My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 15

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Note: All characters are over 18.


“I think I’m ready,” Carol said, exiting the room in an outfit like one would wear in track and field. “Is this good enough?”

“That’s perfect,” Meredith nodded. “Easy enough to take off when necessary and good enough to help prevent chafing with ropes.”

“Then, can we get started?” Carol asked.

“We can,” Meredith nodded. “Sasha, I will let you do the honors. Do your best.”

Sasha nodded, taking one more deep breath and trying not to let her feelings get in the way of an enjoyable session. Perhaps this could be fun? She was taking the dominant position after all. But, she didn’t need to be thinking of revenge. She needed to do what she was taught… though, she wasn’t taught anything for this. Perhaps some of the porn she had watched could help her after all.

“I suppose you’re here about your grade in track and field,” She said in an almost authoritative voice as Meredith covered her mouth to hide the giggles that were trying to escape.

“Um… yes?” Carol said, confused, but certainly not put off by this. Meredith did say she wasn’t used to this after all.

“Well, I suppose I could consider teaching you a lesson to not get such bad grades in my class,” Sasha said.

“Um, please do,” Carol clearly didn’t know all of what was going on, but wasn’t going to question the actions of Sasha, who looked quite familiar…

“Turn around,” Sasha commanded. Carol obeyed, still quite amused and confused. Sasha took her hands and tied them behind her back, crossing one wrist over the other.

Meredith watched her, noting her reactions and seeing what she would need to tell her to improve on later. Sasha was doing well in her eyes so far, but she supposed there could be improvement. So far, she needed no assistance.

“You’re doing well,” Meredith giggled. “But, you don’t have to have a script. It’s just about feeling in the role of the outfit. But, keep going. I think it’s pretty cute how you’re a big bad teacher. I think I’d like to see it more.”

The heat that rushed to Sasha’s face would have made her pass out had she not been focused on binding Carol’s wrists. It was an odd feeling beginning to come over her. She now had power over Carol. The girl who had toyed with her emotions like someone who lights a candle and dips it in water was submitting to her to do whatever she wanted. Sasha felt… good about this. She was going to enjoy this.

“Perhaps we could see more of your technique, Miss Carver,” Sasha said, trying to sound seductive as she recalled a particular pornographic movie she had watched.

“Well, uh, ma’am, I don’t know if I’m any good,” Carol began, attempting to follow Sasha’s line of thought. Sasha sighed, the act being a terrible one in her mind.

“You know what, no,” She shook her head. “I’m done with this act. Let’s just engage in some bdsm like I was taught. It’s too hard to keep up this act.”

“I feel the same way,” Carol nodded. “If it’s okay with you, I’d just like to be tied up now.”

“I was hoping to be able to do this the fun way,” Sasha nodded as she moved behind Carol. She took a look at the bindings she’d already done, deciding on the next tie she would enact. She carefully removed a thin rope from the suitcase, carefully tying a small portion around Carol’s waist. She then threaded the rope under the pants of the outfit Carol was wearing and through her pussy and ass. This, she tied to the rope around Carol’s wrists, keeping the crotch rope tight.

Carol shifted herself and felt the pressure in her crotch. A faint moan escaped Carol’s lips as Sasha tightened the ropes a bit. Sasha glanced over at Meredith, who gave her a thumbs-up with a smile. That gesture alone was enough to make Sasha blush and begin to squirm a bit.

“So, I want you to give me a little jogging in place.” Sasha said, giving Carol’s ass a little swat. Carol jumped a bit, the crotch rope moving a bit more, but Sasha didn’t let her move much.

“Jog in place,” Was the command the domme in training gave. Carol obeyed, carefully jogging in place and trying to stifle her moans as the crotch rope dug into her pussy. She continued, however, following the orders of her ‘mistress’.

“She looks good at least,” Sasha commented, watching Carol’s expression. “But, isn’t good enough. She needs to be better. I have a perfect training regimen.”

“Oh?” Meredith’s curiosity leaked into her voice. “And, what pray tell, is this regimen?”

“I’m going to restrict her movements and have her exercise,” Sasha stated. Meredith giggled, interested in this plan.

Sasha gave Carol another quick swat on the ass.

“Stop jogging and get on your knees,” She said, her tone sounding like a request. Carol got on her knees, the chestnut haired woman looking at her. Sasha felt a dark thought enter her mind, a memory of a similar time. She pushed it away, wanting to try to make some sort of progress. She didn’t want to be like that.

