My Red-eye Dream

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God, I always hate trying to get out of L.A. Especially on a Friday night. The 405 stalled over Sepulveda Pass. Rental car return is bogged down. Security lines are packed. I’ve just missed my flight, and the only space is on a red eye several hours from now. I could use a drink.

Maybe it’s not all bad. The airline lounge is pretty quiet. I can get a nice meal and even get some work done. A Manhattan and steak fries will go down well. My waitress is a looker too. Good thing tomorrow’s Saturday and I can sleep in.

Several hours later, I’m finally boarding. First class is full. Maybe I was too slow to put my name on the upgrade list, but then, this wasn’t my original flight. The good news is that economy’s not that full. Ooh, and what’s this? A cutie in the aisle seat. Smallish stature. About my age; thirty-something. “Excuse me, I got the window.”

She looks up, flashes a smile, and steps momentarily into the aisle. I sure hope that center seat stays open.

“Hi, I’m Ben,” offering my hand.

“Pam.” And we shake. Damn, she looks familiar.

“So Pam, flying out or flying home?”

“Both, actually. I live in L.A., but I’m flying back home to Chicago to see my dad. How about you?”

“L.A. on business. Tryin’ to get home. Chicago for me as well.”

Good, they’re closing the doors and the seat between us is still empty. Things are looking up!

After the flight crew monologue and the take-off roar, we both recline our seats a bit, and they start with the drink cart. “Pam, you look familiar. Have we worked together somewhere?”

“Probably not. But my face is out there.”

“Oh, what kind of work do you do?”

“I’m in the entertainment business. Film.”

“So maybe I’ve seen you on TV?”

“I don’t think so,” Pam says very melodically. “My work isn’t exactly fit for prime time.”

Jokingly, I say, “You’re not telling you work in porn?”

“Actually, you nailed it.”

Jesus! Now I know. I’ve seen her in several films. The hottest damn blowjobs I ever saw! Of course, Pam isn’t the name she uses professionally.

But now I’m embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

“No worries, Ben. It’s not like I’m ashamed. I actually enjoy my work.”

OK, this conversation is going to be awkward. I’m finding my eyes focusing on her hands and her lips, and thinking about them focusing on my dick. Thankfully, the drink cart has caught up to us. Pam orders a glass of wine. I do the same. And I manage to change the subject. “So, Pam, you grew up in Chicago?”

“North shore suburbs.”

“Really? I’m from Waukegan. Still am.”

“Oh, I was in Lake Forest.”

“Wow, we were practically neighbors. I think our high school football teams even played against each other.”

“So,” back to that melodic tone of voice, “maybe THAT’s where you’ve seen my face,” giving me a wink. “So, Ben, what kind of work do you do?”

“Shipping. International shipping. I run the western half of the U.S.”

“From Chicago?”

“That’s where HQ is. But I’ve gotta have facetime with the field. So it was L.A. this week.”

We continue talking. I’m trying to avoid the elephant in the room. Or rather, the elephant on the plane. Wine finished, Pam excuses herself to use the restroom. “If they come around for drinks again, can you get me refill?”

“Happy to.” They do. bahis siteleri And I do. And another for me too.

When Pam returns, she slides into the center seat next to me. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

“I just hate talking across this big space.”

We talk about growing up. School. Cars. Music. Drinking under age. Trying to see if we had some friends in common. No such luck.

We talk about our lives now. Both single; no significant others. I’m too busy with work to keep a steady girlfriend. She’s got her own unique situation.

Eventually, the wine has its effect, and I’m getting sleepy.

“Hey, Ben, we’re landing.” Pam’s elbowing me.

“What? Oh, already?”

“You’ve been sleeping like a log. And it sounded like you were having a pretty good dream there.”

We land, and park at the gate. She stands to retrieve her bag from the overhead, and says, “Ben, it’s been a real pleasure sharing the flight with you. Hope to see you again sometime.”

“My pleasure too. Have a nice stay with your dad.”

“Thanks.” And with, that she’s off.

