My, My, My Ch. 03

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“Daddy, are you sure it’s safe?” Samantha asked her father as he started kissing her neck, always a precursor to more.

“Of course it’s safe, baby. What did the doctor say?” asked David.

“She said it’s fine and it wouldn’t hurt the baby. It’s just–” Sam began sheepishly. He cut her off.

“Then why would she lie to you? Why would she tell you to go ahead and have all the sex you want?” he argued.

“You just want some pussy,” she smiled as she finally lay back convinced, pulling him with her. It seemed she was over her fears.

“Maybe,” her father admitted as he resumed kissing her gently. “But for as good as it is to me, I also know that it’s very good for you and for the baby.” By now her shirt was unbuttoned and he was peeling it off her. He stroked her huge, 9-months-pregnant belly tenderly and lovingly, and bent down to pepper his new daughter inside with kisses from the outside, whispering to her, “Just a few more days, sweetheart.”

“You’re so full of it!” she laughed as she lifted her hips up so he could slide her pants and panties off.

“No, really!” he insisted, his face following her clothes down her smooth legs, his lips kissing little pecks all the down to her ankles, and then kissing and lightly licking his way back up those gorgeous, goddess legs of hers, heading for the sweet, fragrant garden to be found between. “It produces endorphins,” kiss, lick, “it gives you a good cardiovascular workout,” kiss, kiss, lick, “it makes you feel good, and so relaxed after,” lick, lick, “and as you get Lefkoşa Escort closer to your due date, it can even kick-start labor.” Finally at his destination, he pushed her thighs apart and painted a line straight up through her sugary wet center to her fully extended clit peeking out from its cute little hood.

“Mmmm, Daddy,” she groaned, her hips moving with his mouth, fully surrendering to their growing passion. “You’re so good, and so good for me! This is the best decision I’ve ever made!”

“I know,” he agreed lustily, furrowing his eager tongue as far into her honeyed passage as he could reach. “That’s what daddies do,” he explained between licks and kisses. “We take good care of our baby girls!”

He flicked her sensitive little bud a few times, making her moan out loud. He wiggled his tongue down a path, all the way to her tight little starfish. She really loved it when he kissed and sucked her little booty-hole. Humming with pleasure, she reached behind her and spread her sweet cinnamon cheeks apart, giving him as much access as possible to her tight, yet yielding little heiney.

As he started stabbing her sphincter with his tongue, her hips started moving so much that it became hard to keep in place… his baby girl loved the magic his mouth created between her legs. He nibbled and sucked on her back there, making her giggle aloud, declaring, “That’s so nasty, daddy!” while holding his head against her, riding higher on the wave. Finally, he left her rear passage and renewed Girne Escort his oral services on her clit, licking and sucking the tender nubbin between his lips. Between her nether lips, his fingers slipped in and out of her well-lubricated vagina and adding a third finger into her tight sphincter. It was so firm and tight, he was barely able to slip the tip of his finger in without hurting her… and lord knows he had no desire to hurt his baby. The added pressure on her rear hole, along with the attention being paid to her clit and the pressure of three fingers sliding in and out of her, all finally became too much for Samantha and she exploded all over his hands, face, and mouth, drenching him in her delicious nectar. She came almost violently, squirting a surprising amount of liquid into his face and gulping mouth. He swallowed as much as he could and licked her clean of the rest.

As he came up beside her to hold her, she was still shuddering from the aftershocks of her powerful orgasm. They shared some very wet kisses and she sighed contentedly as she recovered. Suddenly, she grimaced. “Daddy…” she strained, obviously in pain. David was worried, and asked her, “Baby, what is it?!”

She held for a minute, and then relaxed as if the pain had passed. She was breathing harder, but normally. “I don’t know what happened,” she said. “I just got a really bad cramp for a second,” she added, “but it’s okay now.”

She suddenly grunted as she tensed up again, and David knew… this is it! It’s happening! Magosa Escort He jumped up and grabbed their clothes. They quickly got dressed. As they were heading out, she doubled down, cramping again. He picked his daughter up and carried her out to the car. They rushed off, speeding for the hospital. As he drove, he texted her doctor that they were on their way. He also called his wife, Marsha. She was with her father.

“Hey,” she answered.

“You guys having fun?” he asked.

“No more than you two,” she countered. “Anything up or are you just taking a break to check in?”

“Get up off your dad’s cock and tell him he’s about to be a great granddad, and you’re about to become a ‘Nanna!”

“Really? Now?!” she gasped excitedly.

“We’re headed to the hospital right now. She’s contracting pretty good now. You’re coming, right?”

“Absolutely!” she said. “We’ll be there as fast as we can. And David?”


“I love you,” said Marsha. “Both of you. And I’m really happy the way things turned out. How about you?”

“I love you, too, Marsh, and I always will,” he said. He looked at his darling, beautiful daughter who was at that moment, gripping his hand painfully as she endured another contraction… nine months pregnant, and in labor about to have HIS baby. After the contraction, she looked at him with such unabashed love and affection that his heart soared. They were living together as a married couple, and they were happy. Marcia was with her father full time now, and they were happy. The whole family as a unit was still intact, not ruined as they’d feared. Their son Darien, however, thought they were all a bunch of freaks and moved to the other side of the country from them. “But now,” he added truthfully, “I wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ll see you at the hospital!”

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