Nancy Ch. 03

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Nancy lay on the couch, her mind awhirl. Her 19-year-old renter, Del, had found her there, seemingly asleep, and had pulled out his cock to masturbate while watching her half-naked body. But she had been faking, and when she playfully asked him if he needed some help, he had cum all over her and then ran away back to his basement suite!

Her mind in a tipsy, unreal state, she crooked a finger and extracted some of his semen from her breast. The pearlescent substance was still warm. Her mind was teetering between horror and excitement, sticking with a safe curiosity while it decided which way to fall. She rubbed her thumb and forefinger together, feeling the viscosity of the boy’s forbidden fluid between them. Her pussy was so wet…

Then she remembered that Del’s first shot of cum had hit right between her legs, and she sat up to survey “the damage”. She gasped when she saw the white stain right on her panty-covered pussy mound, surrounded by a darker stain where his semen had already soaked into the mesh of the undergarment. He couldn’t have aimed that better if he had tried! No wonder her puss felt wet; it had been soaked by hot teenage cum!

Emergency…excitement…coursing through her. She wasn’t on the pill, of course, as she and Michael had been trying for the last year to conceive a child, and there was so much cum soaking into her pussy through the fabric of her panties…why was she just staring at it?

She reached down, pulled the front of her panties away from her crotch, and felt her skin cool as Del’s liquid love dried against it. She saw that her vulva was engorged, her vaginal lips open and receptive…she could see that the first spurt of the boy’s glistening semen had glazed everything down there, and she was certain that some had actually slipped inside.

With that thought, her teetering mind lurched to one side. It was too late to stop this…Del’s artemisbet yeni giriş sperm was already inside her…she was so horny…she brought her finger down and touched her prominent clitoris, gasping at how sensitive it was. Gotta cum, she told herself, gotta cum…

She dipped that finger, still coated with the cum from her breast, between her pussy lips while the fingers of her other hand manipulated her clit. A few seconds later, she arched her back in orgasm as her needy pussy sucked all the sperm off of that finger. “Goddd…” she moaned. The orgasm that she had been denied since the previous night rushed through her, making her curvy body shake in pleasure.

Finally, she flopped back down to the cushions, breathing heavily. No longer overwhelmed by the situation, her mind quickly went to work. Everything was fine, as her period was actually due in a few days; there was no chance that she could get pregnant at that time. “Oh, thank God,” she sighed, relieved.

She grabbed some paper towels and wiped away the rest of Del’s semen from her breast and thigh, though she kept her moist panties on. She rather liked the naughty thought of his sperm pressing into her pudendum, struggling uselessly to fulfill their genetic imperative. Then she re-tied her robe and knocked on Del’s door. There was no answer.

She opened it and called down, “Del?” She heard sniffling, and headed down the stairs.

She found him in bed, buried under the covers and crying. “Oh, Del…” She sat on the bed and put her hand on his trembling form.

At her touch, he stilled. She kept her hand there on his shoulder, and a few seconds later he poked his head out. “I’m SO sorry!” he blubbered, “I…you were just there, so beautiful, and…and I just…”

Her face reddened. “You think I’m beautiful?”

He looked at her, distracted from his remorse. “Yeah! You’re the artemisbet giriş most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!” Then his face dropped. “And then I did…that! Oh God…”

She took his face in her hands. “Del, stop.”

He paused and blinked at her.

Assured that she had his full attention now, she continued, “What you did, while really not acceptable, was because you’re a hot-blooded teenager. Did you know that the rational part of the male brain doesn’t even fully develop until you’re, like, 25?”

He continued to blink at her. “Really?”

“Yeah, google it,” she responded. “So I can forgive a one-time mistake, especially since there was no harm done.”

“Really?” he repeated, hope shining in his eyes. “But I came…all over you…”

She blushed and let go of his face. “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have been half-naked on the couch, so we’ll call this a mulligan, to use a golf term, which means you get another shot. Can we just forget this happened?” She held out her hand.

He threw the covers off so that he could give it a shake. “Oh, thank you, Nancy, thank you…”

She stood up. “Tomorrow’s a new day…sweet dreams.” Then she headed back to her bedroom.

As she hung up her robe, she considered changing into fresh panties, but found that she was horny again from the feeling of Del’s slick cum being absorbed into her skin and between her vaginal lips. She climbed under the covers and then slipped her hand into her panties. She was still very wet, and not only from Del’s semen, she realized. Two fingers pressed between her folds as her other hand massaged one substantial breast. Her boobs were starting to feel sensitive from her oncoming period, so she made sure to be gentle with them.

Soon she was pushing three fingers inside herself, which was a little difficult but felt really good. She considered for a moment and then pulled them artemisbet güvenilirmi out. Rubbing those fingers all around her pussy and pubic hair, she gathered the last few drops of Del’s semen and then slid those inside her, ramming her fingers home until she came again at the thrill of pushing more of the handsome boy’s forbidden seed inside her.

As she fell asleep, she told herself that this was a one-time thing.

She woke to the feel of being fucked. Del was above her, his face blissful, beatific as he gazed down at her with love. She looked at his slim form, at his above-average cock playing peekaboo from inside her pussy as it sawed in and out. “Del, why…?”

“I love you,” Del replied. “I love you…”

She was already nearing another orgasm. “Oh, Del, we shouldn’t.” She tried to recall…wasn’t she between periods right then, the most dangerous time, or was it safe? It felt hard to think straight.

“Oh…” Del moaned as he thrust harder and faster. “Ohh…”

Nancy knew that she had to get him off of her, or she might be carrying his baby instead of her husband’s in nine months! At that thought, though, her own orgasm exploded from deep inside her as his cock angled just right and skidded along her G-spot. “O-hh! Del! Noo!” But her overheated body betrayed her, and she reflexively wrapped her arms and legs about him, making it so that he couldn’t have pulled out if he wanted. “Nooo…” she moaned as her body shook, her fertile pussy rippling around his primed cock. “Don’t…”

“UHH!” Del grunted and thrust deep inside her. She felt his dangerous cock throb as his first blast of dangerous, sperm-filled cum penetrated her innermost depths.

“Ohhh!” she cried out as her pleasure ramped up upon feeling her ripe body being inseminated.

Then she woke up orgasming, her fingers thrusting into her pussy. “Uh! Uh! Ohh!” Del wasn’t there. She was both relieved and disappointed.

While Del’s sperm would be unsuccessful in their genetic mission due to Nancy’s upcoming period, the seed that had been planted in her mind bore fruit. Blissfully, a smile on her face, she fell back to sleep.

To be continued…

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