Nana Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my ‘Nana” story. Hope it lives up to my previous tales.

After leaving Nana’s place, Mom and I drove home and both of us started work. Her at the Agency and myself at University.

Three weeks later, I was at home and received a phone call from one of Nan’s neighbours. She told me that Nana had passed away the night before and had been found by the Nurse who usually came to bed-bath her.

I rang Mom at work and told her to come home immediately as I had something to tell her. I wouldn’t say what over the phone. She was home within 20 minutes. I had a glass of brandy on the table beside her armchair and told her to sit down.

I had been crying and Mom asked what was wrong, I think she thought I had been kicked out of Uni or something!

I sat on the arm of her chair and put my arm around her shoulders.

“Mom, I had a call about half an hour ago from Mrs Wilson. Nana died last night and the Nurse found her this morning.”

Mom just sat there taking it all in, it was as if this wasn’t expected. She looked up at me and then put her head in her hands and burst out crying.”

“OMG, to think that we only saw her a few weeks ago. I can’t believe this. I just can’t believe this. Greg.”

I just held her while she cried. Rocking her in my arms and soothing her. I leaned over and put the glass of brandy into her had and pointed it to her mouth.

“Have a sip of this Mom, it will help settle you down.” I told her.

She had a couple of sips and put the glass down and turned to me.

“Greg, I know we will have to arrange all the funeral arrangements from here, and then go down to sort out all her things and the funeral. Can you get some time off from University? I think we will need at least 4 weeks away.”

“Mom, I wouldn’t let you go alone, so of course I will come with you, for as long as it takes. I can always refer my studies for a while. I will book some tickets for tomorrow, OK.”

“Oh Greg, what would I do without you. You always seem so calm and organised.”

“Well Mom, hopefully you won’t ever have to do without me.” I replied.

I booked our flights and we both packed a bag each. We knew we could use Nan’s car while we were down there.

We arrived in Arizona the next afternoon, and rented a car to get to Nan’s place. The drive took about half-an-hour and we still had plenty of the day left.

As soon as we walked in the door, it struck me! This is where I had ‘fucked’ my Nan and loved her. What a buzz that was!!!!! Of course Mom didn’t know all this, yet. I took our bags upstairs to our bedrooms and couldn’t help myself from looking into Nana’s room. All the memories came flowing back. So good.!!!!

I went back downstairs to Mom. She was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee, which we both needed after out journey.

I joined her and told her that I would eryaman escort call the Funeral Home as soon as we had had our drink. Mom just stood there looking around. She still couldn’t believe she was never going to see her Mother again.

I led her into the Lounge Room and sat her down. I bought the coffee from the kitchen and placed it in front of her.

“Drink up now Mom.”

I realised as I sat down beside her that this was when I had first kissed Nana, on the lips. I started to feel and erection coming on. I re-arranged myself and drank my coffee.

I was still feeling uneasy so I got to my feet and went to the phone.

“I am going to call the Funeral Home Mom.”

“Alright my boy. I am going to leave it all to you. I don’t think I could manage to organise anything at the moment,” Mom replied.

I rang the Funeral Director and arranged to meet with him the next day. He was extremely sympathetic and told me that my Nan was well loved and respected in the Community, so I should expect a large crowd on the day.

When we met the next day, we arranged for the Funeral to be held on the following Monday and notices would be placed in every paper until then. We also arranged that it would be a cremation, as that is what Nan had already told Mom and myself.

I don’t know how we did it, but Mom and I seemed to hold ourselves together until after the Funeral. It was everything that I hoped it would be. A Celebration of a wonderful lady’s life.

After the Funeral and Wake, Mom suggested that we should see what the Lawyer had to say. He came over on Wednesday and sat and read out the Will. Nan had left all her money to me, plus a letter; the house she had left to Mom who could sell it if she wished, and a few smaller benefits to various people who had helped her in the last couple of years during her last days.

In her letter to me, she thanked me for the wonderful and caring time we had spent together on my last visit. (On that visit I had told her of my ‘crush’ on the older woman, my Mother.) Now she wrote that I should go ahead and fulfil my desires in that direction. She was sure that Mom would reciprocate, as well as she had done. (She already knew of my Mom’s desire to bed her son.)

With all this information, I was in a quandary. I knew it was too soon to put any moves on Mom. But I knew that she was also very vulnerable at that time and therefore more likely to accept my touches and moves.

About a week later, we had been cleaning out the rooms and I walked into Nan’s bedroom. I immediately got a hard-on. I lay down on her bed and pulled my cock out of my pants and started to jack off. I was thinking of all the good times that Nan and I had spent in that bed and as I reached my peak, I cried out, “Oh Nan, I love you, I am cumming……..cummminnnnng. Oh,,,,,,Ohhhh. Cum with me darling. “

I didn’t realise etimesgut escort until after that my Mom had come into the room to help me with sorting out Nan’s things. She stood at the door watching me spurt my cum, and crying for my Nan.