I slide out from my seat, find my bag, and find my way off the plane.

A few gates down, I feel a hand on my arm. “Ben?” It’s Pam. “Can you do me a really big favor?”

“Sure, anything.”

“I was planning to Uber up to Lake Forest. But it’s damned early, I don’t have a key to my dad’s place, I don’t want to wake him by ringing the bell, and it’s too cold to wait on his porch.”

“You want a lift? It’s right on my way.”

“Yes, but, not wanting to go inside so early … “

“Pam, I’m in no hurry to get home. I’d love to chat with you some more.”

“That would be so sweet of you. I’ll find a way to make it up to you.”

Baggage claim. Shuttle to the long term parking. Finally, at my car, and we throw our bags in back. After that nap on the plane, I’m refreshed to resume a conversation with Pam. It’s so easy. I guess it’s because our growing up was so similar.

Before long, she’s guiding me through the quiet streets of Lake Forest to her father’s house. I pull in the driveway and turn off the car.

Pam turns in her seat to slightly face me, and puts a hand on my thigh. “Ben, I want to thank you.”

“Really, there’s no need to.”

“But I want to.” Now she’s rubbing my thigh. “A lot of guys, when the find out what I do, they start getting all weird. They talk down to me. Or that somehow my profession means I just automatically spread my legs for them. But you’re different. You’re human. You treat me like another human. And besides, you’re kinda cute.”

Now she’s leaning over close to me, and in a breathy voice in my ear. “I told you back at the airport that I’d find a way to make it up to you.” She slips her hand into the top of my pants.

“Uh, you don’t have to do this.”

“No, I don’t have to do this. But I want to do this. We’ve got time before Dad gets up. Now why don’t you just slide your seat back away from the steering wheel and recline it, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Holy shit! My fantasy girl! The queen of those incredible blowjobs! Wants to do me! How can I say no?

Pam says, “I’ll take your silence as a tacit ‘yes’.” And as she pushes her hand further down to feel my already stiffening cock, “And I’ll take THIS as an ENTHUSIASTIC ‘yes’.”

As I’m adjust my canlı bahis siteleri seat, she’s unfastening my belt and unzipping my pants. “Lift your butt up so I can get these down a bit.” I comply.

She wraps her fingers around my cock as it continues to grow. Her fingers softly, delicately, tracing the contours of my dick. The rippling veins. The groove beneath the head. She’s cradling it in her left hand and tracing the underside with just the index finger of her right hand. “No, Ben, I don’t think I knew you back in high school. I would have remembered this.”

Then she leans in a licks the sensitive underside. By now, my dick is at full length, and it’s throbbing in her little hand. Next, she puts her lips on the head and sucks it into her mouth, very slowly going down, slathering her tongue right and left as she proceeds, until her nose it in my pubic hair. God that feels amazing. Then she just as slowly comes back up.

Her hair has fallen down, so I reach to lift out of my view. She sits up and pulls a scrunchy off of her wrist to put around her hair in back. “I want you to see every bit of this Ben.”

She returns her mouth to my dick, sucking it into her mouth again. She’s sliding her lips and tongue along its length. Damn, I’m getting close already. I don’t want it to end this quickly. But right at the edge, she pulls her mouth off lets my orgasm subside. God I was close.

She lays her head on my chest, facing my dick, and after a moment, starts stroking again with her right hand. She grips the head and slowly, tightly slides it down, pulling my foreskin taught. Then she relaxes her grip, goes back to the head, and does it all over again. After several of these, a drop of pre-cum is forming at the tip, and she spreads that on her finger tips. Then placing her thumb on the top of my dick right at the base of the head, she rubs her lubricated fingers on the underside, right on my frenulum. Oh no, I feel another orgasm coming. But just before I get there she stops again.

“God, Pam, how can you know just when to stop? I mean, that’s what I do when I masturbate.”

“Ben, remember, I’m a professional. I’ve learned to know just where a man is.”

Now she sits up again, and resumes with her mouth. Up and down its length. God I’m in heaven. She’s picking up speed, and here comes my orgasm again. So close, she slows down, and stops right in time. Oh my God.

