My Wife, Her Lover, and I Ch. 01

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I’m a voyeur. That said, my voyeurism is restricted to watching my wife and I have no interest in any sort of prurient spying on others. Fortunately Julie stated her willingness to indulge my interest when, feeling greatly embarrassed, I hesitantly revealed my secret yearning to her. The first time I watched my wife being fucked by another guy I experienced such intense excitement that I wanted to see more, much more. A number of interesting encounters followed, interesting for both of us with Julie admitting to really enjoying the freedom my predilection gave her, but the episode I want to relate here was something special and had unexpected consequences.

I first made contact with Chris through an internet site and following a number of online chats and exchange of photos between us, we agreed to meet. It happened that our two weeks holiday in Torquay was coming up so I told Chris we’d have to put things on hold until we returned. Chris though had other ideas. Self employed he can take time off pretty much whenever it suits him and told us he’d ring a few hotels in Torquay, including ours, and see if he could get a room at short notice. It was agreed that a fortnight’s holiday could be an ideal opportunity for the encounter to take place.

Chris struck lucky immediately. The very hotel my wife and I were staying had a room, normally only used by staff members needing an overnight stay, which they agreed to let him have. The management warned Chris that the room was pretty basic and not up to the usual hotel standards as it wasn’t normally available for guests but if he was happy to accept a lack of amenities he could have it.

By an amazing coincidence we arrived on the hotel car park just as Chris was unloading his cases. I recognised him from the blue Mercedes SL we’d seen in the background on one of his photos and so parked next to it. After an exchange of greetings, and in Chris and Julie’s case a kiss, we headed into reception together. Chris and I being encumbered with the cases Julie went to the desk and registered for all of us, explaining that our friend had made a last minute booking.

The receptionist having checked the details handed Julie the keys and directions to the rooms, reiterating that the friend’s room was pretty basic. Locating our room we went in to unpack while Chris continued upwards in search of his, promising to come back down and join us after settling in.

We were still unpacking when a tap on the door announced Chris’s return. He hadn’t wasted much time I thought, opening the door to admit him.

Julie, who had slipped out of her dress, was busily arranging her underwear drawer when Chris entered, his eyes quickly running over her scantily clad form.

“Mm lovely,” he said, Julie turning to smile appreciatively.

Wearing only bra and panties my wife certainly looked an arousing sight.

“I see you favour stockings and suspenders,” Chris commented, running his fingers through them in the open drawer. “That’s good; I like to see a woman dress sexily.”

Commenting that it was hot Chris slipped his shirt off and Julie ran her eyes over his torso.

“I can return the compliment,” she smiled. “You possess a gorgeous body, what I can see of it anyway.”

I knew from our chats that Chris is something of a fitness fanatic spending a lot of his free time in the gym and his upper body reflected the fact. Bulging, rippling muscles and powerful looking chest, Chris was justifiably proud. Julia was practically drooling as she looked at him and he knew it!

“Shall we get started?”

The question was directed to me but it was Julie who replied.

“Oh yes, let’s,” she said, running her hands over his chest.

“Ok by you?” he asked me, slipping a hand down inside the front of my wife’s panties.

“Of course,” my voice sounded hoarse as I watched the movements of his hand inside Julie’s panties.

“Mm, your wife’s cunts already wet. She’s really up for it,” he flashed me a smile, Julie cooing as his fingers did whatever it was they were doing to her.

I asked Chris if his room was ok, I’ve no idea why as it was hardly an appropriate question at the time. Perhaps I just wanted to distract him and cool things down a bit.

Chris told us it was not great but adequate. Right at the top of the hotel, a poky sort of box room he said, removing Julie’s bra as he spoke.

“Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. This is what you want to see isn’t it?” he said to me, taking Julie’s breasts in his hands. “What a cracking pair of tits!”

“Thanks,” I replied automatically, moving a chair closer.

I think I was already feeling a bit overawed by this brash, self confidant guy now sucking my wife’s nipples.

He sat Julie down on the end of the bed, continuing to lick and suck her nipples while a hand stroked my wife’s thighs, coaxing them apart. I was of course erect and desperate to stimulate myself but as is usual on these occasions felt embarrassed to do so. I contented myself with the occasional furtive rub while bursa escort watching their antics, Chris laughing when he caught sight of me doing so. However when he slipped my wife’s panties down and off, with a dexterity that left us both gasping, I couldn’t restrain myself any longer and yanked my erection out into full view.

