Nancy’s Inferno Ch. 08

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Sitting at his kitchen table, the contents of the following Sunday’s sermon slowly coming together on the legal pad in front of him, Pastor Calvin Grady was lost in his creative muse when he was visibly jarred back to reality by the sound of the doorbell.

Pushing his burly body away from the table after placing a bookmark inside his trusty Bible, Calvin lumbered down the hallway, wondering who it could be at that late afternoon hour.

“Wife ain’t due home until 8 or so..didn’t hear the UPS truck pull up……and those girls I’m seeing know full well not to show up at my house unannounced,” he riffled through the options in his head as he made his way to the door.

“Be right there,” his soulful, albeit tired, voice boomed to the woman standing in a world of mental distress outside.

Not even straining his sore back to bend over and check the peephole, Calvin opened the door and nearly had to pick his chin up off the floor when he saw the disheveled face of Nancy Grubbs staring back.


Just as she’d done the first time she caught Lacy and Shawn having sex, Nancy drove like a puffy eyed maniac to the church to see Pastor Grady. Unlike the previous occasion when she’d stumbled upon Calvin fucking Simone in the lounge, this time the church was locked up and sealed tight.

Going back to her car and sitting there for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do next, Nancy decided to drive over to Calvin’s house a couple blocks away.

“What if his Wife’s there..what if Simone is there..what if ..what if…what if… ,” played over and over in Nancy’s head as she thought of every reason she should not to go, yet the entire time robotically making the turns leading to his house.

Half expecting Calvin to slam the door in her face when she showed up in such a state of desperation, she stifled her sobs somewhat when he turned and, with every bit of glowing charity and understanding a human could muster, invited her inside.

“Thank You,’ she mouthed several times in between dabs at her nose with a tissue, the entire time instinctively checking her surroundings to make sure no one else was there.

“..I …hope I’m not barging a bad time,” she continued. “I ..I just had to see you.”

Sensing the otherwise emptiness of the house, Nancy allowed Calvin to tenderly put his arm around her trembling shoulder and lead her to the kitchen.

“Is everything OK Nancy? I know you haven’t been to church much lately and you stopped returning my calls ..has something bad happened?” the good Pastor reassuringly asked as he patted her gently on the left shoulder blade.

Safe in the cocoon of Calvin’s grace, Nancy settled down enough to start relaying how the previous few months had played out once he’d seated her down at the kitchen table.

Pulling up a chair right next to her, Calvin sat there and intently listened as Nancy talked about how Lacy became pregnant, and subsequently stole some money to have an abortion. Nancy talked about how things had gotten so bad financially that she’d been forced to pick up a second job, one that prevented her from making it to church on a regular basis.

Her radar up the entire time she conveyed her sob story, Nancy searched Calvin’s reaction for any hint that Simone may have told him about what happened between her and the young girl back in that Cleveland hotel room. Seeing no obvious signs that Calvin had any knowledge about the events that weekend, she took a deep breath and continued on.

Nancy did make a point of not mentioning anything about how she’d been fucking Lacy’s boyfriend behind the girl’s back, and how Lacy’s discovery of that little nugget played into how the events of the past hour unfolded.

While Calvin would have never guessed someone of such a conservative nature as Nancy would be capable of that type of hideous indiscretion and violation of maternal trust, he did sense she was leaving out a few bits and pieces of her narrative as she whimpered beside him.

Tilting her head up once she’d finished bearing her soul, Nancy could have melted right there in her seat when she stared straight into Calvin’s comforting eyes. Feeling him nudge her reassuringly on the arm, Nancy dabbed at her reddened and swollen eyes as the silence of the empty house swirled around them.

Focusing his gaze past the facade of Nancy’s gaunt face, Pastor Grady detected the traces of something inside her he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

The silence growing more awkward by the second, Calvin didn’t want to outright push Nancy away but he grew more uneasy with each breath he took, not exactly liking the glare in Nancy’s eyes as she stared a hole through him. Standing up in an attempt to pull himself free, Calvin visibly began showing some frustration when Nancy refused to disengage and pulled herself up to join him.

“My Wife’s off visiting some relatives..but she’s due back around 8,” Calvin looked up at the clock on the wall and tried to kurtköy escort communicate the pending urgency of the situation.