“You haven’t had anyone do this to you for a while, have you Ben?”

“It’s been a while. At least with someone with your talents.”

“I can tell.”

Now she cradles my dick in her left hand again, points it up toward my face, and using puckered lips, and a generous amount of suction, starts sliding them up and down the underside, of my dick. Each time she reaches my frenulum, she pauses, sucks harder, and flicks it with her tongue. Jesus, this is simply amazing. Not only is it an amazing blowjob, just watching it is mind-blowing. Those puckered lips have my orgasm on the way once more, and again she knows just when to stop. Oh man.

I lost count of how many of the approaches and near-misses she took me through. And I love how it primes the pump, and makes the final climax so powerful. I can do that to myself, but I’ve never had a woman so in tune with my progress to manage it.

Now she’s using my pre-cum again canlı bahis to rub her lubricated thumb in little circles around my frenulum. I’m getting close again. So close. She stops, but only for a second or two, and starts the circles again. Close the edge again almost immediately, and she stops. I’m moaning. Please, take me to heaven. She repeats this at least a dozen times, until finally, …

She doesn’t stop. Oh God, here it comes! Here I cum! It’s so intense, I’m lifting my ass off the car seat. I let out a groan that surprises even me. It’s like it’s happening in slow motion. I’m looking down at my dick, and the head is big, and purple, and taut, like a balloon about to pop.

Finally, the first surge of my ejaculation comes. I can feel it boiling up from below and travelling up to the tip of my dick. But before it blasts out, Pam takes me back into her mouth and perfectly matches a downward thrust, with her tongue on the underside, just as the first jet erupts into her mouth. She pulls back up to the top, and slides down again perfectly timed with my next convulsion. I must have shot 15 times into her mouth like this, grunting and groaning with each one, and she drinks it down, swallowing it all, not spilling a drop.

When the spasms finally subside, she continues working my cock with her mouth and tongue, when my post-orgasmic dick is almost too sensitive to take it. I finally have to push her head off, just so I can catch my breath, just so I can breathe again. No doubt, that was absolutely the best orgasm I’ve ever had!

I lie there for a few minutes while Pam is stroking my thigh with her hand. “Pam, that was incredible!” She just smiles.

Just then, the light for her father’s porch comes on. “Jesus, we’ve been caught!”

Pam giggles, “Well, you did make a bit of noise there. You know, this is just like back in high school, when my boyfriends would bring me home. Right here in this driveway!” Now we’re both laughing, while I’m trying to get my pants back up.

Her father sticks his head out of the door to check on the strange car in his driveway. Pam cracks the window, “Hi Dad. It’s me. I’ll be in in a sec.”

Then she turns back to me. “Ben, I like you. And I’d love to meet up next time you’re in L.A. Here’s my card. Not looking for a relationship, but would welcome some fun time with a great guy.”

“Uh, sure, I …”

“I can understand if you’d rather not, my work and all, but I sure hope you do. Now if you’ll pop the trunk, I’ll grab my bag. Don’t get up for me. I don’t think you can stand right now.”

A peck on my cheek, and she’s off. Grabs her bag and slams the trunk. I watch her go up the walk. She gives her dad a hug, then blows me a kiss as they both go inside.

Deep breath. It’s getting light in the east. The sun will be up soon. I start the car and listen to the hum of the engine.

“Hey, Ben, we’re landing.”

“What? Oh, already?” That hum of the car’s engine was really the plane’s engines.

“You’ve been sleeping like a log. And it sounded like you were having a pretty good dream there.”

Jesus! That was all a dream?

We land and park at the gate. She stands to retrieve her bag from the overhead, and says, “Ben, it’s been a real pleasure sharing the flight with you. Hope to see you again sometime.”

“My pleasure too. Have a nice stay with your dad.”

“Thanks.” And with that, she’s off.

I slide out, find my bag, and find my way off the plane.

A few gates down, I feel a hand on my arm. “Ben?” It’s Pam. “Can you do me a really big favor?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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