My Two Ladies

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Big Tits

I am straight with a bent towards the kinky. I like bdsm and am quite skilled in many of the bdsm arts. The psychology and physical aspects of things like bondage and multiple play partners intrigues me. I have worked in the last few years to explore this area of sexuality for myself.

The purpose of this story is to tell about the last time I had my two women over at the same time. This is a true story, NOT a fantasy as so many stories are on this site. Or maybe it is best described as a fantasy I have actually acted out many times.

Let me introduce you to my two women. Donna (not her real name) is a good fuck buddy I have played with for about 8 months. She is very sexually open, has a great body 5’5″ with 36D tits (I am a tit man) and a moderate build and bout 135 lbs. She is 50 years old but could pass easily for 40. She and I can talk about anything. From our first date she wanted me to arrange a threesome with two or more men. I said I could do that and we were in bed within an hour. Within a few days I had arranged for her threesome with me and one of my friends. We have played one or two times a week for over a year.

My second lady, Sandy (not her name either), is about the same height, somewhat thinner with 36C tits about 130 lbs with a beautiful face that can convey innocence and concern while enjoying whatever I am doing to her. She is 54 years old but looks 40 or less. I find her quite hot. She and I are in a bdsm relationship. She is my collared submissive and is really turned on by a dominant man to takes his sexual pleasure in her. Donna is not into the bdsm lifestyle but likes to play around with it.

As for myself. I am 185 lbs, 5’9″, with a fairly athletic build for a 50+ year old man and have resonably good looks. I work out every day. I have a fairly thick, 8 inch cock and the ability to cum 4- 6 times a night and twice more in the morning. Most 20 year olds cannot keep up with me. One of my favorite things to do is have two women at a time. Recently I invited Donna over on a night that Sandy was coming over as well. Sandy did not know that Donna would be here. Since she is submissive, I don’t bother to tell her things like that – what I do is always a surprise and she seems to like that a lot. She does what she is told and that gives her a lot of pleasure. When Donna arrived, she took a bath and relaxed from work then came out nude and placed her ample tits right in my face. I immediately jumped to erection and we moved to the bedroom where we fucked for 30 minutes then took a little nap. At 7:16 Sandy arrived – 16 minutes late. As my submissive she knows that punctuality is important and she knows the consequences. When Sandy came in the door, I kissed her deeply, held her tight and told her how much I had missed her this week, since I was traveling. I then told her “You are 16 minutes late.” She tried to make some excuses but I just told her to “strip.” She obediently took off all of her clothing as Donna and I watched. We have all played together in the past so they know one another and get along extremely well.

Once Sandy was naked, I took her arms and pulled them Bycasino behind her, then forced her to bend over the couch in my living room. Holding her hands behind her I took a paddle I had laying close by and told her to count her swats. I started slowly hitting her butt and watching the red splotches appear after each swat. She counted but at each stroke raised up a little. I had to push her down several times until I said, “I will start over if you don’t stay down.” She remained prostrate after that. Donna enjoys watching me spank Sandy and sometimes even participates, though, not on this occasion.

After 16 swats, I spread her legs apart while she was bent over and played with her cunt and clit. She comes very easily, especially after she has been spanked, but she is never allowed to cum without permission. After the spanking she was quite aroused and wet. Her clit was hard and her cunt was dripping. As I played with her sensitive clit she began saying, “Please let me cum.” Sometimes I let her cum, other times I delay or deny her gratification. I did not let her cum, but continued to play with her a while. I then told Donna to take over and play with her clit while I moved to her face. As she was bent over the couch I placed my 8 inch cock in her mouth. Wanting to cum so bad, she had a hard time concentrating on my cock but she managed to get a good deal of it in her mouth while Donna fingered her cunt as her hands were held behind her.

This had the effect of getting me quite hard. I wanted some pussy. I moved back around the couch and told Donna to bend over and had Sandy stand up. Sandy had not been fucked in over a week and I knew she was dying to get my cock in her especially after having both of us play with her and being spanked. Nevertheless, I told Sandy, “Put my cock in Donna’s cunt.” Sandy had a most pitiful look of disappointment on her face as she took my cock in her hand and guided it into Donna who was eagerly bent over to receive me. Donna absolutely loves to be fucked doggy style so she was quite pleased.

As I began to pound Donna from behind, I talked in the most crude terms to Sandy. “Watch my cock in her cunt,” “Watch me fuck her.” “You want that cock in your cunt don’t you bitch.” She replied “yes,” “Say it loud bitch,” and she replied, “Yes, I want you to fuck me too!” I grabded Sandy by the neck and kissed her deeply as I fucked Donna. I don’t know what it is about kissing one woman while fucking another, but it absolutely drives me nuts. I started banging Donna harder and harder which made her start cuming. Even as Donna is cuming I reach behind Sandy and insert my fingers into her cunt as I kiss her. Seeing Donna cum and having my fingers on her cunt makes Sandy want to cum so bad but she knows the consequences. Cuming without permission means she will not be allowed another orgasm all night and she may get her clit spanked as well. She has learned to control herself no matter what I do to her to avoid punishment but also to enjoy the immense release she gets when I do let her cum.

