My Oral Fantasy

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Although this isn’t strictly an autobiographical story, there are of course many elements that I have personally experienced. It was written at the request of another and they asked for my “ultimate cock sucking fantasy.” So here it is. I hope you enjoy.

We’ve just gone to bed, but not to sleep and I’ve decided I want to give You a very long, very slow, very thorough blow job. It’s not something I would want to, or even could do, everyday, but when I do it, it feels decadent and wonderful.

There are many submissive aspects to it, especially when I really push myself, but a lot of it definitely has some… dominant elements. The tease of it, controlling how You feel, giving and withholding certain sensations. Being able to drive a man, even You, past the point of being able to control Yourself any more. It’s power from a place of submission, an intoxicating dichotomy.

I start straddling Your lower stomach, my hands on Your shoulders and lean down, placing delicate, soft, even chaste kisses on Your face. Your cheeks, Your eyelids, Your brow and finally, very gently on Your lips. My hair falls around our faces, a dark soft curtain and it too kisses where it touches.

At Your ears, I run my tongue up and down, tasting the complex shapes, nibbling, mostly carefully, Your earlobes, sometimes just breathing. My hands I let wander down Your shoulders, over Your arms and back up to Your chest.

I worm my way down Your body, kissing and licking all the way, lifting my hips to clear Your hardening cock, and stop at Your nipples. There I become a bit rougher, with my fingers and my mouth, sucking and licking. I bite You with shivering teeth, crossing slightly into pain for You and it makes You gasp. I pull and scratch with my fingers on Your other nipple and You can feel me rubbing, grinding myself on Your leg.

Kisses continue down Your body and You can feel my breasts rub and press Bycasino against You, all of You, and just when I get to where I should take You in my mouth, I stop. You can feel my breath brushing Your cock, my hands stroking up and down Your sides, but I’m not doing enough.

Losing patience You place Your hands on my head and I rear up a bit and look in Your eyes. I take Your hands in mine and push them down to Your sides. It’s a moment of decision for You. Do You let me have my game, my pretence of control or do You take it back forcefully? In the end You let me have it. In reality we both know that I’m no more in control than I would be tied up, blindfolded and helpless under a flogger, but maybe this game will be fun too.

Assured that You will play nice, I wiggle my body down between Your legs. Propped on my elbows Your now hard cock is directly under my mouth, ready, but I don’t yet. I trail my finger tips, right from behind Your balls, up and over, along Your cock to the tip. My fingers play with You for a moment, around the ridge, at that so sensitive spot at the base of the head and then back down. I repeat this several times and it’s maddening. Not enough pressure, not enough speed, not enough anything.

At long last I take Your balls in my hand, gently massaging and run the flat of my tongue from Your base all the way up, a quick flick of the tip of my tongue at the end. Up and down I go, over and over, each time adding a bit more. My lips sucking at the base, closing briefly on the tip.

I pause for a moment, beginning to breath a bit harder with my arousal and look up at You. Rubbing Your cock against my cheeks and neck, I smile, then suddenly push my mouth down around You, sucking hard, flicking my tongue all over and around.

It’s shocking after the long tease and causes You to catch Your breath, then moan. It’s hard to keep Your hands at Your sides.

I begin an even sucking Bycasino giriş up and down Your cock, all the time one hand playing with Your balls. A perfect rhythm that gets a bit faster every minute. Sometimes I twist my head, use my teeth gently, or the rough part at the back of my tongue, and You think this is it, I’m going to bring You to orgasm.

But of course I don’t. Worshipping isn’t about an orgasm for me, or at least not for a long while, it’s about doing every pleasurable thing I can think of to Your cock and then some more. Till it feels like it belongs to me, that it and I understand each other, getting to the point where every twitch, every pulse has meaning to me and guides me.

Every time before getting to the edge, I stop. Sometimes just holding still with You deep inside my mouth, sometimes against my cheek, using my hand for a bit, sometimes with my mouth wide open around You, letting You feel my breath around Your cock, warmth then coolness over and over.

After several rounds and who knows how many minutes, I pause again, but this time I’m not stopping, I’m pushing forward, I lean up higher, trying to get a good angle and You feel, for the first time, the back of my throat. I’m pushing harder and You can feel my body tensing, fighting against it. Then there is the gag, a flood of saliva, a chocking, coughing sound from me.

My body is trying to make me stop, and the feeling of choking is horrible and wonderful at the same time. So hard to explain, but I want that feeling of having done what so few can do, really badly. So I pull back, regain my breath and try again.

I can feel Your hand on the side of my head, but this time I don’t push You away, I need the encouragement, it’s been so long since I’ve done this. And then it happens, You slip past my choke point and You are in my throat. The second or two that You are there feels like an eternity. I know there is Bycasino deneme bonusu no breath here, there is pain, stretched in a place that has almost no flexibility, but there is power and arousal too. I can do this, this porn star move, this thing that will stay in Your mind forever, regardless of what happens. I will be forever the woman who swallowed Your cock.

I do this a few times, each success difficult, a struggle, but none so bad as the first. Your body too is fighting itself. You want to push hard into me, but You also want to hold as still as possible to savour that amazing feeling of being swallowed whole.

Finally I reach my limit and pull back. In my eyes and running down my cheeks are tears, but I am happy, insanely proud of having pulled it off. I’m also exhausted, and leaning forward, taking Your cock in my mouth, I guide Your hands to my head. I want You to take control of it now, keep the rhythm and cum deep in my mouth.

And You do. You face fuck me, not brutally, You’ve already had my throat, but with authority, working me on You. Of course I help, but I and Your orgasm are literally in Your hands and You don’t need much assistance from me.

I can feel that You are so close, Your cock is swelling that last bit, harder than ever, and I suck You, thrumming my tongue, doing everything I can to give You as much pleasure as possible.

You start cumming in my mouth and hearing the sounds You make is insanely hot, making me moan as well around Your spurting cock. I move more slowly now, sucking more gently, enough to get every bit of cum and pleasure out of You but not enough to drive the sensations over that line into “just too much.” I have to swallow quickly to get it all and I’m sure You notice the wet slurping sounds, and I just hope that You like it, because I surely can’t stop them.

Shuddering Your last, You pull me up against Your body. Breath calming and Your heartbeat against my ear very strong and strangely slow. Even though I am tired, worn out, I can’t stop moving against You, grinding my pussy against Your thigh. Leaning up I kiss You and hope that I didn’t do such a good job that You are done for the night.

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