My Perfect Other Half Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Destiny – The Making of a Goddess

Tyler pulled into the driveway around 5:30 that evening. Because an unfamiliar car was parked by the garage door instead of Destiny’s BMW, Tyler’s curiosity was piqued.

“Dez?” He called once inside.

She appeared from around the corner. Her eyes were blurry, her makeup a mess and she generally looked terrible.

“Dez? What’s wrong? What happened?”

He came to her intending to embrace but his progress was abruptly halted by a vicious blow to the side of his face! “You bastard! How could you? How could you do this to me?” She struck him again.

Tyler stepped back. “What’s wrong with you? What are you talking about?”

Just then Maria and Richard came to Destiny’s side. Maria spoke. “I think you should choose your words very carefully, Tyler. If you have any desire to not have her walk completely out of your life forever you need to tell her the absolute truth.” She glared at Tyler.

“I can’t believe you messed around with that slut!” Damn you!” Destiny yelled and stormed into the den.

Tyler followed but Richard stopped him with two strong hands gripping his arms. Tyler tried to push him aside but his grip was as tight as a vice. “I hope you listened to what my wife had to say. You better tread lightly.”

Richard let him go and Tyler walked into the den. The movie Fashionistas was playing and one of the girls was sucking the cock of a guy.

“I didn’t know you liked this genre of entertainment. Is this what you let her do to you?”

“Dez?” he whined in protest.

“Answer the damn question!” she screamed.

Bowing his head in shame he answered, “Yes, I did.”

“How many times? How many times did she make you cum? How many times, Tyler? And don’t go bullshitting me.”

“I don’t know. A few.”

“Nine,” Richard said softly. She sucked him to four ejaculations two nights ago, and to five more last night.”

Tyler’s eyes grew wide in surprise. “What? How would you know that?”

“Rachel told me. I warned you… you better be careful with what you say.”

At that revelation, he broke. Tears streamed down his face. He came to Destiny but she reared back ready to strike. Dropping to his knees before her he sobbed. “I messed up, Destiny. I really screwed up. I’m so sorry…… so sorry.” He lowered his gaze and covered his face with his hands and sobbed like a baby.

Maria caught Destiny’s attention and nodded in approval.

“So your hurting are you?” She said disdainfully. “Do you have any idea how bad this hurts me? I trusted you. I talked to you every night while I was gone and you acted like everything was fine. You lied to me! You deceived me!” She yelled. “If you had been home when I found out, I would have shot you! I would have put a bullet right through that stupid skull of yours! I swear I would have! I hate you for doing this to me!”

At that, she left him where he knelt and walked outside. Both Maria and Richard left the room as well but only went so far as the dining room, leaving each to their own misery.

Outside Destiny sat with her legs bent and arms wrapped around her legs. She rocked quietly in one of the porch chairs. With her world suddenly flipped upside down she shook her head and stared at nothing. It was as if the nightmare of Jamar had returned to stab her in the heart once more. “Why God?” She asked looking heavenward. “Why? Why me? What have I done to deserve this? I’ve loved both of them honorably. I’ve always had the best of intentions with them both. Why? Why him? I thought he was better than this. What do I do now? Oh, God, this hurts. This really hurts.

An hour later Tyler appeared. May I sit?”

“Not next to me you can’t. Go sit over there on the ground. I don’t want you anywhere near me. You violated every aspect of trust I had for you. You disgust me, Tyler McGhee!”

“I’m sure I do. I deserve your anger,” he said quietly.

“You deserve my anger and a whole hell of a lot more!”

“I can’t take back what I did. All I can tell you is I’m sorry even though I know those words sound empty.”

Destiny shook her head. “Yeah, you might say that.” More tears came. The hurt in her expression conveyed the pain she now felt.

Tyler looked away not knowing what to say. After a long silence, he spoke. “I knew she was trying to seduce me but for some reason, I couldn’t tell her ‘no’. It happened so fast. I should have left the house. I should have called you. I should have done a lot of things I didn’t. But I didn’t.”

He observed the distraught expression on her face. He could see the pain he had caused. He could see the woman he was about to lose. He knew it was only a matter of time before she told him they were through. He had no idea and no thought as to how to undo what had happened.

“Please don’t yell when I say this, but I do love you. I love you so much. I don’t deserve you but I do love you.”

