My Sexual Awakening – Mom – Ch. 02

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My Sexual Awakening – Mom – 2

Chapter 3 — Back with mom.

I got home from Burnie’s my mind was spinning. First my mom the night before sucked my dick and I came in her mouth and then today, I was the one sucking dick and my best friend had face fucked me and came in my mouth! WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON! Before last night I was just jacking off like any normal teenage boy to porn on the internet and NOW, MY MOM AND MY BEST FRIEND!? WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO ME?

I went into the house and my mom was getting dinner ready. I looked at her standing by the sink. She had on a summer dress that went down to her knees, the soft curves of her body seemed to jump out at me as if I was noticing her for the first time as a woman.

My dad was sitting at the table drinking a beer. He looked up and said, “Playing games with Burnie huh?”

I stammered “What games, NO?” as if he knew something!

He looked at me, “You weren’t over at Burns playing those damn computer games, where were you?”

I smiled and relaxed, “Oh sorry, yeah playing those damn computer games over at Burnies.”

My mom had turned and looked at me with a half-smile on her face. GOD, SHE LOOKED SO DAMN PRETTY.

I muttered, “I need to shower, do I have time before dinner?” I wanted to get the smell of Burnies cum off me. I could still taste it and smell it on my face and t-shirt.

My mom turned back to the stove and said, “Sure honey, just don’t take to long, it’ll be ready in a minute.”

I hurried up the stairs, went into my room, undressed, made sure to bury my cum coated t-shirt at the bottom of my hamper, put a towel around my waste and hurried to the bathroom across the hall to shower. I let the warm water from the shower was the smell off me. I opened my mouth to rinse the taste of my best friends cum from my mouth, I felt my dick twinge as I thought about what I had done earlier. GOD! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

I turned off the shower, dried off and went back to my room to dress for dinner.

I don’t remember what we had or what was being said at dinner, but I was jolted back to attention when my dad said, “Well, it’s Thursday, bowling night! If we can win two out of three well be in first!” With that he got up from the table and scurried artemisbet yeni giriş upstairs.

My mom looked across the table at me and smiled. OH FUCK! It’s just me and mom alone tonight! OH GOD! What do I say? What do I do? What…

My mom still smiling at me said, “Honey, you don’t have to help with the dishes tonight, why don’t you just go watch some TV or maybe do some homework. Okay honey?” She then reached over and touched my hand. Her soft fingers squeezing it gently. Then she got up and started to clear the table.

I left without saying a word. I turned to look at her as I left and her eyes were fixed on me. She wasn’t smiling this time. She was staring at me with a look I had never seen before.

I sat and turned on the TV as my dad came bounding down the stairs, his bowling bag in one hand, his car keys in the other. “Have fun with your mom tonight Jimmy-boy.” He always says that when he’s leaving me alone with mom, but this time, ‘OH GOD! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?’, was all I could think! I didn’t respond, I just looked back at the TV as the front door slammed shut!

I don’t even know what I was watching when my mom came out of the kitchen walked in front of me and said, “I’m going to shower honey.” She walked away from me; my eyes fixed on her butt as her skirt swayed. I looked up and saw she had turned and saw I was looking at her ASS! She again smiled at me and went up the stairs to shower.

My mind was still spinning, all I kept envisioning was my mom’s mouth on my dick and my mouth on Burnie’s! My dick was semi-hard. I heard my mom coming down the stairs, OH MY GOD, SHE WAS WEARING A SEE-THROUGH BLACK NIGHTIE THAT WENT DOWN ONLY A FEW INCHES FROM HER CROTCH. Underneath she had on matching black lacy bra and panties! She had a drink in her had. It looked like straight bourbon, her favorite drink!

She stopped in front of me. “You like Jimmy? Your dad loves me in this outfit, how about you sweetie?”

I stammered, but all I could do was nod my head ‘YES’.

She was smiling at me like she was relishing my embarrassment and the affect she was having on me. She then came over to the couch and sat down next to me. She curled her feet under her ass and faced me. Put her hand on my head, artemisbet giriş played with my hair with a couple of her fingers and slyly said, “What are you watching dear?”