“Greg, what is going on here? Why are you crying for Nan??”

“Oh Mom, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.”

I stood up and walked downstairs. She followed me and asked for an explanation.

I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and handed one to her.

“I think you had better sit down Mom, it is quite a tale I have to tell you.”

“Well, I’m ready and waiting.|”

So I told her about all the happenings on my last visit to Nana’s. How we had watched a movie together and then French kissed. That was the beginning of a wonderful love affair that lasted the whole time I was there, until you arrived just before we left to go home.

Mom was flabbergasted. Then I told her of my desire for her. Again she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. I gave her the letter that Nan had left for me and when she read it she looked at me with tears in her eyes, and admitted that she had wanted me in her bed for a long time, long before I started University.

I walked over to her, sat down beside her and put my arms around her. I bent my head and put my hand behind her head and bought her lips to meet mine. She only hesitated for a second and then accepted my tongue into her wet and wild mouth. I had never felt anything so sensuous, even with Nana. I never wanted to lift my lips from hers but we both had to come up for breath.

“Oh yes Greg, you know what I want, don’t you.”

I lifted her into my arms and carried her upstairs. I went straight to Nan’s room and knew that there was where we should consummate our love.

I stood her in front of me and slowly and gently began to disrobe her. First her Dress, then her petticoat, leaving her standing in just her lacy bra and panties, with a garter belt and stockings and 3″ heels.

I then lay her on the bed and gazed down at her. I knew what I was looking at. It so resembled Nan that I thought I was going back in time. She had 36D breasts and a tiny waist, along with a pear shape bottom. I stripped my clothes and threw them aside. I stood and looked at her and slowly ran my fingers along her soft skin, touching her neck, the top of her breasts, the nipples and down to her belly which was so smooth. My fingers then drifted down to the crease between her legs and inserted my middle finger into that lush sexy hole.

That was just a start. I lay down beside her and French kissed her once again. I moved my mouth down to her breast and tickled her nipples with my tongue. This movement was what turned her on so much. She thrust her boobs into my mouth trying to insert both nipples into my mouth at the same time. Her hand went down to her pussy and etlik escort she started to rub her clit. I took her hand away and told her to be patient, that I was going to take care of all her needs.

After I had feasted on her bounteous breasts for about 15 minutes, I began to work my way down to her pudendum. She had a jet-black arrow pointing to her bold pussy. I licked down it until I reached the tip of her hot pussy. There was a small pick lump of flesh there that had been waiting for me. I was already in Heaven. Just getting this far seducing Mom had made my day.

I lowered my head and licked the tip of the clit and Mom jumped. I turned myself around and crawled between her legs, spreading them so that I could fit my body between them. I again lowered my head and proceeded to make love to that wonderful Garden Of Eden. I began on the outer lips of the labia and gradually worked my way into the centre of that horny hole. From now on this package was MINE.

My Mom, pulled my hair and tugged me up onto her body. I think she was ready for me to enter her holy portals. I hoped so!! I French kissed her once again and felt her hand latch onto my hard pole. I allowed her to guide it down to her pussy and fitted it into the outer lips. I slowly entered the place that I had left many years ago, a bit smaller maybe, but a lot harder than then. I lay quietly and let her feel my hardness as it was inserted in her volcano or cum, just waiting to erupt and flood her whole being.

I didn’t have to wait or work very hard, it was if a tap was turned on. Mom just gushed and gushed. I thought that it would flood the bed. I knew I would have to change the linen. I let her cum to her ultimate conclusion, and then I worked my prick in and out of her pussy and let go with a huge explosion.

We lay together; we were both breathless.

Mom turned to me.

“Greg, that was so wonderful. NO wonder Nan was so happy with your visit. I can see how well you took care of her.|

“Mom, whatever I did for Nan, you have been my main priority all along. I have wanted you since I was in High School, but I knew =I was too young to even approach you. I used to watch you doing the laundry and you r skirt or dress would fly up in the wind as you pegged the clothes on the line. I used to go and wank off after seeing that. From now on though, I am going to keep you close to me at all times.. You are all MINE.”

“Oh my darling, yes, I am now all yours.”

We were due to leave for home in two days and eventually finished sorting out the clothes and various items on Nan’s. The house was listed for Sale and we would be notified when it was sold. We left it in the hands of the Real Estate Agent.

We decided to drive home in Nan’s car. It was an older model Ford but still in very good condition. Mom said that I could keep it or sell it when we got home. I decided to keep it; many a great wank I have had in it, thinking about both my Nan and Mom.

Hope that these tales are as horny as my previous stories. Just let me know if you want anything more, I may even continue this tale, depending on your votes and comments – jena121.

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