“That’s hard for me to imagine right now. Nothing you’ve done since Rachel showed up has been loving. It’s been anything but. A good part Escort Bayan of me, right here,” she pointed to her heart, “hates you. It’s hard to even look at you, Tyler. It hurts because I thought you were the one. I thought you were different. But you acted just like any other guy. All you wanted was her to put her eager mouth on your dick and shove a wet pussy in your mouth.”

“I never fucked her. Is that any consolation.”

“No, it’s not any consolation. You two had sex for God’s sake!”

“We never made love,” he insisted.

“And I’m supposed to believe that?”

“Yes!!” he replied emotionally.

“You had sex with another woman! Do you have any idea how profound that decision was? Did you even think about me when you were naked with her? Did you?!”

“Not at the time,” he admitted. “I blocked it out. And I was drunk. And she …….” he cut his thoughts short and then responded in a more apologetic voice. “I was wrong, Destiny. I did something terribly wrong. I wish I had never done anything to hurt you. I’m sorry I even made an excuse. I have none.”

Maria stepped outside and took a seat beside her friend. “I’m here for you. Would you like me to stay or would you rather be alone with him?”

No, I like you being with me.”

“Have you made any headway?”

“Not really. Every part of me just hurts,” she said dejectedly.

“Is he remorseful?”

“I guess so. Maybe. Who knows. It’s just words. It doesn’t change what happened.”

“No it doesn’t and nothing will.”

Maria looked at Tyler. He looked so pathetic. “I hope you understand that. You may have ended your relationship over a one or two-night stand with that slut.”

“Oh Dez, please don’t tell me that. I’m begging you. Please don’t.”

“Where did you do this stuff? In what rooms?” She asked ignoring his pleas for grace.

“In the den and in her room.”

“Her room?” she yelled. “Her room? This house belongs to me. Every god-damn inch of this house is mine!”

“I’m sorry, I know it is. That’s not what I meant.”

“You need to go. Pack your things and go. I don’t want to see you here again.”

“Dez! He pleaded while kneeling. “Please reconsider. I can’t lose you. I can’t. I was completely wrong but I love you. I love you so much and I know you love me.”

She shook her head. His final statement made her hurt all the more. “And that’s why this hurts me so much. I do love you.”

“I’d do anything to fix this. I mean that. I can’t lose you,” he said through gasping sobs.

“May I speak?” Maria interjected.

“Please,” replied Destiny.

“Why don’t you come home with me. You need space and he needs time to feel the emptiness and loss of knowing he may never be with you. Now is not a good time to make big decisions you may later regret.”

Destiny glared at Tyler and then at Maria. “OK,” she whispered, “but I need to get a few things.”

“Tyler,” Maria said. “You need to go somewhere and not come back until you are sure we are gone.” She watched him nod slowly. “And you need to do some serious introspection, regardless of how this all plays out. She thought you were better than this. And to be frank, so did I.”

What had begun as a day of expectations for both Tyler and Destiny ended up being one of the most sorrowful ones of their relatively young lives. While Destiny forlornly walked in to pack a bag, Tyler sulked down the sidewalk and to his car not knowing if he would ever hold the most beautiful woman he had ever met in his arms again.

Maria opened her home to her distraught friend. Although they talked in the evening, the topic of Tyler remained at large. Maria knew she needed to give her time to grieve.

“Can we talk,” Destiny asked her friend three days later.

They met at a quiet cafe during the dead time between lunch and dinner. Maria let Destiny air her thoughts without judgment. It was evident the anger associated with his actions had mostly exhausted. What remained was the deep sorrow and loss of their broken relationship. Her love for Tyler remained evident but Maria sensed Destiny had no idea how to remedy the situation nor heal from the betrayal of his cheating.

“You know my take on all this,” Maria finally commented. “You take control of him, his life, his cock, his relationships, his money, his everything. You take all of him and leave no doubt in his mind that he belongs to you.”

“I have no idea how to even begin such a change. I don’t feel the least bit capable and even if I did, I don’t want to lose the Tyler I fell in love with.”

“The Richard I own is pretty much the Richard I fell in love with. He’s simply a better version of himself. You won’t change who he is. You aren’t going to alter his DNA, just his freedoms.”

I’ll give it some thought,” Destiny eventually conceded after a lengthy exchange.