“Now, please sit on your knees,” Sasha said, Carol obeying. Sasha Bycasino tied Carol’s legs together, looking her dead in the eyes. There was an odd sensation as she did this. Sasha felt an odd sense of power. She didn’t want to say it felt good but she would be lying if she denied it.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” She asked Carol, breaking character.

“This is actually kinda fun,” Carol nodded. “I never knew this was such a fun activity. I would have tried it in high school if I had known then.”

“Mistresses like Kaitlyn and Mistress Rebecca don’t take clients under eighteen years of age,” Meredith replied. “Unless they were under eighteen themselves.”

“I understand,” Carol said. “That makes sense. But, it’s funny, I would have loved to do stuff like this.”

“Do you have any memories from high school you regret?” Meredith asked as Sasha began to tie Carol’s ankles to each other. “Since we’re on the subject.”

“I really don’t have any,” Carol said. “I dated some guys, but that’s about all that was important then.”

Sasha felt her anger burning, but decided to try to be the bigger person and let it go. Carol never noticed her anger, simply eyeing her as she looked her up and down.

“I really believe you look familiar,” She said to Sasha. “Do I know you?”

Sasha ignored the question, moving on. She looked at her temporary submissive, once again feeling her anger rise up as she tried to push it back down. She tried to forget, each and every thing she’d suffered. Carol didn’t even recognize her; had she changed that much? Was her physical appearance so different?

“I want you to tell me the truth about something,” Sasha said. “If you don’t, I’ll punish you. IS that understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” Carol nodded.

“Did you play jokes on students in high school?” Sasha asked.

“Well… I guess so,” Carol said, glancing at Sasha. “But, it was all harmless fun.”

Sasha felt her anger spark as she decided to pull off one of Carol’s socks and shove it into her mouth. Carol tried to protest, but Sasha heard none of it. She took a cloth and tied it around Carol’s mouth.

“I’m done hearing you talk,” She said in a voice she tried to keep sounding like she was still playing the game they were attempting. Meredith was watching with a perplexed look on her face. Sasha continued to look at Carol, giving a tug on the crotch rope every few seconds, which would cause Carol to moan into the gag.

“I didn’t use a ball gag because I don’t believe you deserve it,” Sasha said. “Maybe you’ll earn it later, but for now, you haven’t.”

Carol nodded in submission, letting Sasha do as she pleased.

Meredith noted how amateurish Sasha was acting. She was trained better than this by Kaitlyn, though the black haired woman couldn’t put her finger on why. Sasha, on the other hand, seemed to be getting an odd satisfaction out of her dominating of Carol. However, that was short lived.

Sasha felt something nagging in the back of her mind, finally deciding to let herself get some revenge. She leaned Carol over, smacking her ass hard. The reaction from Carol was a small yelp into the gag and some slight panting.

Sasha felt amazing at this point. She felt something good deep within her, pushing forward as she spanked Carol again. She became lost in her emotions, enjoying using her power over Carol to this degree… just like she’d done with her years ago.

Sasha grabbed Carol’s wrists, pushing her onto the bed with a force greater than she might have intended. She began to feel the effects of her position. It felt… good. Just like it had when she first took Kaitlyn. She was feeling the endorphins rush in as she felt herself in such a position of power over another.

She grabbed Carol’s legs, forcing them up to her arms as she bound them at the knees, ankles, and thighs. Carol offered no resistance as Sasha forced her into a chair, binding her wrists to the back of the chair and her legs to the legs of the chair. She quickly yanked the gag off, giving Carl her ability to speak back.

“Do you understand what you did?” Sasha never knew where the question came from or what darkness within her mind brought it forth, but she wasn’t about to let this opportunity go to waste.

“Are we still role playing or have we just moved to the part where I get tied up tighter?” Carol asked.

“Have you ever hurt someone emotionally?” Sasha asked in a tone that suggested hatred.

“I never did anything of the sort.” Meredith and Carol, and to some extent, Sasha herself, were shocked at the slap Sasha landed on Carol’s face. While it wasn’t enough to cause much damage, Carol’s face almost immediately began to swell.

“Answer the question!” Sasha shouted with a voice she never knew she possessed. Meredith stood up quickly and moved over to Sasha.

“I-I don’t know what I did!” Carol cried out as Sasha slapped her once again. “P-Please! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You think those pranks were harmless fun?!” Sasha’s tears streaked Bycasino giriş down her cheeks as she shouted at the captive she had bound to the chair, slapping her once more. “You nearly destroyed my life because of them and all you have to say is that you thought they were harmless!?”