I saw a smug grin on Chris’s face as he whispered something in Julie’s ear. She smiled and whispered something back.

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” he said out loud, again flashing me a smug grin.

I had the distinct feeling that Chris’s whispers had been disparaging remarks about my manhood, confirmed when Julie said,” Take your shorts off then and let’s have a look.”

Standing, his back towards me, Chris slipped out of his shorts, my wife exclaiming, “You were right, it’s a lot bigger!”

Chris laughed and turned to flaunt his manhood at me. He was right to feel smug, his cock is bigger than mine, though I’ve never looked upon my own as being small.

“Like I told your wife, I don’t think she’ll be disappointed when she feels this inside her,” a smirking Chris told me, practically waving his penis in my face and clearly relishing the fact of being better endowed than I.

“I’m sure you’re right,” my murmured response sparking his laughter.

(True enough his cock is big, bigger than mine, but perhaps Chris wouldn’t have been so smug if he knew my wife has had other, bigger lovers, before him.)

He turned back to Julie who promptly grabbed his penis to lick the end of it. Cradling his large and hairless balls in one hand she held Chris’s penis by the root to lick and kiss up and down the length of it, pausing only to utter little squeals of delight from time to time when he manipulated her nipples.

By this time I was masturbating openly, despite the scornful looks from Chris.

Then she was licking and sucking his balls, enthusing about them being hairless, and in danger of coming I slowed my masturbating hand. Next he pushed Julie backwards onto the bed and mounted her head to toe. With Julie flinging her legs wide in anticipation I was staring at her vagina, a vagina that Chris’s fingers began to stroke. He watched me, a smile on his face, as he fingered my wife for a moment before lowering his head.

I could see nothing of what he was doing to her, just the top of his head between Julie’s thighs, but judging from my wife’s yelps and cries he was performing cunnilingus on her very skilfully. In fact I experienced a momentary stab of envy of his expertise on hearing my wife yelling wildly, her body churning in orgasm.

Chris raised his head; his face wet with her juices, and flashed me a triumphant smile.

“I think your wife enjoyed that for starters.”

“Yes, so did I!”

My exclamation merely aroused his contempt and he turned away, saying dismissively, “Well each to their own.”

He swiftly reversed position and I held my breath when his buttocks sank slowly downwards between my wife’s thighs. Again Julie uttered a joyous yell, this time caused by Chris’s penis driving into her.

He was fucking my wife, buttocks pounding up and down, and I masturbated in time with his thrusts. I came first, not surprisingly as I’d held off with difficulty for quite a while.

When he eventually staggered to his feet the heavily breathing Chris turned to me and said, “Did you enjoy that? Actually I can see you did,” a smile spreading across his face when he saw my semen covered penis and hand.

The laughing Chris moved aside and I was staring avidly between my wife’s thighs. At the sight of her open vagina bathed in white cream my erection was threatening to return when Chris’s voice broke into my reverie.

“You’ve had your fun and they’ll be plenty more viewing opportunities during the next two weeks so I suggest you go for a walk now, have a look around while I get better acquainted with your very sexy wife. Rejoin us later for the evening meal.”

I asked Julie if that was alright with her and she paused on her way to the bathroom to suggest I go in search of the tourist information and pick up a few leaflets. With some reluctance I acquiesced to his suggestion and now that we were alone found Chris eyeing me speculatively. I had remained seated, feeling quite shattered by seeing the wild and vociferous way my wife had responded to his lovemaking, and stepping closer Chris held his penis beneath my nose.

“Can you smell your wife’s cunt on my cock?”

“Yes,” my reply came automatically and I inhaled deeply several times, excited by the aroma.

“Do you think your wife enjoyed it?”

“Oh yes, very much so!” I blurted out, seeing again the smug smile on his face.

“Run along now then, join us in the bar later. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy a long and leisurely play with your wife’s gorgeous body,” he grinned.

Automatically standing up I adjusted my clothing and his contempt was palpable as he shepherded me towards the door, not even giving me time to wash my hands.