Maria was pleased with their conversation. Destiny expressed the open desire to begin a female-led-relationship more than ever before. It wasn’t her belief that all couples should live this way but Bayan Escort for her, given the pain of two hurtful experiences with men, living within the framework of a female-led-relationship would greatly diminish the chances of another such blunder from occurring. Maria encouraged Destiny to speak to Richard to get a slave’s view of living under the firm hand of a Mistress. Destiny listened but made no additional commitments.

For Tyler, each day seemed like an eternity. Unable to function at work, he took a week’s vacation and got away. Flying to Utah, he spent time alone in the serene beauty of Bryce Canyon and the surrounding desert. Even though he was detached from society and surrounded by miles and miles of nothingness he couldn’t shake the reality of where his blunder had taken him.

He had it all: brains, looks, health, a great job, prestige, a promising career, and a goddess for a lover. But he had tossed his most precious gift aside as if she were nothing more than trash. And he did it all for a two-day fling with an attractive and sexy blonde who meant nothing to him. “And look what it’s gotten me,” he muttered from his campsite fire that evening. “Nothing but misery. Nothing but loneliness.” After crying yet again, he vowed that should she ever wanted to try again he would pledge his love to her every day if that’s what she wanted.

It took two weeks before Tyler received a text of hope. Destiny wanted to meet with him in the park that evening. Tyler arrived early. When he saw her in the distance and looking so dejected he fell to his knees. Tears flowed freely. He cried openly. “I’ve missed you so much,” he said when she neared.

The humble and contrite attitude of the man she loved immediately softened her heart and set the tone for what was to follow. Destiny opened her arms, something she didn’t think she could ever do. Tyler stood and together they sobbed while embracing.

Deciding to walk instead of sitting, Destiny pointed to the asphalt path. They walked in silence for some while.

“I’m trying to forgive you,” she finally said.

“I’m trying to figure out why I did something so stupid.”

“Have you?”

“Mostly I lost my mind. Some of my actions had to do with the alcohol but some had to do with me being seduced. I can’t blame her, however. This was my doing. I need to take full responsibility for it and stop making excuses.”

“It hurts knowing what you did.”

“I can’t imagine. Do we have any chance?”

Destiny looked up at him. Tears ran down her cheeks. She shook her head as if to say ‘no’. “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

For Tyler, it felt like a knife had been twisted in his heart. He all but broke down. “Oh Dez, please don’t leave me. Please don’t give up on me.”

“I don’t want to give up,” she admitted, “but even if we were to try, we can never go back to what we had before. We couldn’t live like we did.”

“Whatever you want. I’d do anything. Can’t I reprove myself to you?”

“That’s what I’m wondering.”

“I love you,” he said with heartfelt emotion.

“I believe you. But you are the second man to break my heart. I can’t imagine this happening a third time.”

“It won’t. It won’t.”

“I can only hope I’m able to heal from what you did,” she said ignoring his promise.

She looked off into the distance. No one spoke for the longest while. Tyler was left hanging in a relational limbo, not knowing if she wanted to try or if she was gently trying to let him go. Destiny’s mind remained a mix of feelings. She loved him. It was that love that caused her to hurt so badly. Struggling with her own insecurities, his desire to make things work, and Maria’s thoughts, she found it hard to make any decision.

“You know, I came here thinking I had my mind made up. But now, I don’t know what to think. If I tell you I don’t want to try, I know I’ll mourn the loss of you for months – maybe forever.”

“As will I,” he said softly.

“But if I decide to try, I wonder if I will always be looking at you wondering; wondering if you want more from ‘that’ woman we just passed on the street, or from ‘that’ girl you saw today at your clinic. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to trust you to only want me. It makes me wonder if you will always be tempted to do what you did again.”

“All I can say is, I won’t. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t know why but I know what I did wasn’t me. It just wasn’t.”

“Relationships stand or fall on trust, Tyler. You have no reservations with trusting me, but I have so many when it comes to me trusting you. I hear what you say, but will you still hold to that promise a year from now, five years, fifteen years from now? That’s my struggle. Do I just let you go and deal with the pain and the prospect of never finding my perfect mate or do I take a chance of knowing what happened with Rachel might happen again? Right now it feels like a lose-lose scenario for me.”

