My Roommate’s Boyfriend

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I’ve been fucking my roommate’s boyfriend for weeks now.

It started one night when she left for work and he stayed to “watch the game.” He’d been raping me with his eyes ever since we’d met, and he was constantly making lewd comments to me when she wasn’t around. He seemed to be fixated on my tits, which is understandable, since they’re massive. 34H, to be exact. They’ve gotten me in lots of trouble over the years! And I could tell from the beginning that Eric was going to be trouble.

On that particular night, after Lucy left for work, I was ready for Eric to finally put his money where his mouth was. I hadn’t been immune to his lusty stares. I wanted him. So I strode across the room and stood in front of him, blocking his view of the TV, and whipped my top off. I was braless underneath. I smiled at him, my huge tits pointing right at him and wobbling enticingly.

His eyes bulged as a huge grin spread across his face. He instinctively reached down and cupped his crotch. He was staring at my chest. “I know you think of these when you jack off, you perv,” I teased, bouncing my jugs for him. “So why don’t you just jack off on the real things?”

I moved toward him as he sprung to his feet, and we traded places. For the next few minutes, I sat on the edge of the sofa as Eric stared intently at my jumbo breasts and jerked his rod. I was more than a little surprised to see what a big dick he had. I was mesmerized, watching him pump that big, meaty fuckrod right in front of my face.

Eventually Eric grunted and ejaculated, coating my jugs with the biggest load of sperm I’ve ever seen. “Fuck,” he kept saying. “Fuck fuck fuck yes.” I thought his prick would never stop spurting semen; it showered down on my breasts in waves. I licked my lips and watched, transfixed, until he finally finished cumming.

I told him to get his camera phone bursa escort and take as many titty pics as he wanted, and as he photographed me, I put on a sexy show of scooping up all his seed and slurping it into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of his yummy semen. I could’ve eaten a gallon more.

And that was it. We never even touched. At least not that night.


Two days later I got a text from Eric. It said “Can I fuck them next time?” and included a pic of my cum-covered melons. I smiled and texted back immediately. I’d been thinking about our encounter pretty much nonstop, and had probably masturbated to it 20 times.

“Of course,” I replied. “Ur dick is 2 big 2 resist. Tonite?”

And sure enough, that night I found myself in my roommate Lucy’s bed, lying on my back as her boyfriend straddled my chest and fucked the hell out of my enormous jugs. I even let him slip the bulbous head of his cock between my lips with each thrust.

And then I took control of the tittyfucking, squeezing my soft, creamy breasts together and trapping his dick. He took that opportunity to pull his phone out and take some video. He was lucky enough to capture himself ejaculating on video, once again coating my massive twins with his huge loads of hot jizz. Once again, I ate every last bit of his seed. He looked on lustily, already thinking about the next time.


Two weeks later, I was taking Eric’s cock up my ass every time my roommate went to work. He would bend me over the kitchen sink or throw me against the refrigerator and slather Crisco all over my anus, then slide his long rod up my tight bottom as I squealed. Or he’d buttfuck me doggy-style in Lucy’s bed and spank my plump cheeks, calling me “slut” with every deep thrust.

Sometimes he pushed me down onto the floor, facedown on my tummy, and hammered bursa escort bayan my little asshole as I yelped and sputtered. Sometimes he sat on the couch and made me ride him with his dick up my ass so he could watch my big tits bounce. Sometimes he took me into the bathroom and pushed my face into the toilet as he violated my ass.

Sometimes he just wanted to eat it. He’d sit at the dining room table and make me stand in front of him, bent over the table, legs spread. He liked it at the dining room table because he wanted my asshole to be his dinner. He’s spread my ass with his thumbs and bury his face between my cheeks, ears deep. He’d spend 20 minutes devouring my bottom, French-kissing it sloppily, coating my tight asshole with saliva, fucking it with his tongue.

I said “no” a lot, but Eric buttfucked me anyway. He loved it when I said no. Those were the hottest fucks, the ones where he was pretty much assraping me. He liked it when I cried enough to make mascara run down my face. On those nights, when Lucy got home, he would take her to bed and fuck her loudly, and I knew he was thinking about fucking my asshole, especially because Lucy wouldn’t take it up the ass. I always masturbated to the sound of them fucking.

See, Eric had this idea that he was only cheating on Lucy if he fucked my cunt. That’s why I got my asshole drilled so many times by him, not to mention my throat and tits. Not that I was complaining. He loved to use my body roughly and thoroughly, then take pictures of me covered and oozing with his cum. And I just wanted to be his perfect little butt slut.


I was glad Eric was taking so many pictures. I wanted Lucy to find them. Not because I wanted Eric to myself, though — quite the contrary. I wanted her. I was 100% in lust with my gorgeous roommate, and I was going to seduce her using these hot escort bursa fuck pics.

I knew once she found them, after the initial shock and anger wore off, she’d start thinking about me sexually, if she wasn’t already. After all, her web browsing history included the search terms “big tit lesbians” and “busty dykes.” I’d definitely seen her eyeing my chest before. I knew she just needed a good opening. I thought me fucking her boyfriend was the perfect way to get her attention.

In the meantime, I was enjoying life as Eric’s little anal fuck doll. I’m one of those rare women who prefers anal sex. It makes me squirt, much to Eric’s delight. So we fucked and fucked and fucked, and I squirted my pussycream all over the apartment. I was trying to get caught; Eric was trying to avoid it.

Eventually Lucy found out. She came home from work early one night and found me on my knees in front of Eric, topless, sucking his cock as he scrolled through his phone. He was looking at all his pics of me. She screamed, attempting to make sense of what she was seeing, and snatched the phone from him.

“What are you looking at?!” she shrieked. And then she had a long look at all the slutty, cum-loaded photos of me, her eyes bulging. She seemed unable to speak. She just scrolled and scrolled, looking back and forth between me and the phone. I remained on my knees with my tits out, making sure to point them up at her. I think she liked what she saw but was too angry to register it.

The next few weeks weren’t pleasant, but after she dumped Eric, Lucy forgave me. “Hoes before bros,” she said. She also started looking at me differently.

We grew closer, somehow bonding over the shared experience of sex with Eric. We hugged a lot and sat close together on the couch. I wore a bra as seldom as possible and noticed her glances at my breasts lasted longer and longer. I heard her vibrator every night, and every morning her internet search history revealed the same searches: “huge breast lezzy,” “natural tit orgy,” “busty lipstick lesbians.”

I started to think my plan had taken hold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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