A escort bursa number of my wife’s lovers have displayed a certain amount of contempt towards me, something that once upon a time bothered me. Nowadays though, if anything, I seem to enjoy it and was erect but hoping Chris wouldn’t notice as he propelled me through the door. I found myself feeling a bit overawed by the masterful Chris as his mocking laughter followed me along the hotel corridor.

I restlessly paced the streets of Torquay, wandering pretty much at random as I tried to come to terms with the events back at the hotel, and by the time I located the tourist information found it closed. On impulse I bought a notebook and spent some time sitting in a park amusing myself by writing about the events in the hotel room. Mostly details of the things I’d seen them doing and my feelings, particularly in relation to Chris’s somewhat disparaging attitude towards me. His arrogance, which hadn’t come across during our online and phone conversations, was apparent now and I was seeing him as a smug, conceited type of guy.

Glancing at my watch I was surprised to find several hours had elapsed since leaving the hotel and I hastened back to it, feeling a little apprehensive now as I thought about the fortnight ahead.

I met them as they left the dining room so we arranged to meet in the bar after I’d eaten.

It was when I entered the bar that things took an unexpected turn. Seeing me looking about the barman pointed out my ‘friends’ as he called them, sitting almost out of sight in an alcove.

“They’re a randy couple aren’t they? Can’t keep their hands off one another.”

While he spoke the barman was watching Chris stroking Julie’s thigh and it was clear that he thought them the couple and me the friend on holiday with them. Realizing it would be highly embarrassing to enlighten him of our true relationship I said nothing to disabuse the guy of his mistake.

Spotting me, Chris brought their glasses to the bar for a refill and while waiting I told him about getting lost and the tourist information being closed by the time I’d found it. He went back to tell Julie the reason for my late return leaving me to pay for the drinks and carry them to their table.

“You’d better go back to the tourist place in the morning now you’ve found it,” my wife told me crossly, clearly annoyed that I hadn’t picked up the requested leaflets for her perusal.

I went on to tell them about the barman mistaking them for the married couple and suggested they tone down their behaviour in public.

“I don’t see why we should,” Julie replied, resting her hand on Chris’s thigh. “If the barman thinks Chris and I are married others probably do as well and it would be humiliating for you if the truth came out now.”

“Yea it will save you a lot of embarrassment if we carry on the deceit,” a grinning Chris told me. “Be best all round if we swap rooms, that way no one will discover the truth by accident.”

“Good idea,” Julie enthused. “You’ll still be able to watch,” she assured me.

“Pop up and exchange my things for yours, will you.”

Chris slid his room key across the table looking really smug now. I hesitated, during which time Julie excused herself to go to the ladies room, but eventually picked the key up.

“It’s all for the best. After all it would be highly humiliating for you if the truth got out amongst staff and guests, the truth that Julie’s really your wife and I’m fucking her while you watch,” Chris told me.

“Best for you perhaps,” I muttered a bit disconsolately.

“Yea,” he said, leaning across the table to add in a low voice, “and don’t forget the truth could get out at any time, particularly if I tell the barman. I’ve got you by the short hairs and don’t forget it. I’m going to spend the fortnight fucking your wife but contrary to our arrangement you’re not going to watch again. Now piss off and change rooms.”

He sat back laughing triumphantly while I just slunk away knowing my earlier apprehensions were right, the guy already had me under his thumb.

Collecting Chris’s things first I found his room considerably less well appointed than ours, with a very basic little en-suite plus glassed shower cubicle in the corner. He was most definitely getting the best from the exchange. Chris had actually done very little unpacking so it was a relatively quick job to move his cases down to our room. I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d engineered the swap from the beginning, perhaps even told the barman that Julie was his wife! Beginning to know him better by this time I wouldn’t put it past the guy.

I’d no sooner plonked his cases on the floor when they came in, Julie wanting to change prior to going for a stroll. I pulled a face, commenting that I’d already done enough walking for today.

“That’s ok you can stay and unpack for me, once you’ve cleared your own stuff out of the way,” a beaming Chris told me, his eyes on Julie as she slipped out of her dress. “You can join us in the bar bursa escort bayan for a nightcap later.”

“Nice,” he added, patting my wife’s panty clad bottom as she bent to pull her shorts on.