Sasha ran into the other room, shutting the door hard. Carol, through tears of her own looked at Meredith, who simply put a hand on her head.

“I apologize,” She glanced at the room Sasha had retreated into. “She has a bit of a problem she needs to work out.”

“I-I hope she’s alright,” Carol said as Meredith began to untie her. “I think I know why she’s familiar now…”

“She will be,” Meredith picked up the suitcase she had brought. “I’m untying you because I don’t know how long we’ll be and I don’t wish to leave you alone like that.”

“Take as long as you need,” Carol said. “I’ll make some coffee.”

“Sasha,” Meredith said quietly, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend. “Stop this. It isn’t worth it. Please, don’t do this again.”

“I-I,” Sasha stuttered between sobs. “I’m so sorry, Meredith.”

“It’s alright,” Meredith pulled her back, holding her tight. “I believe you. Let’s just take some time to cool down and then we can all discuss this together.”

“I-I went too far,” Sasha said. “I’m such a terrible person.”

“You’re not a terrible person for losing your temper a couple of times,” Meredith kissed her forehead. “You of all people should understand that. I promise you I don’t think less of you.”

“B-But, I hit her,” Sasha sobbed into Meredith’s arms.

“And, while that was uncalled for,” Meredith softly spoke. “You have a lot of guilt and sorrow build up that you’ve held for years. Now, you’re going to apologize and talk things over.”

“You’re sure there won’t be any bad things happening to me?” Sasha asked.

“Of course not,” Meredith smiled. “She’s signed a contract and you can call it getting too into your role.”

“The contract wasn’t with me,” Sasha said. “And-And I just became like I was. Kaitlyn warned me about that happening. She told me that if I ever broke a submissive’s trust, I would be a horrible person. She wanted me to understand. I broke Kaitlyn’s trust in me because she believed I could do this.”

“Well, one thing you can do now is the aftercare.” Meredith softly spoke, cupping Sasha’s cheek in her own. “Explain the situation to her. I’m sure she doesn’t want this either. And, I wouldn’t say that about Miss Kaitlyn. She has more faith in you than you think.”

“But… it didn’t take me long to resort to my anger,” Sasha sobbed.

“Listen, Sasha,” Meredith smiled at her. “How about you put on your catsuit and we start over with her if she desires it? I’m sure you will have fun.”

“A-Are you sure?” Sasha asked. “I-I mean—”

Meredith’s lips silenced her own as the older woman smiled, gesturing to the suitcase she had brought. Sasha took off her clothes slowly, looking at herself in a mirror that was on the wall. Her mind brought back the mental images and horrid things she’d thought about herself all at once. She looked down at herself and clenched her fists. Meredith simply gave her the latex attire, Sasha putting it on slowly. Once she was finished, she felt her mind clear a little as Meredith wrapped her arms around her. She kissed her cheek, smiling.

“I believe that you are going to do well this time,” Meredith whispered into her ear. “Miss Kaitlyn would want you to use this opportunity to grow.”

“M-Mistress,” Sasha said. “I… I don’t think I can.”

“Well, I have a way you can feel better about it,” Meredith smiled.

A few moments later, Sasha and Meredith returned from the room, Sasha looking at Carol with sorrow. Carol gestured to the table and all three sat down with coffee.

“Now I know where I know you from,” Carol looked at Sasha. “You’re that Sasha… the one we made fun of.”

“Yeah,” Sasha finally admitted the truth. “I am that Sasha! Are you happy to have nearly destroyed my life?!”

“No,” Carol said quietly. “I regret that. I didn’t tell you about it because I’m ashamed to mention it. I know it’s much too little, much too late, but I do regret what I did. You didn’t deserve any of that.”

“Y-You’re just admitting that?” Sasha asked, having not expected such a turn so quickly. “I… I expected it to take an entire chat.”

“I just didn’t think you were the same person as that,” Carol admitted. “But, I guess I deserved you hitting me. If you were anyone else, I would have called the cops the second I was free, but realizing it was you just made me hesitate… I’m not sure why but I felt as if I deserved whatever you would do to me. And, you seemed so upset about hurting me anyway.”

“I feel so bad about that,” Sasha looked down in shame. “I should never have done that. I broke my trust with you as a client and as a submissive.”

“Actually, I didn’t mind it so much,” Carol lowered her voice a bit. “You see, I’m actually a bit of a masochist. Bycasino deneme bonusu I like a bit of pain every now and again. I’m not one of those insane masochists like you’ve probably seen, but I don’t mind hurting a little. I guess it’s part of being an athlete, huh?”

