wet and slick for your Mistress as your tongue dances between them and you nibble on her fingertips. She withdrawals her fingers, pleased at your willingness, and then remembers she is still testing you. You’re bound quite tightly, and your movements have obediently been minimal. As your Mistress sits back down on your lap, she stretches out one leg and bends it besides her. Your eyes widen at this movement, knowing exactly what she’s planning, and you plead with her with your eyes not to do it.

Your Mistress knows you well–she knows all the methods that make you hot, that make you squirm, and she knows exactly when and how to use them. This excites her, for you know she adores being in that position of authority. She stretches her leg out further, watching your face intently. You close your eyes and swallow hard, knowing you are still being tested. You now realize this was the test that would be “the most difficult to obey” that she mentioned before. You frantically try to compose yourself.. to hold back.. to not move. You groan silently because you know your, HER, cock can’t take much more of this… Still bound tightly, you are unable to move, but strain your eyes to see your Mistress’, your Beauty’s, your Love’s feet…trying to pull them with your eyes into your view. Your flexible Mistress, with her leg still outstretched besides you, leans forward and whispers the china house rule–“Look, but DO NOT touch”.. She leans back up, purposely brushing the side of your throbbing shaft with the inside of her wrist, licking her lips at the same time..

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