I was eyeing her up and down, GOD HER FRANGANCE FILLED THE ROOM, a soft strawberry scent, I heard what she had asked and glanced at the TV, I blurted out, “I don’t know, um, a show about….”

Mom put her drink down and got up and walked over to our liquor cabinet in the living room. Took out a glass and filled it halfway up with bourbon like she was drinking. Sat down close to me again. HER SCENT WAS INTOXICATING! I could feel my dick responding involuntarily. “Here take a few sips, it will help my boy relax with his mother.”

Her words echoed in my ears as I took the glass from her and took a big swing. I COUGHED as it burnt my throat. I wasn’t used to drinking! She giggled and patted me on the back, “Easy son, sip it!”

I caught myself and the coughing seemed to ease some my tension. I took another sip and relaxed a little more leaning back onto the couch. My mom again put her feet under her butt and inched closer to me, again her hand went to my head and played with my long hair.

My mom inched closer to me, her soft thinly covered breast just touching me. “Honey, about last night. Mommy had a little to much to drink and we’ll, your father had gotten mommy all worked up and when I saw you laying in bed, looking at that woman with that young boys cock in her mouth.” ( I think I shuddered when she said, “cock”. ) “Well I kinda got a little jealous, I mean, you thinking about other women or girls and not about me. I know it was stupid, you’ve always been my little boy and I just got scared and I don’t know what came over me, but…”. My mom then put both her hands on my face and turned it gently to hers and bent forward.

I inhaled her warm fresh breath, a mixture of whiskey and minty toothpaste, she softly pressed her red coated lips to mine and sighed! I parted my lips slightly as she pushed her tongue pass them. Our tongues met, I moaned into her mouth. She now kissed me deeper and more intensely. I put my hand on her side and felt the cool of her silky nightie mixed with the heat of her soft skin. She then gently moved away from me, artemisbet güvenilirmi breaking our kiss. She looked at me and softly, but assertively said, “Stand and strip for mommy.”

I became nervous but obeyed. I stood and unbuttoned my shirt peeling it off and then unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor stepping out of them. I only had on my white socks and briefs.

She eyed me up and down. Slid off the couch onto her knees in front of me, put her fingers on the waist band of my underwear and pulled them down. My erect dick sprang out in front of her face. My mind flashed back to this afternoon when I was kneeling in front of Burnie staring at his dick. Now my mom on her knees was staring at mine. She reached up and her slender fingers wrapped around the base of my dick, her pinkie finger moving back and forth over my ball sack.

I was mesmerized as I looked down at my mom. MY MOM! She looked up at me as she leaned her head forward, parted her wet red lips slightly and sucked the engorged head of my dick into her warm moist mouth! She didn’t move her head she just sucked on the tip in my dick in her mouth. Holding it firmly with her fingers.

I moved my hands to rest on her head my fingers smoothing her silky hair, a sigh escaped from her mouth pass my dick. As she sucked my mom started to moan with her lips tight on my dick and I realized her other hand was between her own legs as I could hear the squishing of her pussy as she was fingering herself! Then the smell of her sex reached my nostrils, I EXPLODED INTO MY MOMS MOUTH! She held me firmly in place, sucking and swallowing my cum! Then she opened her mouth and let out a loud gasp as her body started to shake! I knew she was cumming now too.

My dick slid out of her mouth spraying my jizz all over her face and hair! My legs were weak and trembling. My head spinning. I blurted, “OH GOD MOMMY! OH GOD MOMMY!” When I looked down at her, her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted and her face and dark hair was covered with streaks of my milky cum.

She then released her grip of my dick and sat back on her feet. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She licked around her mouth taking in more of my load. Gave me a half grin and stood up. Took me into her arms and presses her body into me. I felt her tits against my chest. I looked up and she tenderly kissed me! I could smell and taste my own cum on her lips and face. She then let go of me. “I’m going to go freshen up honey. Meet me in your bedroom.” It did not sound like a request.

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