“I-I can understand that,” Sasha blushed. “I liked hurting a bit in sports too.”

“So, was it true?” Carol asked. “That your sister got you into bdsm like this?”

“Y-Yeah,” Sasha blushed harder. “I don’t want to talk about it. But, if she hadn’t… I don’t think I could ever do anything with you at all.”

“What do you mean?” Carol asked.

“I was so full of hatred before she showed me this lifestyle,” Sasha looked over at Carol. “But, she taught me that I don’t need to have hatred. I just need to enjoy myself and just have an enjoyable time with my bdsm lifestyle. Then, I met Meredith and I felt even more in tune with myself. I felt like I could be me without the need to feel bad or hate myself.”

“You’ve definitely changed,” Carol nodded. “You’ve gotten a better figure since I last saw you. It suits you. It’s more attractive.”

Sasha couldn’t hide her blush at that, Meredith hid her giggles behind her hand as Sasha gave a cute glare at her girlfriend.

“I… I don’t know what to do next,” Sasha admitted after a bit. “I just don’t feel comfortable with doing this. I don’t want to hurt you. But, I do want to face that part of my life and put it behind me. But, at the same time, I crossed a line I should not have crossed. Meredith informed me that that is punishable by being forced to submit to you for a short time.”

“But, I was supposed to submit to you,” Carol said. “I mean, I did want to have you submit to me, but I wanted it to be different. I wanted something different out of this.”

“Like… what?” Sasha asked.

“I wanted to express a part of myself that I couldn’t,” Carol said. “Kinda like you, but I had my own way. When I saw the listing for her and what she specialized in, I wanted to try it and see if it could help me with my feelings. But, I guess I got something better.”

“What’s that?” Sasha asked.

“The chance to make up for my past.” Carol said. “And, since you’re here, I guess it’s a sign.”

“And, to think, if your sister hadn’t needed to patch things up with her fiancée,” Meredith said to Sasha. “You wouldn’t have this chance for closure.”

“I still feel really bad,” Sasha said. “You feel bad about doing that to me and I hit you out of my own anger.”

“Enough of that,” Carol said firmly. “You always hid your emotions and kept bringing them up to make yourself feel bad. Now, either start to make me submit or untie me so I can make you submit. Either way, I want to keep going with you… I guess you’re rubbing off on me, huh?”

“Huh?” Sasha asked.

“Role playing may be my fantasy,” Carol said. “But, I much prefer a woman in a situation like this to a man. I’m actually bisexual. I can’t say what I did with you was what made me realize it, but I do think you helped contribute to it. But, when I realized that, I did think of you. So, I guess in a way, it’s fate that we meet here like this.”

“I didn’t get you into bdsm though,” Sasha said.

“Well, in my research of role playing and why I liked it so much,” Carl looked at her. “I came across your sister. And, well, after chatting with her privately, she offered me a trial of her services to see if I liked it. Of course, then you two came along.”

“S-Sorry I ruined your session,” Sasha looked away from her.

“Actually,” Carol said. “I know this sounds like a stupid cliché, but I felt terrible about what I did to you once I started realizing my own interests. I wanted to apologize, but you weren’t exactly the type to give out your information, especially to someone like me. When I saw you, I thought for a second it was you, but I figured I was just tricking myself. It’d be odd we take interest in the same mistress after all.”

“You’re not wrong,” Sasha said, twiddling her latex covered thumbs. “I suppose it is good, seeing as how I never really hated you. You just made me feel terrible, but… you didn’t go as far as some of the others.”

“I understand,” Carol nodded. “I understand if you don’t wish to see me again.”

“I actually wouldn’t mind,” Sasha gave a small smile. “I like that we can get together and it means a lot that at least one person from back then can support me now. Besides… I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t do terrible things, even to my own sister.”

“I guess we aren’t so different after all,” Carol said.

“You know… you’re right,” Sasha tightened her grip on her cup in realization. “I guess we aren’t.”

“I’m so glad you two are making up,” Meredith smiled. “You two would make good friends.”

Sasha blushed slightly at her girlfriend’s statement. Carol chuckled slightly, watching as the older woman put an arm around Sasha.

“So, um, I know this is odd to ask,” Carol said. “But, can you ask Miss Kaitlyn if you’re allowed to have more sessions with me? I do wanna catch up and some of the stuff you’re into looks pretty interesting.”

“Perhaps Miss Sasha could be like your mistress?” Meredith crossed her arms with a smile at Sasha’s blush. “It would give her good practice.”

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