“You don’t have any qualms when you’re out fucking one of your other whores,” Nancy thought bitterly to herself, “Yet you’re trying to rush me out of here..someone with a legitimate issue who needs your guidance…..some fucking Man of God you are!”

“..I think you and Lacy…I think you two should come to the service Sunday…there might be a few the sermon …that could help…maybe we could get together and talk afterwards…,” Calvin continued with his blabbering spiel, but Nancy wouldn’t so much as blink.

A minute or so more passed when Nancy appeared to finally start pulling away.

“Thank ..You …Jesus,” Calvin started to sigh before he realized she wasn’t exactly inching backwards. Instead, Nancy Grubbs was dropping straight down to her knees in front of him.

“…Nancy…what are you doing?” Calvin chuckled nervously as he twisted his hips side to side.

Feeling Nancy’s left hand snake around the back of his right knee, Calvin’s breath caught in his throat when he finally realized what she was about to do.

“…Please Nancy…don’t….you don’t….,” Calvin once again started to urge before he saw her right hand come to rest on the zipper of his slacks.


The Nancy that had inhabited her skin up until the previous few months would have never attempted such a brazen act. She may have thought about it when she’d been in bed late at night all alone, but never would she have fathomed doing something like that during the light of day, much less in a married preacher’s kitchen when his Wife was due home at any moment.

Whatever it was that had tripped inside her had caused such a fundamental change in Nancy’s soul that she didn’t so much as think twice when she unzipped Calvin’s pants and sunk her fingers inside.

Pulling the fat slab of Calvin’s half limp penis free from his fly, Nancy paused for just a second, forced to acknowledge it actually bigger un-aroused than her Ex-Husband’s was fully erect. Wasting no time, Nancy stuffed the chocolate brown log into her mouth and closed her lips tight around it.

Feeling Pastor Grady’s knees buckle and tap against the front of her breasts the instant she started to swirl her tongue around the spongy head of his awakened manhood, Nancy clenched her right hand tight around its vein laced base and immediately began jamming the shaft down her throat.

“Oh God Nancy..what the hell are you doing?” the Pastor cringed with a mixture of anger, arousal and confused disbelief.

Having no way of knowing what sort of emotional virus had overtaken Nancy, Calvin sensed the quicker her could get this serendipitous interlude over, the better. Deciding not to fight it, Calvin took a deep breath then placed both his hands down on the top of Nancy’s head, holding her by the hair as he began ramming his crotch forward, giving the white woman on the floor exactly what she wanted.

What Nancy wasn’t quite prepared for was the mouthful of flesh that was about to weigh down her palate. It almost felt like Calvin’s penis was attached to a service station air hose as it expanded in her mouth, the base of it thickening in her right hand until she could no longer touch her fingertips together. The strain was also evident on her lips as they wrapped around the inflating shank, stretching comically into a gaping oval as her eyes began to bulge in their sockets.

Gripping her left hand tight around the back of Calvin’s right leg, Nancy’s used her right to briskly pump his now throbbing dick in and out of her mouth, displaying every bit of the lustful urgency that had been building inside her since the first day she met the man.

It wasn’t until Nancy’s mouth was chalk full of Calvin’s fully erect penis that it dawned on her just what he was capable of when fully aroused. Her mind drifting back to the evening when she’d stumbled upon him having sex with Simone, a series of jolts rippled down Nancy’s spine remembering just how ruthless he’d been with the young girl once he’d dug in.

Perched on her knees with no recourse but to wrap her hands tight around the back of Calvin’s trunk-like legs, Nancy held on for dear life as the Pastor began to rhythmically fuck her face. A burst of air whooshing from her nostrils each time Calvin’s cock collided with the back of her throat, Nancy could feel the coarse wisps of several of his pubes tickling her nose and chin as he gripped his hands tight around the bowl of her scalp.

Watching the second hand of the clock on the wall tick away, Calvin knew his Wife was probably on the road by now. Knowing he had to expedite the process, Calvin viciously began hurling his crotch forward, giving Nancy substantially more than she bargained for when she originally dropped down to her knees. Keeping his hands tight against the top of her head, Calvin made sure he maintained a clear view of Nancy’s malatya escort face, desperate to commit her expression to memory as she lurched and swayed at his feet.