“Any more of that and I’ll be tempted to forget the walk and stay here,” a giggling Julie brushed his hand away.

“Plenty of time for sex later. For now we’ll leave hubby to get on with his chores,” Chris told her while flashing me the same smirking expression I was becoming familiar with.

When they’d gone I repacked my cases before unpacking his. I don’t know if it was his intention but I found the task of unpacking and arranging Chris’s clothes, putting his underwear in the drawers where mine had been, a particularly humiliating one.

Up in his room later, now of course mine, I contemplated this completely unexpected turn of events while unpacking my own things into the limited space available.

I’d contemplated seeing a lot of sex between Julie and Chris during the fortnight, it’s what we both in our different ways wanted. What I hadn’t anticipated was Chris’s domineering manner and open contempt towards me, neither of which had come across during our initial discussions. I hadn’t expected to be sleeping alone in a poky little box room either, while Chris shared my wife’s bed for the fortnight! It’s something that had never happened with her previous lovers, we go our separate ways after they’ve had sex.

Still there was something curiously exciting about the situation which had developed and I found myself rather hoping Chris would continue with his domineering attitude towards me. He did!

Sometime later Chris came up to tell me they were back but Julie had changed her mind about a nightcap.

“Seems your wife needs another good fucking from my cock more than she does a drink,” he smirked. “We’ll see you at breakfast but don’t expect us down early.” He winked.

In reply to my tentative suggestion that I come to their room and watch he produced a girly mag and threw it on the bed.

“As you won’t be getting any for a fortnight I bought you some wanking material while we were out. Sit up here playing with yourself while I enjoy the real thing with your wife. Believe me; she’s more than happy with the arrangement.”

Chris laughed but seeing my crestfallen face relented a bit and said he might let me watch tomorrow.

“Now I must go though, your wife will be stripped and waiting for me with her legs spread I shouldn’t wonder. Have a wank while I give her a good fucking,” his laughter echoing round the small room, the smug sod had gone.

Not all that surprisingly I didn’t see much of them over the next few days. They were late down for breakfast but usually joined me for a nightcap in the bar, during which the conceited Chris made a point of telling me the things he’d done to my wife and she’d done to him.

I saw the sights alone, Chris and Julie not leaving the hotel a great deal, with Chris boasting about his sexual prowess and Julie’s smiles confirming her own feelings about things. Their antics became the talk of the hotel making me glad no one knew our true relationship. While I was waiting for them to appear one day the barman again commented about my randy friends, remarking that Chris must be fucking his wife morning, noon and night.

“Mind you if I was married to the tasty looking Julie I’d do the same, wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t need to reply as he moved away to serve some one else.

The holiday was over and annoyingly, after the first day, I hadn’t seen them in action again. Inevitably they were late down for breakfast that final morning and I returned to my room to pack, happy to escape Chris’s smug face.

I didn’t expect them to be ready to go when I’d finished so took my time carrying the cases out to my car. Returning to their room Chris answered my knock and ushered me inside, the first time I’d been allowed inside since the first night. Surprisingly their cases were packed and they were ready to go. Well almost.

“We were just about to have a quickie, one for the road as it were,” Chris told me. “Take the cases down and we’ll join you soon.”

He handed me his car keys but seeing Julie slipping her panties off I was reluctant to leave.

“Go on then, get on with it,” Chris’s voice had a commanding tone to it.

Julie was now kneeling on pillows on the floor and bending forward over the end of the bed. He pulled her skirt up around her waist, and I gasped to see the large amount of love bites on my wife’s bottom and upper thighs.

“Admiring my handiwork, or should I say teeth work?” he asked. “Thought I’d leave you a reminder of my activities with your wife. Close the door on your way out and if you’re quick we might still be at it when you return for the second lot of cases.”

At that I practically ran to the car park lugging the cases, and quickly loaded them in to Chris’s car. Returning for Julie’s cases I inserted the key in the lock and opened the door with baited breath, I could hear her ecstatic cries even with it closed. Stepping swiftly inside and closing the door I saw Chris’s powerful backside jerking back and forth as he fucked my wife. Despite his absorption in their copulation though, my entry into the room didn’t go unnoticed.

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