I continued fucking Donna. She came two times. I then withdrew from Donna and Bycasino giriş bent Sandy over. I told Donna, “put my cock in her.” Donna took my cock and guided it still slippery with her own cunt juice into Sandy. I took Sandy’s arms and held them behind her and began fucking her. She let out a deep sigh as I entered her then her breathing started getting faster. I told her, “fuck it bitch.” She commenced to fuck my cock while Donna and I stood together and kissed. I fucked Sandy for several minutes without letting her cum. I withdrew and told both women to kneel and lick their cunt juice off my cock. Both got on their knees and started licking my cock at the same time. There is nothing in the world like having two attractive women licking your cock at the same time. Fighting over who gets the tip, licking my balls, caressing the shaft with their tongues. It is one of the wonders of the world.

Sandy is quite frustrated by now and has no idea if she will ever get to cum tonight. There have been nights when I have fucked her three or four times and never let her cum if she had violated some important rule. She hates it but has learned to deal with it. After watching them work my cock over for a few minutes I say, “lets go to the bedroom.” I then took Sandy by the hair, put her on all fours and walked her like the bitch pet that she is into the bedroom. Donna, of course is allowed to walk upright since she is not my submissive. Nevertheless, she likes watching me deal with my submissives.

On entering the bedroom, Sandy obediently stayed next to the bed on all fours until given permission to get in. Donna and I lay down and start kissing and fondling while Sandy watched. Soon I told Sandy “get up here and suck my cock.” She dutifully climbed up and started sucking. She has a fairly small mouth so sucking a long time makes her mouth sore but she knows not to stop until told. I continue kissing Donna and playing with her beautiful tits, sucking on them and squeezing them. Due to some medicine Donna takes, her tits lactate so a small amount of sucking gets her sweet milk flowing into my mouth. I suck both tits as I enjoy feeling Sandy’s mouth on my cock. I can tell Sandy is getting tired because she slows down and tries to take her mouth off my cock temporarily to rest but I reach down and cram her head down on my cock so it goes clear down her throat. I make her go a little while longer then let her rest.

After all this fucking and sucking I am ready to cum myself so I tell Sandy, “Lay down and spread your legs.” She has the look of immense relief that now she will at least get fucked the way she likes. Sandy will fuck any way I tell her but she absolutely craves having me on top of her holding her tightly and thrusting deep into her cunt. She holds her legs up very high and moves her ass continually to get me as deep as possible in her and feel my hardness. Now that she is getting fucked she seems to be temporarily satisfied until I tell Donna, “Reach down and play with her clit while I fuck her.” Donna gladly reaches between us and diddles her clit. This drives Sandy crazy. She says, “That’s Bycasino deneme bonusu not fair. She makes me want to cum.” I say, “Yes, and you won’t cum until I tell you you can will you bitch?” She replies, “Yes, master.” I can tell she is miserable. She is wiggling and doing what ever she can to keep from cuming. I can usually tell if she cums by how her cunts contracts around my cock so she does not dare try to orgasm and hide it from me.” Donna and I have great fun torturing her, frustrating her and keeping her just on the edge. I pump her just the way I know she likes it.

As I am fucking Sandy, I reach over and play with Donna’s tits, I have her move close so I can suck her tits and then I start kissing Donna. Like I said, I love kissing one bitch while I fuck another. They must like it as well. They are both as wet as can be and seem to kiss even more passionately when my cock is in the other.

Soon I tell Donna, “Suck her tit.” and Donna goes down on Sandy’s right tit while I begin sucking and slightly biting her left tit. Sandy loves having her tits bit while fucking but she has never had both tits bit and sucked at the same time. This sends her over the top. She starts begging to cum louder and louder. I love to hear her beg to cum and let her go on while looking deeply into her pleading green eyes.

I am about to cum so I say, cum with me bitch. She holds off remarkably well so she can do the thing she loves the most, cuming at the same time I cum. I start pumping harder, while Donna stroked Sandy’s clit, I feel my cock harden deep in Sandy’s cunt and feel the cum starting to surge up through my cock to penetrate deeply into Sandy’s cunt. I let out a slight groan and pump harder, holding Sandy tightly by the neck and pulling her body down hard as I thrust upward. Donna is watching us intently in my ceiling mirrors. She loves to watch as I cum in another woman. I thrust my cum deep into Sandy’s soaking cunt and feel the total relief that cums from a good fuck. After depositing my cum, I continue to thrust slowly for some time. Sandy loves to feel me insider her as long as she can. She keeps her legs up high and does everything she can to keep my now receding cock from falling out. Eventually, all good things have to “cum” to an end and I lay back between my two beautiful ladies and just enjoy holding them both and talking and laughing.

After 20 minutes or so, I am ready to go again. Sandy cannot stay the night and will need to go in a little while so I decide to fuck her again since I will fuck Donna 3 or 4 more times tonight and in the morning.

I have recounted this as much for my own memory as for you, the reader’s entertainment. I figure when I am 85 and slowing down a bit, I’ll want to remember that this was not just a wet dream. While no two times are alike, I have now done this type of threesome eight times. On two occasions I did it with two submissives which is a whole different dynamic.

I have searched long and hard for women who like to engage in this type of play. I have been fortunate to have found two that seem to enjoy it a great deal and enjoy one another as well. This is the third time all three of us have played together in the last six months and we are getting very good at it. Neither of them are bi or even bi-curious but they seem to enjoy the play as evidenced by how much they cum and how wet they both get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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