Sliding his thumbs lower, Calvin massaged each of Nancy’s temples in slow, soothing circles as he fed her his bulging cock. The friction and urgency of the situation building quickly, within two minutes he was blowing his load down Nancy’s burning throat.

Getting exactly what she’d came to the preacher’s house for, it was clear Nancy had bitten off more than she could chew. His grip still tight on her head, Nancy knelt there struggling desperately to accommodate the rolling tide of his rich, frothy seed.

Wedging his dick snug between her gaping lips, Calvin essentially used it like a cork to keep his cum safe in Nancy’s mouth as she hurriedly tried to swallow every single ounce of it. When he finally did slide his cum-smeared cock free from the slippery sheath of Nancy’s lips and allowed it to slip down her greasy chin, Calvin grinned in sick amazement when a huge cum-bubble popped in her mouth the first time she exhaled.

Holding his stance above Nancy as she rubbed at her raw throat, Calvin casually stuffed his freshly sucked girth back into his pants before zipping them up. Waiting for Nancy’s eyes to creep open, when they finally did, Calvin made a point of staring deep into the pit of her soul. What he saw fascinated him to no end.

Helping the rubbery legged woman to her feet, Calvin offered Nancy something to drink before ushering her to the door.

“Now don’t forget..I want to see you and Lacy at church for Sunday services…I want both of you sitting in the front row,” Pastor Grady said with an air of friendly invitation, as if the previous 10 minutes had never happened.

And sure enough, Mother and Daughter were sitting right there a few days later when Calvin came out to start his sermon.


Getting Lacy to church that morning hadn’t been easy. Just being able to sit in the same car without clawing each other’s eyes out had been a miracle for the two. The detente, albeit tedious, held long enough for Nancy to get the girl there by 10 am for the start of services.

For his part, Calvin was impressed. He got the sense from the way he’d parted with Nancy at his house that she was going to show up no matter what. The sight of Nancy sitting there with the youthful carbon copy of her Daughter right beside her filled Pastor Grady with a sense of accomplishment, not to mention a touch of untapped potential.

Soulfully diving into his fire and brimstone routine, Calvin occasionally looked out over the audience and could see six separate women that he’d had relations with since they’d joined the church. The two women sitting directly in front of him however seemed to stoke something inside Calvin that he hadn’t felt in a long, long time.


The meeting in the lounge after the services between Pastor Grady and the two women had been a brief and friendly encounter. Calvin thanked Nancy and Lacy for taking the time to come, paying special attention to impart some kind words of gratitude towards Lacy since it was her first time coming to church.

Nancy couldn’t help feeling somewhat unnerved standing there in the lounge having secretly watched Calvin fuck the daylights out of Simone months earlier in basically the same spot where she was now standing. Maybe it was just the acid-stained memory of that afternoon, but for the briefest of seconds, Nancy swore she could see a glimmer of something unsettling in the preacher’s stare as he addressed Lacy.

By the time Nancy blinked, that look she thought she’d saw was gone from Calvin’s eyes, and it wasn’t long before the throng of other well-wishers there to show sort of their appreciation for the sermon overwhelmed Nancy and her Daughter.


Nancy had been right about the shimmer of something unseemly in Pastor Grady’s stare. She was at work however, completely oblivious when that shimmer bore fruit.

The knock at the door came less than 10 minutes after she’d returned home from school. Halfway up the steps to take a much needed shower, Lacy decided against her better judgment to turn around and see who it was.

Having allowed her car insurance to go unpaid, Lacy was without wheels, so the days she couldn’t land a ride she was forced to walk the two miles or so back and forth from school. Considering how she’d burned her bridges with Shawn and all of his friends, not to mention burning them with pretty much everyone else she’d encountered over the past few months, those days of hoofing it to class became increasingly frequent.

When she opened the door, Pastor Grady was standing on the porch, smiling his warm and captivating smile.

“Oh..Hi..Uhhh….Mom’s not here right now..she probably wont be home until a little after 6…do you need her for something?” the young girl asked as she hide herself behind kayseri escort the partially open door.

“Actually Lacy……I stopped by to see you,” Calvin took a step forward and nodded.

“What do you mean….to see me?” Lacy’s voice quivered ever so slightly, turning sideways behind the door as if to shield herself from Calvin’s piercing stare.