“I hope you’ll choose me, Dez. I hope you can see that what happened was completely out of character Escort for me. I hope you can learn to trust me and once more rely on me. I would hope your decision to take me back would be a win-win one for us both.” He shrugged and swallowed hard. “But I feel completely powerless. I know that whatever happens with us is up to you – and not me.”

“It is,” she said looking into his eyes. “I don’t want to make that decision right now. I need more time to think.” She squeezed his hand and then released it. “I’m going to go. It was good seeing you.”

“Thanks for talking.” The awkwardness of their parting was palpable. Neither could be themselves. The gigantic invisible wall separating them felt ten-feet thick and impenetrable.

“Will I see you again?” Tyler asked hopefully.

“As I said, I need time to think. Bye, Tyler.” At this, she turned and didn’t look back.

Tyler watched her walk off until losing sight of her. He sobbed openly and did so for a good long while.

Maria watched their interaction from a safe distance. Destiny had chosen to walk a loop-trail in the park. And as Maria specified, Destiny had waited for her to get there to observe Tyler from afar. Acting like a person looking for birds, she was able to watch their body language through binoculars and assess how they interacted.

“He is completely broken-hearted,” she told her husband later that evening.

“That’s a good sign.”

“It is. I wish I knew what Destiny told him. They didn’t spend much time together, and by the looks of things, she didn’t give him much hope.”

“Give her time. She may simply need more time. There is no deadline she needs to meet,” Richard speculated.


“If I told you I’d try again only if you signed over your PT business to me, would you do it?”

Tyler stared at the text for the longest while. It had been a week since they had talked in the park but this was the last thing he ever thought she’d ask of him. He had no idea why she would want to leverage their relationship with him handing over his business. “What was she thinking? Why such a question?” He asked himself. Wondering what her intent was he hesitated in responding.

“?” Came another text two-minutes later.

“Can we talk? I’m not sure why you are asking this?”

“No, we can’t. What say you?”

“Then I guess, yes.”

“You guess?”

“Yes, Dez. I just wish I knew why.”

“Then do it. Talk to your attorney. I’ll sign after you have the legal papers drawn up.”

“So that is the price for my screw up?”

“No promises.”

“Dez! What are you thinking?”

Tyler never heard back. After a day of consideration, he called his attorney. His love for Destiny meant everything, but so did his practice and career. The clinic on Main had become one of the most successful operations in the area. He knew Destiny had no interest in running a business, so why strip him of his most precious asset? He had most of his financial assets tied up in it. Only in the last 18 months had the company began turning a significant profit.

A week after Destiny’s text Tyler signed over Velocity Physical Therapy to Destiny Williams in the presence of his attorneys’ notary. The following day Destiny met with the attorney to do the same. Five days later each employee of Velocity PT received a revised contract to sign. In their letter, Destiny introduced herself as the new owner and made the promise to continue leading this company as the former owner had so successfully done.

Tyler also received a certified letter but the contents of his were far different from the others. His was a note of termination as an employee at Velocity Physical Therapy. The letter was short and to the point. “Dear Mr. McGhee, Your services are no longer needed,” the paragraph began. “You have 24 hours to remove whatever personal belongings you wish to take with you. Your office will be cleaned the following day. I hope your future remains bright. Sincerely, Destiny Williams, CEO, Velocity Physical Therapy.

“So this is the game she wants to play!” Tyler shouted angrily. He was fuming. “Damn her! Damn her!” He yelled. “Why is she doing this?!”

He stormed out of the clinic. Others asked if he was OK. Tyler walked for almost a mile before finding a bar to drink away his anger and think. He had no recourse. He had legally and formally transferred all aspects of his business to her and it was within her prerogative to fire him. Checking his phone, he almost dialed her number but bent his anger enough to not. He knew that calling her now would be a bad idea.

“She’ll call. She’ll gloat!” He said to no one in particular. “Maybe I should take what she has,” he considered. He was, in fact, still living in her home. Why she hadn’t told him to leave he didn’t know but the fact that she hadn’t was still a good sign. For Tyler, it remained the only glimmer of hope he had in them getting back together.

Three days after letting him think about his termination Destiny made her next move. “Do you still want me, even though I fired you?”

“Yes,” Tyler said upon reading her message. “God, yes!” He replied, letting her know he was dead serious. “I have always loved you. I have always wanted you but I don’t understand what you are thinking. Is this the price I have to pay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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