“I just think you and I need to have a little talk..that’s all,” he replied, knowing he could walk right in at any moment and she’d be powerless to stop him.

Sighing as she rolled her eyes, Lacy opened the door and took a noticeable step back when Pastor Grady lumbered inside. Absently offering him a spot in the living room, Lacy felt a layer of goosebumps well across her upper arms and chest as she tried to gauge the preacher’s intentions.

“Your Mom is a sweet lady, Lacy,” Calvin smiled, grazing his fingertips across the pile of magazines lining the coffee table before he took a seat on the center of the sofa.

“I guess you probably don’t appreciate that right now,” he continued, folding his 10 fingers into the shape of a steeple as he simultaneously tried putting the young girl at ease, and on edge.

“Mothers and Daughters have been fighting like you two since the dawn of’s only natural,” Calvin voice trailed away inside Lacy’s head as she wondered to herself “Why in the Hell he’d come to butt into her and her Mom’s private business.”

An expression of growing irritation spreading across the otherwise blank canvas of Lacy’s face, she folded her arms and coiled visibly in disgust as Calvin continued addressing her.

“It seems to me you’ve been putting your Mom through a lot more than she really deserves the last few weeks, Lacy..that’s why I came over…,” Calvin continued on before Lacy suddenly interrupted, her pent-up voice crashing through the room like a Molotov Cocktail hitting a wall.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” she screamed. “None of this is any of your business!!”

“Let me guess..You’re fucking her too?” she snidely added an instant later.

“I think you really need to sit down with your Mom, Lacy, and apologize to her,” Calvin picked back up, his words just as calm and well said as they had been before the teenage girl’s initial outburst.

“I think you need to mind you own fucking business,” Lacy spat in kind.

“I think I’m making this my business,” the pastor matter-of-factly uttered as he stood back up and stepped around the coffee table.

Stunned, and a little more than taken aback by the hulking man’s physical stature and air of authority, Lacy could do little more than freeze in place as Calvin approached from her right.

The words, “Don’t you even think about putting your hands on me,” bubbled onto Lacy’s tongue but she never got the chance to utter them before Calvin’s left hand closed like a vice around her right bicep.

A quick shriek bristled from Lacy’s throat as she tried in vain to twist her arm away from the older man’s grip. Realizing her efforts were useless, she just stood there glaring incredulously at him.

“I tried to do this the nice, polite way Lacy, but you won’t listen. This lack of respect you have for people isn’t going to get you anywhere in life…if you’d treat your own Mother the way you have….you wont have any regard for anyone,” Calvin’s voice came across as if he was some sort of moral executioner sent to carry out a sentence.

“You don’t even know my Mom, you Sonofabitch,” came Lacy’s bitter rebuff as the pressure of Calvin’s grip began to quell the flow of blood through her arm. “She’s the one that needs this..not me!”

Hearing none of it, Calvin effortlessly pulled Lacy towards him before sitting down on the beat-up recliner behind him, in the process forcing the young girl down on his lap.

“Evidently your Daddy didn’t do this when you were young enough for it to make a difference..I don’t spare the rod,” Calvin growled, that aire of calmness he’d shown now replaced by one of a cruel and focused disciplinarian.

“You aint my Daddy!!” Lacy snarked defiantly as she felt the much stronger man take her over his knee.

“I WILL BE,” Calvin wasted no time taunting before raising his right hand high in the air then bringing it down in one fell swoop on the backside of Lacy’s tight black leggings.

A visible wave churned through Lacy’s upper body the moment Calvin’s bare hand came down on her ass. Her back wrenching as she kicked her feet out, Lacy’s hands clenched around the armrest of the chair as she absorbed the force of the blow. It took everything she had, but Lacy didn’t make a sound.

All that anger brewing in the cauldron of her gut, Lacy prepared to kick her right leg forward in hopes of knocking Pastor Grady out. Before she could uncoil her muscles however, Calvin raised his hand and brought it down a second time, even more forcefully than the first.

This time Lacy did scream “OOUCCH” before freezing in place on top of Calvin’s sturdy thighs.

“Much better not to fight it,” he offered, sensing Lacy’s psychological retreat.

Turning her head and training her gaze straight into Calvin’s eyes, a tangible sea change had come over the 19 year old girl. Not the one he was expecting however.

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